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					                                                                        Appendix 4

Scheme and Tender: Conversion of Flats above Deckham Family Centre into
Offices for Sure Start Team

Executive Summary

1. The report ask Cabinet to note the scheme to convert the flats above Deckham
   Family Centre into offices for Sure Start and accept the negotiated tender of
   Local Environmental Services


2. In February 2003 a new team of therapists funded by the Sure Start Programme
   was established and a new base was required for them.

3. Community Based Services agreed that it would be in keeping with the push from
   government towards integrated and flexible services if the team were to be
   located in the family centre premises in Deckham.

4. Housing Services within Community Based Services were approached and they
   agreed to relocate the existing tenants if Sure Start funded the relocation. This
   was agreed and the tenants were relocated in March and June 2003.

5. Community Based Services agreed that they would relocate their staff to the flats
   above leaving space for service delivery on the ground floor.

Policy Context

6. This project will provide facilities for the delivery of programmes which are
   consistent with the Council’s policies as set out in Towards 2010. In particular,
   the project will contribute towards the Council’s aims for children and young
   people by providing support for children aged 0 – 16 years and their families. It
   also contributes towards the Council’s aims of increasing employment
   opportunities for the people of Gateshead.


7. The scheme has been developed in close consultation with Early Years and
   Childcare service and our Health Partners.


8. The proposals are to convert the 2 vacant flats (197/199 Split Crow Road) into
   office accommodation for the Sure Start Team.

9. The accommodation will provide:
     5 offices for a total of 14 persons
     A meeting room
     Staff kitchen
     Storage and toilet facilities


10. It is recommended that Cabinet approve the scheme and accept the negotiated
    tender of LES(Co) in the sum of £71,472.88

       For the following reasons;

          To progress the works and fulfil the strategy of all 4 Sure Start
           Partnerships in providing a high quality service.

Alternative Options

11. These have been considered in the development of the Final Design Proposals.

Implications of Recommended Option

12.    Financial Implications - The Strategic Director Finance & ICT confirms
       budgetary provision is available in the Revenue allocation through Sure Start.

13.    Equal Opportunities Implications – the new offices on the first floor are not
       fully accessible as there is no lift but there are existing offices on the ground
       floor which be used to manage accessibilty.

14.    Crime and Disorder Implications - Nil

15.    Environmental Implications – the design of service consultation will have a
       positive environmental impact in terms of the reduction of harmful gas
       emissions and improved energy efficiency.

16.    Human Rights Implications – there may be interference or disturbance to
       children and staff in the family centre below whilst works are carried out.
       However these will be managed to a minimum and may be justified by the
       benefits resulting.

17.    Ward Implications – the scheme is in the Deckham Ward.

CONTACT: Martin Wicks extension 2937                           PLAN REF: T2/03