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					Microsoft Virtual Server 2005
Product Overview

Gregory Katz
Sr. Technology Specialist
Microsoft Corporation
   Introduction
   Microsoft Virtual Server 2005
   Key Scenarios
   Features and Benefits
       Improved hardware efficiency
       Increased administrator productivity and
        IT responsiveness
       Broad set of partner solutions
   Summary
Businesses Need Efficiency
   Server managers need more efficient
    hardware environments
   Application developers need greater
    flexibility in development and test
   Businesses need a solution to upgrade
    and consolidate hardware and still run
    legacy systems
   Allows multiple operating systems to
    run simultaneously on the same
   Each independent virtual machine
    functions as a self-contained computer
   Run side-by-side testing and
    production systems on the same
       Use off-the-shelf servers
       Use fewer servers with higher utilization
Microsoft Virtual Server 2005
The most cost-effective virtual machine
solution designed for Windows Server 2003
   Increases operational efficiency
       Software test and development
       Legacy application re-hosting
       Server consolidation scenarios

   A key deliverable of the Dynamic Systems
    Initiative (DSI)
Microsoft Virtual Server 2005
  Virtual Server will be available to customers in
  two editions:

  Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Enterprise
              Edition, and
   Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Standard

  Features across the two Editions are the same,
  scalability is the only difference. Microsoft
  Virtual Server 2005 Standard Edition will
  support up to four processors and Microsoft
  Virtual Server 2005 Enterprise Edition will
  support up to 32 physical processors.
Test and Development
   Consolidate and automate
    software test and development
       Virtual Server enables side-by-side
        testing and production on the same
           Greater flexibility
           Better test coverage
           Developer productivity
           User experience
   Test distributed server
    applications on a single physical
Migrate Legacy Applications
   Applications often outlive their
    original OS or hardware
   Virtual Server enables better
       Smooth application re-hosting with
        solid application compatibility
       Upgrade infrastructure without
        having to upgrade or rewrite
       Run legacy applications in native
        environments in virtual machines
Consolidate Proper Workloads
   Consolidate multiple server
       Higher hardware utilization
       Increased manageability
   Use Virtual Server for
       Consolidation of infrastructure
       Disaster recovery environments
       Departmental or branch office
Server Consolidation
   Windows Server 2003 is best for other
   Homogeneous Workloads
       Consolidate natively on Windows Server 2003
       File, Print, Domain, Email, Database
   Heterogeneous Workloads
       Web can consolidate natively on Windows
        Server 2003
       For mixed applications choose the right tool
Server Consolidation
                                   Resource Management
                                                               (Virtual Server)
 Tool           partitioning
             (HP, IBM, Unisys)

           Very high-throughput    Medium-high throughput   Low-throughput
           applications            applications             applications
Best for   Complete isolation of   Manages resource usage   Legacy applications

           Re-sizing partitions    All applications must     More complex
           requires a reboot       run on same OS level      management
                                   OS/HW single point of     Performance “tax”
 Limit     Capacity in 4-proc      failure
Virtual Server Benefits

              Improved hardware

      administrator         Broad set of
    productivity and IT       partner
     responsiveness          solutions
Improved Hardware Efficiency
   Virtualization
       Building on Windows Server 2003 ensures broad
        device compatibility
       Complete support for Windows Server System
       Can run most x86 operating systems
       Windows guest operating system performance
   Resource management
       Policy-based resource management features
       Fine-grained control of CPU and memory
        resource allocation
Virtual Server Benefits

              Improved hardware

      administrator         Broad set of
    productivity and IT       partner
     responsiveness          solutions
Increased Administrator
Productivity and IT Responsiveness
   Deploy
       Complete scripted control enables
        automated configuration and deployment
   Manage
       Use the Virtual Server Administration
        Website and standard server management
        tools to administer virtual machines
   Use
       Unified host and guest Windows
        experience streamlines common virtual
        machine tasks
Easy to Deploy
   Comprehensive COM API:
       Enables complete scripted control of
        virtual machine environments
   Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs)
       Encapsulates virtual machines
       Allows flexible configuration, change and
   Virtual Networking
       Facilitates secure and versatile networking
           guest-to-guest
           guest-to-host
           guest-to-net
SAN Use and High Availability
   A virtual machine can access resources on storage
    area network drives
       Requires an appropriately configured host system

   Benefits:
       Provide a large amount
        of storage to your
        virtual machines
       Increase data access
       Improve recoverability
        of virtual machine data
        through data
        redundancy and
        backup features offered
        by most SAN solutions
Easy to Manage
   Virtual Server Administration Website
       Secure, authenticated administration and client
        remote access
   Microsoft integrated solutions
       Active Directory integration
       Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Management
        Pack for Virtual Server
       Systems Management Server 2003 SP1
       Automated Deployment Services
   Other solutions
       Use other existing server management tools
Easy to Use
   Windows guest usability
       Virtual Machine Additions
           An architectural feature that enhances user
           Integrates guest and host machines
Virtual Server Benefits

              Improved hardware

                            Broad set of
    productivity and IT
Broad Set of Partner Solutions
   A variety of product and service
    offerings available from Microsoft and
    its partners
   Helps businesses plan for, deploy and
    manage Virtual Server
       Prescriptive guidance
           Microsoft Solution Offerings (MSOs) help
            partners and customers build proven
            virtualization solutions
       Partner offerings
           Hardware OEMs
           Management ISVs
           Services vendors
Customer Evidence
   Exelon Corporation
       Energy producer,
        distributor, and energy-
        related services
       Deployed Virtual        Server Consolidation
        Server 2005 RC1           4:1 Test Environments
           Realized 50% time        4:1 Web Services
            savings in server
            provisioning             5:1 Remote Access
                                     8:2 Domain Controllers
Customer Evidence
   Allstate
       Property and casualty
        and life insurance in
        Asia, Europe, and the
       Deployed Virtual                Server Consolidation
        Server 2005 RC1                     Estimate 6:1 to 10:1
           Estimate savings of US           consolidation ratios
            $7.5M over 5 years               across scenarios
           50% decrease in server
            hardware growth
Virtual Server: summary
   Secure isolation of multiple                             Complete scripted control
    applications, optimized for Windows                       enabling automated
    Server System                                             deployment and
   Policy-based resource                                     configuration
    management for balanced                                  Integrated with Microsoft
    workloads                                                 management solutions
                                                             Common Windows
                                                              experience between host
       Improved HW efficiency

                                                              and guest

                                                             Microsoft Solutions
                                                              Accelerators provide
                                                              guidance to customers and
                                                             OEM, ISV, SI Partner
                                Broad partner solutions       Offering