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									  L to R – Franklin Cole and Elmer Jones at Cove Creek Heritage Day 2006

    Healing through Honey Bee Stings
                           By Franklin Cole
                          September 5‚ 2006

Honey Bees – Who Needs them? You Do! I Do! We All Do.

• One trip for a bee involves collecting from 50 to 100 flowers.
• Americans eat 1.1 pounds of honey per capita per year.
• There are 211‚600 beekeepers in the United States
• Bees communicate by dancing and by pheromones.
• Bees have five eyes
• Bees don’t sleep‚ but they do rest.
• A bee’s wings beat 180 times per second.
• A queen bee must eat 80 times her weight each day.

The above info was taken from an article in the High Country News
June 15‚ 2006

Honey is Nature’s Original Sweetener‚ containing vitamins and
minerals—Vitamins B6‚ thiamin‚ niacin‚ riboflavin and pantothenic

acid. Essential minerals like calcium‚ copper‚ iron‚ magnesium‚ man-
ganese‚ phosphorus‚ potassium‚ sodium and zinc. Honey is a natural
mixture of the simple sugars glucose and fructose providing a quick
source of energy. Honey also contains several compounds that work
as antioxidants‚ one of which is unique to honey called pinocembrin.
Take from a brochure published Pick Tennessee Products.

I met Franklin Cole and Dan Veilleux July 2005 when I was a volun-
teer for the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association High Country
Farm and Garden Tour. The most interesting thing I learned was to
see Franklin Cole take his Honey Bees one by one and giving a lady an
apitherapy treatment on her back for fibromyalgia. He stung her
many times while she just sat there content. She has had many treat-

I Franklin G. Cole was born July 3 1940 here in Boone North
Carolina. My wife Verlee C. Anderson was born February 15 1941 in
Boone. We have three children two boys and one girl. Clinton‚ Kenny
and Teresa.

I love honey. I’m addicted to keeping honeybees Franklin tells me
through a warm smile. If someone ever starts they can’t stop. My
daddy-in-law always kept bees and peddled honey. I was probably 14
when I got my first hive. Someone gave it to me. I’m not sure how I
acquired it but I remember robbing it. Some families back when I was
growing up had on the average 2-14 hives on their farm.

I had to retire early from my business ‘Cole Meat Processing’ due to
tendonitis in both elbows ten years ago. I was in severe pain all the
time. Couldn’t feed myself‚ brush my teeth‚ lie down or get out of bed.
Couldn’t wash my hands without pain. Connie Frank a nurse told me
about Bee Venom Therapy. I didn’t believe it would work but I said I
would try it. Got stung on my right elbow not telling anyone what I
was doing for three weeks. After three weeks I knew I was getting bet-
ter so I began talking about this wonderful healing technique. I lost
seven years of my working life but am very thankful to be without
pain. Have been pain free for three years as he moves his arms freely
with a big smile on his face. My daughter has fibromyalgia. She has
received lots of benefit from this treatment but still not cured as far as
I can tell. I met Teresa the day I volunteered on Franklin’s farm. I had
to give up my job too.

Bee venom is the magic bullet that healed Franklin. Bee venom con-
tains tryptophan‚ choline‚ glycerin‚ phosphoric acid‚ palmitic acid‚
fatty acid (non-crystallizable)‚ a volatile acid (likely butyric acid) and

The following list of ailments are amenable to bee venom therapy.
Muscular rheumatism‚ myalgia‚ myositis‚ fibrositis‚ neuritis‚ neuralgia‚
migrain‚ gout‚ trigeminal neuralgia‚ sciatica‚ acute rheumatic fever‚
endocarditis‚ acute and chronic osteoarthritis‚ acute and chronic
rheumatoid arthritis‚ arthritis deformans‚ spondylitis‚ chronic surgical
inflammation of the soft and bony tissues‚ rheumatic iritis and motor
paralysis. The above two paragraphs have been taken from an arti-
cle by J. Goradman MD. ‘Known as the Bee Venomon King of

Bee venom is widely recognized in biomedicine as an effective
immune system stimulant‚ a cell cleaner and an anti-inflammatory
agent, which is, 100 times more effective than hydrocortisone. It
improves circulation‚ regulates abnormal heart activity‚ normalizes
both high and low blood pressure‚ stimulates the hypothalamic-pitu-
itary-adrenal gland system and reduces pain. Studies at Walter Reed
Army Hospital‚ New York University and San Diego’s Naval Oceans
Systems Center have led to the discovery of substances in bee venom
that have a cleansing effect on living cells. And recent Canadian
research shows that the deterioration preventative substance ‘melit-
tin’ in bee venom inhibits the formation of toxic fee-radicals in the
synovial fluid that lubricates our joints. The above paragraph was
taken from an article entitled: Bee Venom Therapy — Stinging Good
News for Arthritis Sufferers by Lonny Brown Ph.D. which I acquired at
one of my Beekeepers meetings as a handout.

Apitherapy has been known throughout the ages to cure as far back as
ancient Greece 400 B.C. Hippocrates mentioned it in his writings. It
is recorded that King Charlemagne was cured of grout by bee stings in
the first century AD and the earliest Russian and German medical
archives also have references to its use. A 19th century Austrian doc-
tor Anton Terc treated arthritis patients over 25 years documenting
many successes. In modern Europe the USSR and China hundreds of
medical studies involving thousands of patients have consistently
proven the validity of Apitherapy.

All I do now is buy and sell bees and equipment to members of our
Watauga Beekeepers Club. Anyone who joins the Club will be given
a mentor. I visit first and second graders in school teaching about
Honey Bees their Honey and Beekeeping.

Dan tells me‚ the Watauga bee club is a group of beekeepers in
Watauga and surrounding counties that meet to share education,
experiences and help mentor new beekeepers in the science and art of
beekeeping. Nothing in bloom in abundance at the same time so that
is how you can tell what kind of honey you are collecting. Our main
honey here is Popular-dark and strong. We also have Blackberry
Honey‚ Apple Blossom Honey and White Clover. Every year it looks
and taste different. Never the exact flavor.

Bob Cole who we have pleasure of living here with us in the high
country travels the world educating and researching honey bees. He is
a real busy bee flying all around the globe.

We need more Beekeepers Franklin tells me. What people don’t real-
ize every third bite they take comes from pollination bees collect for
their honey. Of course honey is food for them as well. The nectar is
what the bees use to produce the honey with a little bit of pollen but
the majority of the pollen is food for their brood.

I have had as many as 100 hives. I only had 5 hives left this spring.
Someone bought all I had but one hive and it died. I don’t know why.
The beekeepers in my club had more swarms than they could handle
so I collected 15 swarms and that is what I have. There are 40 to 60K
bees in a hive. They know how to get ready for their busy bee season
building up their numbers. There are so many items we get from the
bee besides their honey. They give us bees wax for candles‚ fragrance
for perfume and medications.

I treat my beehives with formic acid to keep mites at bay. Formic acid
is a natural acid found in many natural places such as wasp, hornet
and ant stings to control deadly mites effectively last year and so far
this year Cole tells me. Took years for FDA approval.

These wonderful god given creatures carry their nectar in their little
stomach and they carry their pollen all over the outside of their bod-
ies. The have hair all over so when they crawl into the bloom they

can’t help but get pollen all over them thus they distribute pollen from
one blossom to the next. This is how they pollinate. The colors of
pollen range from very dark shades to light colors in yellow‚ red‚ blue‚
green‚ orange‚ cream‚ gray and brown. Pollen contains an array of
nutrients‚ consisting of carbohydrates‚ proteins and elements such as
nitrogen‚ sulfur and phosphorus. The composition varies considerably
depending upon the plant source. It ranges between 10 and 35% pro-
tein with vitamins A‚C‚D‚E‚B1‚B2‚B6 and B12. It also contains vari-
ous other ingredients like essential amino acids (11%); reducing sug-
ars (29%); vegetable oils (5%) and water (3-4%). The above para-
graph was taken from A.I. Root Company of Medina Ohio’s pamphlet
entitled “Pollen”.

While most bee plants yield both pollen and nectar there are a few
that only offer pollen. These are generally the wind-pollinated grass-
es and trees. Filberts‚ crocus‚ willows‚ pines‚ spruces‚ dandelion‚ mus-
tards‚ yew‚ maples‚ roses‚ poppies‚ goldenrods‚ asters‚ sweet corn and

Honey is an antibiotic. One should eat honey from where they reside
to maintain a good immune system.

Tonic: Orange juice‚ Lemon Juice and Honey

I go to Sebring‚ Florida every year in October returning around April
first where I collect Orange Blossom Honey and then Palmetto Honey.
Had 18 hives there till the Black Bears destroyed all but two. Black
Bears are an endangered specie in Florida. Two cubs got run over on
the road and the Game Warden picked up Mother Bear after getting
into my neighbor’s trash and my hives. You know‚ Franklin‚ those
bears love honey too. Remember when you robbed the hive!

Franklin showed me proudly a huge old book revealing it from it’s own
black backpack‚ entitled Medicology – Illustrated – Ten Books – One
Volume 5 inches thick written in 1909 by Joseph G. Richardson MD
William H. Ford AM MD and CC Vanderbeck MD Ph.D. Managing
Editor James P Wood MD assisted by a large and able corps of Medical
Practitioners Lecturers and Teachers. Published by the University
Medical Society Representing the University of Pennsylvania the
Jefferson and Medico-Chi Colleges and the various other Universities
and Colleges of Standing in the United States Canada Europe and

             Huge Old Book: Medicology published in 1909

Asia. Illustrated with Colored and Monotone Plates. The first copy-
right was in 1903 by Edward J. Stanley entered at Stationers Hall
London England. He lets me take it home with me to look at. I was

I have not enough time to make a dent in this read but I will give you
a glimpse into this wonderful old textbook as follows.

The Contents are astounding which are: The manikin. Pictorial and
descriptive view of the human body.
Book I          Anatomy and Physiology
Book II         Mystery of Life Disease and Death
Book III        Preventive Medicine
Book IV         Curative Medicine
Book V          Medical Materials: Their Properties and Uses
Book VI         Healthy Dwelling Houses
Book VII        Physical Exercise and Culture and Their Bearings on
Book VIII       Homeopathic Medical Science. Methods by Special

Book XI          Model Home Management
Book X           Treasure and Hand Book of          Health and Home

There are 1432 numbered pages plus many unnumbered.

I shall tap into this great book a little bit more to give you an idea of
this holistic text back at the turn of the Century.

Book IV.
Outward Enemies of Health Covers the following: Heat and
Disease‚ The Sun’s Heat‚ Sunstroke‚ Traveling in Hot Climates‚ Cold
as a Disease Producer‚ Sudden Cold‚ Cold and Elderly People‚ Cold
and Perspiration‚ Cold and the Blood‚ Clothes‚ Regulation of
Clothing‚ Poisoned Clothing‚ Local Injuries‚ Light‚ Light and the Eyes‚
Colored Light‚ Electricity‚ Electricity in Medicine‚ Climate‚ Soil and
Health‚ Diseases Affected by Climate‚ Soils‚ Contagion and Morbid

Book V.
Part I. Inorganic (mineral) materials. Importance of Drugs—Drugs
have today a very wide and importance claim to our attention from
the fact of their wide application. Those more common use should be
understood by the laity while a knowledge of the rarer drugs should be
close at hand should we wish to learn of them. Drugs are our friends
but like friends must be properly and carefully used; in cases where not
so used they prove a detriment rather than a benefit. All Nature
Assists—For purposes of healing nature gives her vital forces in the
form of plants and animals. Those forms of nature without life lend
their aid and thus some very important remedies come from the min-
eral kingdom. GOLD (Aurum) Definition: A well known precious
metal. On account of its high place among the metals gold was sup-
posed to have some special value in medicine. As a matter of fact it
is but little employed. Property— Its chief property is to stimulate the
glands of the stomach and liver. It acts also upon the kidneys increas-
ing the flow of urine. Use—It is used for its general stimulatory effect
on the system and for its stimulant effect on the liver and stomach in
particular. Manner of Using—The preparation used is an orange-col-
ored powder made of equal parts of sodium chloride or common table
salt and gold chloride. The dose for internal administration is minute.

Part II. Organic (Vegetable) Materials. The materials of this group are
far more numerous than those of the preceding group. They will be
found arranged according to their scientific names. The common
names also being given.

CARBOLIC ACID (Acidum Carbolicum) Definition—Carbolic
Acid is made from coal tar. It occurs in the form of colorless crystals
but exposure quickly converts it into a colorless or slight reddish liquid.
Property—A slight fall in temperature follows the use of carbolic acid.
Its chief action depends upon its property of destroying low forms of
germ life. Use—By virtue of its properties it is used s an antiseptic and
internally as an antiferment. Manner of Using—Two or three drops
may be taken internally. Best given with a powder of bismuth. Locally
it is used in solutions of various strength‚ the usual being 5 percent.

ASAFETIDA (Asafoetida) Use—The dry juice of this plant is a pow-
erful stimulant in many nervous affections‚ particularly in women. Its
most frequent use is in the treatment of hysteria. The ordinary dose is
from five to ten grains. From fifteen to twenty drops of the tincture
may be given as a dose. (This is an Indian herb from India a very
potent smelling concentrated resin from a tree taking the place of
onion and garlic. I cook Ayurvedically (Science of Life) knowledge
from the Vedas (Laws of Nature) It is very hard to find in its pure form.
Usually sold mixed with wheat or rice flour due to its potency. I have
had it as a rock where grating it very hard thus you keep from getting
too much.)

MALE FERN (Aspidium) Definition—Aspidium is the rhizome of
plant found in almost every part of the world. The rhizome has a slight
odor and a bitter taste. Use—male fern is used in the expulsion of
tapeworm. It probably kills the worms in addition to expelling them.
Manner of Using—When it is suspected or known that a person has
a tapeworm the following treatment should be carried out. The person
should take no food at all for a day or two or the diet should consist of
milk only. The drug should then be given in some agreeable form. It
may be given in milk or mucilage. A purgative should follow the use
of male fern.

Book VIII. Part I. “The greatest triumph of a science is when it
becomes the common property of the people and thus contributes to
the common weal.”


Object—The Part I of Book VIII is intended to be a guide by the aid
of which in may cases of disease a cure may be effected with homeo-
pathic remedies. Those whom experience has convinced of the
advantages of the system of Hahnemann will soon learn how to make
use of it. To those who have had no opportunity of testing the merits
of homeopathy it will give a chance of trying it instead of the so-called
domestic remedies.



Ancient Mental Healing—In all ages there have been certain persons
who could cure diseases by a touch of the hand and who could com-
municate a healing virtue to the sufferer. Among the Chaldeans‚ the
Babylonians‚ the Persians‚ the Hindus‚ the Egyptians‚ the Greeks and
the Romans many of the priests effected cures or threw people into
deep sleeps in the shades of the temples. During these sleeps the
sleeper sometimes had prophetic dreams. Of times they could produce
effects like those now referred to animal magnetism.

Supernatural Influences—Such influences were held to be supernat-
ural and they added greatly to the power of the priests. In the middle
of the seventeenth century there appeared in England several persons
who said they had the power of curing diseases by a stroke of the hand.


The Name—Mesmerism was named in honor of one of its early inves-
tigators. Fredrick Anton Mesmer was born at Weil on the Rhine on
May 23 1733. He studied medicine at Vienna took his degree and
commenced to practice.

Mesmer’s Belief—He was always very much interested in astrology
and he believed that the stars exerted an influence on beings living on
the earth. At first he thought this supposed force was the same as
electricity. Afterward he believed it to be identical with magnetism.
From this he deduced the theory that stroking diseased bodies with

magnets might bring about a cure. He published his first book in
1766. Ten years later while in Switzerland with Gassner he observed
that the priest effected cures by manipulation alone without the use of

Cure by Touch—This lead Mesmer to discard the magnets and to try
to cure without them. He found he could relieve suffering by the mere
touch of his fingers. He therefore supposed that some kind of occult
force resided in himself by which he could influence others. He held
that this force permeated the universe and more especially effect-
ed the nervous systems of men.


The Mind and Disease—It is well know that the mind has a great
influence on matter. Physical changes have been wrought by mental
states. Diseases have been caused and have been cured by the influ-
ence of the mind. Many instances can be quoted illustrating this fact.
Persons have been shot dead with blank cartridges. An edinburgh
criminal died from a supposed loss of blood when it was only warm
water that was mead to trickle over his arm after it was badly pricked
by the surgeons.

Every Man His Own Physician—A little practice according to Evan
will remember the mind-cure easy and natural and we can become our
own physicians and healer without the use of actual medicine.

Nature of Sickness—Sickness is merely a false impression conveyed
by erring mortal mind. The way to cure both sin and sickness is by
substituting the Divine mind for mortal mind. This can be accom-
plished by a proper realization of the Scriptures in their true meaning
according to Christian Science until the seeker after truth separates
the material from the spiritual and thereafter is rued by Divine mind.

Principles of Christian Science—
God is All
God is Good. God is Mind
God‚ Spirit‚ being all‚ nothing is matter
Life‚ God‚ omnipotent good‚ deny death‚ evil‚ sin‚ disease


The Objects of Marriage

The Gratification of Love— Love is the highest sentiment of the
human heart. Its gratification is the most essential object of marriage.
All human hearts have somewhere and sometime a desire to love and
be loved. A loveless life is a stained life. The love between a man and
woman in a perfect marriage is divine.


‘Know thyself’ was the grand motto of the ancients. It is still the
watchword of a modern and progressive world. By the knowledge of
self we may master self and by the improvement of self we may also
improve mankind.

Mentality—Mentality is the ultimate aim and goal of men and of all
things on earth. Mental science‚ therefore‚ constitutes the embodied
summary of all science.

Use of the Science—It is the purpose of this article to give the latest
results of the researches of scientists in the subjects of phrenology‚
physiognomy and palmistry. Only by the study of these great subjects
can we thoroughly know ourselves. Without it we can never under-
stand the natures of our children. Ignorance of it means ignorance of

Oh Franklin as you see I got carried away with this book. It is so won-
derful. Thanks so very much for sharing. I don’t want to give it back
but I must.

In case you are interested in HoneyBees you can contact the Watauga
Beekeepers Association

President Dan Veilleux
225 Indigo Road
Vilas, NC 28692


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