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             East Herts Voluntary Sector Forum
                Minutes of the East Herts Voluntary Sector Forum
                                 Held on Monday 21st May 2007
         at Ware Arts Centre and Tuesday 5th June at the Charis Centre Bishop Stortford
Jane Vujasin                Guideposts Trust
Frances Sidey               Herts County Council - Community Strategy Officer
Ann Wooliver                ‘Rentaprise’ Rural Enterprise Programme
Kay Pitt                    Home-Start East Herts
Margaret Williams           Benington over 60’s & Parish Hall Community
Jenny Cobb                  Benington over 60’s & Parish Hall Community
Mike Watson                 Herts County Council Libraries
Keith Batchelor             Mid Herts Raynet
Christine Fuller            Selections - Sele School
Robin Atkins                Hertford Extended Schools Consortium
Julie Smith                 Lee Valley Regional Authority
Lynda Dent                  East & North Herts Primary Care Trust
Mary Slevin                 Cruse Bereavement Care
Chris Lee                   Raising The Ceiling
Marcella Randal             HALP East Herts Learning Forum
Fay Muir                    CVS Broxbourne & East Herts
Ian Richardson              CVS Broxbourne & East Herts
Pasha Kincaid               Community Action Dacorum
Steve Rogers                Emmanuel Shared Church
Claire Pullen               East Herts Council
Robert Purcell              Bishop’s Stortford YMCA
Sue Spiller                 Splinters
Maureen Leman               Age Concern Hertfordshire
Allison Mann                Harlow & Broxbourne Women’s Aid
Angela Alder                Sawbridgeworth CVS
Keith Jennings              Ware & District Scouts
Dennis Edwards              Viewpoint
Joyce Vincent               Deputy Mayor of Sawbridgeworth
Sue Warren                  East Herts Citizens Advice Bureau
Michael Newton              Unknown Group
Gill Matthews               Rethink Companions Ware

The minutes of the meetings held in January & February 2007 were agreed.

Engaging with local BME Communities
Pasha Kincaid from Community Action Dacorum, gave a presentation on a piece of work
commissioned by East Herts Council with Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Groups to assess the level
of understanding of the council’s priorities and the role of Local Strategic Partnerships.

Whilst there are not many large established BME groups in the district, there are pockets of minority
ethnic communities and Pasha found willingness from people to participate. In total, 57 individuals
participated in the research and the main findings based on the people that Pasha spoke to were:

Bishop Stortford had the largest single BME community, which was from Poland; The key issues for
this group were the need for classes to support English as a second language (ESOL) and not
understanding car parking rules and regulations – often resulting in fines, which had financial
implications for those on low level income. There were also Housing issues – not being able to access
decent accommodation and in employment a feeling of being deskilled. Polish people reported often
having effective jobs in their own country but they cannot move into that field here including examples
of a Paramedic working as a cleaner.

This community was not aware of groups who can support them through the minefield of choosing the
appropriate school for their children. There is also a lot of frustration in by the Polish community in
using NHS Direct. The general feeling is that the health service is superior in Poland.

Pasha reported that there were very similar issues to the Polish Community, although there were
moves afoot to develop a Portuguese community group in Stortford with a few people coming forward
as potential ‘champions’ for this community. She was asked if there was a cross community
relationship between Portuguese and the Brazilian Community as they have the same language.
Pasha explained this was not historically an easy relationship and there is not a lot of communication
between the communities – a bit like Australia and England, the same language but different cultures.

This was one of the most established communities across East Herts through the Mosque in
Sawbridgeworth, which has over 200 worshippers. Pasha also spoke with a group of young
Bangladeshi people in Hertford. Young men are more integrated than the young women into the local
community and comments were received that Police support has been good when required. There
were addition requests for more ESOL classes for Bangladeshi women and some confusion about
how the local authority operates

There is a church in Bishop Stortford where the Brazilian community is centred and provides a lot of
support. As Brazilian residents of East Herts have non EU status, accessing education and health
services is difficult and they seemed less aware than other communities of access to advice and
information facilities and access to services such as the internet through libraries.

What is the next step? There is a great deal of information that is not included in this brief appraisal,
plus a number of communities which Pasha was unable to make contact with in the time available.
There will be a 40 page report available on Pasha’s study which can be accessed by contacting
Phillipa Brent-Isherwood, Community Projects Team, East Herts District Council at
phillipa.brent-isherwood@eastherts.gov.uk or Pasha Kincaid at Community Action Dacorum
on 01442 253935.

Ian Richardson feels CVS can take a lead in helping to support individuals who want to
develop BME groups to represent their community he can be contacted by calling 01992
638555 or emailing ian@cvsbeh.org.uk .

Funding - Small Grants Updates
The Forum received a presentation from Ian Richardson, Chief Officer of CVS Broxbourne & East
Herts on small grants available locally. Ian explained that the vast majority of funding advice requests
that the CVS receives are for relatively small amounts of money (less that £5,000 and often less that
£1,000). As a result the CVS had managed to build details on those sources of funding that were
mostly successful and had begun to catalogue them in presentation format so that they can be easily
accessed through an electronic document on the CVS website at www.cvsbeh.org.uk This first
presentation is available by clicking here and concentrated on the following funds: Awards for All;
BAA Stansted Funds (Stansted Airport Community Trust Fund; BAA Communities Trust;
Stansted Airport Charity Committee); The Co-op Community Dividend Fund; The Hertfordshire
Community Foundation (Development grants, Small grants and Project grants); Sports Relief;
The Local Network Fund; The Community Champions Fund and the Tesco Charitable Trust.

If any CVS members would like help or support in applying for funding they can contact either Fay
Muir or Ian Richardson at the CVS for Broxbourne and East Herts on 01992 638555 or by email at

Clare Pullen from East Herts Council would be providing a presentation on the grants available from
the Council at the next East Herts Voluntary Sector Forum to be held in September 2007.

Creative Thinking in 15 Minutes - Learning some problem solving techniques
Chris Lee from the Raising the Ceiling project spoke on the advantages of thinking with Creativity.
Creativity is changed thinking (new ideas), leading to changed action (new behaviour).

The aim is to generate new ideas, t hrough thinking differently about old problems. He demonstrated
through some participatory exercises how taking a look at a problem from a different angle can
stimulate thinking about new solutions. Confused? – The attached handout provides the notes from
Chris’s presentation along with a number of creative thinking exercises that can be put into practice.

Chris Lee can be contacted on 01442 867211 or chris.dcvs@classmail.co.uk

Update on East & North Herts Primary Care Trust
Linda Dent, Public Engagement Lead for Herts PCTs explained that the NHS in Hertfordshire will
shortly begin consultation on centralising acute services at either the QEII Hospital in Welwyn Garden
City or the Lister Hospital in Stevenage. Neither hospital would close under the proposals but whilst
one would become the major acute hospital; the other would become a local general hospital
providing substantial centres of care for local communities in either Welwyn Garden City or

At the same time, the NHS will be proposing the establishment of urgent care centres to provide
emergency access for about two thirds of patients who currently attend an A&E department; urgent
care centres (or local A&Es) will be based at some of the community hospitals.

The consultation will explore the options for siting urgent care centres in the East of Hertfordshire
and local people living in Bishop’s Stortford, Cheshunt, Hertford, Ware and Waltham Cross and
neighbouring villages will have the opportunity to give their views in a number of different ways
including public meetings. The PCT are keen to meet local voluntary groups representing people from
all walks of life and welcome any ideas or requests from the voluntary sector for a discussion on the

Mary Slevin from Cruse Bereavement Care felt it would be useful if the PCT would be open about the
strategy they are going to undertake. She felt there was a one way approach by the PCT. They have
access to the information they want, but community groups cannot have a meaningful engagement in
trying to establish if the PCT will support their work.

Linda felt the way forward was to ensure there was more funds available in prevention.

Mary responded to this by pointing out that most groups are already doing this work/ yet it is not
acknowledged by the PCT.

A variety of consultation materials are being developed, designed to engage local people and
stimulate discussion. These include a consultation document and questionnaire, a door to door leaflet
drop, an easy read summary. postcards, banner displays and posters. In addition, the PCT are
preparing dedicated web pages incorporating an on line questionnaire and are developing podcasts
featuring clinicians explaining how services are being developed in their area of expertise.

Linda said there would be more outpatient clinics and more diagnostics taking place. The funds will be
moving away from the PCT and will be GP Lead and they will use their funds to supply the service that
their patients want. There will be a wider range of specialist consultants used from a wider source
once the changes take effect.

For further information Please contact:
Lynda Dent on 01707 390855 Ext: 2412 lynda.dent@herts-pcts.nhs.uk
or Mandy Bloom on 01707 390855 Ext: 2406 mandy.bloom@herts-pcts.nhs.uk

Community organisations can also contact Raymond Brooks Collins, in his role as Chair of the Public
& Patient Forum for the area, on 07930 984637. He can represent their views at a consultation taking
place on the 5th July 2007 at Wheathampstead.

Dates of next meetings
24th September 2007 – Bennington (1.30pm – 3.00pm)
2nd October 2007 – Sawbridgeworth (1.30pm – 3.00pm)


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