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					                                   Year of Birth         TAA Member No            Title              Forenames:                        Surname:

                                   1942                  1445                     Mr                 Christopher Michael               STRONG

Sex       M   √     F                  Nationality       British, Kenyan          Marital              Married             Children (Note 1)       1988
 Record of posts and assignments (Note 2)
Year              Job Title             Organisation                                       Country             Responsibilities (Note 3)
2005-             Estate Manager        St Andrews' School, Turi                           Kenya               Infrastructure, security, workforce, building
                                                                                                               maintenance, grounds, forestry, water and
                                                                                                               electricity supplies.
2004-05           Admins/finance O.           World Vision                                 Somalia             Systems, training, field reporting

2002-3            Workshop Manager            Mt Elgon Orchards                            Kenya               Repair all machinery and vehicles

2002              General manager             D. Lessos Creameries                         Kenya               Management of milk plant

2002              C.E.O                       Molo Milk Ltd                                Kenya               Management of milk plant

2001              Estate Manager              Uganda Crop Industries                       Uganda              Farm management – vanilla, sugar

2000              Consultant                  Tanzania National Parks                      Tanzania            Advise on vehicle management

1998-00           Workshop Manager            G. Issaias Road Constr.                      Kenya               Repair plant and vehicles

1997              Head, Logistics             Food for the Hungry Int                      DR Congo            Logistics

1996-97           Project Manager             National Logistics Cell                      Pakistan            Rebuilt 80 semi-trailers

1994-96           Workshop Manager            Lutheran W. Federation                       Tanzania            Maintain vehicles

1994-96           Logistics Co-ord                   “    “     “     “                    Liberia             Logistics: set up workshop

1992-94           Prog Co-ordinator           ACORD, London                                Sudan               Manage refugee settlement, tractor hire service

1990-92           GM Transport                Securicor                                    Kenya               Manage 275 vehicles

1974-1990         Branch Manager              Sametract                                    Kenya               Service ‘Same’ tractor customers

1973-74           Service Manager             Hughes Ltd                                   Kenya               Service Ford customers

1966-72           Agric Officer               O.D.A                                        Kenya               Admin/technical/teaching

1964-65           Lecturer                    V.S.O.                                       Kenya               Teaching

 Self-employed                 Retired                    On Retainer                                 E-mail
Employed by        St Andrew’s School, Turi                                    Remarks      Available as necessary
Available for:     (Note 4)                 Short-term tasks              √               Medium-term       √         Long-term        √
Best contact address            P.O. Box 3514, Eldoret 30100, Kenya
Phone (Note 11)                 +254 51 721137                                                  Mobile      +254 733 479664,
Permanent/Home                  +254 733 753055                                                       Fax   +254 53 261981, +254 51 721215

Principal Discipline (Note 5)      Agricultural Engineering

Up to 8 subsidiary fields          Administration/Accountancy: Agro-industry; Emergency Relief; Farm Management; Forestry/Plantation;
(Alphabetically: Note 6)           NGOs; Procurement; Project Management; Rural roads/transport.
Higher education                   BA Hons Agric Oxford 1964; MA Oxford 1967;
(Note 7)                           Dip Agric Eng correspond 1971; FIMI (Fellow of Inst Motor Industry 1991
Countries worked in                DR Congo, Kenya, Liberia, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda
(alphabetically; Countries,
not regions)
Spoken                  Swahili    G
Languages                                 ……………….                             ……………….                            Web Home Page:
(Note 8)

                                          ……………….                             ……………….
Comments on availability (Note 9)          Immediate                                                             Date                      November 2007

Expiry Date (12 mths from uploading) yyyy-mm-dd                     2008-11-27                                                             Yr 07           No 714

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