Economic Well-being and Quality of Life Sub Board (and BSF Stakeholder
Board) - Terms of Reference

This is a strategic Sub-Board of the Children and Young People’s Partnership Board
(CYPPB). The CYPPB is responsible for delivery of the Every Child Matters Change
for Children agenda and improved outcomes for children and young people in
Camden in line with the Children Act 2004.


The Sub-Board is responsible for
 Ensuring delivery of the outcomes for Achieving Economic Well-being and
   Quality of Life in accordance with Camden’s CYP Plan
 Agreeing arrangements for inter-agency co-operation in developing and
   delivering services that enhance the quality of life and life chances of children
   and young people in line with Camden’s Children and Young People’s Plan
 Achieving high levels of performance against all indicators and inspection criteria
   for Achieving Economic Well-being and Quality of Life.
 Ensuring efficiency and value for money in service provision through effective
   partnership and financial arrangements
 Ensuring cross-cutting themes identified in Camden’s Children & Young People’s
   Plan are integral to all actions and service provision

The Sub-Board has a specific remit for
 Enabling all young people to engage in further education, employment or training
   on leaving school.
 Encouraging young people to develop enterprising behaviour.
 Addressing key barriers for children and young people and their families with
   regards to housing.
 Ensuring access to a good quality environment, including school grounds,
   housing estates, open spaces and recreational areas.
 Supporting parents and carers to maximise life choices and improve the quality of
   life of their families.
 Ensuring the 14-19 Strategy delivers for all particularly vulnerable and locally
   under achieving groups.

The Sub-Board will
 Agree short, medium and long term priorities for development and change, based
   on analysis of need, and make recommendations to the CYPPB
 Agree annual Action Plans in line with Camden’s CYP Plan
 Ensure available resources from all partners are directed to achieving priority
   outcomes and monitor use of resources in line with partners’ established
   procedures and protocols
 Make recommendations to the Commissioning Group for commissioning of
   services where appropriate
 Monitor performance against all relevant PIs and inspection criteria
 Review and evaluate priorities and impact of actions to ensure improved
   outcomes for all Camden’s children and young people, particularly those who are
 Act as a stakeholder board for Camden’s BSF (Building Schools for Future)
The Sub-Board will also
 Contribute to relevant sections of the Local Authority Annual Performance
   Assessment and other inspections as appropriate
 Ensure that all partners, where relevant, have robust risk management
   procedures in place
 Ensure that all strategic plans have followed an appropriate consultation process
   and are coordinated with the plans of the other Sub-Boards
 Take a lead in areas of cross-cutting work as requested by the CYPPB
 Contribute to cross-cutting themes and areas of work as requested by Chairs of
   other Sub-Boards


The Sub-Board is accountable to Camden’s CYPPB, which reports through the Local
Strategic Partnership.
 The Sub-Board has delegated authority from the CYPPB to sign off local
    strategies / plans such as the Childcare strategy, and the 14 – 19 strategy which
    support the delivery of agreed over-arching priorities in Camden’s CYP Plan.
 Recommendations about significant changes to the use of resources and/or local
    priorities will be presented to the CYPPB for decision.
 Regular progress reports will be presented to the CYPPB as requested.

Sub-Board members will remain accountable through the management and decision-
making structures of their own organisations

The Sub-Board can be supported by a range of sub groups.
 The Chair, in collaboration with the Chairs of the other Sub-Boards, will decide
   what sub groups are necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the Sub-Board.
 In setting up sub groups the Chair will have regard to effective and efficient use of
 Members of sub groups will work in partnership to ensure delivery of services
   which improve outcomes for children and young people


The Sub-Board is chaired and led by the Assistant Director from Children, Schools
and Families – Learning and School Effectiveness.

The Vice Chair is from the wider partnership and will be agreed by the Sub-Board at
the October meeting.

The Sub-Board has multi-agency membership relevant to the outcome area,
including voluntary and community sector representation.

Members of the Sub-Board are sufficiently senior to
   make decisions about committing resources to deliver the local priorities
     agreed in Camden’s CYP Plan
   follow through such decisions within their organisations and
   follow up the implications of monitoring and evaluation within their
Economic Wellbeing Sub Board Membership:

 1    CSF                                Gail Tolley, AD Learning and School
 2    LSC (Learning & Skills             Richard Bell, Partnership Director for
      Council)                           Islington and Camden
 3    Housing & Adult Social Care        David Padfield, AD Housing

 4    Culture & Environment              Gerri Scott, AD Community
                                         Development and Regeneration

 4    Early Years and Sure Start         Barbara Sampson
 6    Adult and Community Learning       Brian Mitchell
 7    Education Inclusion and            Lisa Clarke
 8    EMAS                               Karen Thomas
 9    Secondary schools                  John Dowd, Head, Haverstock
 10   Secondary schools                  Fiona Millar, Governor
 11   Special schools                    Donna McCallum, Chalcot School
 12   Youth and Connexions               Nick French
 13   Westminster Kingsway               Francis White, Vice Principal
 14   Somali Community                   Mohamoud Hassan
      Development (VCS)

Co-opted members for year 1

Colin Adams - Secondary Link Improvement Partner
(for C&YP Plan priority: “Ensure the 14-19 Strategy delivers for all particularly
vulnerable and locally under achieving groups”)

Satwat Rehman - Early Years and Sure Start
(for C&YP Plan priority: “Develop a childcare strategy to support parents into
employment and training”)

Paul Horobin – Play Service
(for C&YP Plan priority: “Develop a childcare strategy to support parents into
employment and training”)

Frequency of Meetings

The Sub-Board will meet at least once every three months.

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