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									                             Chief Executives Office

                                 Job Description

Job Title     Media Assistant
Department    Chief Executive
Division      Strategic Services (Communications Unit)
Grade         Grade F
Post Number   New post


   Responsible to: Media Office Manager

   Supervisory responsibility for
    Contracted designers, printers and photographers

   Important functional relationships (internal)
    Media Office Manager
    Media Officers
    Head of Strategic Services
    Senior Officers

   Important functional relationships (external)
    Local, regional and national media
    Location managers and commercial film organisations working in Kingston
    Partner organisations


   To support the Media Office Manager fulfil the Council’s Communications

   To support the Media Office Manager in promoting the Council’s policies through
    the media (including print, television, internet, film and radio).

   Media
    Promote Council policy through the local, regional and professional media.
    Prepare news releases for the media
    Help prepare responses to inquiries from the media.
    Advise Council officers about media relations and protocols
    Promote Mayoral activities

   Filming
    Support the Council’s filming policy by helping to arrange Council services
    (parking, traffic management etc) for Location Managers.

   Council publications
    Advise and support Council departments with the writing, design and print of
    Council publications.
    Help to procure services from the Councils print and design framework.

   Website
    Help maintain the ‘News’, ‘Filming’ and associated pages on the Council’s
    Support the development of the Communications Toolkit on the staff Intranet

   External PR (Partnerships)
    Maintain positive relations with key media and other partner organisations in the
    Royal Borough.

   Corporate branding
    Support the Media Manager in maintaining and applying the Council’s Style
Key Qualifications                    Essential                                 Desirable
Education             Academic qualification to degree          Qualification in public relations,
                       standard or equivalent.                   marketing, journalism or related
                      Evidence of successful personal           discipline.
                       development in the past three years.

Experience            Experience of working with Microsoft      Experience in communications, filming,
                       based software (including Word,           and/or public relations.
                       Outlook, Excel etc).
                      Experience in preparing press releases    A broad understanding of, and interest
                       and/or writing for publication.           in, the local government environment.
                      Experience of working in a small team
                                                                 Knowledge of providing customer
                                                                 focussed services.

Knowledge and         Methodical and a good organiser of        Knowledge of print, design and
special skills         priorities.                               production process.
                      Able to demonstrate good writing skills
                       for press releases, publications and      Knowledge of website management
                       other medium.                             and editing.

Personal qualities    A good team player                        An ambition to develop a career in
and abilities         Good interpersonal skills.                media relations.
                      An articulate and effective
                       communicator.                             Confident, tactful, and persuasive.
                      A commitment to providing excellent
                       service to the Council and to its         Mobile and prepared to work outside
                       customers.                                usual office hours when required.
                      A commitment to promoting equality of

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