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									                             To: Australasian Dental Practice
                           Submitted by: Dental Development Services (DDS)
                                            Yearbook 2002
                                         The price of Success

    What do you think it will take to achieve your goals and make significant changes in
    your practice? What is the key to practice success and happiness? How willing are you
    to take risks?

    Some practitioners respond to changes quickly and others require a long, persistent
    effort to make a change. I have discovered that one of the most important keys to
    success regardless of age, sex, or race, etc., is the willingness to take a risk. The
    practitioners who take risks accomplish and achieve.

    There are those people who are not willing to take any risks at all. These people do not
    seem to understand or accept this simple concept, they are quite happy to complain
    endlessly about how bad things are as long as they do not have to do anything to solve
    the problems. They see themselves as unfair victims of circumstances and wait
    passively for someone or something to fix things for them.

    Sadly, that usually does not happen. Years later they are still feeling miserable, waiting
    for justice or magic to make their practices better.

    Do not let this happen to you. Take a risk on yourself and take on practice management
    and personal development. It is a great investment in yourself and your practice. All
    practice management companies are designed to increase your satisfaction and profits
    and decrease your stress and overheads. To get your thoughts around what is
    expected of you, and the commitment to make, here are a few suggestions.
       - Set aside regular times each week to work on your practice management and
           personal development goals.
       - Talk to at least three, practice management companies to discover whom, you
           have the same-shared values with and will therefore listen to and trust.
       - Clearly define a Vision for your practice. Know where you are now and where
           you want to be in five years from now. To include the practice layout, personnel,
           image, dentistry performed, etc.
       - Start at the beginning of a practice management program and make the
           commitment to finish all projects on time and with enthusiasm.
       - Always review and allow time for reflection of any of the systems, procedures
           and policies you are implementing. Realize how much easier they make your
           working day.
       - Be realistic in your goals and timelines. Allow the practice management company
           to push you, and trust that they know what they are doing.

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        -    Always keep in mind the principle and concepts of your practice.
             Focusing on these will help you during tough challenges and changes.
        -    Take your time working on your practice management and personal
             development goals. Ask for help when necessary.
        -    Involve your staff members in all decision in the practice. This way they will have
             ownership and more like to implement to a higher level.
        -    Discuss your practice management and development plan with your family. Get
             their input and support. The more they know and understand what you are going
             to accomplish, the more support they will afford you and the easier the changes
             will be for you.

    There are things in life that “happen” and we are not able to control: aging, natural
    disasters, war, dying, accidents, etc. There are things in life that “require action” and we
    are able to control; taking risks, making decisions, asserting oneself, taking
    responsibility, etc. What you have to do to diminish the risks of practice management is
    to develop more trust in your ability to handle whatever comes your way.

    Without change, your practice is going to continue on the same path it is now. There is
    no perfect time for change, except today. Personal risk and motivation is a prerequisite
    for accomplishing anything worthwhile in life.

    The key to practice success and happiness is a future, designed and implemented by
    practice management and personal development.


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