2010 Externship Sponsors List by tyndale


									2010 AACC Spring Break Externship Program
Contact: vina.pulido@yale.edu and vivek.kembaiyan@yale.edu

Table of Contents
City                               Pages
Boston (1)                         2
Chicago (6)                        3-5
Los Angeles (3)                    6-7
New Haven (1)                      8
New York (6)                       9-11
San Francisco (7)                  12-15
Washington, D.C. (2)               16-17
*Number in parentheses indicates number of companies at each location.

Fields                             Pages
Biotech                            13
Communications                     10, 11
Computer Science                   12, 13
Consulting                         3, 9, 12, 14, 15
Education                          5
Engineering                        12, 13
Film                               9, 10
Finance                            4, 5, 9, 10
IT                                 16, 17
Law                                9, 12, 14
Marketing                          3, 10, 11, 13, 14
Media                              6, 7
Medicine                           6, 8
Nonprofit                          2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11
Politics                           3, 4
Social activism                    2
Telecommunications                 6
Voice                              16

Total possible number of student externs positions: 46
Total number of companies: 24


Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence (ATASK)
Field: Social activism / Nonprofit
Sponsor: Linda Chin
Students: 1-2
The Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence (ATASK) is a non-profit 501 c3 organization
and operates New England’s only multilingual and culturally relevant emergency shelter,
advocacy services, outreach, and education programs for Asian families and communities.
All of the programs and services in ATASK’s continuum are interventions that aim to prevent
IPV within the ethnically diverse Asian communities of Massachusetts, with a particular
emphasis on the growing Asian immigrant and refugee populations in the Greater Boston and
Greater Lowell areas.
The students will gain experience in non-profit fundraising as well community organizing/raising
awareness about domestic violence. They will provide assistance with a special project to help
the agency prepare for a May 1st fundraising event with the Longwood Symphony Orchestra.
Students will also spend time with ATASK’s Education and Outreach staff and learn culturally
sensitive strategies to help raise awareness about domestic violence in their own community or
college campus.
Students should have excellent oral and written communication skills, have the capacity to work
in a multicultural environment with excellent interpersonal skills, be well organized, and have
the ability to work independently.


Chicago Area
A. T. Kearney, Inc.
Field: Management Consulting
Sponsor: Alex Liu
Students: 3 between the NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco offices
A. T. Kearney is a global management consulting firm that generates powerful strategic insights
to address practical, real-world needs. Externs will support client project teams on top-
management business issues and recommendations by developing insights, plans, and actions.
They will have the opportunity to work with professionals on a specific research or fact-finding
exercise, probably within a project team for a current client or an internal business issue. Learn
more about A. T. Kearney at www.atkearney.com.

Field: Marketing
Sponsor: Deron Quon
Students: 1-2
Datassential is a food focused market research firm that services Fortune 500 food manufacturers
(Nestle, Kraft, ConAgra Foods) and national chain restaurants. They help clients get any
information that would help them sell, market, or develop products to the restaurant industry.
Datassential maintains the largest database of restaurant menus and produces syndicated trend
reports on new flavor and dish trends. This information is used to help in product development
and marketing purposes. Datassential was co-founded in 2001 by Deron Quon, BR’94. They
have offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Manila.
The externship will involve secondary research and writing related to food trends. The research
and articles might be part of our quarterly fine dining report or as part of our MenuTrends.com
site, which will be re-launched in 2010.
The student will learn more about market research and how it impacts brand managers and
dynamics of the food industry. Students will also have the opportunity to contribute directly to
our content products.
Helpful skills include interest in food and marketing research as well as excellent written skills.

Elliot Richardson for Congress
Field: Politics
Sponsor: Sharon Hwang
Students: Unlimited
Location: Northfield, IL
Elliot Richardson is a congressional candidate in Illinois’s 10th District.
The extern(s) will assist in the operational needs of a fast-paced congressional campaign in a
high-profile district. This includes voter outreach, fundraising support, and general campaign


operations. The student will have a unique opportunity to delve into the dynamics of a
congressional campaign gearing up for a general election (Nov 2010). He or she will learn about
the political process as well as the ins-and-outs of a successful campaign office.
Helpful skills include Excel and an extroverted personality (especially for voter outreach).

*Note: this opportunity is contingent on Elliot Richardson winning the Democratic primary in
February 2010.
Fitch Ratings
Field: Retail Finance
Sponsor: Tiffany Co
Students: 1
The student will conduct company or industry research in the retail sector for the retail group of
the corporate finance department of a debt rating agency.
The student will use industry and company public information (10-K and other publicly-filed
documents) to analyze a retailer or a specific sub-sector of the retail industry. The student will
learn what a rating agency is and how it relates to the debt markets.
The student should be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Having knowledge of Bloomberg
would be helpful.

Tiffany Co will oversee the student and will most likely have a project for the student during the
week. The student should take the initiative to ask questions to help him/her in completing the
project and maximizing the externship experience.
Sears Holding Corporation
Field: Finance
Sponsor: Simon Lim
Students: 3-5
Location: Hoffman Estates
The externship will provide the opportunity to shadow and partner with a current Business
Analyst as well as the business unit leadership to learn various forms of the corporate retail
environment. The business units may include Online/Multi-Channel, Merchant Analytics, Brand
Management, Home Electronics or any of Sears Holding’s other business unit operations with
high priority, fast-paced projects.

Helpful Skills:
       Strong business acumen:
       Communication and interpersonal skills:
       Organizational skills:
       Focused on results: willingness Analytical Skills
       Problem Solving Skills
       Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook)


Description of Business Analyst position:
As a Business Analyst you will collaborate with departments across the organization to develop
insights based on data. This will include; coordinating with leaders in business units to identify
and prioritize areas for analysis, gathering data and developing thoughtful, robust business
analyses as well as analyzing issues, developing insights and formulating data-based
hypotheses. As a Business Analyst you will prepare recommendations for financial business
cases and presentations for senior management. We are looking for individuals who foster
teamwork and work well in a collaborative team environment as well as someone who
demonstrates the ability to lead small groups of individuals in support of specific initiatives.

Teach for America
Field: Education / Non-profit
Sponsor: Zahreen Ghaznavi
Students: 1-2
Zahreen Ghaznavi teaches a self-contained 5th grade class in inner-city Chicago as part of a
nationwide movement to close the achievement gap. The student would observe teachers and the
classroom, have a tour of the TFA-Chicago office and meet the executive director, and, if they
would like, teach a lesson to the class at the end of the week. Helpful skills include public
speaking skills, patience, multi-tasking, and liking to work with kids.


Los Angeles

Cox Communications
Field: Telecommunications
Sponsor: Raymond Wong
Students: 1
Location: Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County
The externship will provide a study of commercial telecom competitive pressures and a detailed
analysis of CB competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. The student will write a report
documenting the telecom industry and trends along with detailed description of each CB
competitors’ strength and weakness. In addition to a competitive analysis, the may also work on
documenting why/how customers select a telecom provider by customer size segment. This will
help management prevent churn and create promotional programs to target specific customer
segments. The student will gain real world work knowledge of working in a competitive market
place. He or she will acquire analytical and marketing skills while gaining valuable knowledge
of the ever evolving telecom industry. Helpful skills include strong marketing and analytical
skills. A background in telecom is helpful but not required.
Orthopedic Surgery
Field: Medicine
Sponsor: Dr. Harvey Chou
Students: 2
Location: Whittier and Hacienda Heights, CA
The student will shadow an orthopedic surgeon for the week. They will learn the basic contents
of a history and orthopedic exam. They will also have some experience in the OR, but will not
have to take call with Dr. Chou. It would helpful if the student knew Chinese or Spanish as well
as some anatomy.

Zocalo Public Square
Field: Nonprofit / Media
Sponsor: Swati Pandey
Students: 1-2
Location: Koreatown, LA
Zocalo Public Square is a nonprofit lecture series and website. They publish book reviews,
interviews, excerpts, and op-ed pieces. Swati Pandey is the editor, and she maintains ties with
publishers, authors, and a small staff of freelance writers. The organization is very small, with an
intimate staff of three in addition the executive director. The student will thus get a close and
involved look at how the nonprofit runs and how Zocalo is trying to make a dent in the ever
shifting new media landscape.

The students would get a change to write for the publication on the website, to help plan and
publicize their events, to research fundraising and grant opportunities, and to basically see how a
small start-up works.


Students should be smart, civic-minded, generous, communicative, and fun. Zocalo is laid-back
and will definitely want someone who is comfortable in such an environment. They are looking
for students who have strong, smart opinions, and can speak up about them, as well as those
students who are interested in future work in the nonprofit and/or media world.


New Haven

Yale University Department of Dermatology
Field: Medicine
Sponsor: Dr. Sumaira Aasi
Students: 1
The student will learn about skin cancers: how they present, their epidemiology and the types of
treatment we currently have to manage them. Surgery will be performed on most days so the
student should be able to tolerate site of blood or invasive procedures. Dr. Aasi performs Mohs
micrographic surgery, which is a specialized technique to treat skin cancers.


New York City

A. T. Kearney, Inc.
Field: Management Consulting
Sponsor: Alex Liu
Students: 3 between the NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco offices
A. T. Kearney is a global management consulting firm that generates powerful strategic insights
to address practical, real-world needs. Externs will support client project teams on top-
management business issues and recommendations by developing insights, plans, and actions.
They will have the opportunity to work with professionals on a specific research or fact-finding
exercise, probably within a project team for a current client or an internal business issue. Learn
more about A. T. Kearney at www.atkearney.com.

Church Pension Fund
Field: Law / Nonprofit / Finance
Sponsor: Patrick Cheng, Esq.
Students: 1 (possibility of housing)
Patrick Cheng serves as the Senior Vice President & General Counsel of the Church Pension
Group (CPG), which is the national pension fund and benefits organization of the Episcopal
Church. CPG is responsible for approximately $8 billion in assets. It also engages in a number of
not-for-profit activities that benefit Episcopal clergy, lay employees, and institutions. These
activities include retirement benefits, financial planning, life insurance, property and casualty
insurance, health benefits, wellness benefits, and religious publishing. As General Counsel,
Patrick Cheng regularly interacts with his business colleagues in these areas, and also with his
colleagues in the investments, finance, human resources, information technology,
communications, and other departments.

This externship would allow the extern to focus on a particular project for the week and obtain
hands-on knowledge about a specific aspect of CPG’s operations. For example, a past extern
worked with the legal and investments departments to review and analyze the performance of
certain portfolio companies in one of our East Asian private equity investments. Similar
opportunities may be available for this year’s extern, depending upon his or her interests as well
as the business needs of CPG.

This externship would be ideal for anyone with an interest in one or more of the following areas:
law, investment management, finance, tax, insurance, financial services, publishing, religious,
and/or not-for-profit work. The extern should have strong analytical and communications (both
written and oral) skills.

Freelance Film
Field: Film
Sponsor: Stephanie Wu
Students: 1


The externship entails being Stephanie Wu’s unpaid production assistant for the week. This is a
good experience for students who want to work in film production. The students will also receive
career mentoring. Helpful skills include being detail oriented, having a good attitude, and a
passion for film.

ING Capital
Field: Finance
Sponsor: Kunduck Moon
Students: 2
The student will shadow the head of Investment Industry Group at ING Capital, attending all
meetings and listening in on all telephone conversations, to get a very clear and accurate idea of
what a senior corporate banker does. There will also be opportunities to meet and discuss
various topics with other junior and senior bankers, traders and risk managers at ING involved in
different aspects of finance. This externship is not for those students that have had significant
exposure to finance or have decided that they want to pursue finance as a career. Rather, it is for
those students who would like to have an opportunity to see what a finance professional does, so
that they can decide whether they would like to pursue finance as a career. Additionally, it will
be an opportunity to meet finance professionals with whom the students can develop mentor-
mentee relationship.
Spring Mountain Capital, LP
Field: Finance
Sponsor: Gregory Ho
Students: 1-2
The student extern will learn about due diligence and the analysis of the investment opportunities
that come up during the week, including direct private equity investments in companies and
assets (e.g., oil tankers, commercial real estate, etc.) and indirect alternative asset strategies (e.g.,
arbitrage in mortgage securities, other credit-related trading, long/short equity, etc.). The
externship includes possible participation in the structuring and document production for a new
private equity fund or hedge fund. The student will gain exposure to and understanding of the
workings of a small, opportunistic, diversified alternative assets firm.
Helpful skills include a basic understanding of economics and finance—or at least an interest in
those areas.

Trickle Up
www.trickleup.org, www.facebook.com/trickleup
Field: Marketing / Communications / Nonprofit
Sponsor: Jennifer Yoo
Students: 1
Trickle Up’s Mission Statement:
Trickle Up empowers people living on less than a dollar a day to take the first steps out of
poverty, providing them with resources to build microenterprises for a better quality of life. In
partnership with local agencies, we provide business training and seed capital grants of $100 to


launch or expand a microenterprise and savings support to build assets. We work in 8 countries
throughout Asia, Africa and Central America.

Working with Trickle Up’s Communications Officer, Jennifer Yoo manages the communications
and marketing efforts of Trickle Up, an international nonprofit that serves people living in
extreme poverty by helping them start or expand microenterprises. Some of the essential
responsibilities of her position include writing and producing Trickle Up’s marketing collateral
(e.g. annual report, newsletters, video content), increasing their presence on the Web (website,
social media including Facebook, YouTube), media relations, planning events, procuring
speaking engagements and managing interns and volunteers.

Trickle Up is an environment that values the skills that interns and volunteers are able to
contribute and encourages their growth and development. Working with the Communications
department provides the opportunity to (a) learn about Trickle Up’s programs in depth by
reading about, synthesizing and writing articles/stories about its work and participants; (b)
research the field of international development broadly and understand the key issues that impact
the way Trickle Up communicates its own work and mission; and (c) gain an understanding of
how to bridge between program operations and fundraising.
Specifically, in the spring Trickle Up will be working on social media initiatives, media outreach
and planning our annual Gala. Because one week is a very limited period of time, the student
would be assigned discrete projects that will contribute to our work in these areas. Students
should be effective communicators and work well in a team. They should demonstrate interest in
international development and/or microenterprises. Some knowledge of HTML and/or Adobe
Creative Suite would be helpful, but is not required.


San Francisco Area

A. T. Kearney, Inc.
Field: Management Consulting
Sponsor: Alex Liu
Students: 3 between the NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco offices
A. T. Kearney is a global management consulting firm that generates powerful strategic insights
to address practical, real-world needs. Externs will support client project teams on top-
management business issues and recommendations by developing insights, plans, and actions.
They will have the opportunity to work with professionals on a specific research or fact-finding
exercise, probably within a project team for a current client or an internal business issue. Learn
more about A. T. Kearney at www.atkearney.com.

The Beck Law Group, P.C.
Field: Law / LGBT
Sponsor: Alma Soongi Beck
Students: 1
The extern will assist with legal research and writing, relating to our work in estate planning. As
estate planning attorneys, the Beck Law Group drafts wills, trusts, and other testamentary
documents for our clients. The company works with a large number of same-sex couples, and
many of its clients face unique legal issues, because their relationships are not recognized by the
U.S. government or by other states.

The Beck Law Group anticipates that the extern will help write an article, for publication, on
current estate planning issues for same-sex couples. Also, the extern would be invited to sit in on
one or more client meetings. The extern will work under the direct supervision of two attorneys –
Alma Soongi Beck and Joseph Ferrucci – both of whom are Yale alumni. The extern would gain
unique knowledge in this cutting edge area of the law.

The extern should have outstanding research and writing skills, should be extremely well-
organized, and should have excellent communication skills. The candidate should be interested
and enthusiastic in working in the legal profession and working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender (“LGBT”) clients. A history of community volunteer work, especially in the LGBT
community, is a big plus.

Alma Soongi Beck and Joseph Ferrucci request that students provide a resume that, among other
things, outlines the candidate’s experience working in the legal profession and/or the LGBT
community. Also, they request that the candidate provide a brief writing sample on any topic for
their review. The writing sample should be no more than three pages in length.

LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. / Engineering, Product Development
Field: Engineering / Computer Science
Sponsor: Michael Chai
Students: 1


Location: Emeryville, CA
Depending upon the student’s background and interests, LeapFrog can offer weekly project work
in the areas of:
    • Software Quality Testing
    • Mechanical Engineering design
    • Electrical Engineering design
    • Web application development / test tools
    • Industrial design / product concepting
    • Intranet design / project management

Examples of projects that could be completed in a week:
   • Create test tools that will automatically check all the digital assets (jpeg files, audio files,
      flash scripts) required for a software title to be released from a development group to a
      quality assurance group
   • Create a framework for determining how much intranet site usage correlates to a
      reduction in email enclosures
   • Design widgets that will allow Microsoft Sharepoint users an ability to simulate web GUI
      ‘skins’ of Facebook or similar social networking applications
   • Analyze the number of design file iterations involved with a typical product development
      cycle (e.g., PCB layout, CAD files) and determine the best usage of a repository tool such
      as Agile for efficient revision control

Helpful/Required Skills:
   • Programming skills: Java, C++, Ruby on Rails, PHP
   • Experience creating applications on a social networking platform (e.g., Facebook,
       MySpace) or Apple Appstore

Multispan, Inc.
Field: Marketing / Biotech
Sponsor: Helena Mancebo
Students: 2
Location: Hayward, CA
The extern will work directly with the CEO of Multispan. Multispan, Inc. is a privately held
biotech company located in the San Francisco Bay area. They focus on developing and
commercializing drug discovery technology platforms for G-Protein-Coupled Receptors
(GPCRs), the most important class of drug targets. The externs will work on a defined market
research project and learn to compile data for competitive analysis. Externs will be required to
organize and articulate results in a report.
Helpful/Required Skills:
•   Biological sciences or biotechnology background;
•   Good communication and organizational skills;
•   Good work ethics and hard working;
•   Interest in biotech business


Peralta Community College District, Office of the General Counsel
Field: Law
Sponsor: Thuy Thi Nguyen
Students: 1
Location: Oakland, CA
The Office of the General Counsel is the legal department for PCCD. The General Counsel
provides legal advice to the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, and other officers and employees
of PCCD and represents PCCD on all legal matters. For more information about the Office of
the General Counsel, visit http://www.peralta.edu/apps/comm.asp?%241=85.

The extern will work on issues such as labor law, electronic discovery, litigation, and risk
management, collective bargaining, business contracts, student discipline, education law, and
public policies. There will be free lunches with the general counsel, and plenty of free junk food
at the student’s disposal.

Suntech Power: Solar Energy Spring Externship
Field: Marketing
Sponsor: Wei-Tai Kwok
Students: 2
If you are interested in learning about how clean energy and solar power are part of the solution
to global warming, come join Suntech, the world’s largest manufacturer of silicon solar modules,
for an internship this spring in our downtown San Francisco headquarters. Inspired by a
visionary management team with a passion to make a positive difference to our environment, our
dedicated staff across the world works in a culture based on teamwork and integrity. The
externship program will offer undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to learn about
Suntech and the solar industry while working on important projects that are relevant to our
company’s continued success. Each intern will be paired with a mentor who will guide him or
her throughout the week. Interns will also be able to participate in meetings led by company and
industry executives. We invite you to become part of Suntech's energy.

Marketing externs will have the opportunity to learn about and contribute to:
• Sales and lead generation efforts for utilities, dealer/integrators, and commercial customers
• Development of marketing materials for our target customers
• Competitive analysis, market mapping, and research
• Analysis of new technologies, including blogs, wikis, and social networks, for internal
   collaboration and communication

Helpful skills:
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Experience with the Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
• Interest in solar or renewable energy

Students must bring their own laptops.

Silicon Valley Accelerator


Field: Consulting
Sponsor: Robert Lee
Students: 2
The Silicon Valley Accelerator, a.k.a. Robert H. Lee and Associates, is a business start-up virtual
incubator. It serves high-growth start-up companies, including, but not limited to, technology
start-ups. Our services include drafting business plans appropriate for venture investors,
developing market entry and partnership strategies, and serving as interim executive
Externs will study the basics of new venture finance, intellectual property law, and management
of technology. They will write a business plan for a new product or service and/or write a market
research report. The students should be an engineering or science major interested in business,
law, and/or entrepreneurship.
Note: The externship is highly unstructured, so the position requires self-motivation and the
ability to deal with a chaotic environment. Formal expectations are minimal, and the student
should not expect this to lead to a job or career path.


Washington, D.C. Area

SoGo Survey, Inc.
**Available immediately**
Field: Voice
Sponsor: Suhail Farooqui
Students: 2-4
Location: Herndon, VA

SoGo Survey is currently seeking assistance from talented voice actors/students to enhance their
training recordings. In return, they’ll provide a real world, educational experience allowing the
student to expand his or her work portfolio. They’re looking for organized, professional,
dedicated and outgoing people who are looking for a challenging and exciting multimedia
opportunity. With over 20 training presentations to create, produce and publish, SoGo has up to
several hours of related voice work for the right people. Students can have the opportunity to
gain valuable hands-on experience and have their work shown online to reach millions of
business professionals. Students will also work with marketing and customer service training
professionals to create, write and read scripts to follow along with training videos.

Helpful/Required Skills:
• Clear, energetic voice with accurate pronunciations of English words.
• Outgoing personality with excellent verbal and written communication.
• Knowledge of computer basics (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).
• Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Strong integrity and commitment to client satisfaction.
• Ability to work well and with composure in high-pressure situations.
• Ability to learn quickly.

Note: This work may be done from anywhere as long as there is no background noise – including
fans, heaters, or other sounds that can be picked up. Sound studios are best work environments
but some exceptions can be made if a top quality recording can be captured.
Zarca Interactive, Inc.
Field: IT
Sponsor: Suhail Farooqui
Students: 1-2
Location: Hendon, VA
As part of the externship, the student will work side-by-side with Client Service Representatives
(CSRs), the CEO, and sales and marketing executives. The student will spend time learning
from them as they identify opportunities, close agreements and support clients on the road to
their success utilizing one of the most innovative technologies available. Zarca Interactive is a
global company so the externship will include international exposure.

Required Skills, Education and Experience:
• Working towards 4-year college degree.


• Outgoing personality with excellent verbal and written communication.
• Knowledge of computer basics (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).
• Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Strong integrity and commitment to client satisfaction.
• Ability to work well and with composure in high-pressure situations.
• Ability to learn quickly.

Possible duties:
• Advise clients on their projects and assist in successful project deployment.
• Lead training sessions.
• Develop and implement solution bank based on commonly addressed issues.
• Master and improve upon training programs for new and current users.
• Identify features that would enhance the capabilities of software solution.
• Write thought leadership articles in trade journals and magazines sharing best practices.
• Design and lead seminars on best practices.
• Cultivate innovative ways to better serve client needs and concerns.
Information on the position of CSR:
This position is part of the team that helps Zarca Interactive deliver on the promise they make to
their clients. A CSR helps their clients succeed with the projects for which they became Zarca
Interactive’s customers. After an initial two months of training, a CSR is able to train clients on
the use of Zarca Interactive’s solution, support them with their questions via email or phone. A
CSR may work independently or consultatively depending on their personal preference. This is
an excellent opportunity for motivated individuals interested in joining the IT world and having
significant responsibility at an early stage in their professional career. Subsequent career steps
are Strategic Account Manager, which leads into Manager of all client services and other special
projects. 20% travel may be required after 6 months.


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