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					                                                                            APPENDIX A
                      Education and Libraries
               BROMLEY YOUTH MUSIC TRUST: 2004/05


      The Authority’s Music Service is provided by the Bromley Youth Music Trust,
      which has been operating as a charitable company limited by guarantee since
      April 1994. The Council is represented on the Board of the Trust by
      Councillor Woods and the Director of Education and Libraries, in a non-voting
      capacity. The Service is delivered under contract with the Council and its
      activities are determined by a specification of services, which includes a
      number of performance targets. The delivery of the targets and the general
      performance of the Trust are monitored by the Planning, Research and
      Communication Unit. The current contract is due to run for ten-years and will
      expire on 31 March 2007. A major review of the Service took place during
      2003/04 as part of the Council’s Best Value Review programme, to assist the
      Council in determining the strategic direction of the service. This led to the
      production of a detailed Action Plan and the preparation of a revised


      The statistics for the academic year 2004/05, which were collected on a
      termly basis, are set out in Appendix 1. It will be noted that:

           numbers of pupils receiving tuition have increased substantially
            between 2003/4 and 2004/5
           the number of concert performances has reduced but is above target
           a greater proportion of teaching hours was devoted to activities in
            schools rather than centrally.


3.1   The following were some of the key events during the year:

3.1.1 Autumn Term 2004

      The Symphony Orchestra was invited to conclude the Music for Youth
      Schools’ Prom at the Royal Albert Hall. Playing on the last evening of a
      three-day event, the orchestra reprised its performance of Stravinsky’s
      “Firebird” together with the traditional performance of “Pomp and
      Circumstance” March Number 1, “Land of Hope and Glory”. The Symphony
      Orchestra, together with the Youth Choirs, performed Karl Jenkins’
      “Armed Man”, at Rochester Cathedral, also in November. In October the
     Trust welcomed the new London Chamber Ensemble, a quintet of players
     from the London Orchestras, to take master classes and then perform a
     concert in the evening on the same day. The Youth Band performed its first
     concert of the season, which was most encouraging in standard considering
     30% of its members had left in the summer to go on to higher education. The
     band also performed for the Metropolitan Police Carol Service in London and
     was the guest ensemble at the Croydon Philharmonic Choir Carol Concert at
     the Fairfield Hall.

     The orchestras and bands from the Saturday music centres performed their
     termly concerts at The Ravensbourne School. At the end of November, over
     70 musicians took part in the preliminary round of the Norman Trotman
     competition. From these performers, nine outstanding players were selected
     to perform in the final of the competition in January 2005. The music therapy
     classes in the Special Needs Units continued to make an impact and were
     greatly appreciated by the schools.

     A new project, funded by the Department for Education and Skills, was begun
     in September to extend musical opportunities to children in the Borough’s
     primary schools. Involving whole classes of children in Years 3 and 4,
     specialist teachers delivered a pre-instrumental course using the recorder as
     a basic instrument. Through this course children were introduced to all the
     basic skills of music, and also the requirements of the National Curriculum
     were addressed. One of the aims of the course was that the non-specialist
     class teachers were trained and mentored, to enable them to deliver the
     course when the specialist teacher moved to another school at the end of a
     year’s tuition. Five schools were involved and over 420 children benefited
     from the course each week.

3.1.2 Spring Term 2005

     The highlight for the term was the anniversary concerts at the Fairfield Halls of
     the Friends of Bromley Youth Music. Spread over two evenings in March, the
     concerts displayed the quality and quantity of music making primarily at the
     Saturday morning music centres. Choirs and other ensembles performed at
     the concert, so approximately 800 children had the chance to perform to
     almost capacity audiences in this professional auditorium. The final of the
     Norman Trotman competition took place in January. It was adjudicated by
     George Caird, Principal of the Birmingham Conservatoire of Music, who
     commented on the outstanding abilities of all the nine competitors. The
     Bromley Youth Chamber Orchestra and Youth Chamber Choir performed
     Mozart’s “Requiem” at St John Smith’s Square in February. The orchestra
     also accompanied Anthony Marwood in Beethoven’s Violin Concerto.

     The first of what was hoped would become a regular series of workshops for
     rock guitarists took place. It was attended by a good number of musicians
     and was appreciated by everyone involved. Some of the musicians from the
     Youth Band attended a weekend of workshops with students from the
     Guildhall College of Music at the London Symphony Orchestra St Luke’s
     Centre in the Barbican, London. As well as a number of chamber concerts
     which took place in March, one of the Trust’s brass quintets was honoured to
     be asked to perform at the Memorial Concert for Villem Tausky, which took
     place in Bromley.

3.1.3 Summer Term 2005

     The Summer Term saw the completion of the Trust’s Extending Opportunities
     scheme in five primary schools. The feedback from schools was excellent
     and the scheme was evaluated with a view to extending it into the 2005/06
     academic year. The Chamber Orchestra took part in the National Festival of
     Music for Youth at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham and were awarded the
     “Outstanding Performance Award”. The orchestra then enjoyed a very
     successful concert tour in Northern Italy. The youth band took part in the
     “World Music Competition” in Holland and came away with a gold medal and
     first prize. Following the competition, the band toured Poland, giving concerts
     to large and enthusiastic audiences.

     There was also a number of concerts during the term including three given by
     the Youth Band, one of which was at the St George’s Arts Festival in
     Beckenham. This has become a prestigious festival and both the Chamber
     Orchestra and Youth Band have been guest performers since its beginning.
     All the groups from the Saturday Music Centre performed during June. The
     Symphony Orchestra performed a notable concert which included a
     performance of the Brahms’ Second Symphony and a performance of the
     very demanding Walton Viola Concerto with Edward Vanderspar, Principal
     Viola of the London Symphony Orchestra, as soloist. Diana Cummins,
     Professor of Violin at the Royal Academy of Music and Trinity College, gave a
     very interesting and helpful masterclass for some of the Trust’s more
     advanced violinists.


     Since 1999, the Department for Education and Skills has periodically
     commissioned a survey of LEA music services. The survey for 2005 was
     undertaken on behalf of the Department by the Institute of Education at the
     University of London. The information to be collated was restricted to schools
     within the maintained sector. The purpose was to establish the nature of
     provision which is supported by all public sector funding for music in the
     authority. The information therefore included work funded by the Music
     Standards Fund and any other education authority contribution. The survey

          Staffing
          Charging policies
          Financial arrangements
          Contribution to wider opportunities
          Access
          Breadth of provision
          Quality assurance
          Professional development for staff
          Evaluation methods

     The results of the 2005 survey in relation to Bromley Youth Music Trust are
     currently awaited.


     A review was undertaken by Internal Audit during 2005 to ensure that:

          there were adequate arrangements in place for monitoring the contract;
          all contract conditions and specifications were being complied with;
          all income and expenditure was properly accounted for.

     The most recent audited accounts were also reviewed. Controls were found
     to be in place and working well in areas of monitoring the contract,
     compliance with the contract, income and expenditure and final accounts.
     There were no matters brought to management’s attention and no findings
     which required action.


6.1   The Children and Young People Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee
      (16.6.03) approved terms of reference for a Best Value Review of the Service,
      undertaken by an external consultant. A Member reference group was
      appointed to monitor the progress and the outcome of the review was
      considered by the Committee on 18 December 2003. An action plan was
      subsequently prepared in consultation with the Principal and Directors of the
      Trust and the Trust has continued to take forward the recommendations
      during 2004/05. The following developments took place during the year:

           Child Protection: seminars held and new induction process for staff

           Customer satisfaction questionnaire sent to all schools.

           Quality Assurance: lesson observation, revised in-service training,
            revised monitoring forms and debt recovery system introduced.

           Curriculum framework developed.

           Extension of provision: Big Band, DJ and Music Technology courses
            and extensive programme of music therapy developed.

           Relationship with schools: curriculum support.

           Wider opportunities at Key Stage 2 operating as pilot scheme.

      Arising from the Best Value Review, the Trust has agreed a revised
      specification for the service, which takes effect from September 2005.


      In preparation for discussions with the Council regarding the contract for the
      service beyond March 2007, the Board of the Trust submitted its outline
      proposals for continuation of its work. The Board believed that it had
      demonstrated a high level of achievement in addressing its current mission
      statement and had sought to extend the service within achievable resources,
      creating the groundwork for the strategic plan which was summarised as:

           Maintain standards within its traditional core activities.

           Widen participation.

           Broaden musical genres offered.

           Increase involvement in parts of the Borough with lower current

           Achieve the objectives recommended in the Best Value Review.

           Seek additional resources to accomplish the above extensions of

     Proposals will be submitted to Members in due course concerning the new
     contract period.

8.   FEES

     The termly fees set by the Board are as follows:

                                              September 2004   September 2005
                                                    £                £
     Three sharing a 30 minute lesson             35.00              36.40
     Individual 15 minute lesson                  52.50              54.50
     Two sharing a 30 minute lesson               52.50              54.50
     Individual 30 minute lesson                 105.00            109.00
     Hire a violin half size or similar           31.00              31.00
     Any other instrument.                        40.00              40.00

Education and Libraries