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					Book title: Lecture notes – General Surgery (11th edition)

Authors: Harold Ellis; Sir Roy Calne; Cristopher Watson

Price: £21.99

Reviewer: Benedict Rogers (final year)

Content: 4/5

Structure: 5/5

Illustrations: 3/5

Relevance: 5/5

Overall: 4.5/5

The authors of Lecture Notes on General Surgery acknowledge that their aim is not to
provide an exhaustive surgical text, but to briefly present medical students with the
important facts in general surgery. In just over four hundred pages they more than
achieve this aim.

As with other general surgical texts the first few chapters address the essentials of pre-
operative and post-operative care, such as the clerking of surgical patients and the
management of common post-operative complications. The subsequent chapters
(forty-one in total) describe the diseases commonly encountered by the general

The book uses an anatomical, rather than systems-based, structure, with additional
chapters on plastics and transplant surgery. The chapters themselves address a number
of relevant surgical conditions that are broadly described in terms of relevant
anatomy, aetiology, pathology, clinical features, investigations and management.
These are indeed brief and to the point and some might criticise this; nevertheless, the
majority of what will be required for finals is well covered and those left unsatisfied
can seek out more in-depth books. There are no photographs – a minor shortcoming –
and illustrations are kept to a minimum, but when used are simple and easy to follow.

Overall, Lecture Notes on General Surgery is an excellent text book that fits easily
into one’s bag. Rather than having to extract important facts yourself, it does so for
you, and presents them in a brief, efficient style, making it easy to use and a
worthwhile addition to your shelf!