Birstall RFC Beard Off Grow one for Rich by dfhrf555fcg


									       Birstall RFC Beard off: Grow one for Rich

                         The Rules

 All participants shall begin growing their beards from
  January 1st 2010. Final shave must be completed by 5pm on
  this day.

 The duration of growth shall last until Saturday 20th March

 If participants are unable to grow a full beard then novelty
  facial hair will be adequate. (eg. Huge side burns and daft

 Any participants found to have shaved will pay a fine of £30
  to the Richard Engelgardt Trust fund.

 At No point shall beards be tampered with by others.

 ‘My girlfriend made me shave it off’ is not a valid excuse. If
  found guilty you will pay a fine of £100 to the Richard
  Engelgardt trust fund.

 Participants may ‘trim’ beards for the purpose of
  encouraging extra growth or to ‘tidy’ themselves up for
  work related reasons.

 ALL sponsorship monies should be collected and passed to
  the trust fund no later than April 20th 2010.

 Each Participant must complete, sign and hand back the
  agreement form ASAP.

 Have fun and spread the word!

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