AS MUSIC TECHNOLOGY by dfhrf555fcg


Private Study Work 3

  1.    What is meant by each of the following terms?
        a. Hook
        b. Call-and-response
        c. Riff
  2     What type of music is bluegrass?
  3     How does Reggae differ from Ska
  4     What are the characteristics on new-age music?
  5     How has the Blues influenced each of the following styles?
        a. Rock ‘n’ roll
        b. Heavy metal
        c. Gospel
  6     Listen to any track by the Sex Pistols and identify at least
        three features that are indicative of the punk movement.
  7     Tune in at random to a radio station that you don’t usually
        listen to, and try to identify what is playing. Seek stations that
        specialise in types of pop music that you don’t know too well.
  8     Research and write-up notes on the following Soul brothers
        and sisters:
        a. James Brown
        b. Mary Wells
        c. Wilson Pickett
        d. Aretha Franklin
        e. Robert Flack
        f. Ben E King
  9     Research and write-up notes on the following Motown girl
        a. the Shangri-las
        b. The Ronettes

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