How to use the Crosswalk Zebrastreifen safely! by hermanos


									                  How to use the
                   Dear Parents and Students,

Believe it or not, we have had minor accidents happen on our crosswalk. As the
daughter of a retired policeman I know what I need to keep in mind when crossing the
street at a crosswalk. Please remember these easy rules to ensure your safety!
Yours, Petra Appel – homeroom teacher 3Ap

          1. A crosswalk is not a traffic light. Stop before you cross and look
             both ways. So, watch out for cars that approach the crosswalk!

             2. Raise your arm (especially if you are a child) to show that
              you want to cross. Wait until the car slows down and stops!
3. Don’t run when you cross and keep looking both ways. Make
sure you cross the second part of the cross walk the same way!

4. Never stop on the crosswalk to talk to someone behind you.
       Cross first, then turn around to talk to your friend!

    5. Never run across the crosswalk without looking first!

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