A Living Dog Is Better Than A Dead Lion by tyndale


									          “ A LIVING DOG IS BETTER THAN A DEAD LION ”
                                                By James Tatum
                                    Lowell Street Missionary Baptist Church
                                              Texarkana, Arkansas

TEXT: Ecclesiastes 9:1-6

V.4 / For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope; for a living dog is better than a dead lion.

A. The righteous (saved), wise (not necessarily saved) and their works are in the hand of God
B. No man can know love and hate / It is discerned by God / Revealed to man
C. There is a surety in life, “ All will die ”
A. “ A living dog is better than a dead lion ”
E. Dogs in scripture are generally viewed as low lives / Lions as royalty
F. Why is the living dog better than the dead lion ?

       As long as one is alive there is hope
       All men can know their destiny
       God made provisions in Christ
       The mans fate is in his hands

      THE DEAD
       The dead have no hope
       They have no rewards in the life to come
       They shall be eternally condemned to hell
       There will be no second chances

G. “ A living dog is better than a dead lion ” Physically and Spiritually
H. How can that be “ Spiritually ? ”

I.         CONSIDER THE LIVING DOG OF: John 8:1-11
          A woman caught in the act of adultery
          She faced sure death according to the law
          She found grace in the heart of Jesus
          In the end “ No man nor Christ condemn her ”
          Her charge, “ Go and sin no more ”
          It was better for her to be “ A living dog than a dead lion ” like:

           THE RICH YOUG RULER OF: Matthew 19:16-22
          He came to Jesus seeking eternal life
          He was a good young man no doubt
          But he could not let go of the things of this world
          The things of this world will not give one eternal life
          That dead lion – unless he repented later – went to hell

II.        CONSIDER THE LIVING DOG OF: Luke 19:1-10
                  A rich tax collector by the name of Zacchaeus
                  Nobody liked a tax collector / Dog is a very kind word
                  He made his money by over taxing the people
                  Both believers and non believers hated tax collectors
                  Through conviction and repentance he found grace
                  It was better for him to be “ A living dog than a dead lion ” like:

              THE RICH FOOL OF: Luke 12:16-22
             The man had been blessed greatly and had much
             The man could only think of himself and his riches
             Because he trusted in earthly treasures rather than heavenly / God took his life
             His life ended very unexpectedly and he could do nothing about it
             He would have been better off had he been “ A living dog rather than a dead lion ”

III.          CONSIDER THE LIVING DOG OF: Luke 16:19-31
             A beggar named Lazarus sick, suffering, and starving
             All he desired was a few crumbs from the rich mans table
             The dogs came and licked his sores
             No one would reach out to help the poor man
             He found grace and was saved / Died and went to heaven
             It was better for him to be “ A living dog than a dead lion ” like:

              THE RICH MAN OF THIS PARABLE: Luke 16
             He got what all dead lions will get
             In hell we find him in torment / begging for mercy / pleading for a second chance
             But the only answer they will ever get is “ You had Moses, The Prophets, Jesus, The Apostles,
              Preachers and the written word
             It just does not pay to be a dead lion
             I had much rather be a “ A living dog than a dead lion ”


A.         A person that God can hold in His hand
B.         A person who can discern right and wrong
C.         A person whose eternal fate is sealed and secure
D.         What about you ?
E.         God needs some dogs: Like Gideons 300 ( Judges 7:1-8 )
            Men who are different
            Men who have a great thirst
            Men who are willing to serve

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