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         The Path of Light (3)

                   A selection from


              Saheefa - al - kamelah

                    Presented By:

     Dr.Syed Niaz Muhammad Hamadani
    Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Trainer, Reike Master

President: Ehsan Foundation, Lahore - Pakistan

                           ‫م اهلل اللر حمن الر حين‬

Dear brother and sisters in faith!
Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.

In the Holy Quran, Allah has said: O children of Adam! Did I not
command you that you shall not worship Satan? Verily he is an open
enemy to you. And that you shall worship me, that is the straight path.

According to this, the man can have tow kinds of life:
1. Life in which Allah and His commandments is the centre. In Islamic
terminology this kind of life is called Taqwa.

2. Life in which desires of an individual or others are the centre and
Allah is in fact out of life. In the Islamic terminology this kind of life is
called Fujoor. In the teachings of the holy Quran, the prophet of Islam
(P.B.U.H) and the noble leaders of Islam, great emphasis is put on
Taqwa ( God centered life) while Fujoor ( self centered life) has
strongly been condemned.

In these pages you will read some highly enlightening teachings of Amir-
ul-Momineen Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s) and four supplications (Dua) of
Imam Ali ibn al Hussain Zain-ul-Abidin (a.s) Teachings of Amir-ul-
Momineen Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s) have been taken from “Nahj-ul-
Balagha”. “Nahj-ul-Balagha” is a collection of sermons, letters and brief

advices of Amir-ul-Momineen Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s) which was
compiled by a famous Muslim scholar Syed Razi (r.a) in fourth century.
It contains 241 sermons, 79 letters and 480 brief instructions. While
supplications of Imam Ali ibn al Hussain Zain-ul-Abidin (a.s) have been
taken from the collection of his supplications “Saheefa al kamelah”
which means "complete book of prayers". It has been translated in to
English as "Psalms of Islam". These two books, “Nahj-ul-Balagha” and
“Saheefa al kamelah” are great sources of knowledge, wisdom and
spiritual enlightenment but unfortunately most people do not know
much about them.

Reading this booklet again and again with pure mind, heart and intention
will surly have a very enlightening impact on your life.

May Allah bless all Muslim men and women in this life and the next life.

Dr.S.Niaz Muhammad Hamadani
Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Trainer, Reiki Master.
M.A(Islamic Studies, Arabic, Persian) Ph.D.(Metaphysics)
President: Ehsan Foundation,
Lahore - Pakistan
Mobile: 0092-333-4394138
Colombo – Sri Lanka,
October 4, 2008

           Sermon 193:       In description of the pious

It is related that a companion of Amir al-mu'minin called Hammam who
was a man devoted to worship said to him, "O' Amir al-mu'minin,
describe to me the pious man in such a way as though I see them." Amir
al-mu'minin avoided the reply and said, "O' Hammam, fear Allah and
perform good acts because 'Verily, Allah is with those who guard
(themselves against evil), and those who do good (to others)'" (Qur'an,
16:128). Hammam was not satisfied with this and pushed him to speak.
Thereupon, Amir al-mu'minin praised Allah and extolled Him and sought
His blessings on the Holy Prophet and then spoke:

Now then, Allah the Glorified, the Sublime, created (the things of)
creation. He created them without any need for their obedience or being
safe from their sinning, because the sin of anyone who sins does not
harm Him nor does the obedience of anyone who obeys Him benefit
Him. He has distributed among them their livelihood, and has assigned
them their positions in the world.

Thus, the God-fearing, in it are the people of distinction. Their speech is
to the point, their dress is moderate and their gait is humble. They keep
their eyes closed to what Allah has made unlawful for them, and they put
their ears to that knowledge which is beneficial to them. They remain in
the time of trials as though they remain in comfort. If there had not been
fixed periods (of life) ordained for each, their spirits would not have
remained in their bodies even for the twinkling of an eye because of
(their) eagerness for the reward and fear of chastisement. The greatness
of the Creator is seated in their heart, and, so, everything else appears
small in their eyes. Thus to them Paradise is as though they see it and are
enjoying its favours. To them, Hell is also as if they see it and are
suffering punishment in it.

Their hearts are grieved, they are protected against evils, their bodies are
thin, their needs are scanty, and their souls are chaste. They endured
(hardship) for a short while and in consequence they secured comfort for
a long time. It is a beneficial transaction that Allah made easy for them.
The world aimed at them, but they did not aim at it. It captured them, but
they freed themselves from it by a ransom.

During a night they are upstanding on their feet reading portions of the
Qur'an and reciting it in a well-measured way, creating through it grief
for themselves and seeking by it the cure for their ailments. If they come
across a verse creating eagerness (for Paradise) they pursue it avidly, and
their spirits turn towards it eagerly, and they feel as if it is in front of
them. And when they come across a verse which contains fear (of Hell)
they bend the ears of their hearts towards it, and feel as though the sound
of Hell and its cries are reaching their ears. They bend themselves from
their backs, prostrate themselves on their foreheads, their palms, their
knees and their toes, and beseech Allah, the Sublime, for their
deliverance. During the day they are enduring, learned, virtuous and
God-fearing. Fear (of Allah) has made them thin like arrows. If any one
looks at them he believes they are sick, although they are not sick, and he
says that they have gone mad. In fact, great concern (i.e., fear) has made
them mad.

They are not satisfied with their meager good acts, and do not regard
their major acts as great. They always blame themselves and are afraid of
their deeds. When anyone of them is spoken of highly, he says: "I know
myself better than others, and my Lord knows me better than I know. O'
Allah do not deal with me according to what they say, and make me
better than they think of me and forgive me (those shortcomings) which
they do not know."

The peculiarity of anyone of them is that you will see that

 he has strength in religion, determination along with leniency, faith with
conviction, eagerness in (seeking) knowledge in forbearance, moderation
in riches, devotion in worship, gracefulness in starvation, endurance in
hardship, desire for the lawful, pleasure in guidance and hatred from
greed. He performs virtuous deeds but still feels afraid. In the evening he
is anxious to offer thanks (to Allah). In the morning his anxiety is to
remember (Allah). He passes the night in fear and rises in the morning in
joy - fear lest night is passed in forgetfulness, and joy over the favour
and mercy received by him. If his self refuses to endure a thing which it
does not like he does not grant its request towards what it likes. The
coolness of his eye lies in what is to last for ever, while from the things
(of this world) that will not last he keeps aloof. He transfuses knowledge
with forbearance, and speech with action.

You will see his hopes simple, his shortcomings few, his heart fearing,
his spirit contented, his meal small and simple, his religion safe, his
desires dead and his anger suppressed. Good alone is expected from him.
Evil from him is not to be feared. Even if he is found among those who
forget (Allah) he is counted among those who remember (Him), but if
he is among the rememberers he is not counted among the forgetful. He
forgives him who is unjust to him, and he gives to him who deprives
him. He behaves well with him who behaves ill with him.

Indecent speech is far from him, his utterance is lenient, his evils are
non-existent his virtues are ever present, his good is ahead and mischief
has turned its face (from him). He is dignified during calamities, patient
in distresses, and thankful during ease. He does not commit excess over
him whom he hates, and does not commit sin for the sake of him whom
he loves. He admits truth before evidence is brought against him. He

does not misappropriate what is placed in his custody, and does not
forget what he is required to remember. He does not call others bad
names, he does not cause harm to his neighbour, he does not feel happy
at others misfortunes, he does not enter into wrong and does not go out
of right.

If he is silent his silence does not grieve him, if he laughs he does not
raise his voice, and if he is wronged he endures till Allah takes revenge
on his behalf. His own self is in distress because of him, while the people
are in ease from him. He puts himself in hardship for the sake of his next
life, and makes people feel safe from himself. His keeping away from
others is by way of asceticism and purification, and his nearness to those
to whom he is near is by way of leniency and mercifulness. His keeping
away is not by way of vanity or feeling of greatness, nor his nearness by
way of deceit and cheating.

It is related that Hammam passed into a deep swoon and then
expired. Then Amir al-mu'minin said:

Verily, by Allah I had this fear about him. Then he added: Effective
advices produce such effects on receptive minds.

Someone said to him: O' Amir al-mu'minin, how is it you do not receive
such an effect?

Amir al-mu'minin replied: Woe to you. For death there is a fixed hour
which cannot be exceeded, and a cause which does not change. Now
look, never repeat such talk which Satan had put on your tongue.

             Sermon 194: In description of hypocrite

We praise Allah for the succor He has given us in carrying out His
obedience and in preventing us from disobedience, and we ask Him to
complete His favors (to us) and to make us hold on to His rope. We stand
witness that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger. He entered
every hardship in search of Allah's pleasure and endured for its sake
every grief. His near relations changed themselves for him and those who
were remote from him (in relationship) united against him. The Arabs let
loose the reins (of their horses to quicken their march) against him, and
struck the bellies of their carriers to (rouse them) in fighting against him,
so much so that enemies came to his threshold from the remotest places
and most distant areas.

I advise you, O' creatures of Allah, to fear Allah and I warn you of the
hypocrites, because they are themselves misguided and misguide others,
and they have slipped and make others slip too. They change into many
colours, and adopt various ways. They support you with all sorts of
supports, and lay in waiting for you at every lookout. Their hearts are
diseased while their faces are clean. They walk stealthily and tread like
the approach of sickness (over the body). Their words speak of cure, but
their acts are like incurable diseases. They are jealous of ease, intensify
distress, and destroy hopes. Their victims are found lying down on every
path, while they have means to approach every heart and they have
(false) tears for every grief.

They eulogize each other and expect reward from each other. When they
ask something they insist on it, if they reprove (any one) they disgrace
(him), and if they pass verdict they commit excess. They have adopted
for every truth a wrong way, for every erect thing a bender, for every
living being a killer, for every (closed) door a key and for every night a

lamp. They covet, but with despair, in order to maintain with it their
markets, and to popularize their handsome merchandise. When they
speak they create doubts. When they describe they exaggerate. First they
offer easy paths but (afterwards) they make them narrow. In short, they
are the party of Satan and the stings of fire.

        Satan hath gained hold on them, so he makes them forget the
        remembrance of Allah; they are Satan's Party; Beware! Verily,
        the party of Satan is the losers. (Qur'an, 58:19)

                              Letter 66

  A letter to Abdullah bin Abbas. Ibn Abbas said that except the
   advice and sayings of the Holy Prophet (s) no other advice
    benefited him more than this. A variation of this letter has
                appeared earlier on - see Letter 22.

Sometimes a man feels very happy for getting a thing which was
actually destined for him and feels sorry for not getting a thing
which he was not destined to get. Therefore, you should not feel
happy if your desires are fulfilled and should not feel sorry for
deprivations. (Leave everything to the Will of Allah). You should
not consider the achievements of the pleasures of life or
opportunities of revenge for wrongs done to you as the main
blessings bestowed upon you but you must feel happy for good
deeds that you have provided for the Hereafter. You must feel
sorry for the wealth that you have left without spending it on good
causes and the opportunities you have lost of doing noble and
pious deeds. Nothing should worry you but the idea of death and
the life after death.

             Letter: 69      A letter to Harith Hamdani.

Never forsake the orders, instructions and advice given by the Holy
Qur’an. So far as presumptions of actions and things, lawful, legitimate
and allowable or unlawful, forbidden and prohibited are concerned,
accept the rulings of the Holy Book. Confirm and testify the truth said
before (religions of ancient prophets). Take lessons from history for your
future because history often repeats itself, and future nations of the world
will mostly follow the footsteps of those who have passed. But this
whole world is going to end and every individual has to leave it some
day or the other.
Keeping in mind the Might of Allah, be particularly careful not to swear
by Him unless you are taking an oath for a true and lawful affair. Always
remember death and the life after death but never wish for death. If you
want to face death then do it for a great cause.
Try to avoid all those things which a man may like for himself and may
grudge for others. Abstain from an action which you will have to do
covertly and secretly and which you feel ashamed to do openly. Refrain
from a deed which you will have to accept as evil or bad or for which
you will have to tender an apology or excuse.
Do not acquire a bad reputation and do not allow your good reputation to
be sullied. Do not mention hearsay things as authenticated facts, such a
practice will be sufficient for you to be regarded by others as liar. Do not
develop the habit of contradicting and falsifying others on every
occasion, it is a disgusting habit.
Have a control on your temper. If you have power to retaliate, then
forgive and forget. When in anger, be forbearing, patient and tolerant.
When you are in possession of wealth, power and authority, then be
forgiving, merciful and compassionate. These traits will help you to gain
your salvation.

Be sincerely thankful for all the Blessings which the Merciful Allah has
granted you, pray for their continuance, do not misuse them and do not
waste them and you must show by your deeds the extent of your
obligations to Him for His Blessings.
Remember that among the faithful Muslims the best is he who gives out
alms and charities on his on behalf and on behalf of his family and his
property. Whatever you spend in this way is something that you send in
advance for your life after death. You will then receive the reward of
such deeds. And whatever you leave here will be used by others and you
will get no benefit out of it.
Avoid the company of men who are weak in their decisions and views,
who are superstitious and wicked because people are judged by the
company they keep. If possible try to live in large cities because they are
the centres of Islamic Culture and Islamic traditions. Avoid places where
time is wasted in pastimes and amusements, where there are
concentrations of ignorant people and where you find scarcity of
companions or lack of society and surroundings to carry on your
religious functions.
Keep yourself busy with your work and do not frequent abodes meant for
vicious pursuits because they are centres of the activities of Satan and the
places which spread vice and wickedness.
Always look to the conditions of people not so well off as you are
because observation of their lives and positions will make you more
content with your lot in life and more thankful to Allah for it.
Never start on a travel on Fridays without attending Friday prayers
unless you are going out for Jihad or there is no alternative for you but to
set out.
In all of your affairs keep the thought of Allah in your mind and act
according to His Commands and interdictions because obedience to His
Orders has priority over every other thing. By various means and in
various ways persuade yourself towards prayers but do not be hard with

yourself, be gentle and persuasive. When you are free from other duties
and you are having good health then spend your free hours in prayers.
But the question of offering daily prayers (five times a day) is a different
question. They have to be offered compulsorily and in time.
Take care that such a calamity may not overtake you that while you are
trying to ignore religion and Allah and are running after a vicious world,
death overtakes you.
Avoid the company of wicked people because bad company allures
a person towards evil ways. Always keep the Might and Majesty of
Allah in view and be a friend of His friends. Be afraid of your own
anger because out of the armies of Satan, man's anger is its
strongest force.

                           A Short Advice
Imam Ali's garment was very old with patches on it. When
somebody drew his attention towards it, he replied, "Such dresses,
when worn by men of status make them submissive to Allah and
kind-hearted towards others and the faithful Muslims can
conveniently follow the example ". Vicious pleasures of this world
and salvation are like two enemies or two roads running in
opposite directions or towards opposite poles, one to the North and
the other to the South. Whoever likes to gain the pleasures and
pomps of this world will hate austerity in life which is necessary to
gain salvation. Reverse will be the attitude of a man desirous of
achieving Eternal Bliss. One has to adopt either of the two ways of
life, and as they both cannot be brought together, a man has to
choose one of them. (Advice:103).

              His Supplication for his Parents
                        (Supplication 24)

1   O God,
         bless Muhammad, Thy slave and Thy messenger,
               and his Household, the pure,
         and single them out for the best of Thy blessings, Thy
               Thy benedictions, and Thy peace!
2   And single out my parents, O God,
          for honour with Thee and blessings from Thee,
          O Most Merciful of the merciful!
3   O God,
         bless Muhammad and his Household,
         teach me through inspiration
                 knowledge of everything incumbent upon me
    toward them,
         and gather within me
                 knowledge of all that completely!
         Then make me act in accordance
                 with what Thou hast inspired me
         and give me the success to put into practice
                 the knowledge Thou hast shown to me,
         lest I fail to act
                 according to something Thou hast taught me
         or my limbs feel too heavy to perform
                  that with which Thou hast inspired me!

4   O God,
          bless Muhammad and his Household,
                as Thou hast ennobled us through him,
         and bless Muhammad and his Household,
                as Thou hast made incumbent upon us
                 rights toward the creatures because of him!113
5   O God,
         fill me with awe of my parents,
                the awe one has toward a tyrannical sovereign,
         and let me be devoted to them,
                 with the devotion of a compassionate mother!
         Make my obedience and devotion to them
                 more gladdening to my eyes
                       than sleep to the drowsy
                 and more refreshing to my breast
                       than drink to the thirsty,
                so that I may prefer their inclination
                       to my inclination,
                 set their satisfaction
                       before my satisfaction,
                make much of their devotion to me
                        though it be little,
                 and make little of my devotion to them
                       though it be great.
6   O God,
         lower before them my voice,
         make agreeable to them my words,

          make mild before them my temper,
          make tender toward them my heart,
          and turn me into their kind companion,
                their loving friend!
7   O God,
         thank them for my upbringing,
          reward them for honouring me,
          and guard them as they guarded me in my infancy!
8   O God,
           and whatever harm has touched them from me,
          detested thing has reached them from me,
                 or right of theirs which has been neglected by me,
           allow it to alleviate their sins,
                 raise them in their degrees,
                 and add to their good deeds!
           O He who changes evil deeds into manifold good
9   O God,
           whatever word through which they have transgressed
    against me,
           act through which they have been immoderate with me,
           right of mine which they have left neglected,
                  or obligation toward me in which they have fallen
           I grant it to them
                  and bestow it upon them,

             and I beseech Thee
                    to remove from them its ill consequence,
             for I do not accuse them concerning myself,
                    find them slow in their devotion toward me,
                    or dislike the way they have attended to my
     affairs, my Lord!
10          They have rights against me which are more incumbent,
                   precedence in beneficence toward me that is
                   and kindness toward me that is mightier
            than that I should settle accounts with justice
                   or repay them with equivalents.
           Where then, my God, would be their long occupation
                   with bringing me up?
            Where the hardship of their toil
                   in taking care of me?
           Where the stinting of themselves
                   to provide me with plenty?
11           What an idea!
             I can never discharge their right against me,
                    fulfil my obligations toward them,
                    or accomplish the duty of serving them.
             So bless Muhammad and his Household
                    and help me, O Best of those whose help we
                   Give me success, O Most Guiding of those whom
     we beseech!

          Place me not among the people of disrespect to fathers
    and mothers
                on the day when every soul will be repaid
                      for what it has earned,
                      they shall not be wronged.115
12 O God,
         bless Muhammad, his Household, and his progeny
         and single out my parents for the best
               which Thou hast singled out
               for the fathers and mothers of Thy faithful
         O Most Merciful of the merciful!
13 O God,
         let me not forget to remember them after my ritual
               at every time throughout my night,
               and in each of the hours of my day!
14 O God,
        bless Muhammad and his Household,
        forgive me through my supplication for my parents,
        forgive them through their devotion toward me
              with unfailing forgiveness,
        be well pleased with them through my intercession for
              with resolute good pleasure,
        and make them reach through Thy generosity

               the abodes of safety!
15 O God,
         if Thy forgiveness reaches them first,
                make them my intercessors,
         and if Thy forgiveness reaches me first,
                make me their intercessors,
        so that we may gather together through Thy gentleness
                in the house of Thy generosity
                and the place of Thy forgiveness and mercy!
         Verily Thou art Possessor of abounding bounty
                and ancient kindness,
         and Thou art the Most Merciful of the merciful!116

            His Supplication for his Children
                       (Supplication 25)

1   O God,
         be kind to me through
                the survival of my children,
                setting them right for me,
               and allowing me to enjoy them!
2   My God,
        make long their lives for me,
        increase their terms,
         bring up the smallest for me,
        strengthen the weakest for me,

         rectify for me
                their bodies,
                their religious dedication,
                and their moral traits,
          make them well in
                 their souls,
                their limbs,
                 and everything that concerns me of their affair,
          and pour out for me and upon my hand
                 their provisions!
3        Make them
               pious, fearing, insightful, hearing, and obedient
                    toward Thee,
              loving and well-disposed
                    toward Thy friends,
              and stubbornly resistant and full of hate
                    toward all Thy enemies!
4   O God,
         through them
               strengthen my arm,
               straighten my burdened back,
                multiply my number,
               adorn my presence,
               keep alive my mention,
                suffice me when I am away,
               help me in my needs,

                  and make them
                       loving toward me,
                       affectionate, approaching,
                       upright, obedient,
                       never disobedient, disrespectful,
                       opposed, or offenders!
5             Help me in their upbringing,
                   their education,
                   and my devotion toward them,
             give me among them from Thyself male children,
             make that a good for me,
             and make them a help for me
                   in that which I ask from Thee!
6            Give me and my progeny refuge from the accursed
                for Thou hast created us, commanded us, and
    prohibited us,
                      and made us
                            desire the reward of what Thou hast
                            and fear its punishment!
                Thou assigned to us an enemy
                      who schemes against us,
                gave him an authority over us
                      in a way that Thou didst not give us
    authority over him,
                allowed him to dwell in our breasts

                          and let him run in our blood vessels;
                  he is not heedless,
                         though we be heedless,
                  he does not forget,
                          though we forget;
                  he makes us feel secure from Thy punishment
                          and fills us with fear toward other than
7                 If we are about to commit an indecency,
                         he gives us courage to do so,
                  and if we are about to perform a righteous work,
                         he holds us back from it.
                  He opposes us through passions,117
                         and sets up for us doubts.
                  If he promises us, he lies,
                         and if he raises our hopes, he fails to fulfil
                  If Thou dost not turn his trickery away from us,
                         he will misguide us,
                  and if Thou dost not protect us from his
                         he will cause us to slip.
8          O God,
                so defeat his authority over us through Thy
               such that Thou holdest him back from us
                      through the frequency of our supplication to

                  and we leave his trickery
                       and rise up among those preserved by Thee
     from sin!
9    O God,
             grant me my every request,
             accomplish for me my needs,
            withhold not from me Thy response
                    when Thou hast made Thyself accountable for it
     to me,
             veil not my supplication from Thyself,
                    when Thou hast commanded me to make it,119
            and be kind to me through everything that will set me
                         in this world and the next,
                   in everything that I remember or forget,
                   display or conceal,
                    make public or keep secret!
10          In all of this, place me through my asking Thee among
                   those who set things right,
                   those who are answered favourably
                                 when they request from Thee
                           and from whom is not withheld
                                 when they put their trust in Thee,
11                those accustomed to seek refuge in Thee,
                 those who profit through commerce with Thee,

                those granted sanctuary
                       through Thy might,
                 those given lawful provision in plenty from Thy
    boundless bounty
                        through Thy munificence and generosity,
                those who reach exaltation after abasement
                        through Thee,
                those granted sanctuary from wrong
                       through Thy justice,
                 those released from affliction
                       through Thy mercy,
                those delivered from need after poverty
                        through Thy riches,
                those preserved from sins, slips, and offenses
                       through reverential fear toward Thee,
                those successful in goodness, right conduct, and
                        through obeying Thee,
                 those walled off from sins
                        through Thy power,
                 the refrainers from every act of disobedience
    toward Thee,
                 the dwellers in Thy neighbourhood!
12 O God,
        give me all of that through Thy bestowal of success and
   Thy mercy,
        grant us refuge from the chastisement of the burning,
         and give to

                 all the Muslims, male and female,
                        and all the faithful, male and female,
                 the like of what I have asked for myself and my
                       in the immediate of this world
                       and the deferred of the next!
           Verily Thou art the Near, the Responder,
                 the All-hearing, the All-knowing,
                 the Pardoner, the Forgiving,
                 the Clement, the Merciful!
13          And give to us in this world good,
                 and in the next world good,
                  and protect us from the chastisement of the

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