; Age of Empires II
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Age of Empires II


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									  Just a note before we start. I may not be good with words, but I can draw pictures!

  Imagination is like a body of water. It can be a little puddle with nothing in it or it can be a vast
ocean just waiting to be explored. You never know what gems of inspiration and hidden treasures
lie within until you look. It depends on you.

  A spark of human goodness, if not tended, will go out – for the Devil seeks always to pour cold
water onto it. However, Jesus can pour out the Oil of his Grace to feed that flame. He can even
restore it if it goes out, if only man will let him.

 Sin in one’s life is like a crack in a perfect wall. Unless it is fixed immediately, it will rapidly
worsen and the wall will crumble.

  Faith is like cement. Action is a wall. If cement is not used, it will go off, for faith without action
is dead. Likewise, a wall with no cement will fall flat. To build a wall, you need cement, for it takes
faith to take action.

  An idol is idle. It sits around all day doing nothing. God is rather more active. Worship him!

  Jesus said that the sheep would be sorted from the goats. The sheep follow Jesus; the goats follow
the world. In this modern-day society, the issue appears confused. The worldly goats follow fashion
like sheep, and conversely God’s sheep wander like goats away from the ways of the world.

  War is never good. Nothing that takes the life of innocent creatures can be called good.

                                                                              Daniel Normington

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