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					        CADDO LAKE

                GCLA ELECTION TIME!
The annual meeting of the Greater Caddo Lake Association will be held at 1pm,
April 19th, 2008 at the Caddo Lake Water Supply office. All members are
encouraged to attend. The purpose of this meeting is to elect officers and
directors for the coming year. The nominees for this year are:

                             PRESIDENT Doug Parker
                             VICE-PRES Sam Canup
                             SEC/TRES Jack Welch

                         Brandon Cullum Terry Echols
                       Judith Johnson    John McCullough
                              Tom Walker John Winn

                           Directors’ terms are for 3 years.
                           Officers’ terms are for one year.

                   Time to Renew Your Membership
All GCLA memberships expire April 30th. We will be glad to accept payments for more
than one year. Your membership fees are our primary source of funds. Please use the
form on the last page to make sure that your support for Caddo Lake continues. Do it
now while it is in your hands. Caddo Lake needs your help!
                                 GCLA Web Site

Our web site address has changed – slightly. We are now .org, not .net (see above).
Update your favorites. GCLA‟s web site is evolving into our primary vehicle to provide
current information to our members and to the general public. Your input is welcome.

From the President-

As I write this, the plants and trees are budding out, the redbuds are starting to bloom,
and the crappies are getting ready for spring. It has been a typical Caddo winter…70
degrees one day 25 degrees the next. Kinda like a yo-yo. Throw in an early March snow
storm that closed schools and blanketed everything in white and you can relate to the
old adage; “If you don‟t like the weather „round here, just wait 15 minutes and it will

The water is up some with a good current flowing down the bayou helping to flush a bit
of the hyacinth out of the back waters. We could have sure used an extended period of
sub freezing temps to knock the stuff back but no such luck. Vast rafts of brown
hyacinth can be seen all over the lake…look closely and you will see it is just brown on
top, the rest is green!

GCLA and The Cypress Valley Navigation District worked closely together last year to
do some maintenance spraying. Salvinia was the target species but hyacinth was
sprayed too. CVND is stepping up its spraying program this year. They will have a crew
spraying hyacinth and salvinia on Caddo 5 days a week (weather permitting) during the
growing season.

This will be my last message as the president. Doug Parker has been nominated to
succeed me with Sam Canup serving as Vice President. Both have been on the board
for a while and will do an excellent job.

Caddo has faced numerous issues in my 9 years as President. Barge Canals, power
plants, water use issues, lawsuits, countersuits….with every entity even remotely
attached to Caddo Lake jabbing at each other. Heated exchanges were the norm at all
meetings for a while. Be it a meeting of the city council, commissioners court, CVND,
GCLA ….all were quite contentious…

In late May 2006 that all started to change. Giant Salvinia was found in Jeems Bayou!
Folks from both sides of the lake started to have meetings to educate people around the
lake, and signs were put up at boat ramps. In September 2006 we found it in Kitchen
Creek. February 2007 saw a big rain event that flushed salvinia out of Jeems and
caused it to spread all over Big Lake. This is when everyone stopped fighting and
started working together in an attempt to stop what has been called “the world‟s worst

Help came from everywhere. TCEQ, SWEPCO, ALCOA, CADDO LAKE INSTITUTE,
NATURE CONSERVANCY, USGS and more all pitched in with money and resources to
help in this battle. I will venture to say that we currently have a level of cooperation at
Caddo Lake unlike anything that has been seen before.

The fight with Giant Salvinia continues. We fight it every day. I have heard it said by
more than one, that we are just wasting money, not doing any good, etc…My answer is
simple, look at Lake Bistineau…something like 60 percent of the lake is covered in
salvinia. Marinas and RV Parks have no business because they have no water access.
Property values are spiraling down. They waited, we didn‟t. We have not won the war
yet but at least we are still in the fight.

Robert Speight
A Blast from the Past-

For many years, George Williamson was the Editor of the GCLA Newsletter. He wrote
much of the Newsletter himself. Unfortunately, George passed away several years ago
and some of his writings were lost in a flood. But, he left behind some columns that he
had written that are as timely today as they were the day that they were written. We
thought that you might like to see an occasional reprint. The following column was
probably written in the late 1980’s .

                        Nice Towns with Nice People
                                  By George Williamson

Marshall is a nice town, with nice people. Atlanta, Jefferson, Vivian, and Waskom are
nice towns, with nice people. Shreveport and Longview are nice too. All across this land
are nice towns with nice people.

But, in all the world there is just one Caddo Lake. And, that sets us apart from the rest
of the world. Walt Disney along with others made some movies here and if Disney
couldn‟t build another Caddo Lake, it seems like we ought to be taking better care of
this one!

Every one of the area towns and cities have photographs and articles about Caddo
Lake in their brochures to get people here. Yet, some are just as eager to turn it into a
reservoir, canal, development, or starve it for water, for what they perceive to be
progress. Maybe, to some, concrete is pretty. It just seems that there are a lot of places
to put concrete and civilization, and some places that ought not have it.

Caddo Lake ought not have it.

                           From the Caddo Lake Connection

The following article is reprinted from the Caddo Lake Connection – a publication
summarizing the progress of the Caddo Watershed Protection Plan – Beverly Allen,

First introduction of weevils at Caddo Lake by Texas Parks & Wildlife on
November 07, 2007
Weevils are grown in Giant Salvinia and must be transported to the site, along with the
Giant Salvinia plants they are established in. Ideally, the weevils will move into the fresh
salvinia and over time, reproduce in sufficient numbers. The new weevil populations
migrate out of the introduction site and continue to spread throughout the infestation.
Giant Salvinia weevils are not a magic bullet. Weevil cultivation and deployment is but
one tool in Giant Salvinia control. For weevils to be successful in reducing Giant
Salvinia in Caddo Lake, they will have to survive winters and increase their populations
dramatically. It is estimated it will take a minimum of five years before any significant
reduction in Giant Salvinia can be obtained from weevils.

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