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Equality and Diversity - Annual update report - 31 July 09


              Race Equality Scheme 2005-2008
            Disability Equality Scheme 2006-2009
            Gender Equality Scheme 2007- 2010

              Joint Annual Review

July 2009


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                  Rugby Borough Council
                   Town Hall, Evreux Way
                       Rugby, CV21 2RR
                  Telephone: 01788 533533

The purpose of this report is to provide an update on the council’s progress against
the delivery of the Race, Disability and Gender Equality Schemes. These three
schemes are three-year plans and are subject to annual reviews.

As per the previous year, the Council have chosen to produce a joint report. It is felt
that it is appropriate to report on progress since the Council’s restructure and many
of the actions within each scheme are common.

The action plans under the Race, Disability and Gender Equality Schemes, are
designed to be realistic action plans for meeting our statutory obligations and
achieving the general duty under the following areas of legislation:

Disability Discrimination Act 1995
Outlaws the discrimination of disabled people in employment, the provision of goods,
facilities and services or the administration or management of premises.
Disability Discrimination Amendment Act 2005
Introduces a positive duty on public bodies to promote equality for disabled people.
The Employment Equality (Sex Discrimination) Regulations 2005
Introduces new definitions of indirect discrimination and harassment, explicitly
prohibits discrimination on the grounds of pregnancy or maternity leave, sets out the
extent to which it is discriminatory to pay a woman less than she would otherwise
have been paid due to pregnancy or maternity issues.
Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulation 2003
The directive protects against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation in
employment, vocational training, promotion, and working conditions.
Equal Pay Act 1970 (Amended)
This gives an individual a right to the same contractual pay and benefits as a person
of the opposite sex in the same employment, where the man and the woman are
doing: like work; work rated as equivalent under an analytical job evaluation study; or
work that is proved to be of equal value.
 Equality Act 2006
Establishes a single Commission for Equality and Human Rights by 2007 that
replaces the three existing commissions. Introduces a positive duty on public sector
bodies to promote equality of opportunity between women and men and eliminate
sex discrimination. Protects access discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief
in terms of access to good facilities and services.
Gender Recognition Act 2004
The purpose of the Act is to provide transsexual people with legal recognition in their
acquired gender. Legal recognition follows from the issue of a full gender recognition
certificate by a gender recognition panel.
Race Relations Act 1976
The Act prohibits discrimination on racial grounds in the areas of employment,
education, and the provision of goods, facilities, services and premises.
Race Relations Amendment Act 2000
Places a statutory duty on all public bodies to promote equal opportunity, eliminate
racial discrimination and promote good relations between different racial groups.
Race Relations Act 1976 (Amendment) Regulation 2003
Introduced new definitions of indirect discrimination and harassment, new burden of

proof requirements, continuing protection after employment ceases, new exemption
for a determinate job requirement and the removal of certain other exemptions.

Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006
The Act seeks to stop people from intentionally using threatening words or behaviour
to stir up hatred against somebody because of what they believe.
Sex Discrimination Act 1975
The Act makes it unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of sex. Sex discrimination
is unlawful in employment, education, advertising or when providing housing, goods,
services or facilities. It is unlawful to discriminate because someone is married, in
employment or advertisements for jobs.

The Council is in the process of creating a 3-year Single Equality Scheme 2009-
2012, which we will be submitted to cabinet in late autumn of this year. This new plan
will not only demonstrate commitment to all 6 diversity strands, but will also reflect
the actions within the ‘One Plan’, thus allowing for increased accountability and
thoroughly embedding equalities throughout Council business.

Overall responsibility for carrying out the decisions of the Council lies with the Chief
Executive who is responsible for ensuring the Council meets the requirements of the
general duties connected to these schemes. The actions set out in these Schemes,
have an impact on staff, customers and communities in Rugby. The Borough’s
diversity is the key to the development not only of these Schemes, but also to the
Council’s other policies and services.
The Council has now developed a shared service agreement with Warwickshire
County Council, which enables the council to access the support of the Corporate
Equalities team, who are dedicated in providing strategic and operational, support,
advice and guidance to all.
Since the ‘mock’ equalities peer review challenge (October 2008), the council set up
a strategic steering equalities group, made up of the Deputy Chief Executive (officer
Champion), elected members (elected member champion – Deputy Leader, the
Mayor, equalities lead in the County Council), heads of service, operational leads
and county council representative. This groups’ objective is to steer the council to
ensure that equalities is thoroughly embedded and embraced throughout the
The council also has an Equalities and Diversity Staff Forum, made up of employees
who have volunteered to help drive the Equalities and Diversity agenda, help
mainstream equalities throughout the Council, share good practice and potentially
access support for themselves or others.
Warwickshire County Council hosts a further 3 support groups – ‘Disability Staff
Network’, BME (Black and Minor Ethnic) Staff Network and the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual and Trans) Staff Network. All council staff can now access these staff
networks, if they feel that they would like to be part of one (or more) of these

Equality Standard for Local Government
The council underwent a mock peer review challenge, as part of a West Midlands
LGA project. The peer review is to look at the equalities provision within the council,
against level 3 of the ‘Equality Standard’. The outcomes of the peer review
highlighted positive work being undertaken, along with areas for improvement. This
has enabled the council to focus on embedding equalities in to business planning
and increasing awareness of the EIA process, for example.
The council is currently preparing to receive an accredited IDeA peer review
challenge on the 17th and 18th September 2009. If the council are accredited with
level 3 of the Equality Standard, we will automatically migrate to ‘Achieving’ under
the new ‘Equality Framework’, which is currently replacing the Equality Standard.
The council will then be required to undertake another peer review challenge within a
two year time frame, to either ‘re-confirm’ at the ‘Achieving’ level or to be assessed
against the higher level of ‘Excellence’.

Since 2005, the council has been running mandatory Equality and Diversity
Awareness training courses for its employees; this training had also been offered to
Councillors at intervals. Up to July 2007, c.75% of employees had received training.
Warwickshire County Council and partners set up ‘the Academy’ to provide training
for all local agencies to access a variety of training, using economies of scale to
make the training more cost effective. The equalities training packages were
tendered for and the provision of equalities training is now underway for both staff
and elected members. The decision to ensure that equalities training for members is
now mandatory was made during the latter half of 2008.
Increasing awareness of equalities and diversity can now be demonstrated through
the new employee day, which is also reflected in the comprehensive induction
programme – which ensures that each new employee will receive the appropriate

In December 2007, the Council launched an improved programme for Equality
Impact Assessments (EqIA), post restructure and introduced formal Equality Impact
Assessment training for designated officers. This training was provided in the form of
4 day sessions throughout February 08’, in which nominated officers attended, but
also members of local community groups. It was felt that individuals/groups that will
be assisting in the consultation aspect of EqIA’s, would benefit from the training
provided, to ensure a robust process can be adhered to. Further training sessions
were provided in May 08 and in early 2009 all Housing staff were trained in the EIA

The Council will continue to commit resources to providing its employees and
members with Equality and Diversity training.

Equality Impact Assessments

Over the period of the current scheme, Equality Impact Assessment screening has
taken place in all service areas.

The coordination of the process has been improved and there is now opportunity for
EIA schedules to be reported through the leadership team meetings, to provide
regular updates and to provide some scrutiny to high level EIA’s.
The council produces a full list of EIA to be completed over the coming 3 years on
the website.
The purpose of these assessments, aside from meeting our duty under the Race
Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, is to analyse policies, procedures and services for
any adverse effect on the following: Race, Gender, Disability, Age, Sexual
Orientation, Religion and Belief, and Transgender/transsexual.

Some of the targets for completion of the Equality Impact Assessments have been
revised, due to the Council’s restructure.

Warwickshire Race Equality Partnership (WREP)
WREP was established since the introduction of the Race Equality Scheme, to deal
with race issues across Warwickshire. It is funded by various sources, including
funding from the public agencies in Warwickshire.
Its objectives are:
    • To work towards the elimination of racial discrimination
    • To promote equality of opportunity and good relations between
        persons of different racial groups
    • To relieve the needs of those who have suffered racial discrimination
        by the provision of information, advice and support

The council works in partnership with WREP on a number of initiatives and utilises
the skills and experience of WREP Officers in respect of policy and community
development and to help promote equality. We will continue to work closely with
WREP to help us engage further with the BME communities in our consultation

Following the restructure the council was seeking to coordinate its consultation
processes. The initial priority was to carry out a consultation and engagement audit
throughout the organisation and key partners. The audit was completed in March
2008. A schedule of all consultation and engagement activities is displayed on the
intranet and internet.

The council has a Community Engagement Strategy and Toolkit, which
demonstrates the council’s commitment to engaging with the diverse communities in
the Rugby borough.
Consultation is important because it gives citizens and our stakeholders the
opportunity to comment and make recommendations on our future plans and
priorities. This in turn enables the Council to understand their point of view.

Employment Monitoring – Race, Disability and Gender
Under the general duty under the Race Amendment Act, we are required to collect
and publish data on the Council’s workforce. This data has been collected since
2006 and is updated and published on an annual basis.

Single Status Salary Review/Equal Pay Audit
The Council decided to defer the start of its pay review until it had completed its
Corporate Restructuring Project. As we moved towards the end of recruitment to the
new structure, work was begun on preparing the ground for the pay review.
Local authorities that have already carried out a pay review have used a number of
different schemes. The Council has decided to use the National Job Evaluation
Scheme. This is supported by Trade Unions.

Action Plans

The action plans have been updated to reflect progress made.

Race Equality Action Plan 2005-08, carried over to 2008/09.
Specific Activity      Measurable Outcome        Achievable Milestones        Responsible Officer    Responsible Officer   Timely Progress
                                                                              Pre-restructure        – Post-restructure    Delivery
Develop Race           Putting Race Equality on Consult with Members,         Equality and Diversity As before             February
Equality Scheme        Council Agenda           Employees and Unions          Adviser (E&D Adviser)                        2006
which reflects Rugby                            on draft Scheme
                                                 Draft document reported                                                   February
                                                 to Management Team                                                        2006
                                                 Final document with final    Equality and Diversity   As before           March
                                                 endorsement from             Adviser                                      2006
Promote Race           Ensure participation of   Identify and engage with     Equality and Diversity   E&D Adviser         April
Equality Scheme and local strategic partners in partners                      Adviser                  Community           2006
share best practice    consultation and action                                                         Engagement and      (subject
with local strategic   planning with regards to                                                        Consultation Team   to call
partners               service delivery                                                                Leader              in)
Commence,              First annual departmental Report proposed              Equality and Diversity   E&D Adviser         March
coordinate and deliver impact assessments        timetable for programme      Adviser                  Community           2006
impact assessments     completed                 of impact assessments to                              Engagement and
for Race Equality on                             Management Team on all                                Consultation Team
all aspects of service                           Council services policies,                            Leader
delivery, including                              plans and strategies

Specific Activity      Measurable Outcome        Achievable Milestones      Responsible Officer       Responsible Officer    Timely Progress
                                                                                                      – Post-restructure     Delivery
                                                 First service area (TBC)    Equality and Diversity   E&D Adviser            April
                                                 assessed (other areas to be Adviser                  Community              2006
                                                 included after approval by                           Engagement and
                                                                                                                                       Rolling programme
                                                 Management Team)            Head of Service          Consultation Team
                                                                                                      Leader                           of EIA, inclusive of
                                                                                                      Heads of Service                 all 6 strands
                      Complete assessments of    Publish results of impact Equality and Diversity     E&D Adviser,           May
                      Race Equality for          assessments and proposed Adviser                     Community              2007
                      targeted services on all   action plans for targeted                            Engagement and
                                                                                                                                       Council action
                      aspects of service         services and Council      Head of Service            Consultation Team
                      delivery including         policies                                             Leader,                          plans transparent.
                      policies                                                                        Heads of Service,                ‘One plan’ actions
                                                                                                      Managers and                     being embedded
                                                                                                      nominated officers               in to the new
                                                                                                      who are responsible              Single Equality
                                                                                                      for                              Scheme. EIA
                                                                                                      policies/processes               schedule available
                                                                                                      and practices within             on web.
                                                                                                      the respective
                                                                                                      service areas.
Establish regular     Changes to public          Gain feedback from a       Equality and Diversity    E&D Adviser,           Mid-
dialogue with         confidence and service     range of community         Adviser                   WREP,                  term of
community groups to   outcomes and               groups                                               Community              each
plan service          improvements to                                       Head of Service           Engagement and         action    Community
improvements          community relations                                                             Consultation Team      plan      Engagement
                                                                                                      Leader                           Strategy no in
                                                                                                                                       place. Locality
                                                                                                                                       teams and all
                                                                                                                                       service areas
                                                                                                                                       consulting with the

                                                                                                                                   public on council
                                                                                                                                   services and

Specific Activity        Measurable           Achievable Milestones       Responsible Officer   Responsible Officer –   Timely     Progress
                         Outcome                                                                Post-restructure        Delivery
Monitor, collate and     Ensure Council’s     Identify information        Equality and          HR Adviser              February
report ethnic            policies and         required for monitoring     Diversity Adviser     Organisational          2006
monitoring on            procedures meet                                                        Development Officer,
recruitment and          with current                                     Head of Service       in conjunction with
retention/training and   legislation                                                            E&D Adviser
                                               Pilot data collection to                         HR Adviser           March
                                               establish baseline data and                      Organisational       2009
                                               workforce profile to ensure                      Development Officer,               Delayed – new
                                               effective processes and                          E&D Adviser                        HR/Payroll to
                                               systems are in place                                                                capture 2008/09
                         Data is used to       Monitor recruitment and     Equality and         HR Adviser           April
                         inform future policy, staff development for race Diversity Adviser     Organisational       2009
                         target setting.       equality, and report                             Development Officer,
                         Report outcomes to regularly (6 monthly) to       Head of Service      E&D Adviser.                       Action
                         Personnel,            Management Team                                  Head of Service                    replaced/covered
                         Management Team                                                                                           by more recent
                         and Members.                                                                                              activities. I.e.
                                                                                                                                   steering group
                                                                                                                                   and development
                                                                                                                                   of HR/Workforce
                                                                                                                                   development for
                                                                                                                                   3 strands of

                                                                                                                                     diversity already
                                                                                                                                     being collected
                                                                                                                                     published and

To propose            Better informed         Develop options for         Equality and          E&D Adviser,            April
methodology to record decision making and     recording minority group    Diversity Adviser     Community               2009
and analyse the take  policy development      take up of services and                           Engagement &                         Data capture audit
up of services by                             consult with services       Head of Service       Consultation Team                    being conducted
ethnic origin                                                                                   Leader, Heads of                     and guidance will
                                                                                                Services, HR                         be created
                                                                                                                                     2008/09. Action
                                                                                                                                     present in service
                                                                                                                                     action plans – see

Specific Activity        Measurable Outcome Achievable Milestones         Responsible Officer   Responsible Officer –   Timely       Progress
                                                                                                Post-restructure        Delivery
                                              Produce Corporate                                 E&D Adviser,            April
                                              standard for recording                            Community               2009
                                              and analysing data for                            Engagement &
                                                                                                                                     Corporate guidance
                                              minority group take up of                         Consultation Team
                                                                                                                                     created for monitoring.
                                              services.                                         Leader, Heads of
                                                                                                Services, HR
Promote the ability to   Ensure a clear       Make all staff and          Equality and          E&D Adviser             April 2006
provide information in   understanding on     departments aware of        Diversity Adviser     Community
range of languages       service provisions   interpreting and                                  Engagement and
spoken throughout the    and how to access    translation service, used                         Consultation Team

Borough                these by minority      by Council and how to                              Leader
                       communities            access this service                                Heads of Service
                                              Promote this service      Equality and             E&D Adviser          March 2006
                                              through website, posters, Diversity Adviser        Community
                                              leaflets and community                             Engagement and
                                              contacts                                           Consultation Team

Specific Activity      Measurable Outcome Achievable Milestones            Responsible Officer   Responsible Officer – Timely     Progress
                                                                                                 Post-restructure      Delivery
Development of         To allow staff and     Create web page in user      Equality and          Equality and          March 2006
equalities web page    service users access   friendly format accessible   Diversity Adviser     Diversity Adviser
                       to information and     to staff and communities,                          Web person?
                       reports.               linking to community                               Community
                                              support groups any other                           Engagement
Improve the equality   Promote equality of    Achieve Equality             Equality and          Equality and         April 2006
standard for Local     outcomes for staff     standard Level 2             Diversity Adviser     Diversity Adviser
Government for         and service users in                                                      Leadership Team
Rugby to level 2       Rugby

Further implement    To progress the work Achieve Level 3                  Equality and          Equality and         March –
Equalities Standard  of the Equality                                       Diversity Adviser     Diversity Adviser    Sept 2009
for Local Government Impact Assessments                                                          Leadership Team                   The council is
                     and work towards                                                                                              receiving an IDeA
                     levels 3 and 4                                                                                                peer review
                                                                                                                                   challenge on the
                                                                                                                                   17&18th September
                                                                                                                                   2009, which will
                                                                                                                                   determine if the
                                                                                                                                   council is
                                                                                                                                   considered level 3 of

                                                                                                                           the Equality
                                          Achieve Level 4                                Equality and        Remove as
                                                                                         Diversity Adviser   new
                                                                                         Leadership Team     equality
                                                                                                             framework     No longer
                                                                                                             will impact   applicable, being
                                                                                                             on future     replaced with
                                                                                                             levels of     ‘Equality
                                                                                                             compliance    Framework’ – aim
                                                                                                                           will be to achieve

Disability Equality Scheme Action Plan 2006-09
Specific Activity   Measurable Outcome Achievable Milestones       Responsible Officer   Responsible         Start   Due Date Progress
                                                                                         Officer – Post-     Date

                    To make Rugby a         Implement Rugby Crime CDRP Manager           CDRP Manager        Dec     Ongoing
                    safer place for all     and Disorder Action Plan                                         06
                    residents with a        to reduce incidents of
                    disability              crime and monitor its
        CRIME AND

                                            effectiveness over time

                    To enable               Promote the work of        CDRP Manager      CDRP Manager        Dec     Ongoing
                    residents/visitors with town rangers (BID) who                                           06
                    a disability using      liaise with Police to make
                    town centre to report residents/visitors feel
                    incidents and get       safer in the town
                    assistance if required

                    To ensure              Promote awareness of          Public Spaces &       Public Realm          Dec     Mar 07
                    residents/visitors withCommunity Safety              Community Safety      Manager and           06
                    a disability feel safe Wardens who are on duty       Manager               Regulatory services
                    to go out in Rugby at  from (3pm-11pm) by                                  manager.
                    night                  means of leaflets, posters,
                                           websites, to enhance the
                                           quality of life for Rugby
                    Ensure disabled        Use positive images of        Equality and          Communications and Jan 07 Ongoing
                    people are accepted    disabled people in            Diversity             HR
                    for the value they add publicity, promote            Advisor/Media and
                    to society, and reduce positive image of             Communications/Hu
                    incidents of           disabled people in both       man Resources
                    harassment             internal and external

Specific Activity   Measurable Outcome Achievable Milestones             Responsible Officer   Responsible           Start   Due Date Progress
                                                                                               Officer – Post-       Date

                    To ensure sufficient      New car park planned for Parking Manager         Parking Services      Dec     ongoing

                    numbers of parking        Chapel Street which will                         Team Leader           06

                    bays for disabled         include disabled parking
                    people are available      bays

                    in the Town

To eliminate the      The decriminalisation of Parking Manager   Parking Services   Dec   Ongoing
abuse of the Blue     parking enforcement will                   Team Leader        06
Badge System within   enable Rugby Borough
Rugby                 Council to ensure proper                                                      A training
                      use of the Blue Badge                                                         programme is
                      System by requiring                                                           currently being
                      people to show                                                                developed, so that
                      identification                                                                Civil Enforcement
                                                                                                    Officers will be
                                                                                                    able to carry out
                                                                                                    inspection and
                                                                                                    interviews with
                                                                                                    drivers of vehicles
                                                                                                    displaying Blue
                                                                                                    Badges. It is the
                                                                                                    intention to carry
                                                                                                    out Blue Badge
                                                                                                    operations in
                                                                                                    various locations
                                                                                                    where there is a
                                                                                                    high level of use.
                                                                                                    The first
                                                                                                    operations should
                                                                                                    be carried out in
                                                                                                    August 2009.

To eliminate the      To assist in reducing     Parking Manager   Parking Services   Dec   Ongoing
abuse of disabled     abuse of disabled parking                   Team Leader        06
parking bays within   bays, vehicles not
Rugby                 displaying a Blue Badge                                                        Enforcement of
                      will be issued with a                                                          spaces reserved
                      parking fine                                                                   for the exclusive
                                                                                                     use of vehicles
                                                                                                     displaying Blue
                                                                                                     Badges has
                                                                                                     been increased
                                                                                                     and in the
                                                                                                     proposed new
                                                                                                     Off Street
                                                                                                     Parking Order
                                                                                                     the reserved
                                                                                                     disabled blue
                                                                                                     badge area at
                                                                                                     the Ken Marriot
                                                                                                     Leisure Centre
                                                                                                     has been
                                                                                                     included so that
                                                                                                     action can be
                                                                                                     taken against
                                                                                                     abusers of those
                                                                                                     Again we have
                                                                                                     received the
                                                                                                     support of Rugby
                                                                                                     Disability Forum.

Specific Activity   Measurable Outcome Achievable Milestones                Responsible Officer   Responsible Officer – Start   Due Date Progress
                                                                                                  Post-restructure      Date

                    Improve the parking       To identify suitable         Parking Manager        Parking Services      Dec     Ongoing
                    provision at the          parking provision close to                          Team Leader           06
                    Library/Museum for        the site to ensure that the
                                                                                                                                          Asda, who own the
                    people with               facilities are accessible to
                    disabilities (including   community groups                                                                            former area in
                    mini-buses)                                                                                                           Chapel Street car
                                                                                                                                          park area, have laid
                                                                                                                                          out their car park to
                                                                                                                                          assist disabled blue
                                                                                                                                          badge holders who
                                                                                                                                          may wish to visit
                                                                                                                                          the RAGLM

                    To ensure the             Work with CDRP to             Head of               Regulatory Services   Jan 07 Ongoing

                    availability of the       combat noise and create a     Environmental         manager

                    noise nuisance            better environment for        Health/CDRP           and Environmental

                    service is inclusive to   residents of Rugby and        Manager               Protection Team
                    all residents (in         promote the reporting                               Leader
                    particular people with    facility for noise nuisance
                    a disability)

Improve street         Promote use of dedicated     Highways            Highways      Jan 07 Ongoing
lighting and uneven    number and reporting         Department,         Department,
pavements              facility via posters,        Warwickshire County WCC
throughout the         leaflets and website to      Council                                            WCC continue to
Borough to ensure a    escalate replacement of                                                         provide financial
hazard free            lights and pavement                                                             commitment to
environment for        repairs                                                                         improving street
people with                                                                                            surfaces and
disabilities                                                                                           allocated budget for
                                                                                                       dropped kerbs.
                                                                                                       consulted upon with
                                                                                                       local residents,
                                                                                                       including the local
                                                                                                       disability forum.
To improve the        Refurbish Clock Tower         Town Centre         Town Centre   Apr   Ongoing
provision of toilet   toilets to make all toilets   Management          Management    07
facilities within the accessible to everyone
Town for people with

Specific Activity             Measurable Outcome Achievable Milestones            Responsible Officer   Responsible Officer – Start   Due Date Progress
                                                                                                        Post-restructure      Date

                              To increase the         Five new taxi licences to   Transportation        Public Health and     Jan 07 2007/08
                              availability and        be advertised by end of     Services Manager      Licensing Team
                              number of taxis         2006, which must be                               Leader
                                                                                                                                                 Structured plans
                              accessible to           wheelchair accessible.
                                                                                                                                                 and commitment
                              wheelchair users        To be phased in during
                                                                                                                                                 from council to
                                                                                                                                                 increase accessible
                                                                                                                                                 taxis. Consulting
                                                                                                                                                 with local disability

                              To promote disability  All new taxi licenses will   Transportation        Public Health and     Jan 07 Ongoing
                              awareness amongst      only be granted to drivers   Services Manager      Licensing Team
                              taxi providers,        who have undergone                                 Leader
                              ensuring equality for  Disability Awareness                                                                        Increasing
                              all users              Training and to promote                                                                     awareness with
                                                     training to current taxi                                                                    taxi drivers
                                                     firms                                                                                       through licensing
                              Promote Leisure Pass Revamp Leisure Pass            Community Sports      Community Sports      Feb     Ongoing
                              facility, ensuring     Scheme in consultation       and Recreation        and Recreation        07
                              information is         with disability groups       Manager               Manager
        Leisure and Sports

                              available in different
                              formats, to assist in                                                                                              accessible and has
                              ease of completion                                                                                                 been Equality
                                                                                                                                                 Impact assessed
                              To make all leisure     Conduct audit of all       Leisure Centre         Leisure Centre        Aug     April 08

                              and sports facilities   facilities to determine    Manager                Manager and Access    07
                              accessible for people   alterations required to                           Officer ?!
                                                                                                                                                 Audit conducted
                              with disabilities       make accessible to all and
                                                      identify costs                                                                             by Leisure team

Specific Activity                Measurable Outcome Achievable Milestones            Responsible Officer   Responsible       Start Date Due       Progress
                                                                                                           Officer – Post-              Date

                                 Promote the assisted    Increase promotion of       Head of Engineering Clean Division      Jan 07    Ongoing
                                 pull out service        service in different        Works and Economic
                                 available to frail,     formats and via website     Development/
                                                                                                                                                  New 3-bin system –
                                 elderly people and      and media to enable         Equality and Diversity
                                 people with             people to access assisted   Advisor                                                      widely consulted upon.
          Refuse and Recycling

                                 disabilities            service                                                                                  Equality impact
                                 To improve the          Identify cost efficient way Head of Engineering Clean Division      Aug 07    Jan 2009
                                 recycling facilities    to increase scheme for all Works and Economic
                                 within Rugby to         residents                   Development
                                 ensure the recycling
                                 scheme is accessible
                                 by all (in particular
                                 people with

          To reduce the “red      Investigate the current   Equality and Diversity HoS – Housing Ongoing   Ongoing
          tape” in applying for   procedure for             Advisor, WCC Social

          housing adaptations     referrals/approval by     Services
                                                                                                                     New Aids and
          by people with          Occupational Therapists
          disabilities            to improve application                                                             Adaptation Policy
                                  process                                                                            adopted 2009

Improve access to all   Conduct a DDA Access Building Control       Building      TBA   Ongoing
Council owned           Audit to identify work     Manager/Access   Control
buildings for people    required to improve        Officer          Manager and
with disabilities       access for all and produce                  Access                        Full DDA Audits on
                        an action plan for works                                                  our Corporate
                        required to make DDA                                                      properties -
                        compliant                                                                 Brownsover
                                                                                                  Community Centre
                                                                                                  and Ken Marriot
                                                                                                  Leisure Centre have
                                                                                                  been completed.

                                                                                                  Access Audits have
                                                                                                  been carried out on
                                                                                                  all public areas of all
                                                                                                  Corporate properties
                                                                                                  ( see below)
                                                                                                   Ashlawn Recreation
                                                                                                  Ground - work
                                                                                                  identified complete
                                                                                                  Alwyn Road
                                                                                                  Changing Rooms -
                                                                                                  work identified
                                                                                                  Rd/Frobisher Rd
                                                                                                  Changing Rooms -
                                                                                                  work identified
                                                                                                  Winfield Rec Ground
                                                                                                  Changing Rooms -
                                                                                                  work identified
                                                                                                  The Depot Hunters
                                                                                                  Lane - work identified
                                                                                                  Art Gallery &
                                                                                                  Museum - work
Specific Activity       Measurable Outcome         Achievable Milestones                 Responsible       Responsible   Start Date   Due Date    Progress
                                                                                         Officer           Officer –

                        Ensure safety of all        Deliver refresher training to fire   Health and        Corporate      Jan 06      Dec 2008
                        staff/visitors with a       wardens/community safety wardens     Safety Advisor    Health and
                        disability in Council owned for evacuation procedures                              Safety Adviser                         Reviewing
                        buildings at all times (eg,                                                                                               current
                        fire evacuation)                                                                                                          arrangements
                                                                                                                                                  with ‘Evac’
                        To eliminate the           Arrange for all staff to receive      Equality and      Equality &     Apr 07      May 07
                        communication barrier      appropriate training in effective     Diversity         Diversity
                        between staff and people   communication techniques with         Advisor/Learnin   Adviser,                               Training
                        with disabilities          disabled people                       g and             Organisational                         delivered to
                                                                                         Development       development                            cover all

                                                                                                                                                  strands of
                                                                                         Officer           Officer.                               diversity and
                                                                                                           Training                               specialised
                                                                                                           facilitator.                           training in

Specific Activity        Measurable Outcome               Achievable Milestones                    Responsible       Responsible   Start Date   Due Date        Progress
                                                                                                   Officer           Officer –

                         Improve availability and         Ensure policies are impact assessed in   Equality and      All nominated Jan 07       Ongoing
       Equality Impact

                         accessibility to all services    relation to all diversity strands,       Diversity         officers
                         for all service users (in        especially disability and include        Advisor/Quality   responsible for

                         particular people with           disabled people in the development of    and               completion of
                         disabilities)                    policies and procedures                  Performance       assessments                                schedules
                                                                                                   Manager                                                      available,
                         Ensure meeting venues are        Carry out an audit of accessibility of   Principal         Democratic    Feb 07       Ongoing
                         accessible to people with        venues and use feedback sheets to        Committee         Services
                         disabilities                     inform improvements                      Officer           Manager

                         Ensure all members of the        Liaise with community groups who         Principal         Democratic    Feb 07       Ongoing

                         public (in particular people     represent disabled people to highlight   Committee         Services
                         with disabilities) are able to   barriers and how these can be            Officer           Manager
                         attend meetings and              overcome
                         contribute to the
                         democratic process


         In Progress

        Work behind schedule

Gender Equality Action Plan 2007-10
Specific Activity            Measurable Outcome     Achievable Milestones     Responsible Officer Responsible          Timely Delivery   Progress
                                                                                                  Officer – Post-

Develop Gender Equality      Putting Gender         Consult with Members,     Equality and         Equality &          March 2007
Scheme which reflects the    Equality on the        Employees and Unions      Diversity Adviser    Diversity Adviser
Rugby profile                Council Agenda         on draft scheme
                                                    Draft document                                 Equality &          May 2007
                                                    reported to Leadership                         Diversity Adviser
                                                    Final document with                                                25th June 2007
                                                    final endorsement from
Promote Gender Equality      Work with existing     Identify and engage       Equality and         Equality and        Ongoing
Scheme and share good        partners and explore   partners, gain feedback   Diversity Adviser    Diversity
practice with internal and   partnership working    from a range of                                Community
external partners            with other             community groups                               Engagement &
                             organisations and                                                     Consultation TL
                             community groups to
                             ensure effective
                             service delivery

Specific Activity         Measurable Outcome       Achievable Milestones     Responsible Officer Responsible          Timely Delivery     Progress
                                                                                                 Officer – Post-

Commence, coordinate        Screening              Departmental impact       Equality and         All nominated       June 2007
and deliver impact                                 assessments completed.    Diversity Adviser    officers
assessments for Gender      Prioritise             Ensure that no services                        responsible for the July 2007
Equality on all aspects of                         discriminate through      Lead Officer         completion of
service delivery, including Review                 gender                                         EqIA’s              August 2007
                            Complete Review                                                                           Oct 2007

Review Gender Equality    Ensure that the          Report progress made      Equality and         Equality and        April 2008
Scheme                    Gender Equality          against action plan       Diversity Adviser    Diversity Adviser
                          Scheme is meeting its
Implementation of the     Provision of accurate    Procure new system        Karen Pollard        HoS - Resources     To be confirmed
HR/Payroll system         and timely monitoring
                          information regarding
                          Council workforce,       System implemented        HR                   HoS - Resources     April 2009
                          which will ensure
                          equality of
                          opportunity and                                                                                                 Work
                          access                                                                                                          underway
                          Review part-time and     Conduct analysis of %     HR                   HoS - Resources     Dependant upon
                          job share practice and   of part time employees                                             HR payroll system
                          identify any barriers    in the Council by                                                                      Workforce
                          with a view to           gender                    Equality and                                                 strategy,
                          removing such                                      Diversity Adviser                                            informatio
                          barriers wherever                                                                                               n analysed
                          possible                                                                                                        through

Specific Activity             Measurable Outcome    Achievable Milestones   Responsible Officer Responsible          Timely Delivery      Progress
                                                                                                Officer – Post-

Conduct Single Status         Establish any pay      Start review           Karen Pollard        Andrew Gabbitas     As per action plan
Salary Review                 differences between
                              men and women in
                              respect of work of the
                              same or equal value    Complete review        West Midlands                            September 2009
                                                                            LGA (To be
                                                                                                                                          by April
Ensure that Gender            Employees will have Review feedback from      Equality and         Equality and        June 07
Equality is integrated into   a good understanding Equality and Diversity   Diversity Adviser    Diversity Adviser
the delivery of the           of how gender           awareness training
Equality and Diversity        equality impacts upon                                              Community
training                      all relevant aspects of                       Employee             Engagement and
                              service delivery, their                       Development          Information TL
                              employment and their                          Officer              Organisational
                              responsibilities                                                   Development

                                                    Produce an Equality       Equality and         Equality and        Oct 2007
                                                    and Diversity training    Diversity Adviser    Diversity Adviser
                                                    programme to include
                                                    Gender equality           Employee             Community
                                                    component                 Development          Engagement and
                                                                              Officer              Information TL

Specific Activity          Measurable Outcome       Achievable Milestones     Responsible Officer Responsible          Timely     Progress
                                                                                                  Officer – Post-      Delivery

Promote Council policies   Increased awareness      To work with HR to        Equality and         Equality and        Ongoing
and procedures             of Council policies      identify methods for      Diversity Adviser    Diversity Adviser
                           and procedures to        promoting policies and
                           employees and            procedures                HR                   HR
                           improve perceptions
                           of how they are                                                         Communications
                           considered to benefit
                           one gender over the      Addition to equalities                         Equality and
                           other i.e. maternity,    web page to support the                        Diversity Adviser
                           paternity and parental   new Gender Equality
                           leave, opportunities     Scheme
                           for both genders to
                           take a more active
                           role in looking after
                           their children (‘work-
                           life’ balance)

Promote and increase Work with Media team      Media               Equality and        To be
awareness of the       to increase awareness                       Diversity Adviser   confirmed
Council’s Gender                               Equality and                            (work with      Guidance
Equality Scheme, to                            Diversity Adviser   Community           strategic       upon
gender specific                                                    Engagement &        consultation)   monitoring
community groups                                                   information TL                      and style
and the general public                                                                                 now
around the Borough                                                 Communications                      distributed, to
                                                                                                       be more
                                                                                                       inclusive to
                                                                                                       all diversity

Specific Activity            Measurable Outcome     Achievable Milestones      Responsible Officer Responsible       Timely Delivery   Progress
                                                                                                   Officer – Post-

Equal Opportunities          Increased number of    Promote “non-              HR                   Resources        Aug 07, ongoing
                             male and female        traditional” job
                             applicants, applying   opportunities to the       Equality and
                             and being appointed    public i.e. local press,   Diversity Adviser
                             for roles that have    Council website, career
                             traditionally been     fairs, schools etc, by
                             occupied by the        monitoring % variance
                             opposite gender        of males and females
                                                    applying for wider
                                                    variety of roles

         Work/Stage Complete

          Work in progress

          Work Behind Schedule


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