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					Company overview
By fiman115

When we decided to build our business, we believe in each of the elements that we
must take into consideration the product, target market, advertising customers, but
there is an element that is certainly what first observe and identify the company and
the product itself is the logo.

Every business needs a logo, through which people can identify the product, use of
appropriate colors, shape, size, design itself should be as appealing as possible and
in accordance with the product that will take . The logo has come to represent the
symbol through which the company became known. This should be printed on all
company forms, envelopes, etc..

The ideal logo is the one that goes in line with the name of the company, it often
happens that the logo and trademark are one, is how the great logos are linked to
big brands and large companies.

The logo must be the visual image of a company, many times only to see the logo,
we know that we are talking about, especially if the logo is an outline, or a letter, for
example the logo of the Nike brand, that if we think its v-shaped, with just him and
remember that particular brand is concerned. This is the idea of designing a logo for
our company, which besides being simple, stay in the memory of people. Another
similar case is the company happens to the MC Donald's, who with his M yellow
stands out and is recognized even by the smallest, identifying the logo with
hamburgers, in this case the logo on your own, and that's what must strike.

Then point out some features that should have a logo.

The logo should be attractive, this feature is based on the impact it has on customers,
that catches their attention and are attracted to consume the product. At this point it
is important to make several sketches of the design you want, and show it to several
people, or do market research in order to test the effect that will produce the new

This also applies when you are redesigning a product logo, as if customers were
used to identify the product with the logo and this is changed, it is necessary to
perform various tests of the product with the new logo, focus groups,
interviews questionnaires, to ascertain the views of people, this first and once you
have decided what will be the new design, campaign of intrigue where show the new
logo, so people are identified with, and we can associate the product.

Timeless. This means that the logo design should be sustainable over time, ie
should not be changed unless the situation warrants, such as excessive drop in
sales, which may be a factor that forces the product relaunch with a change of logo.

Must be legible, that is to be understood easily, logos when they are very far-fetched,
it happens that is not easily identified, the logo should be clearly recognized, whether
the size is big, small, that is static or moving . When a logo is readable, this is more
easily remembered by customers, as the case described above of the Nike brand,
whose logo is simple which makes it easier to remember and identify it.

Another feature of the logo is that is different from others, ie it must have something
that sets you apart from others, would be highly complicated than our company logo
resembles that of another, as well as bringing confusion to customers, we would not
be identifying our product, and what every company wants its product is recognized
by potential customers. Here comes into play simplicity of design, because the
simpler is better remembered.

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