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This is the new edition of Choice Villas & Apartments 2010. This edition contains villas to rent around the world including all the popular areas of Spain, France, Portugal the USA etc. In this edition we are also offering the chance to win two fantastic holidays!

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                                                                                  Balearic Islands                                   4                            Airport parking                                               87
                                                                                  Canary Islands                                 12                               Car hire                                                      87
                                                                                  Cyprus                                         22                               Flights                                                       87
PLUS:                                                                             France                                         28                               Insurance
WIN a TENERIFE holiday: 21                                                        Greece                                         34
                                                                                                                                                                  for car hire                                                  88
                                                                                                                                                                  Travel Insurance                                              88
FIT FOR TRAVEL &                                                                  Italy                                          40
LOOKING GOOD!:          39                                                        Portugal                                       46

WIN an ALGARVE holiday: 55                                                        Spain                                          56
EASY PACKING:           71                                                        Turkey                                                                          Hungary
LITTLE LUXURIES:        85                                                        & North Cyprus
                                                                                                                                                                  South Africa
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About a hundred miles off the north-eastern coast of Spain lies a group of
islands blessed with a combination of nature, climate and culture that has
transformed them into tourism giants.

                                                                  Ibiza Noche ©Turespaña
Brimming with stunning scenery and sandy beaches, pulsating
nightlife and rural serenity, each of the main islands has its own
look, feel and individuality and is associated with a particular
type of holiday.                                                     children and the bathing platforms will satisfy the adults! A
                                                                     quieter holiday can be enjoyed at Cala Galdana, one of the most
The sheer beauty and simple harmony of MALLORCA is                   beautiful coves in the western Mediterranean.
second to none with a variety of landscapes from lagoons and
marshes to small springs and smooth hills. Beach resorts are in    IBIZA has come to be known as the home of the Balearic Beat,
abundance and with 208 beaches, there is one to suit all tastes    a focus of European club dance music, where top international
from the lively and outgoing to the secluded and tranquil. The     DJs come to perform at the island’s huge, highly-developed
lively resorts of Magaluf and Palma Nova in the south-west offer   nightclubs. Clubbers from all over flock to San Antonio, Ibiza’s
plenty of watersports, shops, restaurants and a host of clubs,     second largest town during the summer months from June to
pubs and discos. Whilst the north coast is much quieter with       September.
popular family resorts like Alcudia. The warm shallow waters are There is another side to the island, however, popular with
perfect for young children, and the beach has fine, clean sand.    families and couples who enjoy the safe, shallow waters of
Colonia San Jordi is located on the south-east coast and               resorts like San Antonio Bay, Santa Eulalia, Es Cana and
better known for the Cabrera National Park and the                           Portinatx offering some of the best restaurants, sandy
famous Es Trenc Caribbean style beach. One of the           Overlooked           beaches and watersports. Away from the resorts,
last big sandy areas which is still unspoilt and        by the magnificent         Ibiza has a wild, beautiful coastline and enough
well preserved in Mallorca (partially nudist).                                       space for a completely different kind of holiday.
                                                       Palma Cathedral, the
Known as the ‘island of wind’, MENORCA               labyrinth of alleyways in FORMENTERA is a southbit of You will
                                                                                     Mediterranean paradise
                                                                                                                      of Ibiza.
is idyllic for those who love sailing and
windsurfing. A number of nautical companies        Palma, Mallorca once laid have to take a ferry across to the island from
rent out different kinds of vessels or offer         down by the Romans will Ibiza town to La Savina, a pretty working port
excursions to any of the beautiful beaches where                                    and                           to million-pound
                                                         lead you here, there yachtsexclusive marina, home Ibiza. Dreamy white
                                                                                         and fantastic views of
you can enjoy a wonderful dip in the
Mediterranean or a dive into its depths.                   and everywhere! sandy beaches, clear waters and unspoiled nature
Menorca is the second-largest island and combines                            makes Formentera the perfect destination for a relaxing
traditional Mediterranean houses with colonial buildings                holiday. Es Pujols is the main tourist resort on the island,
dating back to the 18th century. It is generally quieter and less   although much is different to your average tourist resort! A
overtly ‘touristy’ than its two main neighbours.                    paved walkway alongside the beach houses cafes and
Menorca’s resorts range from quaint fishing villages with quiet,    restaurants and a maze of narrow streets come alive at night
undisturbed beaches to the family orientated resorts like Cala’n    allowing holidaymakers to enjoy the summer evenings with
Forcat. The aqua-park and trampolines will entertain the            some alfresco dining.

                                                                                                          Cala Saona, Formentera ©Turespaña

                                                                                                      Choice Villas & Apartments 2010         5
    Fact file
    Liquid salt from FORMENTERA is a natural
    source of health. Prepared at the island’s salt
    flats, liquid salt from Formentera has the lowest
    sodium content of all salt produced in Spain and is
    ideal for cardio-healthy diets.
    Costa Nord was set up by actor Michael Douglas,
    to inspire visitors to appreciate the natural beauty
    of MALLORCA. Located in an old village estate
    in Valldemossa, the cultural centre promotes
    artistic creation through concert cycles, exhibitions
    and all kinds of cultural activities. Concerts are
    held during the summer and take place outdoors
    in the grounds.
    S’Albuferade Alcúdia Natural Park. Mallorca
    Sa Dragonera Natural Park. Mallorca
    Mondragó Natural Park. Mallorca                                                                                    Cala Bosch, Menorca ©Turespaña
    Península de Levante Natural Park. Mallorca
    Ses Salines Natural Park. Ibiza/Formentera.             Tourist Information                        Guided Cultural Itineries: Palma’s
    Cala d’Hort Natural Park. Ibiza
    S’Albufera des Grau Natural Park. Menorca
                                                                          Monuments, Jewish Quarter, Noble
    Cabrera Land and Sea National Park                      Mallorca:        Houses in Ciutadella, etc.
    ADLIB is an artisan style of fashion that features
    natural fabrics, traditional embroidery and laces. It   Ibiza:                     Did you know?
    was created in 1971 by Yugoslavian princess             Formentera:
    Smilja Mihailovitch, inspired by typical Pitiusan                                                  The Balearic Islands are home to 25
    clothing and influenced by hippies! Every year in       Official language Spanish & Catalan        golf courses, 65 marinas, 1428
    early summer, the fashion world joins for the
                                                            Average seaside temperatures               kilometres of coast and 375 beaches.
    and the presentation of the season’s Adlib fashion.     Winter: 15ºC, Spring: 22ºC, Summer
                                                            29ºC, Autumn 18–27ºC                       The collective name of the
    Sant Joan in Ciutadella! is probably the most
                                                                                                       Gymnesian Islands distinguishes the
    famous of MENORCA’S popular summer fiestas.             Currency Euro
    A traditional fiesta that has been faithfully                                                      two largest (and eastern-most)
    celebrated for centuries and today is an                Average flying time from UK 2–21/2 hours   Balearic islands (Mallorca and
    irreplaceable part of the identity of Ciutadella’s                                                 Menorca), from the Pine Islands
    residents in particular and Menorcans as a whole.       Capital Palma, Mallorca                    (Ibiza and Formentera).
                  Palma Cathedral, Mallorca ©Turespaña

                                                                                                                          Alcudia, Mallorca ©Turespaña
6   Choice Villas & Apartments 2010
Balearic Islands, Formentera, Mallorca

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Please quote CVA when replying to ads   Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   9
Mallorca, Menorca

   10 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads
                                                                        Balearic Islands, Menorca

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Visitors to the Canary Islands are blessed
with heaps of spectacular attractions,
year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, a
rich and varied landscape and some of the
most colourful fiestas and carnivals in Spain.

lie just off the coast of Africa, resting peacefully in the cool blue
Atlantic Ocean. With seven beautiful islands to discover, your
dream holiday begins here. Escape, relax and enjoy the islands’
wide-range of high quality activities like trekking, para-gliding,
sailing and golf. There are wonderful sandy beaches, colourful          LA PALMA is also known as ‘the pretty island’ because of its
fiestas, hidden black-sand bays, forests to explore and white sand      breathtaking landscapes and exotic spots; ‘the green island’
dunes to get lost in, all only four hours from the UK!                  because of its exuberant forests and natural beauties; and ‘the
                                                                        island of the stars’ due to the unbelievable clarity of the sky there.
LANZAROTE experienced volcanic eruptions in the 18th and                It’s lush vegetation and running streams make La Palma very
19th centuries that transformed a great part of its landscape. A        different from the other islands, a perfect getaway with enchanting
cloud of ashes and volcanic rests stood still over an extension of      accommodation and traditional craftworks full of curiosities.
200km2 forming the badlands of the Fire Mountains, today, the
spectacular National Park of Timanfaya. Whether it’s fishing in         TENERIFE is an island of many contrasts, from its unique
the small bays and turquoise sea of Las Coloradas, sunbathing on        contours and terrain, and its variety of landscapes to its peaceful
the golden sand of Punta del Papagayo or visiting the vineyards         coastline. In the north of the island, you will find a traditional
nestled between volcanic craters in region of Geria, Lanzarote will     atmosphere whilst the popular south has a more cosmopolitan feel
not dissapoint.                                                         to it. Search for Bottlenose dolphins, go deep sea fishing, play
                                                                        golf, go rock climbing or mountain biking, or for the less active
GRAN CANARIA is the most cosmopolitan of the islands, a                  minded, take in some culture at the UNESCO site of La Laguna
place to enjoy art, culture, museums, classical music,                           or a musical delight at the Auditorium.
opera and film festivals combined with popular family         Four
theme parks, beauty and well being centres and                          EL HIERRO is the smallest and most western of
delicious cuisine. The beautiful old quarter of            of Spain’s    the islands and is a land made for peace and quiet.
Vegueta and Triana in Las Palmas de Gran                                  In an area covering just a little over 278 square
Canaria is great for shopping, whilst in the           thirteen national kilometres, you can find green forests, rocky
south of the island, the wonderful beaches of                              coasts, gentle meadows and places like El
San Agustín, El Inglés and Maspalomas are              parks are located Sabinar, whose trees are strange and twisted
where most holiday-makers flock to.                                        having                   the winds. Enjoy
                                                         in the Canary the bestbeen sculpted byworld with crystal some of
                                                                                   sea-beds in the                     clear
FUERTEVENTURA is a peaceful island and                                  waters and hundreds of subtropical species.
the second largest of the Canaries. It also has the         Islands.
oldest history and the longest beaches. Between Pajara                              LA GOMERA is a land of contrasts and also one of
and Jandia, you will find an almost untouched 6km stretch                     the most beautiful of the Canary Islands. Relax and watch the
of beach with golden sand, crystalline sea, and a colourful             world go by on this charming and pure island with it’s abundance
underwater-world which attracts divers from all over. Loose             of nature and beautiful small beaches. La Gomera is a haven for
yourself in a small coastal village full of flavour and traditional     very old and original popular customs like the way that different
architecture or relish in the modern amenities available like golf,     valleys communicate with each other in a whistling language,
watersports and theme parks.                                            similar to the "yodling" in the European Alps.


                                                                                                            Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 13
    Fact file
    GRAN CANARIA has the biggest population of
    all the islands and also boasts the most important
    city in terms of population size and economic
    activity, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
    The capital of FUERTEVENTURA, Puerto
    Rosario is a small picturesque town with just
    15,550 inhabitants and it is here that you will get
    a true feeling for the typical style of the Canary
    Islands architecture.
    LA GOMERA has mostly small bays with fine
    sand, which include the small picturesque fishing-
    village of Playa de Santiago and at the exit of Valle
    Gran Rey, a valley with important plantations, is
    one of the island's best beaches.
    EL HIERRO’S capital city, Valverde, is a small
                                                                                                                                 Gran Canaria
    picturesque settlement with gardens and parks, an
    interesting church and a nice square from which          Spanish Tourist Office                 Did you know?
    you have a great view over the sea.
                                                             24hr brochure request line 08459
    Wherever you are in LANZAROTE, you will                                                         The Teide volcano on Tenerife is the
                                                             400 180. (national rates apply)
    never be far from a fine sandy beach and pretty                                                 highest mountain in Spain and the
    white houses. The thermal spa of Puerto del                                                     third largest volcano on Earth.
    Carmen and the tropical ambience of Playa Blanca
    make them two of the most popular resorts on
    Lanzarote.                                               Canary Islands        The Canary Islands are outside the
                                                                                                    European Union customs territory,
    La Caldera de Taburiente is a unique part of LA          Official language Spanish
                                                                                                    though politically within the EU.
    PALMA’S countryside and was designated a
    National Park in 1954 because of its immense
                                                             Average seaside temperatures
    scientific importance and its exceptional wild           Summer 24°C                            During the Second World War,
    landscapes, huge pines and waterfalls.                   Winter 21°C                            Winston Churchill prepared plans for
    TENERIFE is the largest of the islands and has                                                  the British seizure of the Canary
                                                             Currency Euro
    a strange triangular shape, with the gigantic Pico                                              Islands as a naval base.
    del Teide rising up in the centre to 3,718 meters,       Average flying time from UK 4 hours.
    making it the highest point in all of Spain.

                                                                                                                                 Gran Canaria
14 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010
Fuerteventura, Lanzarote

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Please quote CVA when replying to ads   Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 17
Lanzarote, Tenerife

   18 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads
                                                                        Lanzarote, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Please quote CVA when replying to ads   Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 19
Tenerife, Property for Sale

     20 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads
WIN a holiday for two to Tenerife
               Staying at the fantastic PARADISE PARK RESORT & SPA
 with flights courtesy of JET2.COM and tickets to SIAM PARK and LORO PARQUE,
                         the Island’s two best-known attractions
                                                          Flights will be provided by and tickets to

       scape to Tenerife this summer, an island
       blessed with year-long sunshine and attractions    visit two of Tenerife’s best known attractions, LORO
       to suit all ages. Visit Mount Teide, Spain’s       Parque and SIAM Park are also included.
highest peak, play a round of golf, search for dolphins
                                                 is one of the UK's leading low fare airlines
or visit one of Tenerife’s numerous first-class
                                                          with seven bases across the north of England - Leeds
                                                          Bradford, Manchester, Newcastle, Blackpool, Belfast,
We are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a        Edinburgh and East Midlands operating to 49 routes
fantastic holiday to the wonderful island of Tenerife.    across Europe and beyond.
The prize includes a seven-night stay for two at the      Loro Parque is home to the largest collection of
Paradise Park Resort & Spa on the Paradise Park           parrots in the world as well as killer whales, sharks,
Premium Package which includes:                           penguins, dolphins and many many more.
   • Accommodation in fully refurbished
     room with pool view                                  Siam Park is a Thai-themed water park, home to the
                                                          Tower of Power, with its breath-taking 28 metre drop
   • 1st contents of mini bar at no cost                  and the largest white sandy beach in Tenerife.
   • In-room tea and coffee making              
   • Spa Circuit [excludes                                                         To enter, visit
     treatments]                                                  and go
   • Welcome gift                                                          to ‘competitions and giveaways’.
                                                                             The closing date for entries is
   • Drinks with meals                                                    Friday 30 April 2010. Prize cannot
     [lunch/dinner depending on                                            be taken before 15th July 2010
     board basis]                                                             and is subject to availability.
   • Exclusive entertainment                                              Terms & conditions apply and can                                                       be found on the website.

                                                                                     Choice Villas & Apartments 2010
A typically Mediterranean landscape blessed with timeless beauty, where
five-star resorts are intertwined with well preserved Greek and Roman ruins.

                                              Konnos Bay – a mile east of Ayia Napa ©Cyprus Tourism Organisation
being at the crossroads of three continents, it is a distinctive
place that can feel blissfully apart from it all.
Your experience of Cyprus can be as varied and rewarding as the
geography of the island itself. There are beaches to suit just
about everybody, from families with small children to seekers of
solitude and the Troodos Mountains offer an alluring contrast to       Larnaca is the enchanting village of Lefkara, once admired by
the coast. The distinctive culture of Cyprus is always close at        Leonardo da Vinci for its exquisite handmade lace.
hand, whether it be in the hillside towns, at the beach or in the
countryside.                                                           With its superb beaches and multi-star hotels, the
                                                                       FAMAGUSTA region draws discerning sun seekers from all
The whole town of PAPHOS is included in the official UNESCO            over the globe. Ayia Napa, once a small fishing village, is a lively
list of cultural and natural treasures of world heritage, and          resort best known for its colourful nightlife. Historic sites such
archeological discoveries in the region are continual. The stunning    as a 16th-Century Venetian monastery and the crescent harbour,
harbour is the perfect backdrop for an evening meal of freshly         add character to the busy shops and tavernas. Life in this
caught seafood, or an afternoon coffee whilst admiring the             southeastern corner of Cyprus revolves around the sea, with
magnificent boats returning from a day at sea. A trip to the hilltop   watersports of all kinds readily available – from scuba diving to
market is also a must for the magnificent views over Paphos, if not    water-skiing to paragliding. East to Protaras, more glorious
for the souvenirs!                                                     beaches spread out under the sun.
A tradition of celebration and hospitality is always present                During the Venetian expansion eastward in the 1500’s, the
in the vibrant seaside town of LIMASSOL. From                                    capital NICOSIA was fortified with imposing stone
the Wine Festival in September, to the Carnival in
                                                             Spring                walls and massive gates. The famous Famagusta
February, music, parades, and dancing is a way           is an excellent             Gate still stands today. Wind your way through
of life! Limassol has ten miles of beaches –                                           narrow stone streets where flowers cascade from
stroll along the promenade, visit the lush
                                                       season for nature                window pots and the aroma of traditional baking
Municipal Gardens or travel along the coastal        lovers to visit Cyprus             wafts through open doorways. Explore jewellery
road to the east to find Amathus, one of the                                            and handicraft shops, dine in charming tavernas
ancient city kingdoms of Cyprus.
                                                      as the countryside is            and marvel at churches centuries old.
Most visitors to Cyprus begin their discovery in
                                                       green and flowers The thick cedar and pine forests and sun-soaked
LARNACA – the second port and site of an                are in blossom. slopes of the TROODOS region offer an
international airport. Shopping boutiques, inviting                               unexpected contrast to the Mediterranean coast, less
cafés and a palm-lined promenade lead the way to the                         than an hour away. Connecting the mountain resorts of
Larnaca Medieval Museum, housed in a 17th-century fort. One            Troodos, Kakopetria, Platres, and Agros are trails that hold
of the oldest, continually-inhabited cities in the world, Larnaca is   delights for mountain bikers, hikers, bird watchers and
rich in places to visit. Nearby is an 18th-Century aqueduct, and       botanists alike. Nine of Troodos’s remarkable Byzantine
two wonderful museums – the Larnaka District archeological             churches have been listed on UNESCO’s prestigious World
Museum and the Pierides Foundation Museum. Not far from                Cultural Heritage List.

                                                                                     Petra tou Romiou – Aphrodite’s Rock ©Cyprus Tourism Organisation

                                                                                                             Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 23
    Fact file
    AIRPORT has officially opened. The new state-
    of-the art airport, which is three times bigger than
    its predecessor, will be able to handle up to 7.5
    million passengers each year. Cyprus now boasts
    two modern airports following the opening of the
    new airport in Paphos in November 2008.
    Cyprus has been awarded its highest ever number
    of ‘Blue Flag’ beaches in recognition of the quality
    and safety of its beaches. In total 53 beaches
    located throughout the island successfully achieved
    the exclusive eco-label. New beaches to join the
    list are ‘Miami Beach’ in Agios Athanasios near
    LIMASSOL and ‘Spyros Beach’ near
    LARNACA airport.
    CYPRUS has been rated the top spot in Europe
    for bathing water quality with 98.2% of its                                                          Ayia Napa ©Cyprus Tourism Organisation
    beaches complying with all obligatory standards
    on beach water quality by the European                  Tourist Office                       Average seaside temperatures (Paphos)
    Commission and European Environmental Agency                    Winter 16ºC, Spring 20ºC, Summer
    Commission which monitors the quality and
                                                                                                 30ºC, Autumn 23ºC
    cleanliness of beaches in the 27 member                 Official language Greek & Turkish.
    countries.                                              English is widely spoken, as is      Did you know? Cyprus is the third
    Bikers can test their pedal power on the new            French & German is tourist areas.    largest island in the Mediterranean
    TROODOS Cycling Network, which offers three                                                  Sea
    signposted routes in some of the Troodos                Currency Euro
    Mountains’ most scenic parts.
                                                            Average flying time 41/2 hours       Along the route that leads from the
    After launching a Cyprus Sustainable Tourism                                                 port city of Limassol to Paphos, is a
    Initiative (CSTI) self-drive route covering the         Average local prices
                                                                                                 magnificent stretch of coastline
    Pitsilia area in the North of LIMASSOL earlier          Single bus ticket €1                 where you can swim in the sea at
    this year, Cyprus will unveil a new CSTI self-drive     Glass of beer €3.50–5                Petra tou Romiou, a boulder that
    route in October where drivers will be able to
    discover the North of PAPHOS and the Akamas             Lunch (fixed menu) €10–13.50         marks the spot where Aphrodite
    peninsula renowned for its outstanding natural          Theatre ticket €17–25                emerged from the sea-foam in
    beauty and rare endemic plants.                                                              ancient times.
                                                            Local Time GMT+2 hours
              Adonis Bath – just outside Paphos, close to
                Coral Bay ©Cyprus Tourism Organisation

                                                                                                             Grapes ©Cyprus Tourism Organisation
24 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010

 26 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads
                                                                        Cyprus, Property for Sale

Please quote CVA when replying to ads   Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 27
With coasts on three seas, magnificent cities and idyllic
rural areas each with its own distinctive character you
could have a hundred different holidays in France.

                     Canoes on the Dordogne near the village of La Rogue Gajeac, Aquitaine, South West France. © ATOUT FRANCE/Jean Malburet
The east has medieval charm and splendour, half-timbered
towns and magnificent cathedrals, while further south lie the
mountains of the Jura and Savoy and the glitz of the Côte
d’Azur. The interior offers unspoilt landscapes such as the
ever-popular Dordogne and then there are cities like Paris,
Lyon, Marseilles and many others, all beautiful and distinctive.
The SOUTH-WEST of France enjoys the lakes and rivers            Easily accessible from the UK, the NORTH-EAST of
of Limousin, the golden sandy beaches, rolling Bordeaux         France is home to Calais and the major town of Lille with TGV
vineyards and beautiful castles of Aquitaine, and the rich      Paris, Brussels and London rail connections. From France’s
cultural heritage and diverse landscape of the Midi-Pyrénées.   historical beginnings in Picardy to the romance of Paris and
The Poitou-Charentes region has a magnificent coastline and is  the splendour of the Champagne region, this area of France is
linked to the superb, refined and locally produced spirit of    full of charm and beauty. Lorraine is at the border of Belgium,
Cognag and is one of the finest destinations for                         Luxembourg and Germany and Alsace is renowned for
countryside holidays.                                                       geranium-filled villages and its medieval capital of
                                                        Corsica is a          Strasbourg. And of course there is Burgundy,
See SOUTH-EAST France at it’s natural                                           famous for its fine wines, and the natural beauty
best in Auvergne with it’s abundance of green          well-preserved            of Franche-Comté.
mountains and wild gorges, shaped by the            island with two
volcanic activity that took place over 30                                       The NORTH-WEST is home to Brittany, at
million years ago. The Rhône-Alps are            thirds of its surface the westernmost tip of France, a region with
famous for snowy peaks, hiking and winter-                                     ancient countryside, quiet beaches and small
sports and the Rhône River runs straight from
                                                   being a Regional fishing villages. Normandy is fantastic for
the glacier, south through France towards the         Natural Park           families from the seaside coasts to child-friendly
sunny Mediterranean. Languedoc-Roussillon,                                 activities and the Loire Valley has charming towns,
Provence Alps and Côte d’Azur have miles of sandy                       lush gardens and numerous museums and cathedrals.
beaches resting against the Mediterranean Sea and                  The north west is perfect for all kinds of pastimes like
charming villages, sparkling marinas and the romantic hill-top cycling, canoeing, and hot-air ballooning and the Western
towns and magical sunshine of the Riviera. Corsica is a green  Loire stretches along the Atlantic Ocean, just below
island with pine forests and emerald mountain lakes, not to    Brittany and is a scenic region with 30 miles of coast and
mention miles of luxurious beaches.                            250 miles of waterways.

                                                             The beach at Carnac, a town famous for its megalithic alignments. Brittany, North West France
                                                                                                                           ©ATOUT FRANCE/Michel Angot

                                                                                                                Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 29
    Fact file
    CORSICA is a prized destination for gourmets.
    Don’t miss the Figalellu (lightly smoked liver
    sausage), Coppa Ham, Canistrelli (lemon biscuits)
    with chestnuts and Casgiu Merzu: a “dancing”
    goats cheese swarming with small live white
    worms (asticots)!
    an uninterrupted 27km hike along the Atlantic
    coastline from Biarritz to Hendaye. Walk through
    wild heathland and narrow Basque streets with the
    Rhune mountains on the French side and the Trois
    Couvonnes (three crowns) peak across the border
    in Spain.
    France has almost 2000km of BEACHES
    spread across 200 resorts. Whether along the
    English Channel, the Atlantic or the
    Mediterranean, they all have their own individual        Albigny beach, Lake Annecy, Rhône-Alpes, South East France ©ATOUT FRANCE/Jean-François Tripelon-Jarry
    style ranging from sandy, pebble, secret coves or    Tourist Office                                          Did you know?
    invigorating waves and tides.
                                                                                    The maximum distances in France are:
    France’s CLIMATE is divided into four climatic                                 North–South: Dunkirk to Paris-de-
    zones:                                               Tel: 09068 244 123 (60p min)                            Malo, 973km; East–West:
    The South of France enjoys a Mediterranean                                                                   Lauterbourg to Pointe de Corsen,
    climate with mild winters and very hot summers.      Official language French
                                                                                                                 945.5km; North-west–South-east:
    The North, Paris and Central regions have an         Average temperatures (July)                             Pointe de Corsen to Menton, 1082km.
    intermediate climate with cold winters and hot
                                                         Nice 23ºC                                               The French Motorail allows you to
                                                         Paris 19ºC                                              take your car to the south of France,
    Alsace, Lorraine and along the Rhone corridor
    and in the Alps, Pyrenees and Massif Central, the
                                                         Montpellier 23ºC                                        saving you the drive. Your car is
    climate is semi-continental with harsh winters and   Lyon 20ºC
                                                                                                                 loaded onto special transporter
    hot summers.
                                                         Currency Euro                                           carriages whilst you relax in the
    In the west from Bayonne to Lille, the oceanic and                                                           passenger carriages. Services operate
    humid climate give cooler summers.                   Local time GMT+1 (end Mar–end Oct
                                                                                                                 to Brives, Toulouse, Narbonne,
                                                                                                                 Avignon and Nice.
                                                         Average flying time Approx 11/2 hours         
                Septmonts, Picardy, North East France
         ©ATOUT FRANCE/CRT Picardie/Claude Jacquot

                                                                        Along the Orne, viaduct and countryside on the outskirts of Clécy, Normandy, North West France.
30 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010                                                                                                      © ATOUT FRANCE/CDT Calvados

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                                                                        South-East, South-West, Skiing

Please quote CVA when replying to ads   Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 33
From the fascination of ancient Athens to the beaches of Corfu, Crete and
Rhodes, Greece and her Islands offer a unique mix of sun, sand and history.

                                                             Athens antiquity ©GNTO, D Koilalous
Greece will delight your senses in so many ways as you wander
through picture-postcard villages and historical sites, sampling
the fresh and unique flavours of Greek cuisine and roam from
mountains to beach taking in the breathtaking scenery.
In 2009, 425 beaches and eight marinas in Greece were
awarded the “Blue Flag” for their cleanliness, good organisation
and safety, putting the country in a top-ranking position among
other European countries. Half of Greece’s 16,000km coast is
found around the thousands of islands and the rest around the      Mediterranean and daily sea crossings can be made to nearby
mainland. Diversity stretches from small bays and coves to sandy   Turkey. Peaceful resorts can be found on the west coast.
beaches with dunes, pebbly shores and coastal caves.               RHODES is said to have 300 days of blue skies a year and
Greece’s mainland is perfect for holidays with the perfect         beyond the madness of resorts like Faliraki, famed for its
combination of diving, snorkelling, Greek ruins and charming       clubbing scene, there is much to discover on yet another beautiful
churches. Visit ATHENS in the south for a city break and to        island. Rhodes has a well-preserved medieval city steeped in
explore the surrounding towns and villages or                           history with castle’s and fortresses waiting to be explored.
                                                                             The most popular beaches lie to the west and south of
PARGA on the west coast with its picturesque                Cephalonia,          Rhodes City and those in search of a more authentic
harbour, busy nightlife and ferry links to Corfu.                                  Greece, should head south of the island.
Or relax on the white sand beaches of                    enjoyed a surge
HALKIDIKI in the north and let your                    in popularity after The IONIAN SEA is home to oneZanteisland
                                                                                      group, The Ionian Islands including
imagination run free!
                                                     featuring in the novel (Zakynthos) and Corfu amongst others.
Most of Greece’s islands lie in the AEGEAN
                                                        and film Captain              CORFU is the closest Greek Island to the UK
SEA and include the popular holiday islands of                                       and is still the most popular for Brits. All-
Kos and Rhodes (The Dodecanese) and Crete.                   Corelli’s              inclusive and cheap package deals have made
CRETE is a very popular island with a mix of                Mandolin.             Corfu a very attractive holiday destination, although
large tourist resorts, peaceful seaside villages and                           amongst the touristy resorts north and south of Corfu
centuries-old cities. Most of the eastern side is a mecca                  town and along the north coast, romantic beaches and
for package tourism, whilst the west has a more rugged coastline traditional villages can still be found all over.
and less crowded beaches.                                          ZANTE (ZAKYNTHOS) is the most southerly of the Ionian
KOS was one of the first Greek Islands to open up to mass          Islands full of pretty villages, quiet beaches and breathtaking
tourism, owed mostly to its long sandy coastlines. It has some of  scenery. The major beach resorts are along the coastal strip
the most interesting archeological sites in the whole              north west of Zakynthos Town and Laganas to the south.

                                                                                                         Lindos, Rhodes ©GNTO, Nikos Kasseris

                                                                                                       Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 35
    Fact file
    GREEK HONEY is famous all over the world
    for its good quality, aroma and outstanding taste.
    It owes its wide diversity in taste and aroma to the
    rich Greek flora which comprises a large number
    of wild flowers. Honey in Greece is mainly flower-
    honey from the nectar of fruit and citrus trees
    (lemon, orange, bigarade trees), thyme honey,
    with incomparable aroma, and pine honey from
    conifer trees.
    The DODECANESE ISLANDS, including
    Rhodes, Kos and Patmos, are close to Turkey,
    while the IONIAN ISLANDS have an Italian
    flavour; one of these is Cephalonia.
    The GREEK MOUNTAINS are renowned for
    their diversity, landscapes of singular beauty and
    unique forests, many of which rank among the                                                                                Rhodes Town ©GNTO
    oldest natural wooded lands in Europe. Due to the
    astoundingly rich flora and fauna they support,
                                                            Tourist Office                           Capital Athens
    many of these environments have been designated
                                                                                                     Local time GMT+2 hours
    as National Parks.                            
                                                            020 7495 9300                            Did you know?
    OLIVE OIL plays a unique role in Greek dietary
    habits, being the basis of all recipes of traditional                                            The highest point in Greece is Mount
    cuisine. Greek olive oil enjoys worldwide
                                                            Official language Greek                  Olympus, legendary home of Zeus
    distinction for its purity and exceptional taste. You   Average summer temperatures              and the other Olympian gods and
    will find it everywhere in glass bottles and cans.
                                                            (June–August)                            goddesses.
    SUMMER CINEMAS (open-air) are one of the                Athens: 27ºC                             Crete is the biggest of Greece’s
    Greek people’s most popular forms of                    Corfu: 25ºC                              islands, followed by the lesser-known
    entertainment during the spring and summer. They
    operate in open-air areas (roofs, empty lots, parks     Rhodes: 26ºC                             island of Evvia or Euboia.
    etc), are usually surrounded by small natural or        Santorini: 24ºC                          The Greek territory comprises 6000
    artificial gardens and their floor is covered with
    pebbles. There are summer cinemas in all the            Currency Euro                            islands and islets scattered in the
    Greek cities and many holiday resorts and shows                                                  Aegean and Ionian Sea, of these
    usually start at around 9pm.                            Average flying time from UK 31/2 hours   islands only 227 are inhabited.
                                  Konitsa, Epirus ©GNTO

                                                                                                                      Athens Herodion Theatre ©GNTO
36 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010
Greece, Greek Islands

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From the mountains, lakes and great cities of the north, to the dreamy
landscapes and rugged islands of the south, Italy has more variety, more
culture and more to enjoy than you could possibly imagine.

                                                     Amalfi Coast, Campania, ©De Agostini Picture Library
                                                                       The stunning beauty of nature of SARDINIA, the ancient
Italy is a popular destination for holidays in all seasons. Italians
                                                                       traditions, and the various expressions of Sardinian culture are
and international visitors mingle together in the famous resorts
                                                                       more authentic and more genuine than elsewhere, whether you
during the summer months. Spring comes early and autumn
                                                                       choose to enjoy the magnificent sea or visit museums, to study
lingers, perfect for leisurely enjoying the art and culture on offer
                                                                       the mystery of the "nuraghi" or to try a delicious typical dish.
in the large cities. And in winter, the Italian Alps are unequaled
for scenery and skiing.                                                SICILY is a sunny island whose landscape is rich in contrasts,
Depending on the region, you could have a very                                 with a splendid coastline and a refined, delicious and
                                                                The          varied cuisine of traditional flavours and exquisite
different experience in Italy. The NORTH is the
                                                             ‘Caves of          aromas. Every style and every movement in art is
industrial and commercial powerhouse of the
                                                                                 richly represented in Sicily.
nation, and boasts many fascinating cities,            Matera’, Basilicata,
including the region’s largest, Milan and Turin,                                   Between north and south lies the Italy that has
as well as such delights as Venice, Verona and          are one of the most         become the beloved haunt of distinguished
Mantua. Ringed by the Alps, it also features          peculiar, ancient and celebrities and their families. This is the cradle
some spectacular scenery – most famously the                                       of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance,
Italian Lakes that stretch from Switzerland           extraordinary human achievements whose legacy suffuses the region;
south-east into Venetia – and the resorts of the        settlements in the but it is also where you will find the archetypal
Ligurian coast, known as the Italian Riviera.                                  Italian landscape of rugged, shrub-strewn hills
                                                               world        dozing in the golden light. From the pull of the
The SOUTH is dominated by Naples; as well as                                  Eternal City of Rome, to regions rich in varied
being an unforgettable city in itself, it has the added attraction     countryside, the Adriatic sea, gentle hills, deep and mysterious
of nearby Mount Vesuvius and the excavations at Pompeii and
                                                                       caves and protected areas of natural beauty, CENTRAL Italy
Herculaneum. Campania has beautiful seas and architectural
                                                                       is a delightful destination enriched with towns, villages, palaces,
treasures of all eras and styles, and Abruzzo is known as "the
                                                                       and religious buildings, all of them of important architectural
region of parks" with 30 per cent of its territory protected by
                                                                       and artistic value.
environmental legislation, more than any other region in Europe.

                                                                                                      Gallipoli, Apulia ©De Agostini Picture Library

                                                                                                         Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 41
    Fact file
    NORTHERN ITALY has some of the world's
    most renowned winter sports resorts, easily
    reached from Torino, chief city of the westernmost
    Piemonte region; from Milano, hub of the central
    mountain and lake district; and from Venezia,
    leading city of the eastern region. Skiing is also a
    summer sport in the Torino Alps and the lofty
    mountains surrounding the Valle d’Aosta.
    The Italians love the BICYCLE so if cycling is
    your thing, then there is no better place. From
    flats to rolling hills to steep climbs, the scenery,
    villages, history, art and landscape will inspire you
    every day with new surprises. Spring and autumn
    are the best times of the year for cycling in Italy.
    Most of the year the BEACHES are sunny and
    with 5,310 miles of shoreline bordering Italy and
                                                                                          Temple of Concord, Valley of the Temples, Sicily ©De Agostini Picture Library
    its islands, you can usually find waters where the
    temperature is right for swimming.                      Tourist Office                                      Did you know?
    Mirroring the snow-covered Alps that surround 
    them, the LAKES of Lombardy welcome tourists                                                                Summer temperatures in the south
    to Italy. The three largest lakes are Maggiore (82                                                          are far hotter than in the north -
    sq.miles), Como (56 sq.miles), and Garda (143           Official language Italian                           especially in the mountain regions
    sq.miles). They provide a busy season of                                                                    which have heavy winter snowfalls.
    swimming, sailing, golf and tennis from early           Average summer temperatures (July)
    spring to the late mild autumn.                                                                             The wettest months are October to
                                                            Rome: 25
    Italian style has always been associated with           Milan: 24
    creativity and elegance. One of the most successful     Naples: 26                                          Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was
    areas of Italian design has been
    AUTOMOBILES, where designers like
                                                            Sardinia: 24                                        set in Verona, Italy.
    Pininfarina have created works of art like the          Sicily: 26
                                                                                                                Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) the
    Ferrari and more down-to-earth cars like the
    Peugeot 205 and the Fiat Uno. There are 10 top          Currency Euro                                       famous Renaissance painter was also
    design firms for cars, all concentrated around                                                              a sculptor, architect, engineer and
    Turin, the centre of Italian auto manufacturing.
                                                            Average flying time from UK
                                                            London–Rome 21/2 hours

                                Paradise Beach, Sardinia

                                                                                                                     Elba Island, Tuscany ©De Agostini Picture Library
42 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010
Italy, Centrall, Southern

     44 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads
                                                                        Southern, Central

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From the medieval quarters of Lisbon to the miles of amazing beaches and
world-class golf courses on the Algarve, the sun always shines on Europe’s
west coast.

                                                  Albufeira Beach, Algarve ©Jose Manuel / Turismo de Portugal
Once a great imperial power, Portugal is now better known for
sunshine, golf and fortified wine. The Costa de Prata, the Estoril
coast and Costa Azul all compete for the attention of tourists,
but best known are the beaches and year-round sunshine of the      is the largest evergreen forest in the world - a fact that has
Algarve in the far south.                                          earned it classification as a world heritage site. Madeira offers a
Nature has blessed Portugal’s 850km of coastline with a bit of     sophisticated holiday with top quality accommodation, amazing
everything, from enchanting beaches to varied, breath-taking       spas and a pleasant temperature with the hottest months being
countryside and the Atlantic coast is prized by surfers and        August and September. Madeira is a delight for the eye, the sea
windsurfers across Europe.                                         is visible from wherever you are and exotic flowers and fruits add
The coastal towns are also rich in Portuguese heritage, discover   colour to this visual masterpiece.
the colourful seafaring and fishing traditions and end your day by Porto Santo is a two and a half hour boat trip from Madeira and
sampling some of the finest fresh fish in the world.                       is one of Europe’s most attractive island paradises with
You will find everything you need for the perfect             Lisbon            golden sands stretching for 9km and famous for their
                                                                                  healing properties.
holiday on the ALGARVE from the casinos in                  is blessed with
Lagos, Vilamoura and Monte Gordo to theme                                                                         AZORES,
parks like Atlantic Park, Loulé or Zoomarine,           natural beauty and Nine islands make up theown surprises.all are
                                                                                       different and offer their                Pico
near Albufeira where you can see dolphins,            steeped in fascinating Island is classified as a world heritage site with
seals, sharks and crocodiles.
As for beaches, one of the most beautiful, wild
                                                                                        a mountain,                 and vineyards
                                                        history and the only formed from dramatic cliffsOr you can enjoy the
                                                                                                      black basalt.
and untamed with lots of waves is Arrifana on             European capital             hot waters and steam escaping from Volcano
the Costa Vicentina, whilst the lively ones                  with Atlantic            vents on the island of São Miguel. The Azores are
amongst you will like Praia da Rocha in Portimão,                                   ideal for climbing, walking and whale and dolphin
Galé in Albufeira or Praia da Oura and Vilamoura                beaches.          watching.
where you will find plenty of facilities and nightlife. Two
of the finest resorts are Vale de Lobo and Quinta do Lago.                 LISBON is a city full of life and extremely welcoming to
                                                                      visitors and quite unique that it has both a river and a coastline.
MADEIRA has a varied oceanic sub-tropical climate,                    Visit the medieval quarters of Alfama and Mouraria above which
influenced by its geographical position and mountainous               stands a castle, play golf, go surfing or dance the night away in
landscape. The Laurisilva Forest, in the Madeira Natural Park,        one of the many riverbank discos.

                                                                                                 Zambujeira do Mar, Alentejo ©Turismo de Portugal

                                                                                                         Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 47
    Fact file
    THE AZORES are situated in the Atlantic Ocean
    between Europe and North America and consist of
    nine islands. It takes about two hours to get from
    the Azores to mainland Portugal by plane.
    Portuguese people are sweet toothed! Their
    specialities include at least two hundred different
    types of PASTRIES. In the 17th and 18th
    century, the convents became famous for their
    pastries, as can be told by the names of their
    specialities: "toucinho do céu" - heaven's lard, or
    "barriga de freiras" - nun's belly!
    Every year after Easter, FUNCHAL is the setting
    for a truly sumptuous spectacle, the city’s Flower
    Festival. Madeira celebrates springtime and the
    exuberance of the flowers that typically bloom in
    that season, and here with even greater intensity
                                                                                                 Veu da Noiva Waterfall, Sao Vicente, Madeira ©Turismo de Portugal
    due to Madeira’s subtropical climate.
    From the North to the South, the country is           Tourist Office                                      Did you know?
    wealthy in GOOD WINES and, apart from the   
    unique Port from Madeira, there are more than one     0845 355 1212                                       Mainland Portugal is split by its main
    hundred different varieties of wines, ranging from                              river, the Tagus. The northern
    table wines to special ones, all of them reflecting                                                       landscape is mountainous and the
    the individual character of their respective soil.    Official language Portuguese                        south features mostly rolling plains
                                                                                                              and a warmer and drier climate than
    Portugal has more than 70 GOLF COURSES,               Average summer temperatures (Jun–Aug)               in the north.
    and the mild climate makes it possible to play all    Lisbon 27ºC
    year round. Major tournaments on the international    Algarve 27ºC                                        Portuguese is the third most spoken
    circuit, such as the Portugal Masters are hosted      Azores 24ºC                                         European language in the world and
                                                          Madeira 24ºC                                        the native tongue of about 200
    Explore the whole country in just one day as you                                                          million people.
    take the children to the Portuguese miniature         Currency Euro
    exhibition in the region of BEIRAS, central                                                               Portugal's highest point is Mount Pico
                                                          Average flying time 21/2 hours                      on Pico Island in the Azores. This is
    Portugal. This precursor of the theme park is
    dedicated to the main architectural monuments of      Local time GMT +1                                   an ancient volcano measuring
    Portugal from the north to the south, and all built                                                       2,350m (7,710 ft).
    on a reduced scale!                                   Capital Lisbon
       Cascais, Lisbon ©Jos Manuel, Turismo de Portugal

                                                                                           Pinhal Golf Course, Vilamoura, Algarve ©Lusotur Golf, Turismo de Portugal
48 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010

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Algarve, Madeira

   52 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads
                                                                        Algarve, Madeira

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Certainly not short on charm or popularity, Spain has a wealth of amenities
for those who know how to enjoy life. Whether you are seeking a beachfront
resort, a city escape or a rural retreat, Spain has it all.

                                                                       Costa Brava
From luxurious marinas and breathtaking mountains to beautiful
resorts and exhilarating nightlife, Spain can be whatever you want
it to be.
GREEN SPAIN is the countryside by shore between the
Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay. The Regions of Galicia,         The COSTA CALIDA, or 'warm coast' is home to both the
Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country, in northern Spain,        Mar Menor and La Manga Club. The 250km of coastline which
are home to some of most valuable and best-conserved ecological       lies between the Costa Blanca and Costa Almeria is shared by
areas in Europe. These are landscapes full of contrasts, with salt-   two seas: the Mar Menor, the biggest salt water lake in Europe
water rivers, endless greenery that can be discovered on              and one of the best places in the world for watersports; and on
horseback, by boat, or following an old Roman road. A coastline       the other side is the Mediterranean with the fine-sand beaches of
that stretches for more than 2,000 km, with cliffs, mountains,        Punta del Estacio, Ensenada del Esparto and Galúa.
forests, rivers, beaches, deep gorges and valleys.
                                                                     The COSTA DEL LA LUZ faces south-west into the sun
The COSTA BLANCA or 'white coast' is a land of many                  and the Atlantic and is aptly named the ‘Coast of Light’. Fine
contrasts with golden beaches, green valleys, mountains,                    golden sands, windsurfers’ winds, the historic cities of
quaint villages and over 150km of coastline                                      Seville and Cadiz, and Jerez de la Frontera – the home
overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean sea with an           Spain is a            of sherry – are some of the reasons this region is so
irresistible promise of sun and sand. As you begin                                    popular with the Spanish themselves.
to explore the Costa Blanca, its varied history           golfing paradise
and culture will become evident – owing to                with 313 courses              The COSTA BRAVA is a rugged corner of
early settlements of Romans, Iberians and the                                            Catalonia which has captivated artists such as
Carthaginians, you will come across                     spread across major              Dalí, Chagall and Picasso; its attractions range
archeological sites, castles and stone-carved             cities, mountain               from resorts like Lloret de Mar and Platja d’Aro
churches.                                                                               to the architecture of Girona and the scenic
                                                        areas and right on beauty of places such as Banyoles and Cadaqués.
The COSTA DEL SOL has built its success                                              Catalonia’s distinctness is evident in the Catalan
on its warm air and sea and almost guaranteed                  the coast
                                                                                  language and traditional festivals.
sunshine. Resorts range from Marbella – with its
exclusive marina at Puerto Banús – to Torremolinos, add                   COSTA DE ALMERÍA is a popular, modern tourist
dramatic mountain scenery and the spectacular cave at Nerja and      resort with natural areas where mankind has barely left its mark.
you have the perfect destination. There are 11 marinas on the        Enjoy varied folklore and plenty of fiestas, as well as popular
Costa del Sol, offering sailing and watersports facilities and most  handicrafts such as pottery, rugs and marble. Gastronomic
have magnificent nightlife and top restaurants, with many stylish    specialities such as paprika, gurullos (stews), and seafood soup
boutiques and shops of all kinds.                                    are also a legacy from the region's rich past.

                                                                                                                       Estepona, Costa del Sol

                                                                                                         Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 57
    Fact file
    Experience first-hand “SPANISH
    EQUESTRIAN ART” at the Royal Andalusian
    School of Equestrian Art in Jerez de la Frontera
    (Cadiz), Andalusia. Visit this internationally-
    renowned institution and tour its facilities, where
    you will see that horses form part of the culture of
    Andalusia. You will also be able to admire the way
    they dance to the beat of traditional Spanish
    THE ALHAMBRA is a beautiful complex of
    buildings and gardens in Granada. Its leafy tree-
    lined walkways provide pleasant shade and
    coolness, enhanced by the abundance of water
    that flows in its streams. It was the largest
    political and aristocratic centre of the Muslim
    West. The Palace premises are made up of
    beautiful rectangular courtyards and numerous                                                                        Barcelona P. Güell ©Turespaña
    fountains. The oldest building is the Alcazaba
    (citadel).                                             Tourist Office                             Did you know?
    THE PYRENEES is the large mountain range                               Spain has 14 National Parks, all are
    which separates northern Spain from the rest of                                                   characterised by their variety,
    Europe, and is fascinating for its stunning natural    Official language Spanish
                                                                                                      mountains and wetlands, beaches
    landscapes. The range is 450 km long, reaching
    from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean.
                                                           Average temperatures                       and forests, volcanos, lava and lakes.
    Sports are an excellent medium by which to enjoy       Alicante, Costa Blanca                     but above all, by their stunning
    this extreme, abrupt countryside to the full.                                                     ecological wealth.
                                                           Dec–Feb 17°C Mar–May 20°C
    Just north of ALICANTE, the 17th-century               Jun–Aug 28°C Sep–Nov 24°C                  There are over 100 different cheeses
    parish church and the Calvario, Santa Ana and
    San Roque chapels make up the monumental               Malaga, Costa del Sol                      in Spanish gastronomy ranging from
    heritage of San Juan de Alicante.                                                                 curd like Burgos, cream like Torta del
                                                           Dec–Feb 17°C Mar–May 21°C
                                                                                                      Casar, blue like Cabrales, aged like
    THE ROMAN THEATRE in Cartagena,                        Jun–Aug 29°C Sep–Nov 23°C
    Murcia is now open to visitors. Hidden for                                                        Manchego, and smoked like Palmero.
    centuries under other buildings, the remains of the    Currency Euro
    Roman Theatre were only discovered in 1988 and
                                                                                                      Spain is the second most
    since then a major project has been underway to        Average flying time from UK 2–21/2 hours   mountainous country in Europe.
    carefully preserve and excavate the theatre.
               Playa de Mijas, Costa del Sol ©Turespaña

                                                                                                              Cala de Moraira, Costa Blanca ©Turespaña
58 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010
Spain, Costa Blanca

   60 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads
                                                                        Costa Blanca

Please quote CVA when replying to ads   Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 61
Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca

     62 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads
                                                                        Costa del Sol

Please quote CVA when replying to ads   Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 63
Costa del Sol, Green Spain, Property for Sale

         64 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010     Please quote CVA when replying to ads
                                                                        Costa de Almeria, Spain Property for Sale

Please quote CVA when replying to ads   Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 65
& North
From the most famous turquoise waters and lagoon beach in
Turkey to the pretty villages and old-world charm of North
Cyprus, it’s not hard to see why these two gems are so popular.

                                                              Olu Deniz, Turkey ©Loretta Prince
Turkey and North Cyprus are hugely popular with British
tourists, North Cyprus for its slow pace of life, value for money
and delightful village-feel and Turkey offers a fascinating
experience for those seeking something a bit different.
TURKEY is a vast country between the Black Sea, the
Mediterranean and the Middle East and now well-established as
a tourist destination, with some highly popular resorts around its
lengthy coasts. It bears testimony to millennia of successive            NORTH CYPRUS combines beautiful bays and enchanting
civilisations, but still offers ‘virgin’ territory for the adventurous   sights with a sunny climate all year round, making it an ideal get-
traveller, while remaining a friendly and welcoming place.               away for every season. Located at the crossroads of three
Turkey’s cultural capital Istanbul, is set to be an even hotter          continents, North Cyprus is a hotbed of historical wonders, a
destination in 2010 when it becomes European Capital of                  beautiful secret touched by heaven. The island is scattered with a
Culture. The city will host a huge variety of arts and cultural          peculiar array of architectural styles. Every corner is of historic
events throughout the year. In addition to the hubbub of modern          importance, from the ruins of classical Salamis, Lambousa and
life, there are beautiful and historic buildings like the                Soli Kingdoms to the romantic Crusader castles of St Hilarion,
colossally-domed St Sophia – first a cathedral, then a                            Bufavento and Kantara, perched along the Kyrenia
mosque, now a museum – and the fabulous                                               Mountains.
Topkapi, palace of the Ottoman sultans.                        North Cyprus             However, those who would rather lie out on the
Outside of Istanbul, Mugla, home to tourism                                               beach will not be disappointed. On the East
centres Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye, boasts                   enjoys a very               Coast, between Famagusta and Bogaz, a sandy
1100 km of coastline, scenic natural beauty,                                                                              15 miles. On
                                                         pleasant climate with beach stretches out for a full isolated creeksthe
                                                                                            North Coast, smaller coves,                   and
temperate climate, plentiful activities, historical
sites and excellent resorts and infrastructure;             an average of 300 cosy beaches are the norm for well over 20
the British make up half of all visitors to the                                            miles. A labyrinth of craft shops, ancient sites
region.                                                     days of sunshine and family-owned restaurants await exploration
The Mediterranean coast in the south is also                      every year             in North Cyprus’ vibrant towns, whilst the depths
popular with sun-seekers. Its western portion,                                         of the crystal-clear azure seas offers many of the
known as the Turquoise Coast, boasts popular resorts                                region’s best dive sites.
such as Antalya and Side as well as an important wildlife area               On the two sides of Karpas peninsula, a large expanse of
in Belek. The Black Sea coast in the north is more rugged, but           immaculate dunes is bordered with tamarisk and wild olives
does have its share of sandy-beached resorts. The interior, on           groves. Visit the most beautiful Guzelyurt Bay nearby, which is
the other hand, is a memorable destination for the more intrepid         the heart of the citrus groves extending as far as Yesihrmak
traveller, with dramatic, empty landscapes, as well as several ski       village further enhancing Northern Cyprus’ claims to be an
resorts.                                                                 unforgettable destination.

                                                                                                                       North Cyprus Golden Beach

                                                                                                           Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 67
    Fact file
    As European Capital of Culture for 2010,
    ISTANBUL will host a full calendar of arts and
    cultural events throughout the year. Highlights
    include: European Universities Theatre Festival
    (2–16 May); the 3rd International Poetry Festival
    (May) and the opening of the Museum of
    Innocence, based on Orhan Pamuk’s latest novel,
    in the summer.
    Festivals are an exciting feature of life in NORTH
    CYPRUS, including international music festivals
    such as the annual Bellapais Music Festival in
    May-June, which brings together classical
    musicians from around the world.
    TURKEY is the centre of origin for more that 30
    species of fruits. In the Black Sea Region:Tea, kiwi
    and hazelnut. In the Mediterranean Region:                                                                                         North Cyprus
    Bananas, avocados, olives and citrus fruits. In
    Central and Eastern Anatolia: Grapes, apricots,        Tourist Office                          Did you know?
    walnuts and pomegranates grow.
                                                                     St Nicholas – the original Santa Claus
    The Korineum Golf and Country Club, the first          020 7839 7778                           – was born in Patara in Turkey and has
    eco-friendly professional 18-hole golf course and
    golf academy built to international standards in                                               a church dedicated to him in Demre.
    NORTH CYPRUS opened last year. Based in      
    Esentepe in the region of Girne (Kyrenia) it is set    020 7631 1930                           Due to international requirements, all
    against the stunning backdrop of the Beşparmak                     flights into North Cyprus have to
    (Five Finger) Mountains on one side and the                                                    touch down, in transit, at any airport
    Mediterranean Sea on the other.                        Official language Turkish
                                                                                                   in Turkey. The stop-over is about 30-
    Turkey's volcanic heritage has meant that the          Average seaside temperatures (August)   45 minutes and there is usually no
    country is dotted with THERMAL SPRINGS                 North Cyprus, 21ºC–36ºC                 change of aircraft.
    where steaming water heated deep underground           Turkey, 26ºC–30ºC
    has found an outlet at the surface. The Aegean                                                 Two of the world's seven wonders are
    region's gem is the UNESCO world heritage site         Currency Turkish Lira                   located in Turkey; The Temple of
    of Pamukkale east of Izmir, or 'Cotton Castle' in
    Turkish, a hot spring whose water cascades gently      Average flying time from UK 4 hours     Artemis and The Halicarnassus
    over giant calcified tiers.
                                                           Local time GMT+2                        Mausoleum.
                       Olu Deniz, Turkey ©Loretta Prince

                                                                                                        Turkish Glass Mosaic Lanterns ©Loretta Prince
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North Cyprus, Turkey

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Easy packing
Fold, roll or hang – however you pack,
these gorgeous accessories
will make it a pleasure

  for stylish men
  ‘Erick Morillo for knomo’
  laptop bags from the must-
  have Brixton range. knomo
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              for duty free
              Keep a Fizbag in your hand
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              duty free, spare sweater,
              magazines etc. Fizbags are          Turn your suitcase into a mini-wardrobe with these clever travel and
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              bags housed inside a neat,          sizes and are light-weight, the range also includes a wet-bag for
              discrete pouch. They cost           swimwear.
              £4.10 each and delivery is free     Set of three packing cubes £25, Large single cube £18, Wet bag £5.
              when you buy four or more.

  for busy mums
  Busy mums on the move will love
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  The bbox carries all of baby's                                      Win a
  changing essentials in one                                          delicious Weekender
  compact case and can                                                Washbag from hip
  conveniently be popped into a
  handbag.        www.koo-
                                                                      accessories                                                            label ZPM
                                                                      worth £36
                                                                       – it hangs on the
                                                                      door and rolls up
Sophisticated, elegant and very                                       for travel – so no
chic, the                                                             need to unpack,
                                                                      simply arrive, hang and go. Waterproof
Classic UK Travel                                                     with large, transparent pockets, it will
Collection will look a                                                hold all the essentials from shampoo and
million dollars when you next flourish your tickets. The set          sun cream bottles to shower gel and make
includes two stunning Luggage Tags, a Classic Passport Cover          up. Available online from
and the Classic Travel Wallet made from beautiful Candy Pink
Jewel Calf Leather, luxuriously lined in moiré silk with              For your chance of winning one, visit
contrasting plush Cream soft-suede. Can be personalised with and click on
initials. The Aspinal Classic UK Travel Collection is available
in a range of colours and costs £99.
                                                                      Competitions & Giveaways before 30 April 10.
                                                                      See website for Terms & conditions.

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The combination of endless beaches,
beautiful wilderness and fun theme parks
makes the USA the top long-haul
destination for millions of British travellers.

                                                  Key West ©VisitFlorida
                                                                       theme parks in San Diego like SeaWorld and LEGOLAND or
The USA has an amazing geographical and cultural diversity and         explore South California’s expanse of perfect sandy beaches like
year-round tropical weather ideally suited to family holidays,         Pacific Beach, La Jolla and Malibu and the watersports on offer –
sightseeing excursions, honeymoons or relaxing beach retreats.         you could spend a lifetime doing this!
From the Grand Canyon in the north to the saguaro forests of the      FLORIDA is the perfect holiday destination for the entire family,
south, with the red rocks of Sedona in between, ARIZONA’S             from its sandy beaches to its breathtaking parks, Florida has
spectacular landscapes defy the imagination. Arizona divides,         everything from history to the hottest attractions.
roughly, into three geological zones: the deserts of the south and    Siesta Public Beach in Sarasota is a family-friendly beach with
west, the mountainous central highlands, and the northern             shallow waters, year-round lifeguards and the whitest sands in
Colorado Plateau, named for the river that carved a                          Florida and the Everglades National Park is the only
magnificent canyon through it. With its many outdoor
playscapes, from desert zoos and mining camps to
                                                                   The            subtropical preserve in North America, with its luscious
                                                                                     wetlands and more than 150 miles of canoeing and
state and national parks, its good, clean – well, as         Everglades               walking trails, this reserve will excite a family of
clean as horses can be – Western romps,                                                 nature lovers of all ages.
cooking programmes, astronomy camps,                    National Park is For the perfect match of history, culture and
historic parks, and more, Arizona is a great
place for kids to bring their parents!
                                                                                         beauty, travel
                                                     the only subtropical experience Florida’s–east coast andoldest
                                                                                                         Augustine the nation’s
                                                        preserve in North               city. St. Augustine amazes visitors with its ancient
From the vibrant sights of San Fransisco’s                                             cobblestone streets, quaint cafés and a host of
Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square,                    America               historical landmarks and attractions, such as the
and of course the Golden Gate Bridge and Napa                                      310-year-old Castillo de San Marcos National
Valley’s vineyards to the bright lights and sounds of                          Monument, allowing you to travel back to the early
Los Angeles, home to the heart of showbusiness –                       Spanish empire in the New World.
Hollywood, you will find it hard to know where to begin in            For a taste of everything, visit Walt Disney World, where you are
CALIFORNIA! The 1000-plus miles of coastline is as good a             bound to find something to please everyone, from one of
start as any – you are likely to spot a number of marine animals      Orlando’s best shopping districts to Blizzard Beach or Epcot and
ranging from whales, otters, seals and sea lions. Visit the major     Animal Kingdom – not to mention the amazing nightlife!

                                                                                                                        Island Golf ©VisitFlorida

                                                                                                          Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 73
    Fact file
    PASO ROBLES, is North America’s newest
    award-winning wine destination. Located in
    California’s Central Coast region mid-way
    between Los Angeles and San Francisco, it is
    swiftly emerging as the new “must do” destination
    for the wine adventurer and destination pioneer.
    Paso Robles has a fascinating history covering
    Indian lore, early California Spanish land holdings,
    Hollywood royalty and a dedicated gourmet food
    KEY WEST, Florida knows how to party like a
    fish knows how to swim. By day, tan, play
    volleyball, parasail or kayak at Smathers Beach.
    Celebrate the sunset at Mallory Square before
    dancing down to Duval Street for nightlife galore.
    Located in the heart of Hollywood adjacent to
                                                                                                                  La Jolla, San Diego ©California Tourism
    Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, MADAME
    TUSSAUDS HOLLYWOOD is now open. Set                    Tourist Office                              Did you know?
    in 11 themed areas (The Red Carpet, Party, Spirit
    of Hollywood, Westerns, Crime, Modern Classics,
                                                                         The rainy season in Florida lasts from
    Making Movies, Sport, Action Heroes, Behind the                   May–October. Late autumn, winter
    Scenes and Awards Ceremony), more than 80                         and Spring are usually sunny, dry
    figures are on display.                                                                            and temperate.
                                                           Official language English
    Florida is known for its enticing stores, malls and
    outlets filled with merchandise that is sure to        Average temperatures                        420 public beaches lie along
    delight – for some of the best SHOPPING,               Orlando: Jan 20ºC, Jul 28ºC, Oct 25ºC       California’s coastline.
    travel up the west coast to Northwest Florida.         S’Francisco: Jan 10ºC, Jul 19ºC, Oct 16ºC
    With both Destin Commons and the Silver Sands                                                      The Grand Canyon is the largest
                                                           Phoenix: Jan 13ºC, Jul 34ºC, Oct 24ºC       gorge in the world! Nearly 5 million
    Factory Stores, this is a true shopper’s paradise.
                                                           Currency Dollar                             people visit Arizona’s Grand Canyon
    DISCOVERY COVE is a tropical retreat in the
    heart of Orlando where you can swim with                                                           National Park each year.
                                                           Local time Florida GMT-5 except north-
    dolphins, snorkel among tropical fish and rays,        west Florida from Panama City Beach
    hand-feed exotic birds in a free-flight aviary and
                                                                                                       No city in Florida is more than 75
    relax on pristine beaches.                             to Pensacola which is GMT-6.                miles from either the Atlantic Ocean
                                                           Average flying time UK–Florida, 9 hours     or the Gulf of Mexico.

                   Shopping Mall, Sarasota ©VisitFlorida

                                                                                                            Grand Canyon National Park ©Arizona Tourism
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 76 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads

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 78 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads

 80 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads

 82 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads

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 84 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads
We love them even if we don’t need them!

CocoRose                   London's                                                            Perfect for his
foldable flats are an essential holiday
item. These shoes in a purse can be                                                            and her travel
swapped for high heels whenever pain
kicks in. This means they are great at the                                                     needs, Essential Travel
airport, on the plane, sightseeing,                                                         Oils is a set of four award winning
shopping and dancing the night away.                                                                 blends of natural oils from
Simply unzip the purse, unfold the shoes,                                                        Aromatherapy Associates. The
and pop your heels into the satin carry                                                             travel box includes: Revive
bag. Visit for                                                           Morning Bath & Shower Oil
the full collection. Price £35.                                                                  (detoxifying), Revive Evening
                                                                                             Bath & Shower Oil (energising),
                                                                            New &                        Support Lavender &
                                  Instant bath time for                   exclusive to       Peppermint Bath & Shower Oil
                                 little ones – anywhere       (cooling) and Deep Relax Bath &
                                     with the unique                  – the most amazing               Shower Oil (peace and
                                                                       five minute single    tranquillity). Available from Fortnum
                                                                      treatment for tired     & Mason or mail order priced Travel
                                  The first ever bath that folds        and weary eyes.          Oils £26.50, 020 8569 7030.
                        away and when folded it is small and
                      flat enough to fit under a bed, store in a
                                                                      Reduce dark circles
                       cupboard and its really easy to pack yet        and puffiness with
                        expands to a volume of 39 litres when               EyeSlices.
                      filled with water. The Flexibath comes in
                         6 funky colours, has a non slip base
                       and a non slip surface inside. Available                                 mineral make-up kits by
                      from                                    jane iredale are packed with the
                               RRP £34.95 plus P&P.                                                    highest quality and purest
                                                                                              ingredients possible. The Sample
                                                                                                 Starter Kit is available in Light,
                                                                                                      Medium and Medium Dark

                        WIN some                                                                     collections and includes an
                                                                                                 Amazing Base, the best selling
                                                                                              PurePressed Base, Lip Drink, Lip
                          gorgeous gifts                                                           Colour, a PurePressed Blush,
                                                                                             Eyeshadow, Under Eye Concealer,
                          from Mya Blue Beach                                                      Lip Plumper along with three
                                                                                              application brushes and is priced
                           The latest editions to the Mya Blue Beach                                       £19.95. For stockists
                           collection capture the true essence of high summer        or call
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                           are versatile and can be worn straight from the
                           case, day and night. To view the full collection visit
                         We’ve got a ‘Safa’ beach dress worth £95 and a
                        ‘Missi’ necklace worth £25 to give away to one
                       lucky reader. For your chance of winning visit
             and click on Competitions
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   Travel Checklist
     Airport parking ✔
     Car hire ✔
                                                                   Deciding where and when to go on
     Currency ✔                                                    holiday may sometimes feel a little
     EHIC ✔                                                        stressful, but if you forget the
                                                                   essential travel extras, the headache
     Flights ✔                                                     could be much worse!
     Insurance for car hire ✔                                                 ATOL ATOL is amanaged byscheme forAviationand air
                                                                                                 protection              flights
                                                                                     holidays,               the Civil

     Passport ✔                                                              ABTA or Authority for people toCAA gives refunds and
                                                                                                (CAA). The
                                                                                     arranges                finish their holidays and
                                                                                     fly home if their tour operator goes bust. You
                                                                              IATA? will not be ATOL protected if you:
     Travel insurance ✔                                                                        only buy a scheduled flight and
                                                                                               receive a ticket within 24 hours of
                                                                                               payment or book direct with an
    The European Health                                                                        ABTA represents over 5,500 travel agencies
                                                                                               and 900 tour operators, throughout the British
    Insurance Card (EHIC) replaced the E111 form                                               Isles. It maintains a Code of Conduct which
    in 2006. Most UK citizens are entitled to a free EHIC                                      aims to ensure that the public receive the best
    which can be used to cover any necessary medical treatment due to                          possible service from Members. Many of the
    illness or accident within the European Economic Area and Switzerland.                     travel arrangements provided by ABTA
    To apply, you will need to provide your name, date of birth, and your                      Members are protected in case of the financial
    NHS or National Insurance Number. You can also apply for your spouse                       failure of the travel company.
    or partner and chilren up to the age of 16 (or 19 if in full time                          AITO is an association of around 140
    education). Apply online at or call 0845 606 2030.                         independent specialist tour operators. Holidays
                                                                                               with AITO tour operators have 100% consumer
                                                                   If you’re planning          financial protection. AITO ensures that all
   Not having adequate    travel insurance                           to drive abroad,          holidays its members operate, including
   could end up costing you thousands. Follow these tips                                       accommodation only, are protected either
   to ensure you get the right cover.
                                                                   ensure your licence         through its own government approved bonding
                                                                    is up-to-date and          scheme (AITO Trust) or through other schemes
   1. Check that your destination is covered. Some                                             such as ATOL or ABTA.
   worldwide policies do not necessarily cover the USA.            you have adequate
   2. Sporting activities usually require additional cover –          insurance and
   check with your insurer that you are covered for                                             For advice about travelling
   activities such as golf, wintersports and watersports.            breakdown cover
                                                                                               abroad visit
   3. Make sure you provide your insurer with accurate
   and true information. Any inaccuracies will result in
   your policy becoming void.                                      It usually takes around four weeks to issue a   passport      and first
   4. Get the right policy for you – for example you can           time applicants should allow six weeks (includes an interview).
   add extras to your policy to give additional cover for          If you are travelling within two weeks and need to renew your
   pre-existing medical conditions.                                passport urgently, the identity and passport service (IPS) offer a
   5. Make sure your whole family is covered. Generally            fast-track one-week service and a premium one-day service. You
   one policy covers one person unless specified.                  must make an appointment by calling the
   6. Make sure your insurer is regulated by the Financial         Passport Adviceline on 0300 222 0000,
   Services Authority (FSA).                                       between 7am–11pm seven days a week. You
   7. If you are trying to keep costs down ask about               can also use the check and send service at your
   doubling your excess to make the policy cheaper.                local post office – this is often quicker than the
   8. Never travel without insurance – even in the UK.             normal service and reduces the risk of mistakes
                                                                   with your application but does cost an extra £8.
       Provided by, one of the UK’s leading travel   The current price for a new passport or renewal
                                           insurance suppliers.    is adult £77.50 and child £49.

86 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010
                                                                        Airport Parking, Car Hire, Flights

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Insurance for Car Hire, Travel Insurance

        88 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010   Please quote CVA when replying to ads
                                                                        Travel Insurance

Please quote CVA when replying to ads   Choice Villas & Apartments 2010 89
                                         INTERNATIONAL Sweden, Caribbean, Hungary, South Africa, Property for Sale

    90 Choice Villas & Apartments 2010
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