20 July - 16 August by asafwewe



                                                                                BaND sTaND 7PM – 9PM           Tasty dishes from this
20 July - 16 August                                                             Dolly Rockers Hot
                                                                                sounds from the
                                                                                                               Asian-style takeaway.

                                                                                ultra-hip girl band.           BeaCH HuTs
Mon 20 July                                                                     Mpho skeef Music by            House of Fraser
BeaCH HuTs                                                                      the super soulstress.          Make-overs and skin
M&s Showcasing the                                                                                             consultations.
hottest summer looks.                                                                                          M&s Showcasing the
Debenhams – Clarins                                                             Fri 24 July                    hottest summer looks. Fun events for little ones
Skincare advice and                                                             BeaCH BaR                      Debenhams Discover
more.                                                                           yam yam To Go                  which bikini style best    For the kids
                                                                                Sample authentic               suits your shape.       Tues 21 July
                           The Dolly Rockers
                                                                                oriental dishes by this                                Boost Juice Free
Nintendo Wii                                                                    Asian-style takeaway.          sOuTHsIDe               goodies with Barry
MotionPlus™ Test           sOuTHsIDe                 Thurs 23 July                                             Nintendo Wii            the Boost character.
your Wii skills.           Nintendo Wii              BeaCH BaR                  BeaCH HuTs                     MotionPlus™ Test
                           MotionPlus™ Test          The Real Greek             House of Fraser                your Wii skills.        saT 25 & suN 26 July
                           your Wii skills.          Mediterranean fare         Make-overs and skin                                    lavanta Galleria at
Tues 21 July                                         from this lively eatery.   consultations.                                         the Beach Special
BeaCH HuTs                                                                      M&s Showcasing the             Sun 26 July             kids (ages 3 – 12)
M&s Showcasing the         Wed 22 July               BeaCH HuTs                 hottest summer looks.          BeaCH HuTs              and parent art
hottest summer looks.      BeaCH HuTs                House of Fraser            Debenhams Discover             House of Fraser         competition. All
Debenhams – Clarins        M&s Showcasing the        Make-overs and skin        which bikini style best        Make-overs and skin     works entered go
Skincare advice and        hottest summer looks.     consultations.             suits your shape.              consultations.          into an exhibition
more.                      Debenhams Discover        M&s Showcasing the                                        M&s Showcasing the      and fab prizes are
             Find your
                           which bikini style best   hottest summer looks.      sOuTHsIDe                      hottest summer looks. up for grabs, such
             beach style   suits your shape.         Debenhams Discover         Nintendo Wii                   Debenhams Discover as a bumper art set
                                                     which bikini style best    MotionPlus™ Test               which bikini style best (for kids) and £300
                           sOuTHsIDe                 suits your shape.          your Wii skills.               suits your shape.       towards a piece of
                           Nintendo Wii                                                                                                artwork (for parents).
                           MotionPlus™ Test          sOuTHsIDe                                                 sOuTHsIDe               Saturday, 11am to
                           your Wii skills.          Nintendo Wii               Sat 25 July                    Nintendo Wii            6.30pm, and Sunday,
                                                     MotionPlus™ Test           BeaCH BaR                      MotionPlus™ Test        12pm to 5pm.
                                                     your Wii skills.           yam yam To Go                  your Wii skills.
                                                                                          Westfield London reserves the right to amend
                                                                                          or cancel any event or event times and dates.           Visit
                                                                                          This includes changes to performers’ content      westfield.com/
                                                                                          and schedule.
                                                                                                                                              london for
                                                                                                                                           details of surprise
                                                                                                                                               music gigs

                                                                              Make-overs and skin      fever. Prepare for       BeaCH HuTs
                                                                              consultations.           outdoor action.          Bench White Isle-style
                                                                              M&s Showcasing the                                at the Ibiza Rocks
                                                                              hottest summer looks.    BaND sTaND 7PM – 9PM     fashion launch.
Mon 27 July                  BeaCH HuTs                                       Dr Russo Medispa         Master shortie Music     Debenhams – Fake
BeaCH BaR                    Neal’s yard Remedies                             Free wellbeing           by the British rapper.   Bake Perfect your tan.
Millie’s Cookies Try         Expert advice and                                consultations.
Millie’s tasty treats.       natural beauty treats.                                                                             sOuTHsIDe
                             M&s Showcasing the                               sOuTHsIDe                Sat 1 August             Nintendo Britain’s
BeaCH HuTs                   hottest summer looks.                            Kathmandu Festival       BeaCH BaR                Best Brain Put your
House of Fraser                                                               fever. Prepare for       The Meat & Wine Co.      brain to the test.
Make-overs and skin          sOuTHsIDe                                        outdoor action.          BBQs, wine tasting
consultations.               Kathmandu Festival       Master Shortie                                   and cool cocktails.
M&s Showcasing the           fever. Prepare for                               BaND sTaND 7PM – 9PM                              For the kids
hottest summer looks.        outdoor action.          M&s Showcasing the      VV Brown Live music      BeaCH HuTs               MON 27 July
                                                      hottest summer looks.   from the new ‘It girl’   Bench White Isle-style   Peppa Pig Join
sOuTHsIDe                    BaND sTaND 1PM                                   of British pop.          at the Ibiza Rocks       Peppa for lots of fun.
Kathmandu Festival           a-Ha Norway’s finest     sOuTHsIDe                                        fashion launch.          lavanta Galleria
fever. Prepare for           bring back the sound     Kathmandu Festival                               Debenhams – Fake         at the Beach Kids
outdoor action.              of the 80s.              fever. Prepare for      Fri 31 July              Bake Perfect your tan.   (ages 3 to 12) and
                                                      outdoor action.         BeaCH BaR                                         parent art
Tues 28 July                                                                  The Meat & Wine Co.      sOuTHsIDe                competition with
BeaCH BaR                    Wed 29 July                                      BBQs, wine tasting       Nintendo Britain’s       prizes. 11am to
Millie’s Cookies Try         BeaCH BaR                Thurs 30 July           and cool cocktails.      Best Brain Do you        6.30pm.
Millie’s tasty treats.       Millie’s Cookies Be      BeaCH BaR                                        have Britain’s Best
                             led into temptation!     The Real Greek          BeaCH HuTs               Brain? Find out here.    Tues 28 July
                  VV Brown   Try Millie’s tasty       Sample delicious        M&s Summer looks.                            Boost Juice Free
                             treats.                  Mediterranean fare      Debenhams – Bare                             goodies with Barry
                                                      from this home-style    Minerals Lovely          Sun 2 August        the Boost character.
                             BeaCH HuTs               Greek eatery.           summer complexions.      BeaCH BaR           Postman Pat Fun
                             Neal’s yard Remedies                                                      The Meat & Wine Co. with everyone’s
                             Expert advice and        BeaCH HuTs              sOuTHsIDe                BBQs, wine tasting  favourite postie.
                             natural beauty treats.   House of Fraser         Kathmandu Festival       and cool cocktails.

                                                                                                                                     london for
                                                                                                                                  details of surprise
                                                                                                                                      music gigs

                                                                                    Timberland Create        Sat 8 August             Sun 9 August
Mon 3 August                                                                        your own boat shoe.      BeaCH BaR                BeaCH BaR
BeaCH BaR                                                                                                    Boost Juice              Boost Juice
Crêpeaffaire Sample                                                                 BaND sTaND 7PM – 9PM     Delicious fruit juices   Delicious fruit juices
delicious freshly-                                                                  FrankMusik Make a        and smoothies – a        and smoothies – a
baked crêpes.                                                                       date with London-        fresh taste of summer.   fresh taste of summer.
                                                                                    based electronica act,
BeaCH HuTs                                                                          in association with      BeaCH HuTs               BeaCH HuTs
lush Free beauty                                                                    TimeOut.                 Debenhams – Fake         Debenhams – Fake
treats and samples.                                                                                          Bake Perfect your tan.   Bake Perfect your tan.
Timberland Create                      Debenhams’ Fake Bake glamour                                          Timberland Create        Timberland Create
your own boat shoe.                                                                 Fri 7 August             your own boat shoe.      your own boat shoe.
                                                                                    BeaCH HuTs               Vision express Meet      Vision express Meet
                              BeaCH HuTs                   BeaCH HuTs               Debenhams – Fake         the Vision Express       the Vision Express
Tues 4 August                 lush Free beauty             House of Fraser          Bake Perfect your tan.   eyeballs and try the     eyeballs and try the
BeaCH BaR                     treats and samples.          Make-overs and skin      Timberland Create        latest looks in          latest looks in
Crêpeaffaire Sample           Timberland Create            consultations.           your own boat shoe.      sunglasses.              sunglasses.
delicious freshly-            your own boat shoe.          Timberland Create
baked crêpes.                                              your own boat shoe.
                              sOuTHsIDe                                                                                               For the kids
                              Kathmandu Festival           Thurs 6 August                                                             Tues 4 auGusT
            Sweet treats at
              Crêpeaffaire    fever. Prepare for           BeaCH BaR                                                                  Boost Juice Free
                              outdoor action.              The Real Greek                                                             colouring and fun
                                                           Sunny Med flavours                                                         goodies with Barry
                                                           from this home-style                                                       the Boost character.
                              Wed 5 August                 Greek eatery.                                                              little Princess
                              BeaCH BaR                                                                                               Join in some light
                              Crêpeaffaire Sample          BeaCH HuTs                                                                 royal fun with Little
                              delicious freshly-           Debenhams – Fake                                                           Princess.
                              baked crêpes.                Bake Perfect your tan.

                                                                                                                                          london for
                                                                                                                                       details of surprise
                                                                                                                                           music gigs

                                                                                                            lauder Expert beauty      sOuTHsIDe
                                                                                  Fri 14 August             advice for holiday        Nintendo Wii sports
                                                                                  BeaCH BaR                 glamour.                  Island Test your skills
                                                                                                            Micro anvika              with this fun game for
Mon 10 August                                                                     Fire & stone Tantalise    Discover the best new     all the family.
BeaCH HuTs                                                                        your taste buds with      gadgets and gizmos
Debenhams                                                       ChipMunk          tasty pizzas.             to take on holiday this
Make-overs and skin                                                                                         summer.
consultations.                consultations to help     this Greek eatery.        BeaCH HuTs                M&s Showcasing the        For the kids
M&s Showcasing the            you look lovely.                                    Debenhams – estée         hottest summer looks.     Tues 11 auGusT
hottest summer looks.         M&s Showcasing the        BeaCH HuTs                lauder Expert beauty                                Boost Juice Barry the
                              hottest summer style.     Crabtree & evelyn         advice.                   sOuTHsIDe                 Boost character
BaND sTaND 6PM – 7PM                                    Introducing the           Micro anvika              Nintendo Wii sports       giving away colouring
Xuefei yang Music by                                    new La Source             Discover the best new     Island Test your skills   sheets and goodies.
the classical guitarist.      Wed 12 August             spa range.                gadgets to take on        with this family game.    yo Gabba Gabba
                              BeaCH HuTs                Micro anvika              holiday this summer.                                Throw your hands in
                              Debenhams                 Discover the best         M&s Showcasing the                                  the air like you just
Tues 11 August                Make-overs, skin          new gadgets and           hottest summer looks.     Sun 16 August             don’t care with Yo
BeaCH HuTs                    consultations and         gizmos to take on                                   BeaCH BaR                 Gabba Gabba.
Debenhams                     expert advice.            holiday this summer.      sOuTHsIDe                 Fire & stone Tantalise
Make-overs and skin           M&s Showcasing the        M&s Showcasing the        Nintendo Wii sports       your taste buds with      suN 16 auGusT
                  Guitarist   hottest summer looks.     hottest summer looks.     Island Test your skills   tasty pizzas.             Build-a-Bear Come
                Xuefei Yang
                                                                                  with this family game.                              along and meet one
                              sOuTHsIDe                 sOuTHsIDe                                           BeaCH HuTs                of the Build-A-Bear
                              Nintendo Wii sports       Nintendo Wii sports                                 Debenhams – estée         workshop furbulous
                              Island Test your skills   Island Test your skills   Sat 15 August             lauder Expert beauty      mascots, Bearemy®,
                              with this family game.    with this family game.    BeaCH BaR                 advice.                   Pawlette or Ted the
                                                                                  Fire & stone Tantalise    Micro anvika              Tailor. You’ll also be
                                                        BaND sTaND 7PM – 9PM      your taste buds with      Discover the best new     able to take part in
                              Thurs 13 August           ChipMunk Don’t miss       tasty pizzas.             gadgets to take on        a host of pawsome
                              BeaCH BaR                 the up-and-coming                                   holiday this summer.      party games. From
                              The Real Greek A          rapper, in association    BeaCH HuTs                M&s Showcasing the        11am to 1pm.
                              taste of sunshine from    with Time Out.            Debenhams – estée         hottest summer looks.

                                                                                                                                          london for
                                                                                                                                       details of surprise
                                                                                                                                           music gigs

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