The Colored Museum

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					    The Colored Museum

     By: George C. Wolfe

  Directed by: Michael Lang

 Stage Manager: Lori Denise

Lighting Cues, Sound Cues, and

       Projection Cues
                           Git On Board

  I.      Sound Cue

         Drums pounding

         Ending in a Great big Boom

  II.     Projection Cue

           Flashes of African American Slaves being tortured,

             captured, and loaded on a slave ship

  III. Light Cue

           Lights flashing (like thunderstorm)

           Great Flash

                           Black Out
  I.      Light Cue

         Light pull up (general plan)

  II.     Sound Cue

           Ding (cockpit bell)

“Thank you for flying Celebrity…

           Negro Hymnal
        Drumming (Crescendo Louder and then fade soft to

         a low beat)

        Ding (cockpit bell)

“Hi, Miss Pat again….”

        Drums played under monologue

“You’ll become millionaires…”

  III. Light Cue

        Flashing Lights(thunderstorm)

  IV. Sound Cue

        Thunder

“….Sing Damnit!”

  V.   Light Cue

        Lights Flash

  VI. Sound Cue

        Engine Surge (plane)

        Wild Drumming

        “Time Warp”
“Great how you’ve been living…..”

  VII. Light Cue

        Flashes of light (lightening)

  VIII. Sound Cue

        Explosion (war)

       (Repeat Light Cue VI and Sound Cue VII)

        Drums

“I will not rebel. I will not re-“

  IX. Light Cue

        Black Out

  X.     Sound Cue

        Plane Landing and Screeching

  XI. Light Cue

        Slowly pull up
“Thank you. Bye-bye. Bye-bye…..”

     Lights Fade
                       Cookin’ with Aunt Ethel

  I.      Sound Cue

           Blues (low down gut bucket)

  II.     Light Cue

         Slow up (general plan for all)

  III. Sound Cue

         Music fade

“Now you cookin’, cookin’ with Aunt Ethel…” (in the frame)

  IV. Sound Cue

         Blues Music

  V.      Light Cue

         Lights Fade
                            The Photo Session

     I.      Light Cue

              Pulls up to general Plan

     II.     Sound Cue

            Music: “We’re Fabulous”

     III. Projection

            Images of Actors Posing

     IV. Sound Cue

            Music fade

     V.      Projection

            Images Stop

“This month we get to be black and fabulous together.”

     VI. Sound Cue

            “We’re Fabulous” Loud and slowly fade as Raneaca

             closes on Devin’s chest.

“And NO PAIN.”

     VII. Light Cue
   Flashes camera

VIII. Sound Cue

   Vogue Music (Ending Madonna)

IX. Projection

   Final Pose photo of Actors

  (Music fades and lights fade)
                     Soldier with a Secret

I.      Projection

         Pictures of black soldiers from Spanish-

           American war to the Vietnam War

II.     Sound Cue

       War Music (low)

III. Light Cue

       Light gravitate up to general plan

IV. Sound Cue

       Music Fade (as Character comes to life)

      “But anyway, I’m off looking…”

       Bomb Explosion

V.      Projection

       An explosion

      “I saw more war…”

       War Scene

      “And there standing was my friends….”
   3 soldiers

  “Wearing hurt on there faces…”

   Old face of a soldier

  “The secret to their pain.”

   Body Bags Pictures

   RIP Headstone

VI. Light Cue

   Lights fade
                  The Gospel According to MISS ROJ

        I.      Light Cue

         Pull up general plan

        II.     Projection

                 Neon Sign spelling

                THE BOTTOMLESS PIT

                   Rainbow Flag

        III. Sound Cue

                   Aretha Franklin “RESPECT”

“That’s power baby…”

        IV. Sound Cue

                   “RESPECT”

        V.      Light Cue and Projection

                   Bottomless Pit/ Rainbow Flag

                   Club Lights Flashing

        VI. Light Cue

               Fade out

  I.      Sound Cue

           The Temptations singing “My Girl”

  II.     Light Cue

         Lights pull up revealing Man and Kid

  III. Sound Cue

         Music Fade as scene begin

“What’s Happening?”

  IV. Light Cue

         Fade Out

  V.      Sound cue

         The Temptations “My Girl”
                            Lala’s Opening

     I.      Light Cue

              Lights slowly come up (general plan)

     II.     Sound Cue

            Timpani Drum role

            Prerecorded Announcer (see Script)

            Crowd going wild and then fades

     III. Light Cue

(After she places wig back on)

            Slowly fade down

     IV. Sound Cue

            Announcer Prerecorded

           “Lala Lamazing Grace….”
                       The Party

I.    Light Cue

       Light gravitate up (general plan)

II.   Sound Cue

       Music (up-tempo jazz style)

       Play under key as Tops talks

      “Have yall eva been….”

         People talking like a drinking party

        “disappear inside my head.”

         All sounds fade

II.   Projection

         Images of black/ Negro/ Colored American

           begin flash (images of lynches, rioting,

           partying, surviving)

         I might take a few pictures of all characters

           and have this showing here.

        “And My power….”
          Images stop

III. Light Cue

          Lights fade to

         BLACK OUT

IV. Light Cue

          Pull up for bow

          Then fade after pose.