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More Info Moves its Online Alarm Clocks to the Cloud, Creators of the world's original Online Alarm Clock,
have moved their alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown and timer applications
to the security of a Cloud Hoster.

Berlin, Germany, February 09, 2010 --, Creators of the
world's original Online Alarm Clock, have moved their alarm clock,
stopwatch, countdown and timer applications to the security of a Cloud

Back when he came up with the idea for his website in 2006, Tom Churm,
the creator of the most successful Online Alarm Clock website, had no
idea that it would become so popular. "Well, it was basically just one of
those brainstorms that comes to you shortly before you fall asleep,"
explained Mr. Churm. "It's not as if I had studied or done research or
had set out to create a really popular website. One night the idea
literally just came into my head as I lay in bed: how about an alarm
clock that you could use on the world wide web."

In March, 2010 it will be four years since Mr. Churm had his original
idea for an Online Alarm Clock Website at Since
then his site, popularly known simply as Online Clock, has grown hugely
popular, with an average of far more than one and a half million visits
on a monthly basis. Mr. Churm explained that, since his clock site has
gone online, he has had to switch web hosters more than a half a dozen
different times.

"There was the original web hoster, and they were great," said Mr. Churm.
The problem was, however, that somehow made it to the
start page of This resulted in the web server breaking down
repeatedly under the weight of so much web traffic. Soon thereafter we
were asked by our web hoster to simply move our site to a different
hosting company, since their web servers were apparently not designed for
so much traffic."

Since then, OnlineClock's traffic has grown considerably.
claims that they are dead serious about providing a dependable alarm
clock that can be used online, right in any normal web browser, and that
this is why they aren't skimping when it comes to web hosting. This is
the reason, claims Mr. Churm, why Online Clock has now successfully
completed a move to a "Cloud" Web Hoster. This refers to a web hoster in
which resources and bandwidth can be almost infinitely scaled upwards
based upon demand. Websites on Cloud Hosters are typically hosted in
clusters, and sometimes on virtual machines having several backups. More
importantly, a Cloud Hosting set up provides very close to 100%
guaranteed up time with full redundancy, so that it's very unlikely that
your favorite internet alarm clock will break or go offline.

"When we were considering the move to a Cloud Hoster," said Mr. Churm, we
had the choice of going with a cheaper web hoster or simply paying more
to get a higher level of dependability. We very clearly chose
dependability, even though the cost to us is greater. We have now laid
the groundwork for having an Online Alarm Clock Service that will be
ubiquitous and omnipresent...and even more dependable than the old wind-
up clock in your grandfather's bedroom."

About OnlineClock
Online since March 24th, 2006, was the first website to
go online and devote itself to being the world's Online Alarm Clock.
Online Clock strives to be the number one network for the simplest, most
useful and best Online Clocks, Timers and Time Tools. For more
information on the various Online Alarm Clocks offered for free by
OnlineClock, please visit

Contact :
Thomas Churm
Hagelberger Strasse 45
Berlin, Germany

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