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					                              Notre Dame Facility Work Order System
                                 Quick Step Guide for Requesters
  A. Open your Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape etc.) and go to the College's website at
          Click on 'portal' in the upper right corner of the home page, which will open the Portal
             page. Next, click on the "Facility Work Order System" link
          or - Click on 'Faculty & Staff' in the center of the home page; look under 'resources' and
             click on the "Facility Work Order System" link

  B. If it is the first time your computer has been to the website, and you are prompted for an
     Organization Account number, enter the account number 573501703 and click the Submit
     Organization button.

  C. When the next page opens, find a blank area and click your right mouse button, then find and
     select Create Shortcut. This will add an icon on your desktop labeled 'Welcome to
     MySchoolBuilding.' Next time you want to sign in, simply double-click on the icon.

  D. Enter your email address and click Submit :

  E. If prompted to enter your last name, do so; then click Submit .

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  F. Fill in additional information; only the 3 checked fields are required on the form shown above.
     Click Submit.

  G. On the Work Request Form (shown below):
     Step 1 : This area will be filled in with your information as entered at the sign-in screen.

     Step 2: Click on the drop-down arrow and highlight a Location; currently all work requests will
     pertain to the 'Main Campus.' Follow the same steps to choose a Building and Area. Also be sure
     to type in your area description or Room Number (required).

     Step 3: From the icons shown (next page), select the category that best describes your problem
     and click to choose it.

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     Step 4: Type in your description of the problem (required).
     Step 5: Type in the best time for a technician to come by (optional).
     Step 6: Type in when you would like the work to be completed (optional) (click on the calendar to
     choose a date, or enter a date in this format: 12/06/07)

     Step 8: Type in the submittal password (currently: NDM4701 [3 letters: NDM; 4 numbers:4701])
     Step 9: Click Submit


     Once you submit the request, you will receive an automated email message from
     "SchoolDude Message Center [message.center@smtp.schooldude.com]" stating that your
     work order has been received, and letting you know the Work Order ID number [WOID].

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         After you click the Submit button, the screen will refresh and go to the "My Maint Requests"
          page, opening the My Requests tab.

              On this screen you will see up-to-date information about your request including the Status,
               Work Order ID (WOID) and Action Taken notes.

              You can search for any work order request by typing in a key word or WOID in the Search
               box and clicking on GO. This will pull up any of your requests with that word in it (ex: 'keys'
               would pull up any request dealing with keys).

              Click on the Maint Request tab to input a new request.

              Click on the Settings tab to change any of your Requester account settings, such as phone
               number, password or email notification preferences.

              Click on the Help tab for a link to the 12-page detailed Requester Manual in PDF format.

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