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                 Tondeo Emotion                                             Alu-Coba AC 70
                 Premium Line Ergo 5½                                       Scissors
                 inch Scissors
                                                                            • Offset
                 • ULTRA-SLICE cutting edges                                • light weight
                 with extra-flat blade angle                                • finger sitting
                 • Screw system perfectly                                   • fixed finger rest
                 adjustable and functional with                             • aluminium handle
                 flat blade angle for flexible use                          • hollow hole design to balance
                 Code: TondeoEmotion
                                                                            Code: AC70

                 Alu-Coba AC 60                                             Alu-Coba AC 50
                 Scissors                                                   Scissors

                 •   Offset                                                 •   Offset
                 •   light weight                                           •   light weight
                 •   finger sitting                                         •   finger sitting
                 •   fixed finger rest                                      •   fixed finger rest
                 •   aluminium handle                                       •   aluminium handle

                 Code: AC60                                                 Code: AC50
                 £250.00                                                    £250.00

                 Alu-Coba AC 55                                             Tondeo Supra TS 5¾
                 Scissors                                                   inch Thinning Scissors

                 •   Offset                                                 • Super-sharp diamond-ground
                 •   light weight                                           cutting edge for optimal slicing
                 •   finger sitting                                         characteristics
                 •   fixed finger rest                                      • Thinning scissors with
                 •   aluminium handle                                       patented Tulip teeth for precise
                                                                            cutting results Flexible and
                 Code: AC55                                                 precise cutting due to the flat
                 £250.00                                                    pivot point

                                                                            Code: Tondeothinningsuprats

                 Bonika Classic Cobolt                                      Tondeo Supra TS
                 Scissors                                                   Scissors

                 A Japanese produced scissor,                               • Super-sharp diamond-ground
                 made from super hard cobolt                                cutting edge for optimal slicing
                 stainless steel                                            characteristics

                 Code: BonikaClassiccobolt                                  Code: Tondeosuprats
                 £229.00                                                    £215.00
Asahi T14 Cobalt                 Bonika International
                                 twister Scissors
Symmetrical extra smooth
cobolt scissors                  The twister is the new
                                 revolution in relaxed cutting,
Code: AsahiT14Cobalt             designed to ease cramp and
£189.00                          rheumatic pains it will
                                 transform the way you cut


Bonika Saber Scissors            Asahi T55 Cobalt
Fully convex hand honed
cutting precision with           Symmetrical extra smooth
adjustable tension screw.        cobolt scissors

Code: BonikaSaber                Code: AsahiT55Cobalt
£158.00                          £135.00

Tondeo Studio E-Line             Tondeo E-Line Classic
Classic Scissors                 Thinning 5¼ inch
Razor-sharp polished slice
cutting edges for smooth         Razor-sharp SLICE cutting
cutting                          edges for top stylists

Code: TondeostudioELine          Code: Tondeoelinec5thinner
£130.00                          £128.00

Tondeo E-Line Ergo                 Tondeo E-Line Classic
Thinning Scissors                  5 inch Scissors

• Razor-sharp SLICE cutting        Razor-sharp SLICE cutting
edges for top stylists             edges for top stylists
• Nickel-unalloyed stainless
steel with silky matt surface      Code: Tondeoelinec5
Code: tondeoEETHINNER

Wahl Gold Style Hair             Bonika Promaster
Clipper                          Scissors

The Ultimate hair cutting tool   Top quality japanese stainless
                                 molybdenum steel with a hand
Code: WahlGoldStyle              honed fully convex blade for a
£125.00                          sharp precise cut.

                                 Code: BonikaProMaster
Bonika Promaster                  Goldstar Cetus Scissors
Thinning Scissors
                                  Finest 440c hardened stainless
Top quality thinning and          steel
blending is a breeze with these
high quality molybdenum           Code: GoldstarCetus
japanese steel thinners.          £115.00

Goldstar Apus Scissors            Bonika Chunker
Developed by London salon
stylists.                         These scissors are great for
                                  cutting channels or to create a
Code: GoldstarApus                choppy look to the hair.
                                  Code: bonikaT15chunker

Goldstar Pyxis Scissors           Bonika Silk Thinning
Developed by London salon
stylists.                         Straight handles and regular
                                  screw and finger rest make
Code: GoldstarPyxis               this one of our best selling
£95.00                            thinners.

                                  Code: Bonikasilkthinner

Bonika Silk Crane                 Bonika silk blue screw
Scissors                          scissors

The Bonika silk crane is a        Made from japanese steel and
japanese steel fully convex       finished in the USA, Fully
hollow ground precise cutting     convex hollow ground and
scissor, its offset handle and    hand honed blade with
adjustable tension screw offer    adjustable tension screw
comfort and control. BEST
SELLER                            Code: bonikabluescrew
Code: bonikasilkcrane

Tondeo Slicy Ergo 5               Tondeo Classsi Slicy C-
inch Scissors                     Line Scissors

Polished precision cutting        Polished precision cutting
edges with Slice-capability       edges with Slice-capability
allows individual and creative    allows individual cutting
cutting techniques                techniques

Code: Tondeoergoslicy             Code: Tondeoslicy
£90.00                           £90.00

Kodo Reversible Crane-           SAMURAI Classic Pro
Handled Shear                    100.100 Scissors

Removeable reversible finger     The blades are convex shaped
rest can be attached to either   with fully incorporated cutting
handle to make a left-hand       edges which provide extreme
compatible shear.                sharpness, precision and
Code: KODOD50
£89.00                           Code: SAMCP100100

SAMURAI Classic Pro              SAMURAI Classic Pro
101.100 Scissors                 101.130 Scissors

Both blades are razor            The attached finger rest and
sharpened and fashioned from     stopper provide a superb grip
the finest Japanese stainless    for extreme cutting precision
                                 Code: SamCP101130
Code: SamCP101100                £85.00

SAMURAI Classic Pro              Goldstar Indus
101.150 Scissors                 Thinning Scissors

Has an easy to detach finger     Free Cross-Grained Leather
rest and changeable screw        Case
                                 Code: GoldstarIndus
Code: SamCP101150                £85.00

Wahl Professional                Tondeo Century Plus
Trimmer Combi Pack               Classic Thinning
Wahl Super Taper and Super
Trimmer                          Easy-grip micro-fine teeth on
                                 both sides, for best grip and
Code: Wahl8467840                extreme cutting precision
                                 Code: Tondeothinnercpc

Tondeo Century Plus              Tondeo Century Plus
Classic Scissors                 Ergo 5 inch Scissors

Easy-grip micro-fine teeth on    Easy-grip micro-finest teeth on
both sides, for best grip and    both sides, for best grip and
extreme cutting precision        extreme cutting precision

Code: Tondeocpc                  Code: tondeoCPERGO
£73.00                             £73.00

Wahl Acadamy                       Wahl Sterling 2 Hair
Trimmer                            Trimmer

Designed for “super close”         Cordless rechargeable trimmer
trimming, for today’s              with quick release
innovative stylist and barber      interchangeable blade system
                                   Code: WM8591830
Code: WahlAcadamy                  £62.50

Wahl Flair High                    Wahl Acadamy Clippers
Performance Hair
Clipper                            Designed to “do it all” for
                                   today’s innovative stylist and
A powerful styling tool with       barber alike
quick release blades for
versatile cutting teqhniques       Code: WahlAClippers
like chipping and slicing          £57.00
Code: WahlFlair

WAHL Super Taper                   Wahl Super Trimmer
                                   Powerful low vibration motor
Designed to do it all for todays   provides 70 minutes of
innovative stylist and barber      continuous cutting time when
alike                              fully charged

Code: Wahl8467830                  Code: WahlSuperTrimmer
£46.50                             £46.50

Wahl Pro Clippers                  Hairtools Haito Hair
Designed for “all” cutting
needs, ideal for students          Extremely light, professional,
                                   rechargeable, Cord / Cordless,
Code: WahlProClip                  hair clipper
                                   Code: HTHaitoClipper

Wahl Limited Edition               Forfex Trimmer (FX)
Baby Blue Pro Clippers             789

High performance Hair Clipper      Professional cord/cordless
Code: BabyBlueProClip
£42.50                             Code: forfex789
Efalock Pioneer 28               Efalock Scissors
Tooth Pink Thinning
Scissor                          Pioneer Pink Shears - Super
                                 Sharp and smooth cut for
Hollow Ground, razor-edged       perfect cutting / slicing.
blades with lubricant resevoir
                                 Code: Efalockscissors
Code: EfalockPioneer             £35.00

Hair Tools Cobra Pink            Forfex Clipper (FX)684
Scissors Kit
                                 Profesional Magnetic Clippers
Contains Cerena Cobra Pink 5"    complete with 4 combs.
Scissors and Head Jog 201        FREE WATCH!
Comb in a presentation wallet
                                 Code: forfex684
Code: HTPinkCobraKit             £34.95

Hair Tools Slider Razor          Kiepe Coiffeur Scissors

Ergonomically designed Razor     Microserated Stainless Steel.
which provides a lighter &
more comfortable working         Code: KiepeCoiffeur
position.                        £25.00
Code: HTSRazor

Babyliss Handcrafted             Remington BKT3000
5" Professional                  Confidence Cordless
Scissors with rest               Bikini Trimmer

• Hand crafted in Solingen,      Interchangeable shaving head
Germany                          for a smooth finish
• Ergonomically designed
• Micro serated blade            Code: RemingtonBKT3000
• Adjustable tension screw       £19.99
Code: babscis

Efalock Styling Razor            Babyliss Nose and Ear
                                 Hair Trimmer
Anodised styling razor
                                 Cordless battery operated nose
Code: efalockstylingrazor        & ear hair trimmer
                                 Code: BAB7010

Forfex Palm Pro Pink             Forfex Palm Pro
                    Trimmer                                                Trimmer (fx44u)

                    Designed for trimming                                  Superbly designed for
                    sideburns and neckline                                 trimming sideburns beards and
                    Code: FX44PUPinkPalmpro
                    £10.95                                                 Code: forfexfx44u

                    Forfex Hygiene                                         Wahl LadyGroom
                    Trimmer (FX)785                                        Feminine Trimmer

                    Cordless/battery operated                              The LadyGroom enables you to
                                                                           safely and easily trim and
                    Code: forfex785                                        shape your bikini area.
                                                                           Code: WhalLadygroom

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