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					Hyundai Santa Fe - THE DARING LUXURY SUV


Hyundai Motor India luxury Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) 'Santa Fe' has its mega power to rule the roads. It will be available in both petrol and diesel
versions with the most demanding cost somewhere around 19-22 lakhs, catering to the segment which adores to possess everything that looks royal.
Riding on the huge success of Hyundai i10 and i20, the newest SUV from Hyundai Motor, Santa Fe will also make its position in the heavy-wieght
segment of SUV's.

Safety and comfort have not been compromised on the exuberant design of this new SUV by Hyundai Motor. It is set to have impressive features
including ESP, ABS and a powerful V Series Engine. Lot of eye to detail has gone in to the design of the Hyundai Santa Fe as it boasts of beautifully
done interiors. Hyundai Santa Fe is big and that imposing grille with an “I-am-bored” look will only add to its character. The gradually rising waistline
makes the rear look a little odd though. The flared wheel-arches will house massive wheels. Hyundai plans to import the Santa Fe in India and will
offer a delicious 2.2-liter, 148bhp diesel motor which might be tuned to suit Indian fuel quality.

The overall appearance of the SUV is very sporty and elegant and will surely hit the right chord with the buyers of SUV vehicles in India. With the
upcoming new SUV to be launched in the premium segment, Hyundai Motors certainly looks all geared up to capture the SUV car market in India. A
daring machine adventure & sports car freaks. There is no clarity yet as to the final launch date of the Hyundai Santa Fe in India, however the
competition is sure to heat up whenever it gets a formal launch in the Indian markets.

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