The Universal Laws of Attraction by oym20829


									The Universal Laws of Attraction
Did you know that everything you have in your life right now you have attracted?
Yes, good or bad, you have attracted everything that is in it. How you might ask?
How can that be so?

The power of your thoughts and actions magnetically attract the people, places,
things and situations into your life. Have you ever noticed that some days everything
just seems to go pear shaped. The inner dialogue you have with yourself about
having gotten out of bed the wrong side becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Bad
energy attracts more of the same. Simple!

The universal laws of attraction are as old as time itself. I have ready many books
about the laws of prosperity and attraction and was very fortunate recently to be
pointed in the direction of . This web site will lead you to a
potentially life changing DVD presentation called „The Secret‟. They have teamed up
with an Australian TV production company who provide steaming video on demand
media. This means you can watch it on your PC if you have a high speed connection
or if you love it as much as I do, you may as well send off for your very own copy.

Ask yourself the question – “What do I really Want” and then prepare to attract
whatever it is into your life.

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