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Liberty Middle School - DOC


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									                                   Liberty Middle School
                                  Cheerleading Constitution

The purpose of this sport shall be to promote and uphold school spirit, to develop a sense of
good sportsmanship among students, to build a better relationship between schools during
athletic events, and most importantly to promote cheerleading as a sport.

   1. Attendance to all practices, team meetings, games, team activities, etc are mandatory.
        Each cheerleader may have 3 absences total. After 3 absences (excused or not) the
        cheerleader will be dismissed from the squad. Extenuating circumstances will be
        evaluated if the need arises.
   2. A cheerleader must be present 180 minutes (1/2 a school day) to be counted at school
        in order to practice or cheer at a game, no exceptions.
   3. Cheerleader must contact the cheerleading coach on the day of the missed
        practice or she will be benched for 1 quarter of the next game.
   4. A cheerleader who must miss a practice and is not sick must discuss the situation
        with the coach or she will be benched for 1 quarter of the next game.
   5. A cheerleader must be at the practice before a game or she will not participate in

Practice Rules
   1. Cheerleading is a sport and there may be as many as 4 practices a week. The coach
        will designate place and times of all practices.
   2. All cheerleaders are to wear assigned practice clothes at all practices and events.
   3. There are to be NO SHORTS ROLLED, AT ALL, EVER!!!!!
   4.   Hair must in a ponytail with an elastic band. If a cheerleader has bangs, they must be
        kept above the eyebrows or pulled back.
   5.   Fingernails must be kept at an appropriate length, which means if you can see them
        from palm side, they must be cut. Only clear nail polish will be allowed at games,
        events, etc.
    6. No jewelry of any type will be allowed. Included in jewelry, but not limited to are:
        earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, belly button rings, necklaces, nose rings, tongue
        rings, etc.
    7. If a cheerleader has a tattoo it is to be covered at all times, even at practice.

Fundraising Events
During the year, cheerleaders will participate in many fundraising projects. Each cheerleader
is expected to raise funds for its operational costs, clinics, uniforms, and any other
cheerleading accessories. By participation in these fund-raisers, you can easily negate your
total cost.

On all trips, every cheerleader is to return home on the bus with the rest of the team unless a
parent signs their daughter out at the game. The sign out sheet will be with the coach and
parents must make sure the cheerleader is signed out before leaving.

1. There is no place for alcohol and drugs in the cheerleading program.
Penalty: Dismissal from squad immediately
2. Cheerleaders are expected to behave in a way that reflects pride, commitment, and
dedication to LMS cheerleading. If a cheerleader misbehaves at an event, the coach, based on
circumstances, will take appropriate action. This may include but is not limited to sitting out,
parent conference, suspension, and or dismissal.
3. Cheerleaders who are suspended will not be tolerated. In the event of a suspension, the
cheerleader will be suspended from games and practices during the days of suspension.
Consequences will be rendered to the cheerleader at the coach’s discretion.
4. Cheerleaders are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times.
5. There will be no physical contact with a member of the opposite sex while in uniform.
Cheerleaders will not exhibit public displays of affection during any cheerleading activity. If
a cheerleader does exhibit public display of affection, she will be benched for the rest of the
game, or one quarter of the next game as time permits.
6. Inappropriate attitudes or comments will not be tolerated at practice or at games. Leave
problems at the door!
7. Everyone is to treat all teachers, administrators, and coaches with proper respect. Actions
and attitudes that are detrimental to team unity and team morale will be dealt with

Uniform Rental
    1. Uniforms will be rented from Liberty Middle. Cost to rent a uniform is $50 per
         season. If a cheerleader cheers 2 seasons in a given school year, the second season
         will be $25.
    2. A down payment for renting the uniform is also required. The down payment is $50.
         This covers the cost of damages, stains, or other instances that de-value the uniform.
    3. New uniforms will be purchased every 3 years.

Other Costs to Liberty Middle Cheerleading:
    1. Under Shell (competition only): $ 41.95
    2. Bag: $23.95
    3. Shoes: $45 (football/basketball) and $64.99 (competition only)
    4. Pom Pons: $15 ($7.50 a piece)
    5. Warm-Ups
       a. Jacket: $79.95
       b. Child Pant: $40.95 OR Adult Pant: $44.95
       c. Customizing: $16.95
    6. Bloomers and Socks: $12.50
    7. Uniform rental: $50 (one season), $75 (two seasons)
    8. Deposit (will be refunded at end of season, depending on condition of uniform):

Costs to Icon All-Stars Gym:

    1.   Pre-Routine Camp : $85 May 18-20
    2.   Routine Camp: $150
    3.   Routine Clean Up: $85 July 27-29
    4.   Icon Gym: $85 a month/ 2 days a week (4 hours in all per week, 16 hours in all
         per month)

    1. Payments for all costs to Liberty Middle Cheerleading can be made into payment
         plans. Financial commitment is necessary to be a cheerleader and it is imperative to
         pay the designated expenses.
    2. Uniforms or any part of the uniform, warm up clothing, including shoes, will be worn
         to school only on the day of a game, or at another approved school function.

    1. It is the cheerleader’s duty to keep up with her grades.
    2. To remain in good standing a cheerleader must be passing ALL of her classes with a
         70 or better.
    3. If a cheerleader is failing a class, she will be benched until she can pull up the grade.
         While the cheerleader is benched she is required to come to all practices and games
         and work on schoolwork in order to pull up her grade.
    4. Grades are the MOST important thing, cheerleading comes second to grades.

Because of the many cheerleading duties and activities, being responsible is not an option.
When deadlines are given, all cheerleaders are expected to adhere to them strictly. Failure to
do so will result in disciplinary action. Continued irresponsibility will result in dismissal from
the squad. Examples include, but are not limited to, turning in money from various
fundraisers, return of various forms, on time to practices, preparation for the game, and clean
up after game, etc.

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