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									                        How Easy it is To Repair Corrupted PST

Written by: Damon Delaney –

Microsoft Outlook is widely used today. It can be used for business matters, professional
needs and even personal necessities. But what if one day, you can no longer open all your
files? There is no reason to panic. Having a corrupted Outlook is no longer common.
Perhaps you are only one of the thousands of people having a corrupted Outlook as of
that moment. But there is good news. It is quite easy to repair corrupted PST.

In order to repair corrupted PST, you simply need to follow these ten (10) simple steps.

       1. Exit Microsoft Outlook if it is running
       2. Execute your PST repair tool in the form of scanpst.exe which is usually
           found at drive:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\LocaleID
       3. Browse your folders to look for the corrupted PST files you want to be
           scanned then select it or you simply type the name of the file if you know it.
       4. If you have specifications regarding the actual scanning process, you can
           configure by clicking options
       5. By clicking start, the tool will begin scanning and repairing the .PST file you
           have selected
       6. A repair process would immediately follow if damaged files are detected
       7. Check all of the recovered data
       8. You can now save them in .PST file format or in .MSG, .DBX or .EML which
           are also supported by Outlook
       9. Choose where you want the saved files to be placed
       10. Viola! You have your recovered file!

Now, you can see how easy it is to repair corrupted PST. What are you waiting for,
bring back all of those files you lost!

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