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					FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                           25 March 2002

                                 ALEXON GROUP PLC

               Preliminary results for the 52 weeks ended 26 January, 2002

Alexon Group plc, the leading retailer of ladieswear, menswear and shoes, announces
Preliminary Results for the 52 weeks ended 26 January 2002.

    •    Operating profit, before amortisation of goodwill, increased 77.6% to £24.2 million
         (2001: £13.6 million)

    •    Turnover increased 9.7% to £373.6 million (2001: £340.5 million)

    •    Like-for-like sales increased by 9.3% on improved margins

    •    Alexon Brands performed well, growing both sales and margins.

    •    Bay Trading goes from strength to strength with more interest and variety into the
         fashion ranges, whilst continuing to offer exceptional vale for money

    •    Style Menswear benefited from a powerful surge of profitability in Envy as a result
         of strong product ranges and shop expansion programme

    •    Earnings per share, before amortisation of goodwill, increased 85.9% to 24.58p
         (2001: 13.22p)

John Osborn, Chief Executive, commented:

“It has been an outstanding year for Alexon and one that has seen results well ahead of
expectations. Our two most recent acquisitions, Bay Trading and Style Menswear, have
performed strongly and have clearly demonstrated the potential they hold for the Group.
Our Alexon Brands division has also enjoyed solid growth and has continued its
excellent contribution to Group profitability.”

For further information:

    Alexon Group                              020 7623 8000 (today) &
                                              01582 723131 (thereafter)
    John Osborn, Chief Executive
    Robin Piggott, Finance Director

    Buchanan Communications                   020 7466 5000
    Richard Darby/Bobbie Swanson
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                           CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT

It gives me great pleasure to report on an excellent year, which saw results well ahead
of expectations.

It is particularly gratifying to see our two most recent acquisitions, Bay Trading and
Style Menswear, performing so strongly and to recognise the potential they both have
for further growth in the future. Whilst Dolcis had a disappointing year, Alexon
Brands enjoyed solid growth and remains the main profit contributor of the Group.
The Group enjoyed strong cash flow during the year, and the Board are
recommending a final dividend of 2p per Ordinary Share be paid on 28 June 2002 to
shareholders on the register on 7 June 2002, making a total of 3p for the year, an
increase of 50%.

It only remains for me to thank all our employees for their contribution to the success
of the business.

Patrick Cooper
25 March 2002
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                          CHIEF EXECUTIVE’S REPORT

Operating profit for the year before amortisation of goodwill was £24.2 million as
against £13.6 million for the prior year, an increase of 78%.

Group sales for the year increased on a like-for-like basis by 9.3% and margins were
slightly stronger than last year. Strong performances came from Alexon Brands, Style
and Bay Trading, the latter two divisions benefiting in particular from the buoyant
trading conditions experienced in the run up to Christmas.

Stocks ended the year well under control and the strong cash inflow enjoyed during
the year left the Group with net debt of £2.3 million, as against £13.4 million at the
end of the prior year.

Alexon Brands
Operating profit for the division was £20.2 million against £15.2 million (before
property gains) last year, reflecting a good performance from all the brands in the
second half of the year. Like-for-like sales increased by 6% during the half and 7%
for the full year. Margins were higher than the previous year and closing stocks were
level on a like-for-like basis.

The strongest performing brands were Dash, which benefited from a broader, more
commercial casualwear offer, and Minuet, which despite being our newest brand is
already making a sizeable contribution to Group profitability; Ann Harvey made up
for lost ground in the prior year with a better performance; Kaliko continued to attract
new customers with its individualistic fashion handwriting; and the continued
introduction of younger, more fashionable elements into the ranges resulted in
increased sales for the classic brands, Alexon and Eastex.

Current Trading
Sales to date in the current year are in line with our expectations, with the strongest
performances coming from Alexon and Kaliko.         Customer reaction to new seasons
merchandise is generally encouraging.
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Dolcis ended the year with an operating loss of £0.6 million, against a previous year
loss of £0.2 million (excluding property gains). This was disappointing in the light of
the improvements registered in all the prior years that Dolcis has been under Alexon
Group management control.

Whilst like-for-like sales were some 3% higher than the prior year, margins were
adversely impacted by the need to clear slow selling lines, particularly boots, where
the business significantly over estimated demand. The product issues are now being
addressed, following a re-organisation of buying and merchandising, the full impact
of which should be reflected in improved performance during the second half. The
nature of the business has also been substantially changed over the last year or so.
There is now a greater emphasis on concessions, particularly in Bay and Envy, with
uneconomic shops either being converted to other Group fascias or being disposed.

Current Trading
There has been a pleasing reaction to the new season’s merchandise, and whilst it is
still early days, we remain confident that the changes being made in the product area,
coupled with the outlet restructure, will bring the division into profitability, albeit
more slowly than was originally envisaged.

Bay Trading
Bay Trading went from strength to strength during the course of the year, achieving
an operating profit of £2.1 million for the year as against an operating loss of £2.5
million (before non-recurring property costs) in the prior year.

The new management team have made a number of key changes to the business
proposition – injecting more interest and variety into the fashion ranges, ensuring a
broader age appeal, and at the same time continuing to offer exceptional value for
money. This has all paid off handsomely in terms of like-for-like sales (11% up on
the prior year) and strong margin growth. Profitability has also been enhanced by the
progressive introduction of Dolcis shoe concessions into Bay shops and the
development of Bay Angel, a sub-brand geared to the fast growing ‘teen’ market.
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Current Trading
Sales and margins have continued strongly in the current year and it is our intention to
capitalise on the current strength of the business by opening several new outlets (both
shops and in-store concessions) in the year ahead.

Style Menswear
The operating profit for the division was £2.5 million, as against £1.0 million in the
prior year reflecting a like-for-like sales increase of 12%.

Whilst the contribution from the concession business continued to decline, the result
of reduced trading footage in host stores and weakness of demand for suits, this was
more than compensated by a powerful surge of profitability in Envy. Envy benefited
from strong product ranges (both in-house and third party brands), the shop expansion
programme which has seen 18 new openings in the last two years, and the
development of a womenswear offer, which now operates in 10 Envy shops.

Current Trading
The division has made a sound start to the new season.         Whilst there have been
further closures of concessions in Top Man, new concessions have been secured in
Debenhams and this business is growing well. Sales in Envy continue to be strong
and further Envy shop openings are planned during the course of the year.

                               UK               UK          European
                             Shops      Concessions       Concessions       Total

 Alexon Brands                   87              743              93          923
 Dolcis                          80               88                          168
 Style Menswear                  43              125                          168
 Bay Trading                    138               35                          173

 Total                          348              991              93        1,432
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The business, in its current form, now has a good spread of quality brands across three
sectors of retailing (Ladieswear, Menswear, and Shoes), and is well balanced between
High Street Shops and Departmental Stores.

Whilst much has been achieved in the past year there is still good scope for further
progress, particularly in Bay Trading and Style Menswear, through a combination of
product development and outlet expansion.
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Consolidated Profit and Loss Account
                                                          2002           2001
For the 52 weeks to 26 January 2002             Note      £000           £000

Turnover                                         1     373,632       340,531

Cost of sales                                          (324,125)    (303,694)

Gross profit                                            49,507        36,837

Administrative expenses :
   before goodwill amortisation                          (9,838)       (9,123)
   goodwill amortisation                                 (2,400)       (2,400)
                                                        (12,238)     (11,523)
Distribution costs                                      (15,437)     (14,069)

Operating profit before goodwill amortisation           24,232        13,645
Goodwill amortisation                                   (2,400)       (2,400)

Operating profit                                 1      21,832        11,245

Net interest payable                                     (1,048)       (1,637)

Profit on ordinary activities before tax                20,784          9,608

Tax on profit on ordinary activities                     (6,661)       (2,376)

Profit for the financial period                         14,123          7,232

Ordinary dividend                                        (1,814)       (1,253)
Non-equity preference dividend                           (1,267)       (1,269)

Transfer to reserves                                    11,042          4,710

Earnings per share                               2
Basic                                                   20.72p         9.42p
Diluted                                                 20.23p         9.37p
Adjusted                                                24.58p        13.22p
                                                                 Alexon Group Plc / Page 8

Consolidated Balance Sheet

                                                             2002                         2001
As at 26 January 2002                              £000      £000          £000           £000

Fixed assets
Intangible assets                                41,974                  44,374
Tangible assets                                  17,873                  20,040
Investments                                         836                       -

                                                            60,683                     64,414
Current assets
Stock                                            49,192                  47,949
Debtors                                          23,508                  24,071
Cash at bank and in hand                          2,225                   1,873

                                                  74,925                 73,893
Creditors falling due within one year            (44,821)               (54,042)

Net current assets                                          30,104                     19,851

Total assets less current liabilities                       90,787                     84,265
Creditors falling due after more than one year                 (22)                    (1,070)
Provisions for liabilities and charges                      (4,584)                    (5,935)

                                                            86,181                     77,260

Capital and reserves
Called up share capital                                      8,234                      8,403
Share premium account                                       30,907                     30,876
Capital redemption reserve fund                                381                        206
Profit and loss account                                     46,659                     37,775

Total shareholders' funds                                   86,181                     77,260
                                                                   Alexon Group Plc / Page 9

Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows

                                                                       2002                     2001
For the 52 weeks to 26 January 2002               Note    £000         £000        £000         £000

Net cash flow from operating activities            3                 26,892                    21,483

Returns on investments and servicing of finance
Interest received                                            41                      13
Interest paid                                            (1,084)                 (1,123)
Interest element of finance lease payments                 (219)                   (385)
Non-equity dividends paid                                (1,267)                 (1,269)
                                                                     (2,529)                   (2,764)

Corporation tax paid                                                 (4,154)                   (4,751)

Capital expenditure
Purchase of tangible fixed assets                        (4,356)                 (5,098)
Receipts from sales of tangible fixed assets                 12                   1,015
                                                                     (4,344)                   (4,083)

Equity dividends paid                                                (1,847)                       -

Issue of ordinary share capital                                          37                        26
Purchase of own shares                                               (2,994)                   (1,552)
Repayment of loan notes                                              (9,341)                     (144)
Capital element of finance lease payments                            (1,120)                   (1,527)

Increase in cash in the period                                          600                     6,688
                                                                              Alexon Group Plc / Page 10

1.   Turnover and operating profit comprise:

                                              Turnover                            Operating profit
                                    52 weeks to        52 weeks to          52 weeks to        52 weeks to
                                26 January 2002    27 January 2001      26 January 2002 27 January 2001
                                           £000               £000                 £000              £000

     Alexon Brands                     175,666               157,685               20,199              15,913
     Bay Trading                        80,083                71,432                2,081              (3,986)
     Dolcis                             62,167                64,125                 (574)                726
     Style Menswear                     55,716                47,289                2,526                 992

                                       373,632               340,531               24,232              13,645

     Goodwill amortisation                                                         (2,400)             (2,400)

                                                                                   21,832              11,245

2. The calculation of basic earnings per ordinary share is based on profits of £12,856,000 (2001
   restated : £5,963,000) and on 62,054,976 ordinary shares (2001 : 63,280,148 ) being the weighted
   average number of ordinary shares in issue.

     The earnings figure for adjusted earnings per share excludes goodwill amortisation.

     In calculating diluted earnings per share the weighted average number of ordinary shares in issue is
     adjusted to assume conversion of the convertible preference shares and the exercise of all dilutory
     share options granted to directors and key employees.
     Reconciliations of the earnings and weighted average number of shares are set out below.

                                                               Earnings (£)      Weighted average           Per share
                                                                                 number of shares            (pence)

     Adjusted earnings per share                                15,256,000             62,054,976                24.58
     Goodwill amortisation                                      (2,400,000)                     -                (3.86)

     Basic earnings per share                                   12,856,000             62,054,976                20.72

     Effect of dilutive securities :
     convertible preference shares                               1,262,000              6,658,926                (0.17)
     options                                                             -              1,061,797                (0.32)

     Diluted earnings per share                                 14,118,000             69,775,699                20.23

3.   Reconciliation of operating profit to net cash inflow                                    2002               2001
     from operating activities :                                                              £000               £000

     Operating profit                                                                        21,832           11,245
     Depreciation                                                                             6,189            5,821
     Amortisation of goodwill                                                                 2,400            2,400
     Loss/(profit) on disposal of fixed assets                                                  322             (263)
     Increase in stock                                                                       (1,243)            (578)
     Decrease/(increase) in debtors                                                             191           (1,362)
     (Decrease)/increase in creditors                                                        (1,448)           5,310
     Decrease in provisions                                                                  (1,351)          (1,090)

     Net cash inflow from operating activities                                               26,892           21,483
                                                                            Alexon Group Plc / Page 11

4.   Analysis of change in net debt                     At                                                     At
                                                27 January            Cash flow         Other non      26 January
                                                      2001                           cash changes            2002
                                                    £000's               £000's            £000's          £000's

     Cash                                             1,873                 352                  -            2,225
     Overdrafts                                      (2,039)                248                  -           (1,791)

     Loan notes :       current                     (11,044)              9,341                  -           (1,703)
                        non current                       -                   -                  -                -

     Finance leases : current                        (1,109)              1,120             (1,048)          (1,037)
                      non current                    (1,070)                  -              1,048              (22)

     Total                                          (13,389)             11,061                  -           (2,328)

                                                                                             2002              2001
5.   Reconciliation of movement in cash to movement in net funds                             £000              £000

     Increase in cash                                                                         600             6,688
     Repayment of finance leases                                                            1,120             1,527
     Repayment of loan notes                                                                9,341               144

     Movement in the period                                                                11,061             8,359

     Net debt at beginning of period                                                      (13,389)           (21,748)

     Closing net debt                                                                       (2,328)          (13,389)

6.   The financial statements do not constitute statutory accounts. The results for the 52 weeks ended
     26 January 2002 are extracts from the group accounts for the period which will be delivered to the
     Registrar of Companies in due course and on which the auditors have given an unqualified opinion
     which does not contain a statement under Section 237 (2), (3) or (4) of the Companies Act 1985.

     These financial statements have been prepared using the accounting policies set out in the Group’s
     Annual Report and financial statements for 2001, with the exception of the policy on deferred tax.
     Financial Reporting Standard (FRS) No 19, “Accounting for Deferred Tax”, has been adopted
     being applicable to financial years ending on or after 23 January 2002, resulting in figures for 2001
     being restated. The effect has been to increase opening net assets by £1,499,000 and to increase
     the tax charge for 2001 by £130,000. Earnings per share have been restated accordingly.

7.   The results for the 52 weeks ended 27 January 2001 (amended for the effects of FRS No 19) have
     been extracted from the statutory accounts for that period which have been delivered to the
     Registrar of Companies and on which the auditors gave an unqualified report which did not
     contain a statement under Section 237 (2), (3), or (4) of the Companies Act 1985.

8. The Company’s AGM will be held on 23 May 2002.

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