ENROLLMENT AND TUITION AGREEMENT

Age _____________________            Grade _________________

Student’s Name ____________________________________________________________________
                (Last)                      (First)                    (Middle)

Address __________________________________________________________________________
           (Street)                             (City)               (Zip)

Home Phone _________________________                Birth Date ______________________________

       This agreement is made this _________ day of ____________________, ______, in
consideration of the mutual promises, covenants, and conditions contained in the Agreement, the
undersigned as a parent(s) or legal guardians(s) (the “Guardian”) of the above name student, and Grace
Fellowship Christian School (“Grace Fellowship”) agree as follows, effective upon the written
acceptance of the student by Grace Fellowship through signature on this agreement by its authorized

       1.      Tuition for the academic year stated shall be: $______________. The undersigned
accepts full responsibility and obligation to pay Grace Fellowship the amount stated pursuant to the
Payment Terms selected below. The entire amount of $______________ is due and owing by the
undersigned to Grace Fellowship upon full execution of this Enrollment and Tuition Agreement.

        2.      PAYMENT TERMS: Unless the Guardian(s) choose to pay the tuition by selecting
item (a) or (b) below then the tuition shall be due and payable in full no later than August 1, ____,
before the beginning of the academic year. (Check and initial payment plan below if not paying in full
by lump sum).

            (a) 10 month plan: payments by Guardian(s) in the amount of $___________ each due on
the first day of each month beginning August 1 of the first calendar year of the above academic year
and continuing through May 1 of the second calendar year of the above academic year for a total of

           (b) ______ month plan: payments by Guardian(s) in the amount of $_____________; each
due ______________ of each month beginning ___________ of the first calendar year and continuing
through ___________ of the second calendar year for a total of $______________.

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        3.     REFUNDS: Guardian(s) acknowledge that the above tuition is payable in full in all
events, and that after August 1, _____ no portion of the tuition will be abated or refunded for any cause
(including withdrawal or dismissal) unless an exception is made in writing through notarized document
by the Grace Fellowship Church Board when petitioned by Guardian(s).

        4.      RECORDS, TRANSCRIPTS, ETC: It is understood that if the above named student
ceases to attend Grace Fellowship Christian School, whether withdrawn or otherwise, none of the
student’s records, transcripts or any property of the student possessed by Grace Fellowship will be
released until all outstanding financial obligation due from Guardian(s) pursuant to this _______
Enrollment and Tuition Agreement (the “Agreement”) have been paid in full. Further, in the event any
payment of tuition due under this Agreement is not paid in full within thirty (30) days from the date
due, then the account shall be deemed in default.

         5.    LATE PAYMENT: In the event of any receipt of a tuition payment after the due date,
the acceptance of any such payment is conditioned upon payment by Guardian(s) of a late penalty of
5% of the total unpaid balance due, not to exceed $20.00, plus any additional charge(s) due and owing
at that time. Additional charge(s) may include a fee of $20.00 for returned checks and the actual cost
of any property damaged or destroyed by the student.

       6.      DEFAULT: In the event of default, Grace Fellowship will not release the above-
named student’s grades and Grace Fellowship may drop the student from enrollment without releasing
the Guardian(s) from any obligation under the Agreement. Further, Grace Fellowship may sue to
enforce any or all terms of this Agreement, or to determine any matter arising under the above-named
student’s attendance at Grace Fellowship.

        7.     JURISDICTION AND VENUE: The parties hereby designate that the substantive and
procedural laws of the State of Texas are controlling in interpreting and enforcing the terms and
conditions undertaken by the parties in this Agreement. The parties further designate that the sole
jurisdiction and venue for any matter at law or equity arising under this Agreement shall be Dallas
County, Texas.

        8.      PARTIES IN INTEREST: All the terms and provisions of this Agreement are
contractual in nature and shall be binding upon and insure to the benefit of, and be enforceable by and
against the parties and their respective heirs, successors or assigns.

       9.      INTEGRATED AGREEMENT: This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement
between the parties hereto, and there are no Agreements, understandings, restrictions, warranties, or
representations between the parties other than those set forth herein or herein provided for.

        10.     SECTION AND OTHER HEADINGS: Section, paragraph, and other headings
contained in this Agreement are for reference only and shall not affect in any way the meaning or
interpretation of this Agreement.

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         11.    ATTORNEY’S FEES: If any action at law or in equity is brought to enforce or
interpret this Agreement or in connection with student’s attendance at Grace Fellowship, the prevailing
party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and investigatory expenses in addition to other
relief that may be available.

        12.     SUSPENSION/EXPULSION: A student may be suspended at any time a teacher or
the principal is of the opinion that the student presents a risk to the health, safety or well being of the
student or others. A student may also be suspended if the student interferes with the class room
atmospheres or the ability of any other student to participate in the teaching at the school. The
decision to suspend a student shall be at the sole discretion of the teacher or principal. No advance
warning of suspension is required. A suspension shall not be for more than six school days. The
Grace Fellowship Church Board shall have the sole discretion to expel a student for any reason.
Expulsion shall be for any period determined necessary or desirable by the Grace Fellowship Church
Board. Guardian(s) may appeal the decision to suspend or expel a student solely to the Grace
Fellowship Church Board. The decision of the Grace Fellowship Church Board in deciding the appeal
shall then be the final determination with regard to the suspension and/or expulsion of the student.

        13.     INDEMNITY: The undersigned Guardian thereby agrees to fully and completely
indemnify the Grace Fellowship Christian School and Grace Fellowship Church Board for any
property damaged by the student, all expenses resulting from any injury caused by the student, and/or
all reasonable attorney fees and expenses incurred in legal proceedings arising from the student’s

        14.      SAVINGS CLAUSE: In the event that one or more of the terms and conditions herein
set forth shall be held by any court of competent jurisdiction to be null and void, all remaining
provisions, agreements, terms and conditions herein set forth shall continue unimpaired and in full
force and effect.

WHEREFORE, the parties have executed this Agreement effective on the date stated hereinabove.


__________________________________                    __________________________________
Parent or Guardian                                    Parent or Guardian

__________________________________                    __________________________________
Social Security Number                                Social Security Number

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       On this the _______ day of ______________________, _____, in the State of


                        Parent(s) or Guardian(s)

       Personally appeared before me, __________________________________________, the
underscored Notary Public, with the satisfactory evidence of being the person(s) signing this

                                           Notary Public

Witness to Signatures:


Accepted by: ____________________________________________________

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