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					                                       Paul Ayres
                                       Compositions and

                                       February 2003 update


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to this newsletter (issue no. 10), a more-or-less annual round-up
of performances, publications, reviews and previews of my work as
composer and arranger. I hope that you may find some information of
interest – to find out more, please feel free to contact me on 020 8632 1854,
or at If you would like to join, or leave, the mailing list
for these occasional communications, please let me know.
Thanks for taking the time to look through the booklet.

                                                                  Paul Ayres
                                                             February 2003
NEW WEBSITE                                                                       ARRANGEMENTS

February 2003 sees the launch of                             The grey area between “mere” arrangement and “original” composition is a
The most important feature of this new site is a fully-searchable database of     creative area in which Paul has enjoyed working. In Purcell’s Funeral Sentence,
more than one hundred compositions and arrangements. To help musicians in         the original continuo was removed, and four new vocal parts added to Purcell’s
their quest for just the right repertoire item for their concert programme /      SATB, which “very neatly amplifies the intensity and passion of the original”
ensemble / choir / school / church, the cyber-visitor can search under any        (John Scott – Director of Music, St Paul’s Cathedral).
combination of categories:                                                          In 2002, the repertoire standard to fall under such an attack was the much-
    • length                                                                      loved Fauré Requiem. Recast as 4A Wreck, each of the seven movements has
    • voicing                                                                     been treated to changes in one or more parameters: metre, pitch, harmony,
    • instrumentation                                                             style, speed, instrumentation, text and overall effect. Quotes from Bach,
    • subject matter                                                              Handel, Stravinsky and Queen creep in. The publicity for the event warned:
    • keyword.                                                                    “If the Fauré Requiem is your favourite piece, and you don’t want to hear it
                                                                                  being altered in any way (never mind being processed, cut up, stapled and
Another new feature will be a selection of scores in PDF format, so that the      re-vamped), you may want to avoid this piece.” However, the premiere (with
music can be viewed and (extracts) printed off and tried out – ultimately it is   James Bowman, counter-tenor) is now available on CD, and Harlow Chorus,
hoped that almost all scores will be displayed in this way.                       under Sarah Tenant-Flowers, will give the ‘world deuxième’ in 2003.
                                                                                    Deep River, Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Go down Moses and Didn’t
All the information from the old site – forthcoming performances,                 my Lord deliver Daniel? The popular acappella arrangements of four spirituals
biographies, sound files etc, is still there, and the previous address            (“well and aptly arranged” – John Rutter) have now been performed
( links through to the new one,                   throughout the UK and in the USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary,
which benefits from:                                                              Turkey, Slovakia and Australia.
     • more space for the continually-expanding catalogue                           Paul has made a vocal and instrumental (flexible scoring) version of
     • a professional design                                                      Crimond in which, unlike the hymn, the musical phrases reflect the sense of
     • a more memorable address.                                                  the words (The Lord’s my shepherd / I’ll not want / He makes me down to lie in
                                                                                  pastures green / He leadeth me the quiet waters by). It has been premiered and
Enjoy your visit!                                                                 recorded by the Queldryk Chamber Choir (London), published by Zimbel Press
                                                                                  (New York) and taken on tour by Harlow Chorus (Lisbon).

                                    2                                                                                  3
Many arrangements have been made to suit the specific needs of Ealing Youth         SCHOOL MUSIC
Choir, which Paul directs. Over the past year these have included:
   Cry me a River (Arthur Hamilton) for SATB and one or two soloists                This is the third year of Paul’s work with Gallions School, an ArtsMark primary school in
   Wisl a (a beautiful Polish folksong) SATB                                        Beckton, East London with a very strong musical tradition.
   We three Kings (John Hopkins) SSAB
   Michelle (Lennon/McCartney) SATB                                                 2000-2001 saw Paul compose and musically-direct a children’s musical,
                                                                                    Scheherezade (funded by the London Arts Board’s 1000 Artists in 1000 Places
THE CHRIST                                                                            2001-2002’s project was a themed piece, The Great Water (funded by the
                                                                                    Performing Right Society Foundation’s Composers-in-Education scheme). All of
Paul’s biggest piece yet is the dramatic oratorio The Christ – 90 minutes long      the school’s 120 pupils wrote and improvised their own music – using
and scored for soprano, tenor and bass soloists, (spoken) narrator, choir           percussion instruments, vocal and body sounds – on various watery themes
SATB, strings (quartet or small ensemble), trumpet, organ and percussion            such as the creation of the world, Noah and the Ark, flooding and
(two players) plus (optional) children’s choir. A result of a private commission,   environmental issues (not irrelevant for a school in the low-lying zone just
it was premiered in November 2001 by the Petrus Singers and Ensemble, with          outside the Thames Flood Barrier!).
soloists Moira Harris (s), Wills Morgan (t), Nigel Cliffe (b) and Ceri Lewis (n)      2002-2003 is another PRSF scheme, which builds on the pupils’ increasing
under the direction of Steve Jones. A double-CD (live recording) is now             ability in instrumental playing and musical notation. The end-product is the
available. Reviewing the first performance, The Church Times said                   Gallions Symphony, a work inspired by the classical four-movement
                                                                                    symphonic form. The music for the first two movements is composed by all the
    “Ayres has a great appreciation of musical colour, and he uses his              children in years 4 to 6 (that’s 9-11-year-olds, for those of the ‘O’-level
    resources masterfully to achieve just the right effect... employs musical       generation) and will be performed on violins and cellos by all the children in
    word-painting effectively and in a manner that lends his writing a fresh and    years 2 and 3 (who are learning with the Colourstrings technique), some older
    appealing immediacy.”                                                           children, the staff orchestra (of 20 teachers and assistants) and a professional
                                                                                    band. The third movement is composed and arranged by members of an after-
There will be another chance to hear it, on 10 May 2003, in the second              school composing club (funded by the National Foundation for Youth Music)
St Pancras Festival of Contemporary Church Music.                                   from Gallions Primary and Kingsford Secondary schools. The last movement
                                                                                    is a ‘choral finale’ involving the whole school singing as well as playing.
                                                                                    The whole thing comes together, miraculously, in April 2003.

                                   4                                                                                           5
SONGS FOR SOLO VOICE                                                                     PUBLISHERS AND DISTRIBUTORS

In addition to settings of Shakespeare, John Donne, Michael Drayton, William Blake and   Most titles are published by the composer, and can be ordered through or
Wilfred Owen, Paul’s new departure in the last year has been working with texts in       020 8632 1854 or For multiple copies (eg choral scores), a licence to
languages other than English                                                             make photocopies is provided. Self-published scores are guaranteed free of misprints. Some works
Hör´ ich das Liedchen klingen sets words by Heinrich Heine – the same poem               are published and distributed by the organisations below.
that Schumann used in Dichterliebe. Ian MacDonald, accompanied by Leigh
O’Hara, premiered the song at the Blackheath Halls, London in November                   In the UK: Canonic Movements (clarinet, cello, piano); The Schoolboy (voice and
2002, as part of a programme including new music inspired by, or related to,               piano; William Blake) – Nymet Music
the Schumann song-cycle.                                                                 Volume of 20 ‘last-verse’ harmonisations for organ – Fagus Music
                                                                                         Great and wonderful are your deeds (‘worship song’) – Decani Music
  Nicki Kennedy (soprano) and Katherine McGillivray (viola d’amore) will
                                                                                         Love divine (choir SATB and organ), Jerusalem the Golden (choir SB and organ)
premiere a brace of songs – He to Her (in English) and She to Him (in French).             – Parish Publications
The words, by Sue Powell, are a fictional dialogue between Harriet Smithson              Vari8 for celtic (lever) harp – Beartramka Press
and Hector Berlioz, and will appear in the Figur’d Shade show Harriet’s First            In the USA: Eight Songs (voice and piano; Shakespeare, Wilfred Owen, John Donne,
Tape. The commission and the production are supported by SoundSense.                       Michael Drayton, Psalm 91, traditional) – Kallisti Music Press
  Music of the Fuchsia is the name given to the voice and piano duo of                   O little town of Bethlehem (choir SATB and piano) – Roger Dean (Lorenz)
Rosemary Forbes-Butler and Paul Ayres. Through improvisation and                         Let my prayer rise before you (‘worship song’) – Oregon Catholic Press
experimentation, they have a unique repertoire, particularly of re-worked                Three Songs of Henry VIII (choir SSS and piano), O people of God (choir SATB and
songs from the Baroque period – Handel’s I know that my Redeemer liveth as                 organ) – National Music Publishers (California)
Gospel, Lully’s Espoir le cher as Parisian chanson, Monteverdi’s Ohimè ch’io cado        Three Chorale Preludes (organ), The Lord’s my shepherd (arr for choir SATB and
as bilingual dialogue etc… Several singers have asked for copies of Music for a            accompaniment) – Zimbel Music Press
While (the Fuchsia version of the Purcell song is swing, uptempo with a big              The Three Kings (any four voices; Dorothy L Sayers) – Gordon V Thompson
band feel) – and it’s now available in print.                                              (Warner Chappell)
                                                                                         Arrangements of spirituals: Deep River, Joshua fought the battle of Jericho,
* Gift Idea! – if you’re looking for a unique gift for one you love, and/or for            Go down Moses and Didn’t my Lord deliver Daniel? (choir SATBdiv) – distributed
someone who has everything, why not commission a song, setting their                       by Mainely A Cappella
favourite poem, or an arrangement of their favourite tune?                               Anthem for Remembrance (choir SS, cello, organ), Veni creator Spiritus (choir
                                                                                           SSAABar) – Yelton Rhodes Music

                                      6                                                                                                7
CHORAL MUSIC                                                                       THEATRE AND INSTRUMENTAL

Paul’s work will be heard for the first time at three top venues: Carnegie Hall,   The musical for children of all ages, The Princess and the Goblin, was selected
Avery Fisher Hall (Lincoln Center) and Riverside Church, when the ten-part         for a showcase performance in May 2002 at the Greenwich Theatre, as part of
wedding anthem Ruth is sung by the Texas choir Conspirare, directed by Craig       their Musical Futures festival. A cast of four (Cathie Nicholls, Fru Cass, Josh
Hella Johnson, at the American Choral Directors’ Association (ADCA)                Emdon and Stephen McCarthy) and band of three (Alexander L’Estrange,
National Convention in New York, February 2003.                                    Julian Watson and Paul Ayres) presented a half-hour production, with eight
                                                                                   songs and a ‘Reader’s Digest’-style condensation of the plot and dialogue to
Choral premieres in 2002 included:                                                 link them together. A tape from this show is available to any youth theatres or
Easter Anthem (St Pancras Parish Church / Chris Batchelor)                         schools interested in the work, which is based on the eponymous novel by
Chapel Royal Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Choristers of the Chapel Royal,         George Macdonald, with book and lyrics by Fiona Angwin.
 St James’s Palace / Andrew Gant)                                                    June 2001 saw the premiere of Fanfare for three trumpets, played by
Ecce sacerdos magnus (choir, soloists and trumpets / St John’s Ladbroke Grove)     members of Philharmonia Brass in a Chelsea Festival concert.
The Lord my pasture shall prepare (Como Park Lutheran Church MN /                    The crazy organ work Advent Fantasia received a broadcast on Radio 3’s Late
 Tom Ferry)                                                                        Junction and has been recorded by Jamie Hitel on a new CD from Akron Ohio.
Prayer of St Richard of Chichester (Queldryk Chamber Choir / composer)               Canonic Movements, the early (1991) work for piano, cello and clarinet, has
Outwithin (Equal Voices ensemble / New York)                                       been published by the new company Nymet, and the music can be viewed at
                                                                                   their website.
Commissions in hand for 2003 include:
O praise ye the Lord – a setting of Psalm 150 as versified by Henry Baker.
 Commissioned by Haven Green Baptist Church, London W5, to celebrate the           CHRISTMAS MUSIC
 completion of their organ restoration project (the text includes the line “Loud
 organs, his glory forth tell in deep tone”, which seems appropriate!).            Paul’s most popular Christmas title is undoubtedly O little town of Bethlehem.
 Scored for SATB choir, children’s choir, organ and percussion (two players).      Broadcast on Classic FM and featured on the music site
Past Song – a setting of the first verse of John Clare’s poem Childhood.           (, it has now been published by Roger Dean
 Commissioned by Hull Ladies’ Musical Union, to celebrate their centenary.         (Lorenz) in the USA. The familiar words are by Phillips Brooks, and this
 Scored for SSA piano.                                                             setting includes the lesser-known fourth verse.

                                   8                                                                                     9
  New arrangements of two French carols were heard for the first time in 2002:             Music of a more informal style (sometimes called “worship songs” in the
Entre le boeuf et l’âne gris (a beautifully-haunting minor key melody) SAATTB,           UK, and “contemporary Christian” in the USA – neither of which is a very
received performances by three different choirs. The twelve months of the year           accurate description!) includes pieces published by Decani Music in the UK
(Le douze mois d’l’année / La perdriole) – not dissimilar in structure to The            and Oregon Catholic Press in the USA.
twelve days of Christmas – SATB.                                                           For organists: a volume of last verse harmonisations is shortly to be
Verse twelve reads (arranger’s free translation):                                        published by Fagus Music in Scotland.
    “The twelfth month of the year, what shall I give my true love?                        For musically-adventurous churches, there are more extended hymn settings
    Twelve young maidens in the hall, eleven suitors standing tall, ten milking          (where each verse is harmonised differently, to illustrate the text), for organ
    cows, nine raging bulls, eight woolly sheep, seven greyhounds, six mad               and brass group, including: All my hope on God is founded (Howells),
    march hares, five bunny rabbits nibbling, four winter geese ascending,               For all the saints who from their labours rest (Vaughan Williams),
    three woodpigeons, two turtle doves, I will give a partridge who flaps and           Hark! the herald-angels sing (Mendelssohn) and O come O come Emmanuel
    floats and flutters, fluffy feathered flapping floating fluttering flying fancy      (Veni Emmanuel).
    female partridge, a-flying in the woods!”
  The rather Wagnerian re-harmonisations and double-descants of
Mendelssohn’s Hark! the herald-angels sing featured at carol services at                 INDEX OF SELECTED PERFORMANCES October 2001 – January 2003
St Mary’s Saffron Walden, London College of Music and Media (St Paul’s
Brentford), St Mark’s Washington DC, Speechly Bircham (St Andrew’s                       Known performances of Paul Ayres’s music since the last newsletter was published.
Holborn), amongst others…                                                                All details based on bona fide information provided by artists and promoters.
                                                                                         ** world premiere | * national premiere | (a) arrangement
                                                                                         October ’01
                                                                                         Music for Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange (a) Questor’s Theatre Company /
CHURCH MUSIC                                                                               dir. Duncan Alldridge / Questor’s Theatre, Ealing
                                                                                         Variants on Veni creator Spiritus composer, organ / Sheffield Cathedral
As a choir director and organist, Paul has often been called upon to write and arrange   Variations on Es ist ein’ Ros’ entsprungen composer, organ / St Paul’s Church, Honiton
hymns, songs and settings for use in liturgical contexts.                                **O waly, waly (a) Texas Girls’ Choir / Shirley Carter / Fort Worth, TX
                                                                                         November ’01
                                                                                         **The Christ Petrus Singers and Ensemble / Steve Jones / St Peter’s Church, Ealing.
St Peter’s Communion Service, originally written for St Peter’s Ealing, is now
                                                                                         December ’01
in the repertoire at Howden Minster in Yorkshire.
                                                                                         O little town of Bethlehem Choir of King’s Hall School / Ian Webb-Taylor

                                        10                                                                                        11
Advent Fantasia Jamie Hitel, organ / St Paul’s Church, Akron, Ohio                        September ’02
Advent Fantasia Radio 3 broadcast                                                         Three Chorale Preludes Carson Cooman, organ / Rochester, NY
O little town of Bethlehem choir Windsong / Kerry Barnett / Oklahoma City                 **Ecce sacerdos magnus St John’s Church Ladbroke Grove
God rest you merry, gentlemen (a); We wish you a merry Christmas (a) Sounds Wicked! /     October ’02
  Michael Fulcher / St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden, London                               **The Lord my pasture shall prepare Como Park Lutheran Church MN / Tom Ferry
Treasure Choir of St Bride’s Fleet Street / Matthew Morley                                *Deep River (a) Gallery Singers / Albert McLane / Vancouver, Canada
January ’02                                                                               **Navajo Wedding Blessing Stuart Walton, bass / Harrow, Middlesex
**Chapel Royal Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis Chapel Royal Choristers / Andrew Gant         *Ruth; *Purcell’s Funeral Sentence Conspirare / Craig Hella Johnson / Austin, TX
February ’02                                                                              Three Chorale Preludes Carson Cooman, organ / Webster, NY
Opening Number; Am I too old for love (cabaret songs) Nigel Osner and Simon Gray /        *Yesterday (a) Clemson University Choir / Dan Rash / South Carolina
  Jermyn Street Theatre London                                                            November ’02
The Water of Tyne Rosemary Forbes-Butler, soprano / Venice                                        -
                                                                                          **Wisla (a); **Cry me a river (a) Ealing Youth Choir
Strengthen for Service Choir of St George’s Church Hanover Square / Simon Williams        **Hör´ ich das Liedchen klingen Ian MacDonald, tenor; Leigh O’Hara, piano /
April ’02                                                                                   Blackheath Concert Halls, London
**The Great Water Gallions Primary School (years 2-6) / Beckton, London                   Jubilate St Mary Abbots Choir / Mark Uglow
*Outwithin Equal Voices / Merkin Concert Hall New York                                    St Peter Communion Service David Abbott / Howden Minster, Yorkshire
May ’02                                                                                   Outwithin Equal Voices / St Peter’s Church, Citicorp Center, New York
**4A Wreck; **Prayer of St Richard of Chichester; **Crimond (a); other songs and choral   December ’02
  works / James Bowman, counter-tenor, Queldryk Chamber Choir / London                    **Once in royal David’s city Árpád Darázs Singers / Robert Neese / South Carolina
**The Princess and the Goblin (abridged musical) / Greenwich Theatre .                    Chapel Royal Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis Chapel Royal Choristers / Andrew Gant
Wedding Anthem Anna Dennis / St Pancras Festival of Contemporary Church Music             **Entre le boeuf (a) Walbrook Girls’ Choir / Tansy Castledine / Mill End, Herts.
**Easter Anthem St Pancras Choir / Chris Batchelor.                                       God rest you merry (a) Davenant Foundation School / Peter Crowe
June ’02                                                                                  O little town of Bethlehem; Entre le boeuf (a) Denton Wilde Sapte Choir / Temple Church
*Crimond (a) Harlow Chorus / Sarah Tenant-Flowers / Lisbon                                Entre le boeuf (a) Choir of St George’s Church Hanover Square / Simon Williams
**Fanfare for three trumpets Philharmonia Brass / Chelsea Festival                        **The twelve months of the year (a); On Christmas night (a) Harlow Chorus /
Love Divine London Pro Arte Choir / Robin Kimber                                            Sarah Tenant-Flowers
Four spirituals (a) Stanmore Choral Society / David Gould                                 January ’03
*Joshua fought the battle (a) Coro Santa Cecilia / Angelo Gubbini /                       Outwithin Equal Voices / St Francis of Assisi Church New York
  Wolfsberg Music Festival                                                                Incidental music for Sprout improvising comedy group / Pleasance Theatre, London

                                      12                                                                                           13
FORTHCOMING PERFORMANCES                                                           Sunday 18 May – First Baptist Church of Decatur, Georgia USA
                                                                                    **O people of God, bless the Lord Decatur Civic Chorus / Mary Anne Sharp
Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 February – Carnegie Hall and Riverside Church         Monday 19 May – venue tbc
 and Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, New York                                    **Past Song Hull Ladies’ Musical Union
 Ruth Conspirare / Craig Hella Johnson / ADCA convention                           Saturday 31 May – Westminster Presbyterian Church, Seattle
February – exact date tbc                                                           Deep River (a) Pacifica Chamber Singers / Susan Senft
 *White Cliffs of Dover (a) Clemson University Choir, South Carolina / Dan Rash    Sunday 8 June – St John’s Arts Centre, Old Harlow, Essex
February – exact date tbc – Anapolis, Maryland, USA                                 **She to Him, Him to Her Nicki Kennedy (soprano) and Katherine McGillivray
 **O pray for the peace of Jerusalem Choir of US Naval Academy / Barry Talley       (viola d’amore)
Saturday 1 March – Haven Green Baptist Church, London W5
 **O praise ye the Lord Hanwell Children’s Choir, Durston House Choir and
 others / Cherry Willow-Pauls, organ
Sunday 2 March – Westminster Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, VA, USA         DISCOGRAPHY
 *Jubilate Westminster Choir / Linda Hanson
Sunday 16 March – St George’s Church Hanover Square London                         Advent Fantasia (organ) on For M is for Musick (Lammas LAMM 144)
 Strengthen for Service St George’s Choir / Simon Williams                          St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Akron, Ohio, USA – Jamie Hitel
Tuesday 25 March – Farnham Maltings, Surrey                                         available at
 **Cantate Domino Vivace Cantamus girls’ choir / Valerie Hoppé /
 Farnham Festival                                                                  Strengthen for Service on A Sure Foundation
Monday 7 April and Friday 11 April – Gallions School, Beckton, London E6            Choir of St Barnabas Dulwich – William McVicker
 **Gallions Symphony Gallions School pupils and teachers                            available at
Saturday 26 April – venue tbc Suffolk
 **Saint Martin; King’s Hall Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis Harmony Girls’ Choir /   Arrangement of Stille Nacht (Silent Night) on Be Merry Therefore
 David Bramhall                                                                     Choir of Christ Church, Deer Park, Toronto – Bruce Kirkpatrick Hill
Saturday 10 May – St Pancras Parish Church, Euston Road, London                     available at
 The Christ Petrus Singers and Ensemble / composer conducting
Saturday 17 May – All Saints’ Hockerill, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire
 4A Wreck Harlow Chorus / Sarah Tenant-Flowers

                                  14                                                                                   15
[DISCOGRAPHY continued]

4A Wreck and other works
 Contents: 4A Wreck; Sing Softly; Ruth; Jubilate; Wedding Anthem; The Path of
 Childhood; Outwithin; Prayer of St Richard of Chichester; The Lord’s my shepherd; Blow
 blow thou winter wind
 Artists: James Bowman, counter-tenor; Nicholas Ansdell-Evans, piano,
 Simon Williams, organ; Graham Instrall, percussion; Queldryk Chamber
 Choir; composer conducting

Experience the music of Paul Ayres
 Contents: Purcell’s Funeral Sentence; Treasure; Strengthen for Service; April is in my
 mistress’ face; Didn’t my Lord deliver Daniel?; Deep River; Go down Moses; To Music;
 To-; Scarborough Fair; Motivations 4; Motivations 5; Drive my Car; Nowhere Man;
 Slap that Bass; Music for a While (Music of the Fuchsia version)
 Artists: Alexander L’Estrange, double bass; Rosemary Forbes-Butler,
 soprano; Queldryk Chamber Choir; composer conducting

   Both these live recordings are available for the concert ticket price of £10.
   Please send a cheque payable to “Paul Ayres” (free p&p in the UK) to
   12 Bennetts Avenue, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 8AU.
   [Overseas orders: £12.50 or US$20 including postage.]
   Don’t forget to say which CD you’re ordering!

The Christ
 A double-CD of the premiere performance, November 2001, conducted by
 Steve Jones is available by sending a cheque for £20 payable to “Petrus
 Singers” to 3 Winscombe Crescent, Ealing, London W5 1AZ.


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