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                               Autumn Newsletter
                                                                                                          October 2008
UPDATES IN                                 (01323) 815120—24hr veterinary care

    Allergic airway
    disease refresher      Refresher on Allergic Airway Disease
    Cliffe Equine is
                         Allergic airway disease (heaves;       unless secondary pneumonia              maintained at pasture with fresh
    now an RCVS          recurrent airway obstruction           has developed, but mild secon-          grass as the source of roughage,
    Tier 2 accredited    (RAO); COPD) is characterized          dary infection is not uncommon.         supplemented with pelleted
    practice and a       by chronic cough, nasal dis-           Diagnosis is done on the basis of       feed. Round bale hay is particu-
                         charge, & respiratory difficulty.      history & physical exam findings.       larly offensive to heavey horses,
    BEVA registered
                         RAO in horses is most similar to       Chest x-rays & endoscopy to             & commonly causes treatment
    clinic for AI        asthma in humans. Episodes of          sample respiratory secretions           failure for horses on pasture.
                         heaves are usually seen when           may be necessary in compli-             Horses that must be stabled
    Special offers on    horses are stabled, bedded on          cated cases.                            should be maintained in a clean,
    supplements for      straw & fed hay, whereas, elimi-       The single most important treat-        controlled environment & fed a
                         nation of these factors results in     ment for RAO is to improve the          complete feed, eliminating the
    respiratory and      remission of clinical signs. There                                             need for roughage in the diet.
                                                                environment, reducing dust &
    joint disease.       is no breed or gender predilec-                                                Hay cubes & hay silage may be
                                                                mould exposure commonly
                         tion, however, it is more com-         found in hay & straw.. Medica-          alternative acceptable, low-
    Cliffe Equine        mon in middle aged & older             tion will alleviate clinical signs of   allergen roughage sources.
    News                 horses & there does appear to          disease, however, respiratory           Soaked hay is unacceptable for
                         be a heritable component to            disease will return after medica-       highly sensitive horses. Stables
                         this condition.                        tion is discontinued if the horse       should not be in the same build-
    Case study: Tar-
                                                                remains in a poor environment.          ing as an indoor arena & hay
    sometatarsal Joint   Horses with classic RAO have                                                   should not be stored overhead.
                         flared nostrils & difficulty           If possible, horses should be
    Disease in the                                                                                      Straw bedding should be
                         breathing. Abdominal muscles                                                   avoided, it is best to use shred-
    Hock                 are used to help when there is
                                                                                                        ded paper or cardboard.
                         difficulty breathing & over time
                                                                                                        Medical therapy consists of anti-
VET CONTACTS             produce the classic heave line.
                                                                                                        inflammatories & bronchodila-
                         Mild to moderately affected
                                                                                                        tors. Medication may be given
                         horses may present with mini-
   Karl Holliman                                                                                        by aerosol, oral or injectable
                         mal clinical signs at rest, how-
  07831 426949                                                                                          methods. Aerosols are generally
                         ever, coughing & exercise intol-
                                                                                                        more effective (when adminis-
                         erance are seen during work.
                                                                                                        tered correctly) and safer for
      Sally Hall         Horses do not have a fever,              Heave line on the abdomen             long-term use.
  07736 630366

  Egbert Willems
   07717 803704           Cliffe Equine Clinic News
Imogen Silhan-Sutton      As many of you will have heard,       little delayed again as she has now
   07841 092364           John Daykin, senior partner at        fractured her wrist! We wish her
                          Cliffe Veterinary Group died          a speedy recovery again & hope
    Jessica Dicks         tragically last month. He had         she will be back soon.                  venture.
    07765711619           dedicated many years into the                                                 Fortunately for us, our current
                                                                Finally, we are sad to announce
                          practice & was known well by a                                                seasonal locum, Jessica Dicks,
                                                                that one of the vet team will be
 With special thanks      great number of clients. We were                                              whom I sure many of you now
                                                                leaving us at the start of October
  to Vetoquinol for       all shocked by the news & he will     2008. Ed Jose-Cunilleras who has        know, will be staying on with us
sponsoring October’s      be greatly missed.                    been with us for the last couple of     until December until we find the
                          We were looking forward to the        years is leaving us to return to        latest additional to our team.
 edition of the Cliffe
 Equine newsletter.       return of our head nurse, Penny       Spain, taking a lecturing post at the   Lastly, Anne Cownley & Cathy
                          Brownings to work in the near         University of Barcelona. We have        Dawes are also departing for pas-
                          future as she has been recovering     greatly enjoyed having Ed working       tures new so some new faces (and
                          from her knee injury steadily.        at Cliffe Equine & wish him & his       voices) will soon be welcomed to
                          Unfortunately, her return will be a   family the best of luck in their new    the office.
                                                                                    SPECIAL OFFERS ON
                                                                     JOINT & RESPIRATORY SUPPLEMENTS
                                                                     As a follow up to the allergic airway and joint disease
       Organization                                                 talks, we are offering 10% off on all nutraceutical sup-
                                                                    plements bought from us for your horse or pony before
      CLIENT EDUCATION EVENING                                                       the start of December.
  Many thanks to the people who attended the either                 We stock a wide range of supplements, many of which are
  one of the client evenings. It is the first time we have          not available through regular feed suppliers/tack shops.
  run two separate evenings with the same talks on the              We only supply products we feel have good evidence dem-
  east and west sides of Sussex. We hope people will                onstrating clinical improvement, e.g. the joint supplement
  find that one venue will be closer to them and                    Equi 4S and Equi HY120 4S, because of a better
  encourage people living on the further outreaches of              bioavailability of the constituents necessary to improve-
  the practice area to come along. We hope everyone                 ment function and reduce inflammation in diseased/aged
  enjoyed the evening and took away some helpful tips               joints. These supplements are especially useful before any
  and advice. Should anyone have ideas or requests for              problems are found to maintain joint health and prevent
  future topics they would like an client evening on                arthritic changes occurring.
  please ring Imogen on (01323) 815120. Don’t forget
  to keep checking the website frequently for details               Another thing to consider when using supplements is
  and more information of upcoming events:                          whether a competition drug withdrawal period needs to be
                                                                    observed prior to an event. Many of the supplements we
                                    supply are acceptable for use during competitions. For
            HORSE HEALTH PLANS                                      example, Secreta Pro will provide excellent support for
  Don’t forget now is the time of year when the horse               the respiratory system without enhancing athletic perform-
  health plans, launched last year are best done. The               ance.
  plan provides a complete health care assessment of                For help when choosing any feed supplement, please con-
  your horse or pony, including blood samples. The                  tact us at the clinic to discuss your horse’s requirements so
  plans helped to identify subtle abnormalities in the              we can advise you of the best supplement choice for your
  early stages in many horses of all ages over the past             individual case.
  12 months which prevented future problems. The
  health plans also have extra benefits attached to
  them; such as: 10% off vaccinations done at the time;            x-rays, at a price of £100 plus a visit charge. Should you like
  10% off dental work performed within 6 weeks; 10%                more information about this and to find out if it is suitable for
  off wormers purchased and discounted foot balance                you, please ring Sally at the clinic on (01323) 815120.

Case Study: Degenerative Joint Disease in the hock
“Dora” was bought about 6 weeks ago to          Several nerve blocks were performed to         numb this area. After 15 minutes “Dora”
use as a general purpose family cob. All        numb the foot; pastern and fetlock region;     was trotted up and an obvious left hind limb
was going well until she started refusing at    flexor tendons & suspensory ligament. None     lameness was now apparent. The same
jumps, putting in the occasional buck and       of the blocks improved the action of the       joint was blocked on the left hind leg.
was difficult to get on the correct canter      horse & the flexion tests remained positive.   “Dora’s” gait had a much longer stride and
lead.                                           The tarsometatarsal joint of the right hind    no lameness was evident at trot, even with
“Dora” was examined at the clinic and was       hock was injected with local anaesthetic to    flexions.
found to have a short, choppy stride in                                                         When “Dora” was put onto the lunge, she
both hind legs but no obvious lameness at                                                      was no longer bunny hopping, had much
walk or trot in a straight line or on circles                                                  smoother transitions & led on the correct
on a hard surface. However, there were                                                         leg at all times.
positive results to flexion tests of both                                                      Because of this response, radiographs of
hind legs.                                                                                     both hocks were taken.        Evidence of
When examined on the lunge on a soft                                                           marked osteoarthritis in both the left &
surface “Dora” did not seem to be able to                                                      right hock low motion joints with extensive
canter easily, running the transition in to                                                    new bone formation was found, as is seen
canter, striking off disunited repeatedly on                                                   on the x-ray shown.
both reins & bunny-hopping frequently.                                                         The amount of destruction shown in this
Physical examination showed that “Dora”                                                        case meant that joint arthrodesis, a surgery
stood naturally with an hind limb, base-                                                       to fuse these joints together to prevent
narrow stance. When observed from the                                                          further pain, was performed. The surgery
side, she had an “elephant on a tub”                                                           was successful and “Dora” returned to full
stance. No joint swellings were found or                                                       work only a few months later. The joint
pain elicited on palpation of any part of the     Right hock x-ray showing arthritic           supplement Equi HY120 4S was prescribed
limb.                                              changes & new bone formation                to maintain the health of her other joints.