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    Get the best flavour from your barbecue! No other culinary ingredient evokes the
    Mediterranean sunshine quite like olive oil. It’s the essential ingredient to enhance a
    whole range of summer barbecue dishes, from simple snacks like Bruschetta to delicious
    Kebabs. Here, Britain’s favourite olive oil, Filippo Berio of Lucca Tuscany has brought you
    a wonderful selection of recipes together with some essential cooking tips so that you
    can get the very best from your barbecue.

                                    TOP TIPS
    1. Brush or spray your barbecue grill with               4. Extra Virgin Dressing: simply pour superb
    Filippo Berio Mild & Light olive oil to prevent food     Filippo Berio Extra Virgin olive oil over hot or warm
    from sticking.                                           food and enjoy in its own right. Serve with barbecued
                                                             fish, meat and vegetables or even better, try it on
    2. Brush or spray Filippo Berio olive oil on meat,       fresh crusty bread – heaven!
    poultry, fish or vegetables before barbecuing.
                                                             5. Simple garlic bread: drizzle or spray Filippo
    3. Pinzimonio: grind generous amounts of coarse          Berio Extra Virgin olive oil on halved or sliced French
    sea salt and black pepper into Filippo Berio Extra       or Italian bread, sprinkle with minced garlic or
    Virgin olive oil and use as a dip for fresh vegetables   alternatively use freshly crushed garlic or garlic puree,
    such as carrots, celery, peppers and spring onions.      wrap in foil and place in the oven.

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 Using decades of expertise selecting only the finest quality olive oils Filippo Berio
 has created a unique range of olive oils designed to cater for all cooking occasions
from dressing to flavouring, frying, roasting and baking. The brand new Filippo Berio
Olive Oil sprays are particularly ideal for cooking and entertaining outside allowing
    you to carefully control how much oil you apply to all your barbecued food.

          Extra Virgin Olive Oil                              Mild Extra Virgin
          Has a unique rich, fruity flavour and               Olive Oil
          complements the fresh ingredients                   An everyday, milder flavoured
          in all your recipes making it perfect               extra virgin olive oil with a
          as a healthy condiment                              smooth delicate flavour ideal
          • Ideal for sauces, marinades                       for the whole family
            and salads                                        • For delicately flavoured dishes
          • For drizzling on all your                         • White fish
            favourite dishes
                                                              • Sauces or marinades
          • Or dipping with bread

          Olive Oil                                           Gusto Fruttato Extra
          Expertly blended, Olive Oil is                      Virgin Olive Oil
          ideal for those who prefer a                        A full bodied oil makes it ideal as a
          lighter taste, or in recipes                        more robust condiment.
          requiring a softer flavour.
                                                              • For flavouring foods in place of
          • Use for everyday cooking                            salt, pepper and vinegar
          • Ideal for delicate dressings and                  • Brings to life salads, vegetables,
            mayonnaise                                          pasta and grilled fish, or as a
          • Or use as a healthier substitute                    wonderful dip for crusty breads
            for butter

          Mild and Light                          Filippo Berio Extra Virgin
          Olive Oil                               Cooking & Salad Spray
          The ultra light taste of Mild &
                                                         • Perfect for dressing salads
          Light Olive Oil means it carries
          no trace of olive flavour, so it’s             • Adding flavour to barbecued
          perfect for all sorts of savoury                 vegetables, meats, chicken and fish
          and sweet dishes.
                                                         Filippo Berio Mild & Light
          • Use for healthier frying –
            from stir frys to fried eggs
                                                         Frying & Roasting Spray
                                                         • Ideal for spraying on your food
          • For savoury baking – ideal for
                                                           before barbecuing to prevent the
            delicious roast potatoes
                                                           food from sticking
          • Or for baking cakes and
                                                         • Ideal for corn on the cob and
                                                           asparagus spray lightly with oil before
                                                           placing on the barbecue


    Moroccan Chilli                             White Wine                                   Tuscan
    Marinade                                    Marinade                                     Marinade
    8 tbsp Filippo Berio Olive Oil               shallot, peeled and finely chopped          tsp fennel seeds
    juice  lemon                                clove of garlic, crushed                   2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
     tsp ground cumin                          200ml (7fl oz) dry white wine                2 tsp Italian herb seasoning
     tsp ground coriander                      5 tbsp Filippo Berio Olive Oil               ½ tsp coarsely ground black pepper
    ¼ tsp cinnamon                              juice ½ lemon                                grated zest and juice  lemon
    ½ tsp turmeric                              salt and freshly ground black pepper          tbsp Filippo Berio Extra Virgin
     red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped   . Put all the ingredients into a bowl and   Olive Oil
     small onion, finely chopped               whisk together.
                                                                                             . Put the fennel seeds into a pestle and
    2 garlic cloves, crushed                    Vary the flavour of this marinade by
                                                                                             mortar and crush, or use a cup and the
                                                adding different herbs, eg chopped
    2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander                                                           end of a rolling pin. Add to the rest of
                                                tarragon, thyme and sage are good with
    salt and freshly ground black pepper                                                     ingredients and mix together.
                                                chicken; marjoram and sage with veal or
    . Mix all the ingredients together and     pork; for seafood use thyme, dill, parsley
    use with chicken, lamb or vegetables.       or a combination of these. Lamb is best
    Marinate meats at least 2 hours or          with rosemary, parsley, oregano or mint.
    overnight, for fish only marinate for       Allow 3 tbsp freshly chopped herbs
    30 minutes.                                 except rosemary, allow  tbsp.

Makes 10 servings
5 tbsp wine or cider vinegar
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp black pepper
20ml (8fl oz) Filippo Berio
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
. Whisk together vinegar, salt, and
pepper in small bowl. Slowly whisk
in oil until well blended. Serve with
salad greens.

                                             Makes 150ml (¼ pint)                      . Put the egg yolk, mustard, seasoning,
                                                                                       sugar and half the lemon juice into a bowl.
                                              large egg yolk
                                              tsp ready made mustard                  2. Whisk thoroughly until everything is
                                                                                       fully blended, then very slowly whisk in
                                             Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
                                                                                       the olive oil a drop at a time. If the
                                             Pinch of sugar to taste                   mayonnaise gets too thick add the
                                              tbsp fresh lemon juice or white         remaining lemon juice.
                                             wine vinegar                              3. Season to taste and keep in a sterilised
                                             50ml (¼ pint) Filippo Berio Olive Oil    clean jar for up to 2-3 days in the fridge.

New Potato
Far superior to any mayonnaise-swamped
potato salad, this wonderful, easy way to
serve potatoes brings out all the flavours
of the basic ingredients.

Just drizzle Filippo Berio Extra Virgin
Olive Oil over the potatoes and garnish
generously with parsley.

    Tomato, Avocado and Mozzarella Salad
    Serves 4
    Preparation time: 5 minutes
     large ripe vine tomatoes
    2 (50g) packs buffalo mozzarella cheese, drained
     large ripe avocado, peeled and stoned
    Fresh basil leaves
    For the dressing
     tbsp Filippo Berio Gusto Fruttato olive oil
    2 tbsp red wine vinegar
    Pinch of sugar
    Salt and freshly ground black pepper
    . Slice the tomatoes, mozzarella and avocado and
    arrange in overlapping slices on four plates. Scatter
    over the basil leaves.

    2. Place all the dressing ingredients together in a
    small bowl and whisk together with a fork until
    smooth and blended. Drizzle the dressing over the
    salad and serve immediately with crusty bread.

    Grilled Vegetable                                       250g / 9oz couscous
                                                            300ml (½pt) hot vegetable stock

    Couscous Salad                                           red and  yellow pepper, deseeded and cut into chunks
                                                            2 medium courgettes, trimmed and thickly sliced
    Serves 4                                                2-3 small red onions, peeled and quartered
    Preparation time: 20 minutes                            30ml / 2 tbsp Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Cooking time: 15-20 minutes                             3 tbsp freshly chopped coriander
                                                            Harissa Style Dressing:
                                                            90ml /  tbsp Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
                                                            2 tbsp tomato puree
                                                             tbsp lemon juice
                                                            ½ tsp cayenne pepper
                                                            2 tsp ground cumin
                                                            Salt and Pepper
                                                            . Put the couscous into a large bowl, pour the hot stock over, stir
                                                            then leave to stand until cold. Meanwhile, put all the vegetables
                                                            into a bowl, add the 2 tbsp of olive oil and toss together.

                                                            2. Heat a griddle pan and add a layer of vegetables, cook over a
                                                            high heat until charred on the edges, remove to a plate then
                                                            cook the rest of the vegetables in the same way.

                                                            3. Whisk the dressing ingredients together. Fork through the
                                                            couscous until fluffy then add the dressing and mix well until all
                                                            the grains are coloured from the dressing. Add the cooled
                                                            vegetables and coriander, then toss together and serve at
                                                            room temperature.

Avocado Salad with
Gorgonzola Dressing

Serves 4
Preparation time: 15 minutes
50g (5oz) sugar snap peas, trimmed
 bulb fennel
8 small vine-ripened tomatoes,
  quartered                           . Bring a small pan of water to the
Mixed salad leaves                    boil, add the sugar snaps and boil for
                                                                                   the top from the fennel, cut into
2 ripe medium avocados                 minute only. Drain and place in cold
                                                                                   quarters and slice thinly, add to the
                                      water to cool.
Black kalamati olives                                                              bowl with the tomatoes and salad
Gorgonzola Dressing:                  2. To make the dressing, trim off the rind   leaves. Toss to mix then divide between
                                      from the gorgonzola, put into a bowl         four salad bowls.
5 tbsp Filippo Berio Extra Virgin
                                      with the olive oil and red wine vinegar,
  Olive Oil                                                                        . Halve the avocados, discard the
                                      and add salt and pepper to taste. Mash
                                                                                   kernel from each, carefully peel away
2 tbsp red wine vinegar               together to break up the cheese.
                                                                                   the thick skin. Cut into slices and add
5g (oz) gorgonzola cheese          3. Cut the drained sugar snaps in half       to the salads, scatter a few olives on
Salt and pepper                       lengthways, then put into a bowl. Trim       top. Spoon over the dressing and serve.

    Fennel and
    Serves 4
    Preparation: 10 minutes
    2 large oranges
     medium fennel bulb
     small red onion, finely sliced
    75g (3oz) small baby spinach leaves

     tbsp Filippo Berio Extra Virgin
      Olive Oil
    2 tbsp chopped fresh herbs,
      e.g. parsley
    . Peel the oranges, removing as much
    pith as possible, then segment them
    over a bowl to catch the juices.                                      3. Whisk the olive oil and reserved orange juice with a little
                                                                          seasoning, add to the salad. Toss again, then scatter over the
    2. Trim the fennel, reserving the fronds, and cut into thin strips.
                                                                          chopped parsley.
    Place the orange segments, fennel and onion into a bowl, add the
    washed spinach leaves and chopped fennel fronds, toss together.       . Divide between four shallow bowls and serve.

    Three Tomato                                                          Serves 4-6
                                                                          Preparation time: 15 minutes

                                                                          2-3 slicing beef tomatoes or large vine ripened tomatoes
                                                                          250g (9oz) cherry tomatoes and a small punnet of baby
                                                                            plum tomatoes
                                                                          ½ small red onion, thinly sliced
                                                                          Chopped parsley
                                                                          8 tbsp Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
                                                                          3 tbsp lemon juice
                                                                           garlic clove, halved
                                                                           tsp caster sugar
                                                                          Salt and freshly ground black pepper
                                                                          . Slice the large tomatoes and arrange in a shallow serving
                                                                          dish. Halve the remaining tomatoes and pile in the middle of
                                                                          the dish. Scatter the onion slices on top.

                                                                          2. Put the dressing ingredients in a screw top jar and shake
                                                                          vigorously. Leave at least 30 minutes to allow the garlic clove to
                                                                          flavour the dressing then remove before using. Pour the
                                                                          dressing over the tomatoes. Scatter the parsley on top and
                                                                          serve with crusty bread.
Vegetables                                                           Summer Vegetable Parcels
                                                                     Serves 4
                                                                     Preparation time: 10 minutes
                                                                     Cooking time: 20 minutes

 Grilled Vegetables with                                             700g(½lb) mixed vegetables such as baby corn and carrots,

 Crispy Nutty Topping                                                  asparagus, small courgettes, broccoli florets, green beans,
                                                                       sugar snap peas
                                                                     3 tbsp Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
                                                                     3 tbsp summer herbs, chopped eg parsley, chives, tarragon,
                                                                       chervil, lemon thyme
                                                                      garlic clove, crushed (optional)
                                                                     salt and freshly ground black pepper
                                                                     . Put the vegetables into a large bowl, pour over the oil, add
                                                                     herbs and garlic if using and season toss together.

                                                                     2. Divide the vegetables between four 30cm (2”) squares of
                                                                     extra thick foil, then bring the sides of foil up and around the
                                                                     vegetables to make parcels.

                                                                     3. Cook on the barbecue in a medium heat area for 20 minutes.

Serves 4
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 20-25 minutes
20ml (fl oz) Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 medium courgettes,  yellow and 2 red peppers, deseeded
 large aubergine
2 tbsp freshly chopped herbs, eg parsley, oregano
3 tbsp Filippo Berio Olive Oil, 2 garlic cloves, crushed
50g (2oz) fresh breadcrumbs
50g (2oz) chopped hazelnuts or peanuts
. Cut the courgettes lengthways into thick slices, quarter the
peppers, lengthways, slice the aubergine slightly on the diagonal.
Season with extra virgin olive oil, brush all the vegetables with
²⁄³ of the oil.                                                          Cooks tip:
2. Grill all the vegetables for -0 minutes on the barbecue,            Asparagus, choose thick fresh spears, peel off the
turning until charred and tender, brushing with the oil.                 outer skin of the lower half of the stalk. Brush
                                                                         with Filippo Berio Olive Oil, season then place
3. Arrange the vegetables on a serving plate. Drizzle over the
                                                                         on prepared barbecue to cook for 3- minutes,
rest of the oil, scatter with fresh herbs.
                                                                         turning the spears. Remove and serve with an
. Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan, add garlic,                 extra drizzle of oil, add shavings of Parmesan
breadcrumbs and nuts, stir over medium heat until crisp and              cheese for a real treat.
golden. Season and scatter over the vegetables.

     Mediterranean Tuna with
     Tomato and Olive Sauce
     Serves 4                         . Put the tuna steaks into a shallow dish,   for 3 minutes until the fish begins to
     Preparation time: 15 minutes     mix the olive oil and lemon juice together    mark. Use a large fish slice to turn the
     Cooking time: 6-8 minutes        with a little seasoning, pour over the        steak and cook for a further 2-3 minutes,
                                      steaks and leave for 5 minutes while         until well marked, this will depend on
      tuna steaks                    making the sauce.                             the thickness of the steaks.
     2 tbsp Filippo Berio Olive Oil   2. Put all the ingredients for the sauce      . Serve with the warm tomato and
      tbsp lemon juice               into a blender or food processor and          olive sauce.
     Sauce:                           blend together, transfer to a pan and
                                      heat gently.
     2 black olives, pitted
     2 garlic cloves                  3. Place the tuna on a pre-heated
                                      barbecue, hot enough to sear the fish
     2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
     2 tsp fresh thyme leaves
     8 tbsp Filippo Berio Extra
      Virgin Olive Oil
     2 large vine-ripened
       tomatoes, skinned

       Cooks tip:
       for a spicier salsa,
       add -2 chopped
       fresh red chillies

Lime and Coriander Swordfish
Kebabs with Tomato Salsa
Serves 4                                 ½ orange pepper, deseeded                  2. Cut the courgette in half lengthwise,
Preparation time: 20 minutes,            2 spring onions, trimmed and               and then into .5cm thick cubes.
plus marinating time 30 minutes            finely chopped                           3. To make the salsa, halve the tomatoes
Cooking time: 10-15 minutes              3 tbsp Filippo Berio Extra Virgin          and discard the seeds, then finely chop,
                                                                                    put into a bowl. Chop the pepper into
500g (lb 2oz ) thick swordfish steaks     Olive Oil
                                                                                    small pieces add to the tomatoes with
 large courgette, trimmed                tsp white wine vinegar                   the chilli flakes, and spring onion, season
Lime and Coriander Marinade:             . Mix together the marinade ingredients   with salt and pepper then stir in the
 tbsp Filippo Berio Olive oil           in medium glass bowl. Cut the skin off     extra virgin oil and vinegar.

3 tbsp fresh lime juice                  the swordfish then cut into 2.5cm (”)     . Thread the fish, and courgettes onto
                                         cubes put into the marinade and stir       the soaked skewers, and cook on the
2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander
                                         everything together then leave, covered,   greased rack of a preheated barbecue
salt and pepper                          in a cool place for 30 minutes. Put 8      for 0-2 minutes, turning and basting
Tomato Salsa:                            wooden skewers on a shallow tray or        with the marinade every 2-3 minutes.
2 large vine-ripened tomatoes            dish cover with water and leave to soak.   Serve accompanied with the salsa and a
good pinch dried chilli flakes                                                      fresh green salad.

     Moroccan Chicken with
     Tomato Dressing
     Serves 4
     Preparation time: 25 minutes plus
     overnight marinating
     Cooking time: 12-15 minutes
                                                                      2. Prepare the Moroccan marinade, pour over the chicken,
      chicken breasts, skin on if preferred
                                                                      cover and refrigerate overnight.
     Moroccan Marinade, (see page 4)
                                                                      3. To make the dressing, pour the olive oil into a blender or
     Tomato Dressing:
                                                                      food processor, add the chives and vinegar and blend until
     00 ml (3½ fl oz) Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil           smooth. Scrape the mixture into a bowl.
     3 tbsp roughly chopped chives,  tbsp red wine vinegar
                                                                      . Remove the seeds from tomatoes then chop. Add to the
     350g (2oz) vine ripened tomatoes, halved                        dressing and season.
     salt and freshly ground black pepper
                                                                      5. Cook the chicken on a fairly hot barbecue for about -7
     . Slash the chicken breasts 3 times with a sharp knife          minutes on each side or until cooked through, brush with the
     and put into a glass dish.                                       marinade during cooking. Serve with the tomato dressing.

     Chicken Burger with Home-made Mayonnaise
     Serves 4                                                         3. Cook on the barbecue, -5 minutes each side. At the same
     Preparation time: 15 minutes                                     time brush the cut side of the rolls with Olive Oil and toast
     Cooking time: 8-10 minutes                                       them on the barbecue.

      small skinless chicken breast fillets                          . Serve the chicken in the buns with the with lettuce, tomato
                                                                      slices and mayonnaise.
     2 tbsp Filippo Berio Olive Oil
     Spicy Rub:
     ½ tsp salt
     2 teaspoons sweet paprika
     ¼ tsp white pepper
     ½ tsp ground cayenne
     ¼ tsp dried oregano, basil and thyme
      tsp garlic powder
     Home-Made mayonnaise (See page 5)
      Ciabatta or large hamburger buns, cut in half
     shredded lettuce
      beef tomato, sliced
     . Place each chicken fillet between cling film and beat until
     even thickness. Brush with olive oil.

     2. Combine all the dry spices and herbs together to make the
     Spicy rub and sprinkle evenly on both sides of the chicken.
Turkey Kebabs with Basil Dressing
Serves 4                                                          . Mix the ingredients for the white wine marinade in a bowl,
Preparation time: 25 minutes, plus marinating                     then add the turkey to the marinade. Cover and refrigerate
time 2 hours                                                      for 2 hours.
Cooking time: 10 minutes                                          2. For the basil dressing, bring a small pan of water to the boil.
                                                                  Add the basil leaves then immediately drain them. Transfer
500g (lb 2oz) skinless, turkey breast, cut into 5cm (2”) cubes
                                                                  to a blender or food processor, add the oil, lemon juice and
White wine marinade : (See page 4)                                seasoning, whizz to a puree.
3 tbsp freshly chopped flat leaved parsley
                                                                  3. Thread the turkey onto 8 soaked wooden skewers with the
2 large cherry tomatoes                                          tomatoes and spring onion pieces. Brush with marinade then
8 spring onions, cut into 5cm lengths                                    cook over a medium hot barbecue for 0 minutes,
Basil Dressing :                                                                   turning and brushing with the marinade.

25g basil leaves                                                                        . Serve with the basil dressing.
 tbsp Filippo Berio Extra Virgin
  Olive Oil
squeeze of lemon juice
salt and freshly ground black pepper

     Classic                          medium onion, finely chopped            . Cook chopped onion in one tablespoon

     Burger with
                                     2 tbsp Filippo Berio Olive Oil            oil gently until softened, cool then mix into
                                                                               the minced beef with the Worcestershire
                                     700g (½lb) lean minced beef
                                                                               sauce and season.

                                      tbsp Worcestershire sauce
                                                                               2. Form into - equal-sized burgers, then
                                     salt and pepper
                                                                               cover and chill 30 minutes.

                                     Caramelised Onions:
                                                                               3. Heat  tbsp oil in a heavy frying pan, add
                                     50g (lb) onions, thinly sliced
                                                                               the onions and cook on a low heat for 0-
     Serves 4-6                       tbsp Filippo Berio Olive Oil            5 minutes until soft. Add sugar, cook until
     Preparation time: 20 minutes,    tbsp sugar                              onions are deep golden, keep warm.
     plus 30 minutes chilling        Hamburger buns to serve                   . Brush the burgers with remaining oil,
     Cooking time:                                                             cook on barbecue for 0-2 minutes,
     20-27 minutes                                                             turn once during cooking.

                                                                               5. Serve in hamburger buns with onions.

                                                                         tablespoon sweet chilli sauce, or 3 tbsp
                                                                        barbecue sauce, for an Italian flavour add
                                                                        2 crushed garlic cloves and  tbsp sun-
                                                                        dried tomato paste or pesto sauce.

 Steak with Italian Italian Butterfly
 Barbecue Sauce     Lamb
                                                                    Serves 6-8
                                                                    Preparation: 20 minutes plus marinating time
                                                                    a minimum of 2 hours or overnight
                                                                    Cooking time: 65 minutes
                                                                     leg lamb, approx .8 kg (lb), boned
                                                                    3 large sweet onions
                                                                    Filippo Berio Olive Oil
                                                                    Sun-Dried Tomato and Balsamic Vinegar Marinade:
                                                                    20ml ( fl oz) Filippo Berio Olive Oil
                                                                    3 garlic cloves, crushed
                                                                     tbsp sun-dried tomato paste
                                                                     tsp dried oregano
                                                                    5 tbsp balsamic vinegar
                                                                     tsp salt
                                                                    . Open out the boned leg of lamb, discard excess fat and cut
                                                                    through the centre slightly so the meat can be laid out in a long
                                                                    flat piece. Put into a large dish.
Serves 4
                                                                    2. Mix the marinade, and pour over the lamb, turning it so it is
Preparation time: 10 minutes                                        covered all over. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
Cooking time: 20 minutes
                                                                    3. Bring the lamb to room temperature before cooking. Peel
 steaks, sirloin or rib-eye about 75g(oz) each                   and thickly slice the onions, brush with oil on both sides.
Filippo Berio Olive Oil
                                                                    . Place the lamb on a medium hot barbecue, and cook for 20
Salt and freshly ground black pepper                                minutes each side. Transfer the lamb to a carving board, cover
Italian Barbecue Sauce:                                             with foil and stand for 5 minutes before carving.
3 tbsp Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil                         5. Meanwhile, cook the onion slices on the barbecue and
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped                                     serve with the lamb.
Pinch dried chilli flakes
 tsp sugar
 tbsp capers, rinsed and drained
500 ml passata
2 anchovy fillets, chopped
½ tsp dried oregano
. To make the sauce gently warm the oil in a pan, add the garlic
and cook for  minute. Add the remaining ingredients and
simmer for 0 minutes, season with black pepper.

2. Bring steaks, to room temperature then brush both sides
with olive oil. Place over a hot barbecue to sear for  minute
on both sides then move to a medium heat on the barbecue
and season with salt and pepper. Cook for a further 2-3
minutes for rare, -5 minutes for medium and -8 minutes
for well done.

3. Transfer to plates and spoon over the Italian sauce.

     Tuscan Pork                                     3. Thread the pork pieces

                                                     onto the skewers with the
                                                     potatoes, pepper pieces and
                                                     onion wedges, brush with the
                                                     marinade then cook over a
     Serves 4                                        prepared barbecue for
     Preparation time: 20 minutes,                   about  minutes each side.
     plus 2 hours marinating time
                                                     . Serve with a tomato
     Cooking time:12 minutes
                                                     salad, (see page 8).
     500g (lb 2oz) fillet of pork
     lemon wedges and fresh herbs, to serve
     Tuscan marinade: (See page 4)
     2 small baby potatoes
      small red onions
     2 red peppers
     . Cut the pork into 2 pieces and put into a
     glass dish with the made up Tuscan marinade,
     cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

     2. Meanwhile, put 8 wooden skewers to
     soak then cook the potatoes until just
     tender and drain. Peel and quarter the
     onions, deseed the pepper and cut
     into chunks.

                                                                                    Cooks tip:
                                                                                    For a hint of spice,
                                                                                    add a pinch of
                                                                                    chilli powder to
                                                                                    the marinade.

Pork and Rosemary Kebabs
Serves 4                               . Put the minced pork into a large bowl,
Preparation time: 20 minutes           add breadcrumbs, onion, grated apple,       SAUSAGE TIPS
plus marinating time 1 hour            rosemary and seasoning. Mix together        For a Mediterranean flavour, brush
                                       very well, then refrigerate for  hour.     with Extra Virgin Olive Oil 20 minutes
Cooking time: 12 minutes
                                       2. Prepare the yogurt herb sauce by         before cooking. Put them on the
500g minced pork                                                                   medium hot part of the barbecue
                                       whisking the ingredients together in
25g ( oz) fresh breadcrumbs           a bowl.                                     first and keep turning them. After 5
 small onion, very finely chopped                                                 minutes transfer to a cooler part of
                                       3. Form the pork mixture into 20 balls      the grill and when ready to serve
 dessert apple, peeled and grated     and thread onto metal skewers.              sprinkle with freshly chopped sage or
 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary spikes                                               thyme leaves and a drizzle of Olive Oil.
                                       . Mix the oil and lemon or orange juice
salt and freshly ground black pepper   together and brush the kebabs all over.
                                                                                   To liven up sausages mix equal
Baste:                                 Place on prepared barbecue and cook
                                                                                   quantities of brown sugar, wholegrain
3 tbsp Filippo Berio Olive Oil         over a medium heat for about 2
                                                                                   mustard and Filippo Berio Olive Oil,
                                       minutes, turning the skewers until
 tbsp lemon or orange juice                                                       brush the sausages while cooking.
                                       golden brown all over. Serve with the
Yogurt Herb Sauce:                     yogurt sauce.                               For a great addition to Hot Dogs
 tbsp Filippo Berio Olive Oil                                                     add some caramelised onions (see
                                       5. They can also be used to fill warm
                                                                                   page14). Place cooked barbecued
 tbsp natural yogurt                  pitta bread with chopped salad.
                                                                                   sausages into a roll and pile the
grated zest ½ lemon                                                                onions on top.
 tbsp chopped flat leaved parsley
                                                                         Makes 4-6
                                                                         Preparation time: 10 minutes (plus 30
                                                                         minutes marinating)
                                                                         French bread or Ciabatta loaf
                                                                         2 garlic cloves, peeled and halved
                                                                         8 ripe plum or vine-ripened tomatoes, diced
                                                                         8 tbsp Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
                                                                           (for marinating)
                                                                         Salt and freshly ground black pepper
                                                                         8-0 basil leaves
                                                                         . Mix the diced tomatoes with the olive oil and season
                                                                         to taste with salt and pepper, set aside for 30 minutes.

                                                                         2. Toast (or grill on barbecue) 2 thick slices of bread
                                                                         from the ciabatta loaf or french stick.

                                                                         3. Rub with the peeled halved garlic clove while still hot
                                                                         then spoon on the tomatoes. Scatter basil leaves on top.

     Black Olive Pate
     Serves 4
     Preparation time: 10 minutes
     200g pitted black olives
      clove of garlic, crushed
      anchovy fillet
     -7 capers, drained
     5 tbsp Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
     3 tbsp chopped fresh flat leaf parsley
     Plenty of salt and freshly ground
     black pepper
     . Place all the ingredients together in a food processor and
     whizz everything together on the pulse setting until it is almost
     smooth. Taste and adjust the seasoning as necessary. Spoon into
     a small bowl and serve with crusty bread.

    Fruit Kebabs with
    Chocolate Sauce

Serves 4                              . To make the chocolate sauce, put all
Preparation time: 15 minutes          the ingredients into a small saucepan,       FRUITY IDEAS
Cooking time: 5-7 minutes             heat gently, stirring until the chocolate
                                                                                   Pineapple slices: dry fresh
                                      has melted and the sauce is smooth.
Selection of seasonal fruit, eg                                                    slices of pineapple on kitchen
                                      2. Remove the core from the pineapple        paper. Brush with olive oil and
  pineapple, nectarines or peaches,
                                      and cut the flesh into chunks. Halve the     sprinkle with caster sugar, then
  strawberries or kiwi,               nectarines or peaches, remove the            caramelise on the barbecue.
2 tbsp Filippo Berio Mild & Light     stones and cut into thick slices. Peel and
                                      cut the kiwi fruit into quarters.            Bananas: select firm bananas
  Olive Oil
                                                                                   and barbecue in the skins until
2 tbsp caster sugar                   3. Thread the fruit onto skewers, brush      charred and soft to the touch.
Chocolate Sauce:                      with Filippo Berio Mild & Light Olive Oil
                                                                                   Offer rum to pour over the
                                      and dust with caster sugar. Place on a
3 tbsp Filippo Berio Mild & Light                                                  peeled bananas and a bowl of
                                      medium hot barbecue, cook for 5-7
  Olive Oil                                                                        the chocolate sauce.
                                      minutes, turning to grill all over.
75g (3oz) dark chocolate
                                      . Serve with the chocolate sauce.
3 tsp cocoa powder
3 tbsp maple syrup
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