New Standard on theNet-IEC 61850 by dib16550



                      New Standard on the Net – IEC 61850
                                       Guido Hahnloser
                              Hirschmann Automation and Control

Ethernet is a communication technology successfully introduced onto the market more
than 20 years ago; it is used in the office and industrial sector. A look back at the past of
Ethernet reveals a dynamic technology with development phases becoming shorter and
Intelligent equipment and open networks based on Ethernet have a very large effect on
changes in industrial automation. Ethernet is a transparent and simple communication
technology on different levels of industrial automation and it is very cost effective.
Nowadays more and more intelligent electronic devices are available for power
automation which could communicate with Ethernet technology.
The presentation show the development of the communication technology for substations.
Communication equipment has to match the special requirements for the substation area.
These requirements are specified in IEC 61850 standard. Very important is e.g. that the
communication equipment (switches) supports redundant structures with fast
reconfiguration time and the so-called “GOOSE” protocol.
Learn more about the IEC61850 standard and the benefits of using it!

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