and the Endocrine System

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					       Opening up a new field of research

and the Endocrine System
   Editor: Shern L. Chew

   Not much research has been done on the regulation of post-tran-         Contents
   scriptional events, much more is known about transcription. This        Webster, N.J.G.; Huang, Z.:
   book illustrates how hormones may influence post-transcriptional        Hormonal Regulation of
   nuclear events and that some post-transcriptional modification is a     Alternative Splicing
   requirement for the expression and function of most higher eukary-      Lou, H.; Gagel, R.F.:
   otic genes.                                                             Mechanism of Tissue-Specific
                                                                           Alternative RNA Processing of the
   Topics such as the regulation of pre-mRNA splicing by hormonal
                                                                           Calcitonin CGRP Gene
   signals and tissue-specific mechanisms, pre-mRNA processing
   during spermatogenesis, to the link between the cell cycle and          Walker, W.H.; Delfino, F.J.; Habener, J.F.:
                                                                           RNA Processing and the Control of
   splicing, the role of phosphorylation and dephosphorylation in the      Spermatogenesis
   function of the basal splicing machinery, RNA editing, the neuroen-
                                                                           Burns, C.G.; Gould K.L.:
   docrine regulation of polyadenylation all contribute to make up this    Connections between Pre-mRNA
   volume.                                                                 Processing and Regulation of
   If you are an endocrinologist searching for interesting and important   the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle
   answers unearthed by RNA experiments, this book provides them.          Murray, M.V.:
                                                                           Role of Phosphorylation in Pre-mRNA
   Frontiers of Hormone Research, Vol. 25
                                                                           Holland, K.A.; Richardson, N.;
   Post-Transcriptional Processing
   and the Endocrine System                                                Somasekaram, A.; Navaratnam, N.:
   Editor: Chew, S.L. (London)                                             RNA Editing
   X + 146 p., 32 fig., 1 in color, 7 tab., hard cover, 1999
                                                                           Santra, B.; Carter, D.A.:
   CHF 169.– / DEM 202.– / USD 147.00
   Prices subject to change                                                Polyadenylation and Control of
   DEM price for Germany, USD price for USA only               ABC         Neuroendocrine Gene Expression
   ISBN 3–8055–6849–5

   Fields of Interest:
   Endocrinology; Cell Biology, Molecular Biology,
   Neuroendocrinology, Genetics
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     Associating molecular                                                                           Order Form
     research with the practice                                                                      Frontiers of Hormone Research
     of clinical medicine                       Vol. 24
                                                The Endocrine Response to                            Please send:
                                                Acute Illness                                        __ copy/ies: Vol. 25: Post-Transcriptional
                                                Editors: Jenkins, R.C.; Ross, R.J.M. (Sheffield)        Processing and the Endocrine System
                                                VIII + 206 p., 33 fig., 10 tab., hard cover, 1999       CHF 169.– / DEM 202.– / USD 147.00
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                                                ISBN 3–8055–6822–3
                                                                                                     ( the book series Frontiers of Hormone Research
                                                                                                      on continuation beginning with vol.
     Frontiers of                               Vol. 23
     Hormone Research                           Therapeutic Potential of                             __ copy/ies:
                                                                                                         ISBN 3–8055–
     Series Editor: A.B. Grossman, London       2nd Locarno Meeting on Neuroendocrinoimmunology,
                                                Locarno, May 1996                                    All Karger series are available on continuation.
     The explosive growth in molecular sci-     Editors: Maestroni, G.J.M.; Conti, A. (Locarno);     Each volume will be sent upon publication until order
     ence over the past few years has had       Reiter, R.J. (San Antonio, Tex.)                     is countermanded.
                                                VIII + 178 p., 65 fig., 21 tab., hard cover, 1997
     considerable impact throughout medi-       CHF 198.– / DEM 237.– / USD 172.25                   For easy ordering or information about other
     cine, not least in endocrinology, which    ISBN 3–8055–6439–2                                   Karger publications log on to:

     is the branch of medicine in some                                                               Postage and handling free with prepayment
     ways most closely allied to basic mo-      Vol. 22
     lecular science. This series has for       The Molecular Pathogenesis
                                                                                                     (Check enclosed                      (Please bill me
                                                of Diabetes mellitus
     many years attempted to link areas         Editor: Leslie, R.D.G. (London)                      Please charge this order to my credit card
     undergoing active investigation with       VIII + 228 p., 22 fig., 11 tab., hard cover, 1997    (American Express           (Diners
                                                                                                     (Visa                       (Eurocard
     clinical endocrine medicine. The vol-      CHF 228.– / DEM 273.– / USD 198.25
                                                ISBN 3–8055–6373–6
     umes focus on areas of molecular re-
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     search at the cutting edge of en-          Vol. 21
     docrinology, and will particularly at-     Melatonin: A Universal                               Exp. date:
     tempt to assess their impact on cur-       Photoperiodic Signal with
     rent clinical practice. Other volumes      Diverse Actions                                      Name/Address (please print):
     will attempt to explore the newest and     International Symposium, Hong Kong, September 1995
                                                Editors: Tang, P.L.; Pang, S.F.(Hong Kong);
     most innovative therapeutic strategies     Reiter, R.J. (San Antonio, Tex.)
     in endocrinology, allowing a full explo-   VIII + 208 p., 30 fig., 9 tab., hard cover, 1996
                                                CHF 228.– / DEM 273.– / USD 198.25
     ration of the most novel drugs current-    ISBN 3–8055–6344–2
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