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									Get grants for joint
export promotion

The Trade Council of Denmark     Enterprises looking to team up with, or      The Trade Council can subsidise up to
                                 act on behalf of, at least four other        50% of approved project costs. How-
awards grants for joint export   enterprises, trade and industry organi-      ever, a maximum of DKK 200,000
promotion to groups of at        sations	or	consulting	firms	engaged	in	      applies to module 1, and certain limits
                                 export consultancy can apply for joint       apply to participation in exhibitions
least five enterprises. The      export promotion grants.                     under modules 2 and 3.
programme comprises three
                                 Module 1: Preparation                        Partnership agreements
modules, which are imple-        This module can include:                     The programme provides an opportunity
mented individually or as        •	 Obtaining	market	information              to enter into a long-term partnership
                                 •	 Conducting	marketing	activities	in	       agreement with the Trade Council,
part of a package.                  Denmark with the aim of bringing          where applications may be made for
                                    together	a	group	of	at	least	five	        grants on a multi-annual basis as part of
                                    enterprises interested in implement-      a long-term export strategy.
                                    ing a joint market visit
                                                                              Make use of the Trade Council’s global
                                 Module 2: Implementation                     network
                                 This module can include:                     Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’
                                 •	 Implementing	a	joint	activity	-	e.g.	a	   Embassies, Consulates General and
                                    conference, exhibition or similar         Trade Commissions, the Trade Council of
                                    event on the target market (obliga-       Denmark	is	present	in	all	significant	
                                    tory)                                     export markets throughout the world.
                                 •	 Contact	meetings	with	potential	          The Trade Council’s global network of
                                    business partners (obligatory)            250 advisers with local expertise stands
                                 •	 Enterprise	visits	(optional)              ready to serve Danish trade and
                                                                              industry. For more information, visit
                                 Module 3: Follow-up                 or contact the
                                 This module can include:                     Trade Council of Denmark.
                                 •	 Visits	to	Denmark	for	newly	estab-
                                    lished contacts on the target market
                                 •	 Individual	business	meetings	during	
                                    follow-up visits
                                 •	 Conference	or	seminar	in	Denmark	
                                    associated with follow-up visits
                                 •	 Contact	to	the	target	market	via	
                                    newsletters, websites, etc.                  Danmarks Eksportråd
                                                                                 Kunderelationer (KUR)
                                 •	 New	joint	follow-up	meeting	on	the	
                                                                                 Tlf: 33 92 08 84
                                    export market                                Fax: 33 92 04 30

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