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					                                   Issue no. 4        Autumn Term           26th September 2008

                                  The              citizen
                                                       CLS WEEKLY NEWSLETTER

£58,000 FOR
And so Dan Pyzer Knapp and Guy
Hindley move on from the Charity
committee, having amassed, as I am
sure you all know, a stunning
£58,000 pounds, and which, Dan
assures me, will be doubled              person made their case for why their    chairman,” which is certainly what
sometime in the near future. Surely      charity should be on the shortlist of   everyone wants when applying, at
then, you say, why don’t they stay       four: Great Or mond Street,             least I would… Jake was open about
on? Alas, no more will we hear their     Leukaemia 2000, Afghan Aid, and         a new idea for the Charity, unlike
rousing speeches, their exhortations     Seeing is Believing (full details are   Josh who simply told me to wait and
to give more than the usual pound        published elsewhere in this week’s      see, and we can expect a charity
at mufti day, and will we ever see       Citizen). All of the charities have     raffle later on in the year, where
such fantastic events as the teachers'   their merits, but I am more interested  donated gifts will be auctioned off.
fashion show and “City’s Got             in the people behind the ideas, and     He hopes that this will bring in large
Talent”? This reporter simply does       what they have in store for us this     amounts of money. Jake will do, “all
not know. Dan himself seemed to          year.                                   that [he] can,” and I certainly left
be perfectly grateful, if slightly                                               with the feeling that he was confident
wistful, saying that he found the        Our two new chairmen are Joshua that this new pair would shape up to
whole experience “great fun” and         Hirschowitz and Jake Alden- the precedent set by their
that he would “wish the next             Falconer, both forward thinking and predecessors.
committee all the best of luck.          intelligent…chaps…who will
Unfortunately Guy was not available      certainly do their best for the Charity In support of these two shining stars
for comment.                             Appeal. Josh told me that he, “didn’t of charitable goodness, we have
                                         mind what job he got,” as long as it Harry Michell and Aron Lovat.
Looking to the Future                    was a position with, “at least some Harry will, “give 103%, and is very
In order to research the future of the   responsibility.” Josh seems very grateful to Miss Jones”, whereas
Charity Appeal I popped into the         optimistic, and is sure that, “If the Aron Lovat refused to comment.
inaugural meeting of this year’s         school gets behind the appeal, it is Harry Evans J6ZLC-Sub Editor
Charity Committee and spoke to           very possible that the record of
some of the leading lights. I must say   £58,000 will be beaten.”
that I saw a good share of talent                                                    THIS WEEK:
amongst the sea of assembled faces. Jake is no less confident, saying that           - CHARITY REPORTS
                                                                                     -MR WINGATE'S LATEST
The discussion at last week’s he is, “glad just to be able to help,”                 LETTER FROM MEXICO
meeting was passionate, as each but that he, “did hope to be
Welcome to the 4th Citizen of the                Events in Brief                  of world records if we set our minds
academic year. If you would like to              for Next Week                    to it. Obvious possibilities might be
contribute to any edition of this                                                 the record for the greatest number
newsletter, please send electronic             Monday 29th September
                                                                                  of extra-curricular activities on offer
copy to Mr Fillingham, care of the         - Football - U13A v Sussex House,
                                                    Home, 1-4.30pm                in one school, for the most
John Carpenter Bookshop, via email.          - Model UN Meeting with EM,          cosmopolitan student body of any
His address is: The            Coulson Studio, 1.10pm            school and perhaps even for some
deadline is Monday by 4pm of the            - Water Polo, Middlesex Training,     of the very best teachers. However
week of publication.                                   Home, 5pm                  this week I would like to reserve
TJO                                                                               some praise for Daniel Pyzer-Knapp
                                                Tuesday 30th September
                                           - Debating Soc, 2nd and 3rd Forms      and Guy Hindley who failed to break
THE EDITORIAL                              with FNB, Coulson Studio, 1.10pm       any world records, but smashed a
When I was young there used to be                   - Backgammon Club,            School record whilst leading the
a television programme called                        Room 409, 1.15pm             School’s efforts in raising a
“Record Breakers” on BBC1 just               - Inter-House - 5th Form Squash
                                                                                  phenomenal amount of money for
after five o’clock one weekday            Competition, Squash Courts, 4.10pm
                                                 - Basketball - U19 v KCS,        READ International. They and
afternoon. In researching this article                  Home, 5pm                 other members of the Charity
I have discovered that the                - Water Polo - U15 v Highgate, Away,    Committee worked tirelessly last
programme ran for thirty series from                        5pm                   year and since so much of the money
1972 to 2001, and whilst that is not      - GCSE Music Recital 2, Room 201,       raised actually comes from parents
a record in children’s broadcasting it                      6pm
                                                                                  and friends of the School I would
certainly shows some dedication.                                                  also like to express my thanks to
                                                Wednesday 1st October
Boys’ brains in particular have a great    - Football - 1st XI, 2nd XI, 3rd XI,   them. Last year’s charity was a very
capacity for facts and figures, they      4th XI, 5th XI v Chigwell, Home, 1-     worthy cause and I am sure this year’s
are fascinated by the obscure and the                       5pm                   will also be.
extraordinary. The Guinness Book of        - Debating Soc, OG and 1st Forms
Records does not disappoint, since it       with CSS, Coulson Studio, 1.10pm
                                            - Creative Writing Soc, Room 315,     To close on the subject of record
too is full of unusual and sometimes                      1.15pm                  breakers and winners I must also
irrelevant world beaters. Viewers of                                              mention the City of London Youth
the show before the mid 1990s will                Friday 3rd October              Games Team which brought home a
remember Norris McWhirter who             - Barnes-Amis Soc Meeting, Coulson      very impressive medal haul. Their
had a photographic memory to recall               Studio, 12.50-1.45pm
                                                                                  full story will be told in next week’s
                                            - Football - U12B, U12C, U12E v
any world record from the book and                                                Citizen.
                                           Wetherby Preparatory, Home, 1pm
amaze his young audience.                     - Debating Soc - 4th Form and
                                          above with KPR, Room 434, 1.10pm        Best Wishes
Here at City of London School I am           Junior Maths Circle, Room 409,       Charles B Fillingham
sure that we could win any number                         1.15pm

                                                                     Voting for This Year's
                                                                        Charity Choice:
                                                                                Thursday 2nd
                             LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Dear Sir,
I do sympathize with Luke Strauss’s contention that politicians can change
on being elected, and not always for the better (Time to Spare a Joke?, The   Please note that con-
Citizen, 19 Sep 08). However, I should like to pick on one of Mr Stauss’s     tributions to the
examples, namely Adolf Hitler. Hitler had made his ideas and aims
completely clear in his manifesto — Mein Kampf — published in full seven      Citizen must reach
years before his election in 1933.                                            Mr Fillingham by
Yours sincerely
                                                                              4pm on Monday of
Dori Schmetterling                                                            each week for publi-
W2 4TD
                                                                              cation on the Friday.
Response to Raphael Gray’s
Review of Airplane!
(In last week’s Citizen)                   JOHN CARPENTER BOOKSHOP
Dear Sir,                                  NOW IN STOCK:
Raphael Gray writes: ‘A spoof-             BRISINGR - £12.99
disaster movie and absurdist comedy,       DEATHS SHADOW - £10.00
Airplane! boasts, among other things,
wooden acting, unfunny sight gags,
frequent boring flashbacks and lame
        Airplane! certainly does boast
‘wooden acting’. It is, after all, a
spoof. And yes, it contains
flashbacks – notably, a war time
scene which features a bar fight and
the Bee-Gees’ Stayin’ Alive, speeded
up by 10%...It is not boring.
        The reviewer writes that the
film is ‘Proof that by 1980, America
had all but forgotten Monty Python.’
Anyone who has seen Airplane! will
know that it is full to bursting with
puns, and, by the critic’s own
admission, ‘absurdist comedy’ of                Film Society Script Writing Competition
which Python would have been
proud (one announcement reassures
the passengers: ‘There’s no reason to
                                                                * Prize of £100 cinema vouchers
become alarmed, and we hope you’ll                              * Entrents must produce a five
enjoy the rest of your flight. By the                           minute (approx. 7page) entitled
way, is there anyone on board who
knows how to fly a plane?’)
                                                                ‘The Secret’
        Possibly, narrowing ‘comedy’                            * All entrees must be submited by
to a limited sphere means that Mr.                              Friday 31st October (Week after
Gray saw the ‘movie’ only in black
and white. I might suggest the critic
                                         half term)
watch Airplane! again – for the film     * Please send entrees to Mr. Norman
it is, and not the film he supposes it   (
to be.       Edward Allnutt S6JBK
                                             HOUSE NEWS
Welcome back to another academic
year and a new House
Championship. All boys in the          HOUSE MATHS RESULTS
Thirds, Fourths, Fifths and Sixths
take part in the Senior
                                       Beaufoy beat Carpenter 29 – 19
Championship, whilst the Third
For m also have their own              Abbot beat Seeley 28 – 25
Chasmpionship.                         Mortimer beat Hale 31 – 27
After many year’s in charge of         Final Standings:
Mortimer Mr. Pike has handed over
custody of Mortimer to Mr. Flower.     1st Mortimer
However Mr Pike will still be          2nd Beaufoy
involved with the House System, as
                                       3rd Abbott
he will continue to be the Chairman
of the House Committee, which          4th Hale
oversees the smooth running of the     5th Seeley
                                       6th Carpenter
This year’s Championship started       Congratulations to Mortimer’s team of Daniel Pyzer-Knapp (S6),
last Tuesday with the Senior           Abdullah Fawaz (J6) Joni Berger(5th) and Andrew Thong (3rd)
Swimming Competition. Houses
                                       D R EADE
provided four 5th formers and eight
6 th for mers. Races were keenly
contested resulting in the following
placings :

5th form
Equal 1st B &H,                                                      FRIENDS OF CLS
3rd A
                                                    CITY WALK - THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY
4th S                                    The main Social Event of this term is The City Walk on Sunday, 9th November at 2pm
5th C                                  (meet outside school) followed by tea in school. Family and friends all welcome, cost £6
                                       per person. The booking form may be found at the end of The Citizen or at our web site
6th M                                                           

                                                                  2nd YEAR COFFEE MORNING
6th form                                  There will be a Coffee Morning for 2nd Year Parents and Carers on Monday, 29th
1st H                                  September, 9am to 11.30 am, at Cafe Rouge, 5-14 St Paul’s Courtyard, EC4 (CLS side of St
                                              Paul’s) . All welcome. For more details, please contact Dolores Catterson at
2nd B                              or Deborah Dorrance-King on 07974431348 or at
3rd C                                                     
4th S                                                             3rd YEAR COFFEE MORNING
5th A                                  There will be a Coffee Morning on Thursday for Parents and Carers of 3rd Year Boys on
                                        Friday,3rd October 8.30 am - 10.15 am in The Staff Dining Room at School. Please enter
6th M                                  via The Sports’ Entrance on St Peter’s Hill no later than 9.15 am. All Welcome. For further
                                         information please contact Fiona Yates on 07768863664 or Deborah Dorrance-King as
This has been a very encouraging
start to the 2008-2009 House                                    SECOND HAND UNIFORM SALE
                                         There will be a Second Hand Uniform Sale on Thursday, 16th October 5-7pm. If you
Championship.          DC Pike          have any outgrown/unwanted uniform in GOOD CONDITION we would welcome it.
                                         We are in particular need of Blazers, Sports Tops and Socks. Donations may be left at
                                             Reception in a bag marked ‘Friends of CLS - 2nd Hand Uniform’. Thank you.

                                                            Deborah Dorrance-King, Chair, FoCLS, tel. 0797
                                                                 443 1348,
                                        NEWS AND COMMENT
GOLDMAN SACKED                          problem faced by the remaining           Take clubcards or loyalty cards for
Fear has been stalking the City and     investment banks was an inability to     example. Most of us see them as an
Wall Street. The credit crunch has      raise capital. In the current climate,   opportunity to gain rewards in the
scythed through major financial         investors are loath to put their         form of vouchers etc. for spending
institutions leaving tens of            money into institutions whose risk       in a shop we regularly visit. Yet for
thousands unemployed and, in many       exposure is not fully transparent.       businesses it is an invaluable way of
cases, their life savings worthless.                                             gathering spending patterns which
The cornucopia seems to have            With retrospective accusations of        can be used to target the price we
stopped giving and would-be             avarice, Gordon Brown promising a        are willing to pay for different
plutocrats may well be reassessing      “clean up” and an end to                 product, i.e. the effective demand.
their career plans.                     “irresponsible behaviour”, and John      Price targeting also exists on public
                                        McCain mooting a “9/11                   transport, think about the
There is a growing consensus that       Commission”-style investigation          dissimilarities in peak and off-peak
the stand-alone investment banking      into the Nightmare on Wall Street, the   prices. The system of price targeting
model is now obsolete. In recent        days of “high-risk, high-reward”         works because either the consumer
months, following the collapse in       seem to be over.                         does not know what prices are being
value of ubiquitous but faulty                                                   charged to other consumers, or the
mortgage-backed securities, the five    James Thompson, Current Affairs          consumer is prevented from
biggest Wall Street banks have seen     Editor and West Africa                   accessing the different markets.
their fortunes change dramatically.     Correspondent
In February, Bear Stearns was the                                                If you shop for products online, due
first to fall victim and this month                                              to clever information-gathering
Merrill Lynch was forced into a fire                                             techniques used by firms through
sale with Bank of America. The                                                   registration and cookies, you may be
almost simultaneous disintegration                                               offered a price different to a fellow
of Lehman Brothers has the dubious                                               customer. In September 2000
honour of being the world’s largest                                              Amazon were using data they had
ever corporate collapse. Share prices                                            gathered to form customers’ profiles
of blue-chip banks Morgan Stanley                                                and subsequently charged different
and Goldman Sachs plummeted to                                                   prices for the same product based on
half of their peak value following                                               this information. The hypothesis
the collapse of Lehmans. Morgan                                                  was that established customers
Stanley has sold 20% of itself to the                                            would pay more than those who were
Mitsubushi Financial Group and                                                   just visiting the site and that lower
even the mighty Goldman Sachs,          PRICE TARGETING                          prices for new customers would be
for merly the world’s largest           How often have you noticed that you      mean they chose to buy the product
investment bank, is said to be          are paying varying prices for the same   from them.
tottering on the edge of the abyss.     products in different store branches?
On September 21st, Goldman Sachs        A reason for this variation in prices    So the next time you go out to buy
and Morgan Stanley abandoned their      can be given to the differences in the   the next latest album, think about
status as investment banks;             quality of the good or services          whether you could have got it
transfor ming themselves into           involved or the cost of production.      cheaper in a branch elsewhere. But
traditional bank holding companies.     But do these price disparities reflect   then again, why would you? It’s not
This means that they have greater       upon the good or service being           your money anyway!
access to emergency funds from the      provided? Some people do not care
Federal Reserve – the US Central        about variations in price, because the   Zaki Ahmed J6AJB
Bank, but that they will be subject     utility they gain from it, in their
to much tighter regulation. It is the   opinion, is worth the additional cost.
end of an era in the world of global
finance.                              An objective of virtually all
                                      businesses is to base the price of
Despite having limited exposure to their product on the willingness of
the decrepit U.S. housing market, the their customers to pay that price.
                                                   CHARITY NEWS
SCHOOL CHARITY PREVIEW                          Great Ormond Street has also taken the         equipment is often overlooked in
                                                lead in pioneering research into a variety     stretched NHS budgets and it is absolutely
Theo Sands has written these summaries          of illnesses, ranging from autism to cancer    vital in finding new ways to tackle
to help readers of The Citizen choose           in children. They are dedicated to finding     Leukaemia.
between this year’s proposed worthy             ways to eradicate life-threatening diseases
causes. The voting will be held next week.      and we can help.                               Leuka 2000 has recently expanded from
                                                                                               just Hammersmith Hospital and now
SEEING IS BELIEVING                             Great Ormond Street tries to improve           offers grants nationwide to clinical and
Seeing is Believing is a charity dedicated      the lives of the children at the hospital      research groups that specialize in the
to eradicating unnecessary blindness            by making it as family friendly as possible.   causes and treatment of Leukaemia.
across the world. 45 million people are         This means re-developing and expanding
blind, yet 75% of blindness is completely       wards so that there is room for a parent       AFGHAN AID
avoidable and can be treated with a course      to stay with a child, as well as providing     Afghanistan has one of the worst
of medicine or simple surgery. Cataracts        support to families who are struggling to      maternity rates in the world. 1 in 5
are the most common form of blindness.          deal with a sick child.                        children die before they reach their 5th
They can be cured with a very simple                                                           birthday. Most Afghanis don’t have
operation, costing (on average) £10. River      A long-term goal that is becoming more         complete access to electricity, or clean
Blindness, an infectious disease that           urgent by the day is the redevelopment         running water, or a basic education. This
causes blindness, can be treated with a         of the hospital. The buildings are showing     is the day-to-day reality of the Afghan
course of pills for under £2. Vitamin A         their age, and they are holding back the       people. Afghan Aid is dedicated to giving
deficiency can cause blindness from             institution from expanding to help more        the poorest and most desperate a shot at
childhood, but can be prevented with a          kids and from improving their facilities       a full life.
supply of Vitamin A tablets, costing under      to improve treatment and the quality of
£1 for a year’s supply. Seeing is Believing     life of the children. Without it they will     Medical facilities in Afghanistan are out
has found that on average it can cure           eventually begin to struggle to provide        of reach for all but the privileged few, as
someone of blindness for £7. It isn’t a         their world-class standard of care that        there is only one medical facility for every
lot. Last year our sponsored walk alone         they are famous for.                           27000 people. One of Afghan Aid’s
would have raised enough to cure roughly                                                       projects is training people in basic medical
2000 people of blindness. That is double        LEUKA 2000                                     care. On average, it costs £10 to train
the population of the school.                   Leuka 2000 is a charity that funds research    someone in the basics of medical care
                                                into the causes and treatment of               and treatment. This has been very
Restoring sight not only has a huge impact      Leukaemia at Hammersmith Hospital.             successful in lowering death rates amongst
on the individual but it has a very positive    Leukaemia is a type of cancer that can,        children and mothers, and has made a
effect on the community as a whole. They        if it goes undetected, be life-threatening.    real impact in some communities.
can now give back to the community who          As with most cancers, relatively little is
cared for them when they couldn’t see,          known about what predisposes people to         Afghan Aid is also involved in trying to
and it is a huge boon to the local economy.     it, and what can trigger it off, as well as    give children access to a basic education.
                                                the most effective course of treatment.        It costs £60 to build a school building for
Seeing is Believing operates across Asia                                                       one class in Afghanistan, yet the benefits
and Africa. Since it started in 2003 it has     Hammersmith Hospital has been leading          will be reaped by each generation.
cured roughly 1.5 million people of             the clinical and scientific research into
blindness. This charity can make a huge         Leukaemia for the last 30 years. It is         Afghanistan has been in the midst of
difference to lives with only a little effort   internationally renowned for its expertise     various wars over the last 30 years, and
from us.                                        in the subject. To continue finding out        their marks are clearly visible across the
                                                more about the causes of the disease, and      country. They need our help to overcome
GREAT ORMOND STREET                             finding more effective ways of treating        their dreadful past and to look forward
Great Or mond Street is the                     it, they need our help. Research into          to a better future.
internationally renowned hospital dealing       anything as complicated as Leukaemia will
specifically with specialist children’s care.   be very expensive, but a successful            Theo Sands J6GP
It only deals with the most severe cases,       outcome can benefit the world and us           Charity and SMC Correspondent
and so it is expensive to run. It needs         for many years to come.
your help to maintain the highly
specialized teams and equipment that help       They need our help to build the complex
it save the lives of the most unlucky           equipment that is used to find new ways
amongst us.                                     in the fight against Leukaemia, as well as
                                                helping set up clinical trials and building
Besides looking after the most severe           and maintaining a database to track the
cases amongst children in the country,          welfare of Leukaemia sufferers. Research
                    Letter from Mexico (September 2008)
September is the month to celebrate Mexican nationalism and, proclaims President Calderon, bind all to the
common cause. Thus, on the 16th of September, every year, Mexicans all over the world celebrate the country’s
independence from colonial rule. Everywhere you look buildings and cars display flags and bunting
ostentatiously adorned with the flag’s distinctive red, white and green.
         The liberty causing all this joy naturally came at a proportionately high price. The nasty Spanish had
been in charge here since Cortes’ infamous incursion came to fruition on August 13, 1521, when Cuauhtémoc,
the last Aztec emperor, was captured. After three centuries as Nueva España, the yoke – including new virulent
diseases that killed nineteen out of twenty, plus the merciless workloads also imposed upon the indigenous
peoples – was thrown off in the early hours of September 16, 1810, by a priest, Father Hidalgo. His ringing of
the bell of his little church, fomenting insurrection, called all Mexicans to fight for liberty. It cost him his head.
Today he revered as ‘The Father of the Nation’. Subsequent heroes who ‘followed the programme’, from
Iturbide (a self-proclaimed emperor who was to face a firing squad) to the six immortalized young cadets who
resisted the United States’ invasion in 1847, have joined Hidalgo in an exclusive martyrs’ pantheon. These
cadets, wrapping themselves in the flag, hurled themselves from the walls of Chapultepec Castle, here in the
capital, rather than surrender. Then, reinforcing the nation’s ongoing struggles for a true and lasting
independence which necessarily rejected the Austrian Emperor Maximilian (finally defeated and shot on the
orders of his implacable foe, President Benito Juarez, in 1867), the 1910 Revolution also was required to eject a
too pro-European and anti-democratic leader, namely, portly President Porfirio Diaz.
         1810 – 1910 – 2010                      1810 – 1910 – 2010                     1810 – 1910 - 2010
         Nearing Hidalgo’s bi-centenary, that’s the version all Mexican schoolchildren hear.
         And so it was that President Calderon, perched high up on a prominent balcony, re-enacted Hidalgo’s
bell-ringing at the Palacio Nacional on the night of September 15th, as do thousands of city and town mayors all
over the republic. For good measure, as is the tradition at “El Grito” (for the ceremony requires the shouting out
of various heroes’ names), Calderon also then waved a large flag over the vast crowd swarming beneath him.
Tragically, what made the national moment horribly distinct this year was that, in two city squares in Morelia,
the capital of the State of Michoacan, terrorists thought fit to lob powerful grenades into separate happy crowds.
Some ten people, including a teacher, died instantly. More deaths will follow and over 100 people remain badly
wounded. This morning the country is reeling and whole newspapers, swatting aside Wall Street’s significant
troubles, discuss nothing else.
         On the 16th, Calderon witnessed the military parade, again in the main square, before attending a wreath-
laying ceremony at the Angel de La Independencia, a kind of Mexican Nelson’s Column located in one of the
main thoroughfares. (It serves as the burial place of Padre Hidalgo and other worthies.) There, of course, he hit
out at this sinister new and extremely violent forces which these modern times seem to have bred. From the
outset of his presidency in 2006 he courageously characterized it as the one that would take on organized crime:
Highly Organized Crime, not unsurprisingly, has reciprocated by taking on the armed forces sent to hunt them.
Political anoraks acknowledge that it’s still a very uphill, dangerous struggle: systemic corruption among
powerful ‘national structures’, including bent politicians and police forces, still maintains an almost untouchable
         Preliminary guesses about the particularly shocking attacks in Morelia point to a disaffected Sinaloan
drug cartel, operated by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, that was hammered (but by whom?) only last week.
Some twenty-four of its members were killed and dumped in La Marquesa, a wooded area just outside Mexico
City. Yet, as the smoke has barely cleared, everything remains somewhat murky and no-one can be sure. It is
less than comforting to note that The Washington Post ran an article last week in which it calculates that the
current body count caused by internecine drug warfare throughout Mexico has made it a more bloody place to be
than Iraq.
         Mexico holds its breath, wishing it could return to the expectant festiveness it enjoyed in the run-up to El
Grito. Sadly, it now knows the price of liberty will cost much more.

                      CITY WALK
                          PEOPLE, PLACES AND ARCHITECTURE

                    SUNDAY, 9th NOVEMBER AT 2PM
                              FOLLOWED BY TEA IN SCHOOL
                                             TICKETS £6
                                MEET AT FRONT ENTRANCE

                            THE FRIENDS OF CLS – CITY WALK
                           THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY
                             BOOKING FORM (PLEASE PRINT)
SON’S NAME: _________________________________________________________________________________

FORM:        _________________________________________________________________________________

PARENTS NAME:         __________________________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS:        __________________________________________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER          __________________________________________________________________________

NUMBER OF TICKETS REQUIRED AT £6 EACH:                  _____________________________________________

TOTAL ENCLOSED: £___________________________________________________________________________

                       VICTORIA STREET, LONDON EC4V 3AL

         For further information contact Deborah Dorrance-King 0797443 1348 or
                                 SPARROW SCHOOLS
                               JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA
                                 ‘Lavela Ilanga – The Sun Rose’
                                        a musical drama

About Sparrow Schools

Sparrow Schools’ Educational Trust provides subsidised, pioneering, skills-based education for children
and young people (aged 7-20) with learning difficulties and educational backlogs, in Johannesburg,
South Africa. Many of the children and youth at Sparrow Schools come from difficult backgrounds.
During their time at Sparrow, individuals are helped to deal with the problems they face and make the
most of their abilities. The effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, poverty and unemployment make this an
area of growing need in South Africa.

Sparrow Schools’ Drama Debut

‘Lavela Ilanga’ has been specially commissioned for the young people from Sparrow Schools to perform
on their tour of the UK. It tells the story of Sophiatown, the birthplace of South African jazz in words,
music and dance. The vibrant, culturally diverse, musical community was forcibly relocated and their
homes bulldozed in 1955 by the apartheid regime and the town renamed Triomph. Today the town is
once again a lively mixed community – and it is where Sparrow Combined School is based.

The play promises to be both a highly enjoyable and humbling experience; this is the first time the cast
has been to Europe or been in a play and their dedication and talent is extraordinary. The tour has been
organised by the Sparrow Schools Foundation, a UK charity, set up in 2000, which exists to provide
financial and other help to Sparrow Schools and to foster cultural links between students and children in
the UK.

                              PERFORMANCE AT CLS
                              Monday 6th October 2008
                 Refreshments (in the Concourse): 6.30pm
                   Performance of ‘Lavela ‘Ilanga’: 7.15pm
                       Charity Concert Finishes: 8pm
           Limited number of tickets available (not for sale on the door)
                            CLS Boys - Free Ticket
                       Parents and Guests of CLS £5.00
          All proceeds to the Sparrow Schools Foundation Charity
           Please send for tickets by using the tear-off slip below
   Sue MacGregor CBE (BBC Radio 4 presenter) patron of this charity is attending


   To: Deputy Facilities Manager                   Sparrow School Charity Concert

   Please provide me with ………… free boy’s tickets and …………..
   adult tickets at £5.00. Cheques made payable to City of London School.

   Son’s Form: …………                         Name: ………………………………….
                                    whom the mother had had an affair,        Elbow Wins Mercury Award with
                                    as it later transpires. The family        ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’
                                    proclaim that they are six characters
                                    who have lost their author, and that      First, I must apologise, for this review
                                    they desperately need their story to      of ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ is slightly
                                    be told. Intimidated by frequent          outdated, as they released this album
                                    eruptions and explosions of the           in March. However, with their recent
                                    clearly insane family, the director       success at the Mercury Awards 2008
                                    agrees to tell their story.               (beating the likes of ‘Last of the
                                    As both the story and characters          Shadow Puppets’ and ‘Radiohead’),
                                    become darker and more                    I felt as though it would be fitting to
                                    unpredictable – with the older            review this album.
OF AN AUTHOR (RUPERT                daughter as the father’s lady of the
                                    night, and the younger daughter           I must admit, I didn’t listen to the
                                    drowning in the garden (shown             album when it came out. I deeply
                                    openly and vividly on stage), the         regret this now. The album is simply
Last Thursday night, the Barnes-
                                    director loses her grip on reality; and   fantastic. Guy Garvey and co. have
Amis Society met in the Gielgud
                                    the play loses itself in its overly       created something truly enjoyable
Theatre, to start the new school year
                                    complex metaphors, and questions.         with this album.
of Theatre Visits. Having already
been given a concise, polite slip ofSadly, the plot becomes smarter than
                                    the production can handle. The play       Guy Garvey’s lyrics are poetic and
paper apologising for the lack of a
                                    elapses into more of a farce, than a      clever, standing out mainly in the
leading man, Ian McDiarmid, we
                                    dark insight into the mind and            songs ‘Mirrorball,’ a majestic song
took our seats; occupying the whole
                                    subsequent downfall of the                about a woman who has changed his
of row M.
                                    overworked director.                      life, and ‘Some Riot,’ an emotional
The Play – an adaptation of the
                                    Forgotten lines and an uncontrolled       song about a friend’s addiction to
similarly named, satirical, ‘Sei
                                    plot ruined what could have been a        alcohol. You get the impression that
personaggi in cerca d’autore’, by the
                                    great, fresh start to the 2008-2009       he has experienced all the things he
Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello –
                                    season.                                   sings about. The songs further
was neither the most accessible, nor
                                                                              triumph musically, with the epic ‘One
the best-executed production to set
                                       Alex Foley J6JBK                       Day like This’ and album opener
the tone for future visits.
                                                                              ‘Starlings’ which use a full orchestra
We began by following a meeting
                                                                              to, at points, overwhelm you.
between the crew, and their
producer, discussing their ‘Drama-
                                                                              However, undoubtedly, the best song
Documentary’ about a young
                                                                              is ‘Grounds for Divorce.’ Its stomping
teenage boy, who was loosing his
                                                                              rhythms and witty lyrics are
fight with an unnamed disease, and
                                                                              effortlessly cool and show how
had gone to Denmark in search of a
                                                                              brilliant this band is.
means of euthanasia. The producer
had called the meeting to try and save
                                                                              This album is a masterpiece, a marvel
what he thought was a wasted
                                                                              to listen to. They fully deserve their
venture for his film company;
                                                                              Mercury Award, and I hope they
unfortunately all the emotive footage
                                                                              have more success to come.
he insists they need cannot be taken,
because the boy is already dead.
                                                                              Roland Merz, J6 HMS
Soon, the producer gives up, and
                                                                              Music Correspondant
heads off for his other meeting –
leaving the crew exasperated.
With no appointment, a family of six
arrive. They are all dressed smartly
in black – in mourning for a man with
       Maths Circle
       I was pleased with Joshua Lewis’(S6 AW) method for splitting the twins in the Senior Maths Circle today. The
       problem was to count the number of ways six pairs of twins could be split into two teams A and B, of six members.
       Joshua had already thought about the problem, and he compared it to placing six coins heads or tails up. The face of
       a coin can be used to represent the twin chosen. Either the first twin or the second twin must be chosen to go into a
       team. A coin can be head or tail (usually!), so deciding which face is up is the same as choosing one of the twins.
       Since six members make up one of the teams, this is equivalent to placing six coins head or tails up. There are
        2 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 ways of doing this, hence choosing a team. The other team is made up from the remaining
       members who have not been chosen. But we must divide by 2 since choosing team A and team B can be done in 2
       orders: choose team A first or choose team B first.

       The other boys’ contributions were very useful too. Cumar Vasudeva (4H) quickly understood an alternative method.
       When dealing with the more advanced problem of splitting the twins into three teams of four, he explained how there
       were                 ways of choosing four members for the first team of four. Once the first twin is chosen, there are
       10 not 11 members left to choose from. This must all be divided by                   as the 4 people can be picked in
       4! Orders (different orders amount to the same team of 4).

       The challenges next week are meant to take boys from the ideas of combinatorics to limits:
          (A) The 2007-2008 House Championships Final Results were Beaufoy first, Hale second, Mortimer third,
              Abbott fourth, Carpenter fifth and Seeley sixth. How many ways are there for the relative positions of only
              Beaufoy, Hale and Mortimer to remain the same? For example, the order B,A,H,S,M,C is an alternative.
              But B,C,H,S,M,A is not to be counted as Abbott is not permitted to occupy the relative position it did
              before. So only B,H and M are in order, and not B,H,M and A.

       (B)    The gradient of            is                                .

4! × 10 So ×)6− f ( x)
12= 4 ×x3)8what about the following limits where x is any real positive number, and n is a positive integer:
      (x × 2
y f ( ×+ h × 1
lim                    = f ' ( x)
h →0          h
        (i) →∞     =?
            n   n!
       (ii) lim   = ? [only 6th formers]
          n  →∞n
       The junior boys (3rds and 2nds) should try the following for Friday 3 October (Junior Maths Circle):

                                                                         C           ˆ
                                                                                    BAC = 60° ,
                                                                                    CAD = 40° ,
                                                                                    BXC = 100° .
                                                                                    Calculate BDC.

                                       A                                       D
Geography George’s Challenge
Last week, George and the Junior Sixth geographers
were on their fieldtrip, close to the city of York. This
lies within the Vale of York, a flat area of arable
land bordered by the Pennines, the North York Moors
and the Yorkshire Wolds, on a terminal moraine left
by the last Ice Age. The city is prone to flooding
from the River Ouse, and has an extensive network
of flood defences. These include walls along the
Ouse, and a liftable barrier across the River Foss
where it joins the Ouse at the ‘Blue Bridge’.
However, much of the land in and around the city is regarded as being too

flood-prone for development.

This week’s clues…

1. Location: 00°15’S 78°35’W
2. Francisco Pizarro founded this city in 1534 during the Spanish invasion

of this country.
3. An active volcano, Guagua Pichincha, is located only 13 miles west of
this city.
4. This city is served by Mariscal Sucre International Airport.

More in the next edition!

 Weekly Maths Puzzle
 Answer to Last weeks problem = 22

 This weeks problem:

 How many cubes will balance the sphere?
CITY FOOTBALL                             grabbing two goals for City. City     defence who were unable to get close
The first five elevens took on Sutton     continued their pressing football,    to them. The devastating display of
Grammar at Grove Park on                  forcing Sutton Grammar on to their    attacking football saw the City team
Wednesday 17th.                           back foot. A well orchestrated City   score three more goals, leaving the
                                          attack caused Sutton Grammar to       score at an astonishing 7-0 win.
1st XI. Ben Nash continued his goal       concede an untidy own goal.
scoring habit as he again scored two      However, some sloppy play from        4th XI. A fired up City went on the
goals for City on either side of half     City allowed Sutton Grammar to        rampage, crushing the opposition
time to give City a comfortable 2-0       pierce through the defence and take   without mercy. City were visibly the
lead. Sutton Grammar battled back         the game to 3-1. In the closing       fitter side as they were able to run
with some physical play and               minutes of the match, a well          riot with little protest from the
managed to bring the score to 2-2.        weighted ball found the head of       Sutton Grammar players. Steven
City were thankful for Simon Moses’       George to finish the game at 4-1 to   Lingham scored an outstanding
true moment of inspiration as he ran      City.                                 seven goals while goalkeeper Felix
deep from within his own half,                                                  Young got in on the action with his
around five Sutton players, and        3rd XI. The thirds notched another       first assist of the season. Sutton
finally chipped the ball neatly into   win with a superb victory. The team      were helpless against the fast flowing
the top right corner, ending the game  showed great resilience as Michael       football and played
at a 3-2 win. Hopefully City will carrySmith and Jamie Levrant battled to       most of the game in their own half.
their momentum into next week’s        keep the Sutton strikers from getting    The statistics work out at City having
cup tie against Highgate.              goalwards. Arthur Weber put in a         scored once every five minutes
                                       splendid performance netting four        concluding the game at an 18-0
2nd XI. Svi Freeman showcased his well deserved goals. The City strikers        smashing.
technical finesse as he led the attack constantly troubled the Sutton           Joel Mullish J6PTB
                                                                                Senior Football Correspondent.

                                  Careers Talk             5th and 6th Form

             Careers in The City
                                                       Speaker: Hannah Langden

                                                       Head of Graduate Recruitment

                                                       Financial Services Authority

                                                                   Tuesday 30th September
                                                                   1.10pm Hale Room
NOW YOU SEE HIM…NOW                    In all the times of great athletes,     For more information on this topic
YOU DON’T!                             none has ever emerged like Usain        please go to:
                                       Bolt with his superhuman physique
On the 16 th of August 2008 the and power, not to mention the long
world was stunned by yet another powerful legs.                                Neel Rokad 2B
world record being broken in the
Beijing Olympics.                      But the question still remains of
                                       whether any mortal man can break
The young Jamaican Usain Bolt the 9.5 second barrier? Will the
literally ‘cruised’ through the finish athletic generation diminish or get
line at the record breaking time of better as time goes on? Who will
9.69 seconds. But how quickly could grasp the true title of ‘World’s
the ‘lightning Bolt’ have run if he Fastest Man’ and walk away a true
hadn’t slowed down in celebration Olympian?
in the last 20 metres?
                                       BOLAJI OLADIPO 5C
Scientists of the Institute of Roving reporter
Theoretical Astrophysics at the
University of Oslo pondered on CITY IN THE 2012 OLYMPICS
whether a few simple calculations The Citizen has learned that our
could reveal how fast Bolt could school appears in the official London
have run.                              2012 Pre-Games Training Camp
                                       Guide. This decision was probably
In the final 20 metres of the race, made because of our excellent sports
Bolt extended and his arms and hit facilities. The Training Camp Guide
his chest displaying his physical highlights the following sporting
superiority as he flew through the facilities:
finish line.
                                       A fully equipped fencing salle with
Both Bolt and runner-up Richard mirrors, power points, high quality
Thompson (Trinidad and Tobago) lighting and a sprung loaded wooden
decelerated in the last 2 seconds of floor. There is also storage space for
the race, with Bolt slowing down the equipment.
greatest. But if Bolt had slowed
down less (the same as Thompson), A sports hall for use as a fencing
then he would have got 9.61 seconds training area; another fencing sale; a
at the most.                           strength and conditioning studio
                                       equipped with a range of sports
But physicists believe that the machine weights and cardiovascular
Jamaican gold medallist could have machines. There is also a 25 metre
slashed his time from 9.69 seconds 6 lane swimming pool. There are
to an all time great of 9.55 seconds! three squash courts, male and female
                                       changing rooms, showers and toilets
There has even been speculation of which can serve about 60 people.
whether he slowed down drastically
because he wanted to show off or Within a five minute walk, we are
whether he was tired…                  told, are many places to eat and
                                       relax. The school is extremely easily
Usain Bolt slashed the record with accessed by public transport via
ease, decimating the times of greats Blackfriars, Bank, Mansion House
like Asafa Powell, Ben Johnson, and St. Paul’s. There are also bus
Maurice Greene and Jesse Owens. services.