London Investor Update September 2007

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					Investor Update September 2007

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Investment Strategy

• Focus on alternative energy, esp. uranium

• In-house technical evaluation team

• Early stage investments, pre-feasibility stage

• Incubator for new opportunities

• Returns through capital growth and distributed

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   Current Investment Portfolio

                                                ASX Listed: EVE

          71%                        29.9% (46%)                             100%          11%

    AFRICAN                          AGRICOLA                     EVE VENTURES           COOL
    ENERGY                          RESOURCES                        LIMITED            ENERGY
 RESOURCES LTD                         PLC                                              LIMITED
ASX Listed: AFR                    PLUS Listed: AGRI                                    Unlisted

Uranium in Africa                Uranium in Scandinavia           Uranium in Sweden   Cryogenic gas
22,500 km2 tenements over
prospective Karoo sandstones

Advanced projects in JV’s with
Albidon Ltd

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Energy Ventures Company Overview

Management            Capital Structure
Directors             224,000,000 Ordinary Shares
Ian Duncan            14,150,000 Options
Alasdair Cooke
Michael Curnow        Market Cap Fully Diluted - A$48 million
Brett Mitchell

General Manager       Key Shareholders
Frazer Tabeart
                      Directors and management      32%
Corporate/Financial   Citicorp Nominees             11%
Bill Fry
                      ANZ Nominees                  6%
Legal/Government      National Nominees             6%
Olivia Woodland
                      HSBS Custody Nominees         4%

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EVE Ventures - Sweden Projects

                                 Licences over 9 areas of
                                 strong U anomalies and

                                 Regional data from
                                 government surveys.

                                 Almost no uranium
                                 exploration in last 20

                                 Target areas from
                                 • Airborne U anomalies
                                 • Known U occurrences
                                 • Geochemical anomalism in
                                 peat bogs, boulders, bedrock

                                 6 Granted Permits
                                 3 Under Application

                                 TOTAL = 1,119 km2

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Why Sweden?

•   Well established domestic nuclear power industry

•   History of uranium mining in 1970’s

•   Major uranium exploration effort undertaken by government agencies in
    the 1970’s
     – High quality database, readily available

     – Massive archive of previous exploration data and cores

     – Experienced uranium geologists still in Sweden

•   Virtually no uranium exploration in last 20 years

•   Extensive new government geosurveys during last 20 years.

•   Glacial till cover – bedrock is not exposed, concealed orebodies!

•   Excellent mineral tenure and fiscal regulatory system.
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  Mineral Tenure in Sweden

EVE Ventures Exploration Permits                      EXPLORATION PERMIT
      Project     Area/km2       Grant Date
                                                    Valid for 3 years, extendable for
          Jarre      24.50       14th August 2007   a further 3 to 7 years.
         Seper      375.97       14th August 2007
                                                    Total application and holding
   Nammejaure        71.51       14th August 2007   costs for first three year term is
  Ardnapuouda         9.94       14th August 2007
                                                    approx A$375 per km2, paid
                                                    upfront on application
    Bergajaure       21.90       14th August 2007
     Ballonaive     335.12       16th August 2007   Refund of 80% of fees for
                                                    ground relinquished prior to
    Meuresvare       48.10       Pending            first anniversary, 50% refund for
                                                    ground dropped prior to second
      Gonnarn       133.74       Pending            anniversary.
    Katinhaure       98.55       Pending
        TOTAL     1,119.33 km2

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Radiometric survey anomalies

                               Majority of country
                               flown with high-
                               resolution airborne
                               radiometric surveys

                               Area of strong
                               regional anomalism in
                               northern Sweden

                               Numerous uranium
                               occurrences and
                               known mineralisation

                               Most major anomalies
                               secured by EVE

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  Seper Uranium Project

Airborne Radiometric data; uranium channel   Regional Geology
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EVE Ventures Ltd; Gonnarn Uranium Project

                                Coverage of high-quality
                                airborne radiometric data
                                (uranium channel shown)

                                Classic boulder trail patterns
                                with anomalies elongated

                                Good road and logging track
                                access to most of the uranium

                                Field evaluation to comprise
                                ground radiometric surveys,
                                float mapping, radon cup
                                surveys and drilling

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Glacial Till Cover

                     Most of country
                     covered by 5-20m
                     veneer of glacial
                     debris called “till”
                     along with
                     numerous lakes
                     and peat bogs

                     This effectively
                     masks the
                     bedrock geology

                     Can trace
                     “sources” by
                     prospecting and
                     following boulder
                     trails back along
                     the ice-flow

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EVE Ventures Ltd; Exploration Program

•   Detailed data compilation and synthesis from SGU archives
    in Malå

•   Prioritise uranium anomalies and areas of interest for field

•   Ground radiometric surveys and boulder trail mapping of
    best targets to identify anomaly source areas

•   Radon cup surveys in potential source areas – these are
    effectively able to “see” through the glacial till cover

•   Drill testing of radon cup anomalies – drilling best done in
    winter months when rivers and lakes freeze allowing better
    access for drilling equipment

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Agricola Resource plc: Summary

•   Agricola Resources plc is an English company listed on the PLUS

•   Energy Ventures owns 29.9% of Agricola’s shares on an undiluted
    basis (46% fully diluted) and is the single largest shareholder

•   Agricola has uranium and base metals projects in Sweden and
     – SWEDEN:
         •   Ballek JV (farm-in, Beowulf Mining plc)
         •   Geddaur Uranium Project
         •   Manakjaure Uranium Project
         •   Kläppsjö PGE Project
         •   Four small Ni-Cu projects in the Pajala area

     – FINLAND:
         • Kuusjärvi Uranium Project (Copper Minerals earning in)

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 Agricola Resources: North Sweden
 Uranium projects

Ballek JV



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  Agricola Resources: Ballek JV Summary

                                                  Ballek is a large coincident gravity
                                                  and magnetic anomaly

                                                  Occurs at the edge of the Skellefte
                                                  mineral field (VMS deposits)

                                                  Lies at the intersection of two
                                                  fundamental crustal scale

                                                  Target = Olympic Dam Cu-Au-U
                                                  (IOCG-style mineralisation)

                                                  JV with Beowulf

                                                  Agricola to fund geophysics
                                                  programs and drill 3,000m of core
                                                  to earn 51%

                                                  Can increase equity to 70% by
                                                  spending a further USD $500,000

Ballek JV location on image of regional gravity                         Slide   15
 Agricola Resources: Ballek JV 3D
 Geophysical assessment

Ballek shows 3D co-incidence of gravity and magnetic anomalism
A key character of iron-oxide, copper-gold-uranium (IOCG) Slide 16
Ballek JV; core gravity/magnetic anomaly

 Truly co-incident gravity
 And magnetic anomalism in 3D
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Agricola Resources: Ballek JV IP Program

                                 Ground geophysics program
                                 to comprise Induced
                                 Polarisation (IP) and Magneto-
                                 telluric (MT) surveys

                                 IP surveys designed to test for
                                 disseminated sulphides,
                                 effective to 200 to 250m depth

                                 MT is a cruder test for more
                                 massive sulphides or high
                                 magnetite concentrations and
                                 may be effective to 500m
                                 depth at Ballek

                                 Results will be modeled in 3D
                                 to plan drilling campaign for
                                 later in 2007

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Agricola Resources: Geddaur
Uranium Project

                              Gervåive prospect found by Geol.
                              Survey of Sweden in 1970’s by
                              following boulder trail detected as a
                              radiometric anomaly

                              Limited trenching revealed uranium-
                              bearing bedrock over 55m length

                              Incomplete sampling of bedrock
                              revealed grades of 500 to 1000 ppm

                              Large untested uranium anomaly
                              10km north of Gervåive

                              Both to be tested with mapping,
                              radiometric surveying and radon-cup

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Agricola Resource: Manakjaure
Uranium Project

                                         Highly radioactive boulder trail led the
                                         Geol Survey of Sweden (SGU) to
                                         Manakjaure area where boulders with
                                         up to 1000 ppm uranium were identified

                                         Initial drilling program by SGU
                                         confirmed presence of uranium with
                                         drill cores averaging 800 ppm uranium
       DDHs with uranium average grade   in four drill holes at southern end of
                 at 800 ppm              prospect

                                         SGU planned further follow-up, but
                                         none undertaken

                                         Agricola plan follow-up evaluation with
                                         ground radiometric survey, radon-cup
                                         survey and ultimately drilling

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Agricola Resources: 2007 Proposed
Exploration Program

    – Induced Polarisation and Magneto-Telluric Surveys (Sep-Oct
    – Diamond Drilling (Nov-Dec 2007 and Feb-March 2008)

    – Ground radiometric surveys to identify best targets (Sep 2007)
    – Radon cup surveys to evaluate best targets (Sep-Oct 2007)

    – Ground radiometric surveys to identify best targets (Sep-Oct
    – Radon cup surveys to evaluate best targets (Oct 2007)

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Energy Ventures: Investment Summary

•   Listed investment company with large positions in uranium
    exploration companies in Africa and Europe

•   Portfolio has been considerably expanded in recent months
    with the placement in Agricola and the acquisition of
    uranium projects by EVE Ventures Ltd in Sweden

•   Management team with a proven track record in uranium
    discovery and mining project developments

•   Significant value upside though
    – 70.8% holding in African Energy as PFS proceeds

    – 46% (fully diluted) of Agricola as Ballek proceeds to drilling

    – 100% of EVE Ventures as uranium exploration begins

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