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Monday, 9 March 2009

                       Investor Update March 2009

Happy New Year and welcome to 2009 from the all team at Ellen Jay Health &
Beauty. The year ahead promises to be an exciting and productive one for the
company and shareholders.

Firstly I’d like to report on our Annual General Meeting held on 15 November last
year. Thank you to all that attended, however if you were unable to, we had the
opportunity to hear about the company’s excellent performance over the past
financial year, and also from our marketing and web design consultants.

As part of our proactive approach for the year ahead we have developed an
extensive marketing and public relations strategy for Ellen Jay’s Naturalene range of
products, building on the back of their success in 2008.

Three main marketing and communications goals over the next 12 months are the
successful ongoing promotion of its current range of products, the launch of new
products into the market, and the ongoing profiling of the company as a successful
business and investment opportunity.

This will be achieved through four key mediums:

    1. Publicity – a series of targeted media releases aimed at the consumer and
       business markets;

    2. Print – advertising program in newspapers, health and beauty and trade

    3. Television – product supported advertising in targeted areas;

    4. Web – search engine optimisation and social media marketing.

One of the key areas we will be concentrating on is public relations, as the
generation of word-of-mouth publicity cannot be underestimated (as demonstrated
through our appearance on Today Tonight last year).


A number of story ideas will be workshopped in the coming months to find the most
newsworthy angles to pitch to the media, with timing and subjects altered to take
advantage of consumer/industry opportunities if required.

For example:

Story                                    Target Media

Miracle skin cream – story to follow     Body and Soul – Sunday Mail (and
up on recent media exposure about        syndicated to News Limited papers in
miracle skin cream that cures a range    other states)
of ailments

Decongestant and winter blues –          Sunday tabloids
story pitch will highlight natural       TV lifestyle programs
decongestant to help alleviate
symptoms of colds and flus. Focus on
chemical additives in most other

Chemicals in toiletries – story pitch    A Current Affair/Today
will highlight how people are applying   Tonight/Sunrise/Today
up to 175 chemicals to their bodies
daily. Focus on Naturalene products
as natural alternative and how
business is about to significantly

Ellen Jay assists industry – story       A Current Affair/Today Tonight
pitch will focus on Natural Glove and    Sunday tabloids
the food service industry.               TV lifestyle programs
                                         Industry publications


Additional story opportunities will arise after further discussion and as the campaign
rolls out and may include:

     Case studies that demonstrate the product is an alternative to traditional skin
      care products. For instance, demonstrating a before and after case study of
      someone who has used the products

     Baby boomers – demonstrating products that assist with the anti-
      aging/healthier lifestyle focus this group desires

     Women’s health – target women’s magazines outlining benefits of Ellen Jay

Editorial opportunities will also be sought for any advertising spend in media where
possible or appropriate.

Another initiative Ellen Jay will be pursuing will be the entering of business awards to
support the company’s credibility. These have been identified and include:

     Q400 – Queensland business awards recognising the top 400 private
     Telstra Business Awards.
     BRW Fast 100 and BRW Fast Starters
     MyBusiness Awards

A timetable will be established to identify and enter the most appropriate over the
next 12 months.

Our online strategy will also play a key role in the coming months. Apart from utilising
the web as an online sales tool, a number of opportunities through the use of the
internet present themselves to further establish the credibility of the Naturalene
range of products, including a social media marketing campaign.

This will involve engaging in an ongoing dialogue with relevant and appropriate
blogs, networking forums and internet sites. We are also in the process of setting up
our own forum where users of our products can communicate their successes to
others through our website.


These strategies will greatly increase recognition of the Naturalene range of products
and significantly boost sales across the board.

Another initiative designed to assist sales and marketing is the production of a
corporate DVD. The production is almost complete and will feature separate
modules that address different aspects of the business including a history, product
information, sales and distribution, and financial success. The DVD is being
produced by well-known Gold Coast based Paradise Films.

Last year we reported on Ellen Jay Chairman, Les Redding, who travelled to China
to help design and to order 12 new machines. We are excited to announce these
machines are en route to Australia and will dramatically improve our production
output without increased staffing costs.

Our output once these machines are in place will be:

       Shampoo production capacity 200 litres per hour
       Shampoo bottling and capping capacity 1000 bottles per hour
       Body Wash production capacity 200 litres per hour
       Body Wash bottling and capping capacity 1000 bottles per hour
       Invisible Glove production line capacity 3000 tubes per hour (500,000 per

Ellen Jay’s new production and warehousing facilities in Loganholme have also been
completed and are fully operational, including extra storage facilities through purpose
built mezzanine flooring and a production equipment layout that maximises

All these initiatives are part of our strategy for sustainable and continued growth so
that both shareholders and customers continue to reap the rewards from Ellen Jay’s

Because of our continued growth and product range success stories, we will be
entering a number of business and product awards this year to build on our profile
and to generate more enquiry. We’ll keep you informed of any successes we have in
this area.


This update is only a snapshot of what’s been going on at Ellen Jay over the past
few months, with plenty more exciting news to be made available through regular
investor updates.

In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.


James Redding
Managing Director

Ellen Jay Health & Beauty Ltd


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