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					                            DRAGAN GLUMAC
Visa / WP held    :    Tier 1 (HSMP)               E-mail      :   dragan.glumac@gmail.com
Nationality       :    New Zealand                 Other       :   020 7193 0948
Post Code         :    WC2H 7AS                    Mobile      :   07799 09 23 23
Date of Birth     :    27 September 1973           LinkedIn    :   www.linkedin.com/in/draganglumac

2001    Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences (University of Waikato, New Zealand)

2008    ISTQB/ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing (Australia/NZ Testing Board)
2005    Requirements Development with UML using Enterprise Architect (Software Education, NZ)
2005    Microsoft Solutions Framework (Microsoft, New Zealand)

A versatile Tester / Test Manager with 7.5 years commercial experience in a range of industries
notably telecommunications, banking, and health industries, Java/C++ development background, and
excellent knowledge of a wide range of testing tools and technologies notably Mercury Test Director
and Quality Centre, jUnit, jMeter, Watir used in the web, EAI, networking, desktop and client/server

Hands-on tester experienced with leading teams up to 6 people under extremely tight deadlines and
resource constraints, and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Excellent communicator and
analytical problem-solver, client-focused with a professional and constructive approach. Great advocate
of getting the job done right the first time and a real team player.

Seeks contract work being immediately available for both interviews and starts throughout London and
the South East.

Testing:                       Test Director, Quality Centre, jUnit, jMeter, Watir, Selenium IDE

Industry Experience:           Telecommunications, Banking, Health Software, Public Sector

Languages:                     Java, C++, Perl, SQL, XML, XPath, BPEL, SOAP, WSDL, UML, C#,
                               Visual Basic, COM, Bash script, Shell script, Haskell

Database Layer:                JDBC, ODBC, SQL Server, Oracle 8/9i/10g, MySQL, Informix,
                               Access, DB Visualizer, Toad

Presentation Layer:            JSP, HTML / DHTML, AJAX, JavaScript

Operating Systems:             Windows NT4.0/95/98/2000/2003/Vista, Linux, HP-UX, Mac OS

Productivity Tools:            Ant, Log4j, Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio 2000/2003, Visio,
                               Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose, CVS, SVN, Source Safe, Clear
                               Case, Active Directory, InstallAnywhere, BMC Remedy

Web Servers:                   Apache, IIS, Tomcat, BEA WebLogic, Java Servlets

Other Technologies:            Oracle Siebel, Oracle Billing Portal / Infranet, Comptel Mediation, 2G /
                               3G GSM, GPRS, EAI, VMWare


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                                     DRAGAN GLUMAC

June 2009– September 2009                                       Student Loans Company, Glasgow
Student Loans Company is a public-sector company that administers government-funded loans and
grants to students throughout the UK. The company is responsible, in partnership with Local
Authorities in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the Higher Education Institutions, and HM
Revenue & Customs, for student support delivery in the UK.

1. System Tester - E-Business
The goal of the E-Business programme was to deliver self-service options for students to apply for the
student loans and manage the loan repayments online, through both the public site and the secure web
portals. My duties included:
 Analysing functional specifications and change requests to develop and maintain test requirements
    using Mercury Quality Center.
 Analysing design documents to develop and maintain test scripts using Mercury Quality Center.
 Executing test scripts and capturing discovered defects in the defect reports.
 Managing discovered defects throughout the lifecycle.
 Planned and exploratory testing of business-as-usual defect fixes.
 Investigating automation options using Selenium IDE.

 Producing test requirements and test scripts for the largest piece of work for the 2010 academic year
   before the deadline and well within budget.
 Adding value by using exploratory techniques to complement written test scripts for a major piece
   of work for 2009 academic year under very tight deadlines, which led to discovering a couple of
   significant defects and their fixing before the release.
 Getting up to speed with the systems and processes within a day of being introduced to them,
   which enabled me to work independently and become productive straight away. This led to being
   given larger and more important pieces of work for every subsequent task.

Technologies: Software Testing Best Practices, Mercury Quality Centre 9.0, JSP, JavaScript, BEA
WebLogic Portal, Oracle DB, Toad, HTML, CSS, XML, cross-browser testing IE6 / Firefox, Windows
/ Linux, Selenium IDE.

April 2007– April 2009                                           Vodafone, New Zealand
Vodafone is the leading provider of mobile communication services in the world. The New Zealand
office is considered one of the leading research and development grounds for Vodafone global.

Commenced at Vodafone NZ as a contract Senior Test Analyst and worked on two projects (9 months
in total), and then promoted to a contract Test Manager role for a large programme of work in the web
space for the remainder of my time (15 months in total).

1. Web and Online Programme – Test Manager (January 2008 – April 2009)
The goal of the programme was to deliver self-service options to Vodafone NZ customers using the
personalised web portal. My duties included:
 Managing test teams of up to 5 people for the acceptance testing phases of 3 large outsourced
    projects in the web portal space. The outsourcing vendors were IBM New Zealand locally and IBM
    India remotely.
 Managing the testing in both the agile model and the traditional V-model (waterfall).
 Developing and maintaining test strategies (Vodafone and vendor) for the projects, and test plans
    for the acceptance phases (Vodafone only) of the projects.
 Managing defects for both vendor and Vodafone test phases.
 Coordinating the test environment enablement, timely delivery, and integration with the back-end
    systems for both vendor and Vodafone testing phases.

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                                      DRAGAN GLUMAC

   Signing off on the vendor test plans and the power of executive decision on the acceptance of the
    vendor testing phases.
   Liaising with the business owners on any testing decisions throughout the lifecycle of the projects.

Technologies: Software Testing Best Practices, Mercury Quality Centre 9.0 and Test Director 8.0, JSP
/ AJAX in BEA WebLogic Portal, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, BPEL, Oracle SOA Suite, HTML,
CSS, XML, cross-browser testing IE6 / IE7 / Safari / Firefox / Opera, Windows / Linux / HP-UX,
Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle Billing Portal / Infranet, Remedy Change Management, DB Visualizer,

2. Senior Test Analyst (April 2007 – December 2007)
Worked on two major projects aimed at: 1) enabling the wholesale of Vodafone NZ products, and 2)
delivering technology to enable mobile phones to act as landline phones. My duties included:
 Developing and maintaining test plans for functional and system integration testing for the projects.
 Developing, maintaining and execution of test cases for the project using Mercury Quality Centre.
 Handset testing in the 2G and 3G GSM networks. Generating call data records (CDRs) for 2G and
    3G voice and data traffic manually and using handsets in the test radio-network. Retrieving and
    mediating CDRs. Billing the test accounts.
 Environment analysis and enablement. Testing the connectivity between different systems and
    components on the radio-network and the supporting systems. Identifying which components
    needed connectivity put in place in order for the functional testing to start.
 Defect follow up and coordination of the defect resolution.

Technologies: Software Testing Best Practices, Windows / Linux / HP-UX, network connectivity tools
(FTP, Telnet, trace), Mercury Quality Centre 9.0, Oracle Siebel CRM, Comptel Mediation, Oracle
Billing Portal / Infranet, GSM 2G and 3G radio-network components, GPRS, HSDPA, mobile

 Successfully delivering projects with an outsourcing vendor in a different time zone. Working in an
   agile fashion to accommodate vendor delays and still meet the final deadline on time.
 Building excellent working relationship and trust with business representatives, operations teams,
   and vendor development teams which was immensely useful for quick problem resolution in a busy
   corporate environment.
 Delivering final phases of one of the projects completely on my own, despite having to manage the
   testing for another project in parallel.
 Mastering all new technologies that I worked with – web services, GSM network, mediation, billing
   systems, CRM – very quickly and often helping to prevent dead-ends in analysis and design using
   my acquired knowledge.

June 2006– March 2007                                    ASB Bank, New Zealand
ASB Bank is one of the leading bank institutions in New Zealand. They are a subsidiary of the
Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the only New Zealand bank whose transactions are completely

1. Quality Assurance Analyst
I worked as a QA analyst in the ASB technology centre in Albany, New Zealand. It was a planning,
control and process enforcement role which had me liaison on up to 8 projects at any one time. My
duties included:
 Project liaison for quality assurance and testing for the variety of bank’s development and
    infrastructure projects.
 Developing and maintaining QA and test strategies for the projects and estimating QA effort for
 Control and enforcement of the QA processes – test plans review and approval, facilitation and
    coordination of peer reviews , documentation standards, change management, SOX compliance.
 Managed environment maintenance , both on the servers and on client PCs
 Release management coordination in the test environment.
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                                      DRAGAN GLUMAC

   Defect management and coordination of defect resolution.

Technologies: Visual Studio .NET 2005, Remedy Change Management, Windows 2000 Server /
Windows XP, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Source Safe, Microsoft Active Directory, Unisys
Mainframe client tools, Tandberg video-conferencing system.

 Mastering multitasking by managing QA processes and controls across up to 8 projects at a time.
 Designing a test tool for tax number generation and validation written in C# which was used in later
   projects after I left ASB to save time in test data generation and validation.

January 2002– March 2006                                           Orion Health, New Zealand
Orion Health is one of the strong players in the global health software market with offices in New
Zealand, USA and Europe. Orion Health products drive the EAI of a myriad of US hospitals and they
were one of the serious bidders for the NHS contract in the UK in partnership with Logica. I worked at
Orion Health for over 4 years in the following roles:

1. QA Analyst and Technical Team Leader (November 2004 – March 2006)
Duties: Analysis, test design, and test execution of the functional tests for a suite of web application
and EAI products. Technical test requirements gathering and analysis. Test environment creation, web
server installation, product installation on both Unix/Linux and Windows platforms. Test environment
readiness, control and maintenance. Data readiness for project milestones and product builds. Product
release management. Technical test strategy and planning. Designing processes surrounding installation
and release management. Performance and load testing strategies.

Technologies: Software Testing Best Practices, Microsoft Solutions Framework, Windows / Linux /
HPUX installations, FTP releases, Watir / Ruby automated web testing, UML and Enterprise Architect,
VMWare Virtual Machines, Apache Web Server, Microsoft IIS, Ant scripts and Java for test
automation, UML and Enterprise Architect, FTP releases.

2. Software Developer (January 2002 – October 2004)
Duties: Development and maintenance of B2B/B2C interface engine components in Java. Development
and maintenance of the UI for an interface engine in C++/MFC. Conducting requirements gathering
workshops (persona analysis), and UI design sessions of a web interface. Integration of the monitoring
tool for an interface engine into a web portal. Implementation consulting remotely and on the client
sites. Technical support to customers via phone, email, and in person.

Technologies: Java, C++, Visual Studio 2000, MFC, Eclipse platform, JavaServlets and JSP, Tomcat,
TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, HTML / DHTML, XML, XPath, JavaScript, Shell scripts, Perl, InstallAnywhere,
Microsoft Foundation Classes, COM, Integration Engines (EAI), Oracle 8 / 9 / 10, Microsoft SQL
Server, jMeter, Microsoft Source Safe, IBM Clear Case, CVS, Subversion.

 Single-handedly created and maintained test environments and test data for all of the Orion Health
   12 products (at the time) and their development and test teams.
 Together with another colleague created the QA and Test Team at Orion Health to satisfy the
   requirements of a big project. There was no formal testing at Orion Health prior to our initiative and
   the team survives to this day and is in charge of all testing at Orion Health.
 Developed under tight deadlines a crucial component that enabled communication of Orion
   Health’s integration engine to IBM MQ Series. This was crucial in securing a large US client and
   the component is part of the standard Orion Health interface suite even today.
 Developed a visual importer and exporter of integration engine configurations still in use by Orion
   Health’s implementation team as the configuration deployment tool.
 Ability to create and maintain rapport with overseas clients and excellent phone manner earned me
   the Orion Health Award for Excellence in Customer service in 2003.

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