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					                            Test Manager

# Positions:                One
Preferred Start Date:       March 2008
Location:                   Penticton, BC


The ideal candidate, for this position, will be seriously detail oriented with a strong
drive to improve the quality of the finished product. Previous experience in a
structured testing environment for web applications with effective issue analysis and
reporting will be ideal.

The ideal candidate will thrive in our client's fast paced, dynamic environment where
the over-riding attitude is to work hard and play hard. This is for you if you enjoy
thinking outside the box, being able to freely voice your ideas. This is an opportunity
to really make a difference, in a task force team setting, within a fast growing
company, both in terms of revenue, product lines and employees.

There are flexible work hours available to allow plenty of time in the afternoons for
golf, mountain biking or just hanging around the lake in the sunshine.

An exceptional opportunity to use your skills and experience to the full, develop
yourself further and have fun in a dynamic team with a light and spacious office
environment and a beautiful Okanagan setting.

Responsibilities to include:
   • acquiring a thorough understanding of the applications' feature, functionality
      and business logic;
   • reviewing business requirements and design documentation;
   • managing the preparation and execution of application test plans and test
   • bug reproduction, logging and tracking;
   • reporting the results of each level of testing to the IT Director and other
      senior management as required;
   • managing outsourcing relationships are required.

The ideal candidate will:
   •    be extremely quality and detail oriented;
   •    be able to quickly learn new information, both technical and procedural;
   •    have a strong understanding of the software development life cycle;
   •    have excellent interpersonal and English language skills, both verbal and
The ideal candidate will:
   •   have a minimum of 2 years of structured software testing experience using
       the V-model (unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance
       testing) in significant software projects;
   •   have experience in testing web based applications;
   •   have experience in issue analysis and reporting.

A perfect candidate will also:
   •   have experience in using automated test tools.

   • Grade 12 minimum, ideally also holding a relevant diploma or other