“Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the LORD

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					                                                VOL. 7, May 2008

        Release from

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all” (Psalms 34:19)

                                                                   Living WORD    May   2008              
B               eloved, this edition of The Living Word focuses on a message titled
                ‘Release from Satanic Punishment”. The focal point of this message
                is on great secrets of freedom. Anything affecting you physically and
                spiritually in a negative way is an oppressor. Whatever that is ruling
                a person’s life in a sad, cruel, wicked and hard way is an oppressor.
                But I thank God because I know that by the time you finish reading this
                                                                                             Beloved, I want you to know that these
                                                                                             three things are interwoven. When you
                                                                                             have freedom, definitely you will have
                                                                                             peace; and when there is peace, there
                                                                                             will be joy. I am talking about the type
                                                                                             of joy that comes from within. When
                message and pray the accompanying prayers, there shall be an end to
                                                                                             a person lacks all these ingredients of
                such satanic activities in your life today in Jesus name.
                                                                                             life, the person automatically becomes
                Let us start by looking at two Scriptures; one in the Old Testament and      a walking corpse. He/she is not living
                the other in the New Testament.                                              but is dead. One thing that I want
                                                                                             to make known to you today is
                                                                                             that the devil, our adversary does
       Isaiah 49:24-26                                                                       not have any thing good to offer to
       “Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the lawful captive delivered?
       But thus says the Lord, even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away,          Sometimes, it may look like the devil is
       and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered; for I will contend with him          offering something good, but I tell you
       that contends with you, and I will save your children. And I will feed them           truly, everything he gives, he collects
       that oppress you with their own flesh; and they shall be drunken with their           back and most times, he collects back
       own blood, as with sweet wine, and all flesh shall know that I the Lord am            with huge interests. All the people that
                                                                                             at one time or the other had stepped
       your Saviour and your Redeemer, the mighty one of Jacob”                              into the territory of the devil in the
                                                                                             name of seeking peace or joy have suc-
    Now let’s look at the second Scripture       are three basic things people are seri-     ceeded in placing themselves under se-
    from the Gospel of John.                     ously craving for.                          rious satanic punishment. Most of the
                                                                                             deliverance cases we have handled in
                                                 Freedom: A lot of people are in bond-       our church are people who have visit-
      John 8:32, 36
                                                 age. Most people never bargain for          ed witchdoctors in the past in search of
      “And ye shall know the truth and the       the situation the found themselves          peace and joy, but ended up in piercing
      truth shall make you free. If the Son      in. Consciously or unconsciously, the       themselves with arrows of sorrow.
      therefore shall make you free, ye          enemy has succeeded in putting these
      shall be free indeed.”                     ones in serious bondage. Virtually eve-     Every operation of our enemy and all
                                                 rybody today wants to be free from one      that he has to offer amount to a sin-
    When people come to our church               oppression or the other.                    gle objective; to steal, to kill and to de-
    meetings, especially people who are                                                      stroy. Many who went to the devil for
    novice to the things of the Spirit, one of   Peace: A lot of people are going            wealth in the past are now serving their
    the things that amaze them are the type      through a lot of crisis. Many are liv-      punishment. Some who went for help
    of messages we preach and the type of        ing in the center of it. People are look-   in their businesses or careers are all
    prayers we pray. In our church, God has      ing for peace because their lives are       regretting now. Some are undergoing
    given us a ministry that doesn’t waste       synonymous with crisis. Most people         satanic sentences which they directly
    time fighting issues on the surface but      have found themselves in total confu-       brought upon their lives through the
    instead we go down to the root of the        sion. They are under serious satanic        assistance they got from Satan and his
    matter and as God said to Jeremiah, “I       discipline as they go through satanic       agents in the past.
    have chosen you to uproot, to pull           punishment. But if such is your case,
    down, to plant…”                             the Lord shall deliver you today in Je-
                                                 sus name.                                                Satan and his
    When certain things are not addressed                                                                 agents are working
    from their roots; when they are not up-      Joy: Joy to some people is a very scarce
    rooted, people involved will be fight-       commodity and such people are look-                      round the clock,
    ing a useless battle. So it amazes people    ing for it everywhere. Some people                       making sure that
    often when they hear what we say and         think they have no joy because of their                  nothing fails; that
    the type of prayers we pray. The whole       predicaments and status; hence they
                                                 join one cult (secret societies) or the
                                                                                                          all those who do
    world today; individuals and families
    alike are under serious satanic punish-      other. Some even blame their lack of                     not know God or
    ment. The devil is imposing serious          joy to the fact they married only one                    are ignorant of the
    punishment on many people.                   wife, and they go ahead and take two,                    truth; all those
                                                 three or even four wives so that they
                                                 can have joy. However, you may not
                                                                                                          who are spiritually
    Beloved, I must tell you that there are
    some families who are serving satanic        find these things (Freedom, Peace and                    blind are made
    sentences. The devil has passed his          Joy) with money. You cannot get them                     to serve satanic
    judgment on such families, which they        through any other means but through,                     punishments.
    keep to serve. In the world today, there     and only, our Lord Jesus Christ.

                Living WORD           May       2008
Causes Of
satanic Punishment
                                                                                           extremely well; people who are fire-
                                                                                           brand for God have been successfully
                                                                                           diverted, especially at the time they are
                                                                                           getting married. Instead of marrying
                                                                                           fire igniters, they persons they marry as
1. PAST LIFE                                breakthrough, poverty and hostilities. I       wives or husbands would turn out to be
Some people are serving satanic sentenc-    received a lot of telephone calls and text     fire extinguishers, who would reduce
es now because of the places their legs     messages from various people who read          their spiritual lives to zero. The devil
took them to in the past. Even though       our last month’s publication (Breaking         has succeeded in diverting most busi-
they were ignorant of their actions, the    Satanic Curses), narrating to me their         nessmen and women into wrong busi-
devil, being an expert and a legalist who   bitter experiences. One of such broth-         nesses, and they are suffering, praying
knows all spiritual laws, seized such op-   ers, who come from Eritrea, visited our        for breakthroughs. The fish can only
portunities to punish such people. A        church. He told me how everybody in            prosper as long as it remains inside wa-
brother from Europe came to me for          his family had died let alone himself. And     ter. But when a fish goes to live on the
deliverance. As we were praying, the        that even though he is the only survivor,      tree top, it can never prosper there. Ap-
Lord revealed that there was a particular   life has remained oppressive ever since.       parently, many people are now living in
witch doctor he visited long time ago.      Such people are all living under satanic       wrong places doing wrong things.
This particular witchdoctor had died        oppression and it is my prayer that the
but the things he did for this brother      Lord sets you free completely from such        The devil even succeeds in divert-
still work against his progress. Many       sentences now in Jesus name.                   ing people to wrong churches, where
people have traded their destiny igno-                                                     prayers that can set them free are not
rantly in the past but are now regretting   4. EVIL COVENANT                               prayed. Even the same devil has suc-
their actions                               People who consciously or uncon-               ceeded in diverting many to choosing
                                            sciously enter into covenants with the         wrong friends and wrong partners in
2. WRONG USE OF THE MOUTH                   devil are automatically under the yoke         order to inflict punishment and pain on
Proverb 6: says, ‘Thou are snared with     of the enemy. The devil makes sure that        them. Some people are under serious
the words of your mouth, thou art taken     he monitors such people to ensure that         evil authorities, even as they read all
with the words of your mouth’. The          such covenants come to pass. That is           Christian books. The devil is exercis-
mouth has led many into suffering un-       why sometimes people don’t know what           ing serious satanic authority over them,
told punishment. Some people do not         happens to them really. The devil keeps        claiming ownership of their lives. It is
know the repercussion of what they say.     record in spite the fact that you may for-     the devil that determines how far and
They do not know the gravity of their       get, and when the time comes, he places        well such people can go, but such peo-
utterances; neither do they know that       such people under judgment and inflicts        ple shall be delivered in the name of
the devil has used the words of their       serious injury on them.                        Jesus.
mouth to subject them under serious
punishment.                                 5. EVIL DIVERSION                              Satan and his agents are working round
3. CURSES                                   A lot of people have been diverted. The        the clock, making sure that nothing fails;
In some families, the devil enforces        devil diverts them; he makes men marry         that all those who do not know God or
iron-like curses. The devil sponsors        wrong wives and ladies, wrong husbands,        are ignorant of the truth; all those who
curses such as curses of failures, un-      so that he can punish them the rest of         are spiritually blind are made to serve
timely deaths, failures at the edge of      their lives. Men/women who are doing           satanic punishments.

Satanic Instruments Of Punishment
1. SLEEPLESSNESS                            nice sleep. WHAT A PITY!                       in so many lives. In this case, a person’s
The devil is tormenting most people                                                        life attracts whatever that is evil. Such
by forcing them through terrible            2. FEAR                                        lives never attract good things. If there
experiences of sleeplessness. Even          A lot of people are living their lives in      is an outbreak of any epidemic, such
Valium 5 no longer has any effect           serious fear. Anytime they hear a strange      people contact the epidemic first. If there
on them; neither does any sleeping          noise, their hearts are cut off. The devil     is a case of theft in the place of work,
injection help them to sleep. They          is the cause of this serious punishment.       or in the neighborhood, such people
would be forcing themselves to sleep,       The spirit of fear rules such lives. The       automatically become prime suspects.
but they cannot. The devil is punishing     Bible says, “Jesus came to deliver those       Such people are always in the wrong
them. A certain man who came to me          who are in all their lifetime the devil has    places at the wrong times. If there is a riot
for prayers told me that he has been        subjected to the fear of death.” Their lives   in the city, they will be the unfortunate
on regular psychiatric/sleeping pills for   are full of fear. The devil is punishing       ones to be arrested by the police, even
the past eight years, in order to sleep.    and tormenting their lives with fear.          when they did not participate.
He got addicted to the drugs that most
of the time he would have to take an        3. EVIL MAGNET                                 4. CHILDREN
overdose before he could really have a      The devil has also planted evil magnets        Sometimes, the devil turns children

                                                                                   Living WORD            May      2008                    
    Satanic Instruments Of Punishment

     into an instrument of punishment.           holiday. But when he returns, it is serious    the same problems still torment these
     The devil would inflict children with       hostility again in such families. Even         children. Such diseases are epilepsy,
     strange ailments and as such punish         those who think they have good homes;          stroke, arthritis and all kinds of terrible
     their families. There are families that     those who think there is no problem with       things. For some, theirs is, according
     have such children whom they cannot         wife or husband could still be put under       to them, an ordinary flu. Their flu will
     allow out in the public; they just hide     devil’s punishment through a wicked and        never dry; every time you see them
     them inside locked rooms. I know of         bad mother-in-law, who would terrorize         they are always blowing their nose. For
     one particular rich family that gave        them and will never let them have peace        some it is migraine headache, and they
     birth to a son whose face resembles         in their matrimonial home.                     will receive evil confirmations like,
     an idiot. This particular son of theirs                                                    “don’t bother going to the hospital,
     behaves like an animal. They have           8. UNTIMELY DEATHS                             your grand mother had it, it is in the
     taken him to several hospitals abroad       The devil is punishing so many families        family.”
     to correct this but all to no avail. What   with sudden and untimely deaths. Usually
     they resorted to was to lock him up         the very ones that the devil knows will        Devil makes sure that evil harvest
     in a particular room all through the        bring their families out of poverty; the       passes from generation to generation.
     day, and would only allow him out           ones ordained to be family redeemers,          That is why you need to make a serious
     at nights, when they are sure visitors      to be the Moses of their families are          assessment of your life and see if there
     are no longer visiting them. They had       always the ones he kills, to inflict serious   are any of such evil trends the devil is
     always wished such a child to die. The      punishment on the family. I have seen          using to subject you to any punishment.
     devil has planted such a child just to      situations where members of a particular       You must refuse them now and the
     punish that family. God is ready to         family were dying one after the other.         Lord is ready to deliver you in Jesus
     deliver such people in Jesus name.          So many people are continuously being          name.
                                                 harassed by the spirit of death.
     5. DEMONIC SICKNESS                                                                        10. AUTOMATIC FAILURE
     The devil is using demonic sicknesses       I know some rich men who will not enter        For certain people, the enemy is always
     to punish some people now. These            airplane because of the fear of death.         there to trigger off for them what is
     demonic sicknesses defy all forms of        Sometime back, I entered a vehicle with        called automatic failure mechanism. It
     medication. Through this instrument,        a certain man. All through the journey, it     is like pulling the trigger of a gun. For
     the devil wastes the lives of his victims   was obvious that this particular man was       these kinds of people, there is always a
     and their resources, but such people        under a perpetual fear of accident. What       green light that something good would
     shall be delivered in Jesus name. A         a punishment!                                  happen. But at the edge of seeing the
     lady met me sometime at a clinic and                                                       good things come to pass, the enemy
     narrated to me the kind of torture          9. EVIL FAMILY PATTERN                         would pull the trigger of failure. A
     her little 7 year old boy has been          Here the devil makes sure that he              certain woman came for deliverance.
     going through, which has defied all         propagates and sponsors evil family            What the devil did was to put a terrible
     medication. The devil is wicked and         patterns. The devil makes sure that he         odor upon her. She told me her story.
     cruel.                                      distributes the problem all over the           She said, “Pastor, before I could get a
                                                 family and any one who resists dies. In        vehicle to this place….,” she broke into
     6. POVERTY                                  one particular family I know, none of the      tears. But then she continued, “Each
     Another vital thing that the enemy uses     daughters are getting married including        of the vehicles I entered, all passengers
     to punish most people today is poverty.     the men. I equally know families that          on board would move out. And the
     Poverty has reduced so many nice and        are always getting divorce. A brother          drivers kept asking people why they
     pretty looking ladies to prostitutes.       who has been suffering from demonic            are moving out. Each time they would
     Poverty is a cruel and wicked               loss of memory narrated to me how his          say, ‘that woman smells’. This was
     instrument in the hands of devil, to        grandmother died a mad woman. His              despite wearing a nice dress. So the
     make life miserable for many people.        mother is currently insane, and a similar      drivers kept chasing me out of the taxis
     A lot of people have compromised            problem is also knocking at his door. The      instead of loosing their passengers.”
     their faith due to poverty. Poverty is a    devil is a wicked devil!                       She went from one taxi to another
     torment to many people.                                                                    until eventually she had to be squeezed
                                                 For some, their evil pattern is to die         at the back of one taxi, as rest of the
     7. HOSTILITY                                during child birth. There is a particular      passengers threw their heads outside
     Another deadly instrument is hostility.     family that suffered a fifteen-year            the car window spitting and sketching
     Many people are experiencing serious        childless marriage before they eventually      for fresh air. The unimaginable is that
     hostilities in their homes. There is no     gave birth to this particular sister.          this person has a Masters Degree, and
     peace in their homes. The husband           Surprisingly, the first two daughters, in      worst still has no work.
     and his wife live their lives like that     this same family that got married waited
     of cat and rat. Most times they would       until fifteen years before they could give     11. FRUITLESS EFFORTS
     fail to explain, within themselves, why     birth. This is absolutely an evil trend and    The devil uses this tool to punish a
     they break bottles, throw and break         satanic punishment.                            lot of people. This particular brother
     plates and cups, cut each with sharp                                                       is hard working. He receives the
     objects and would later on apologize to     Some are harvesting evil which they never      commendation of nearly everyone.
     themselves, “I am sorry, I didn’t really    planted. That is why you have all kinds        He is not lazy, yet the devil placed
     know what happened, I am sorry.” The        of genetic diseases. Some grand parents        him under a punishment. He makes
     devil has succeeded in putting a mark       lived with some kinds of problems and          all effort to succeed, but his efforts are
     on them.                                    diseases, and even when their great grand      always fruitless. Such people work like
     Sometimes the devil can go on a brief       children don’t know these grand parents,       elephants but they eat like ants. There

               Living WORD            May       2008
                                                                                            Satanic Instruments Of Punishment

  are some in the public/civil services       schools, up to University level with         subjected to now.
  who normally get responsibilities           excellent results but cannot get a job       However, God cannot deliver you
  of establishing new departments or          because the enemy has rendered their         from any satanic punishment if you
  sections. They would put in every           certificates useless.                        are not born again. If you are reading
  effort including working extra hours.                                                    this message and have not at anytime
  And after they have successfully            Some will attend job interviews and          surrendered your life to Jesus Christ,
  established the section or department,      perform very well, but would still get       you have the opportunity of doing
  they would be recalled immediately          responses such as, “We know you are          so now. I am not referring to your
  and moved to a new ground with fresh        good, very good. In fact, you made all the   membership to any church, but a
  tasks. In some unfortunate cases, they      marks. You are the best among all, but we    personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  would be put in a redundant office.         don’t think we need you now.” And such       If not please say the prayers below
  Such people work so hard, but others        companies would go ahead and employ
  would step in to enjoy the fruits of        an amateur. A young man called me last          Father, in the name of Jesus I come
  their labour. GOD FORBID!                   month after reading our publication             before you today. I am sorry for all
                                              on Breaking Satanic Curses, and told            the times I have sinned against you.
  Such people are under satanic               me he was about to commit suicide               I repent of all my sins. I surrender
  punishment of fruitless efforts, and        because life has been so unkind to him.         my life to you. I say NO to the devil
  the devil is happy punishing them.          He is a graduate of Accounting with a           and all his agents. I enter into the
  No matter the amount of money such          professional Degree (ACCA), yet no              kingdom of light and I turn my back
  people invest in businesses; it will end    company or organization was employing           to the kingdom of darkness.
  up being a wasted venture. If such is       him. There is another case of a man             Lord Jesus, come into my heart
  your case, God will deliver you in          with a Masters Degree, who teaches in           today. Make me a child of God and
  Jesus name                                  a nursery (kindergarten) school, after so       a member of the family of God. Let
                                              many attempts to get a good job.                every old thing in my life pass away
  12. BURIED POTENTIALS                                                                       and let everything become new.
  Much potential have been buried.            Beloved, a lot of people are going              Give me the power to follow you all
  Virtues have been buried. Many              through these serious punishments.              the days of my life in Jesus name I
  glories have been covered. The power        They are serving jail sentences placed          pray Amen
  of many has been withdrawn. They            upon them by the devil. Satanic embargo
  are good, vast, and very intelligent.       and restrictions are equally placed upon
  They are genius but still their lives       their lives. Their lives are caged. They      I congratulate you on the great
  are not productive because the enemy        have been limited. But God said He will       decision you have just taken. I pray
  has succeeded in capturing their            contend with those who contend with           that it shall be permanent in your life
  stars and had put them under serious        you. As a matter of truth and fact, God       in Jesus name. Please get in touch
  punishment. There are some who have         is ready to deliver you from any form         with us or any church close to you for
  gone through primary and secondary          of satanic punishment you are being           fellowship.

                                                                6. O Lord, heal me from every satanic injury in the name of

                                                                7. I command the spirit of confusion to come upon all satanic
                                                                   prophet hired against me in the name of Jesus

                                                                8. I barricade my life and my family from every satanic
1. Any satanic punishment over my life and family be               punishment in the name of Jesus.
   destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus.
                                                                9. No evil word spoken against me by my adversary shall stand
2. O Lord, arise and contend with every power                      in Jesus name.
   contending over my life in the name of Jesus.
                                                                10. I refuse to fall into any trap set by my oppressors in Jesus
3. (Place your right hand on your head and pray like                name.
   this...) Any anti progress arrow fired into the affairs of
   my life, come out now in Jesus name                          11. I cancel the consequence of every evil spiritual visitation in
                                                                    the name of Jesus.
4. Every instrument of satanic punishment fashioned
   against my life and my family, be consumed by fire in        12. I refuse to become a slave to any evil power in Jesus name.
   Jesus name.
                                                                13. Everything that has been stolen from me by spiritual
5. Every door that leads attacks into my life be closed             thieves in the past is returned seven fold, in the name of
   now in the name of Jesus.                                        Jesus.

                                                                                   Living WORD           May      2008                5
                                 JESUS      the miraculous

        Evil Verdict Over-
        turned By Prayers                                         I
                                                                      want to thank God in a very special way
                                                                      for the great thing He has done in my
                                                                      life. For over three years, I did not see my
                                                                  menstruation periods. I visited many doctors

         want to thank God for He answered my                     and did a lot of medical tests, but all to no
         prayers. I live in my in-laws house. It is not           avail. All that the doctors told me was that it is
         very comfortable for me but I sincerely hope             most likely an early menopause and that there
     to be established by the Lord soon.                          was nothing that could be done about it. Some
                                                                  equally gave me some medications which also
     Due to some domestic issues, my in-law turned                did not help me until I discovered Pastor Ben’s
     against me, largely because I am a born again                church through the Launch hour fellowship.
     Christian. He is a Catholic and does not like
     the idea of me not being a Catholic anymore.                 After some days of praying at the Launch hour
     Eventually, he asked me to leave his house. I                and at the church, I received my miracle. I
     requested of him one month grace so that I can               started experiencing my menstruation again.
     make another arrangement of where to stay. But
     he said NO.                                                  Glory and honor to God Almighty for this
     I came to Pastor Ben and shared my ordeal with               wonderful miracle.
     him. Pastor prayed with me and encouraged me
     to remain in prayers. All of a sudden, my in-                Grace, Kampala – Uganda
     law later called me and told me about his new
     business plan; how he is planning to start up a
     new business and wished I manage the business
     for him.
     I give God the glory for never allowing shame to
     be my portion.                                               Restoration Of Peace

     Robert Aliga – Kansanga – Uganda
                                                                     want to thank God greatly for restoring joy
                                                                     and peace unto my life and marriage. For
                                                                     two years now, I have never known peace in
                                                                  my life due to hostility in my marriage.

           Sickle Cell Gone!                                      I was contemplating separation before a friend
                                                                  of mine introduced me to Pastor Ben, who
                                                                  prayed and stood with me in prayer.

        am a regular listener of Pastor Ben’s Radio broadcast     Miraculously, just after  days of meeting with
        on Alpha 0. fm. One day, Pastor prayed for the         Pastor Ben, I received my miracle. Peace was
        sick people over the radio. I joined in that prayer and   restored back to my marriage. It is still like a
    subseqently, I discovered that I have been healed from        dream to me because it happened so sooner
    sickle cell anaemia. Praise God for this great healing        than I expected. Thanks and Glory to God.
    Gladys, Ntinda – Uganda                                       Mary, Ntinda – Uganda

6           Living WORD          May    2008
                                                                  Tochi Ejiofor

They That Give Their Last…
      n unemployed graduate woke up one morning and checked his pocket. All
      he was left with was $2. He decided to use it to buy food and then wait for
      death as he was too proud to go begging. He was frustrated as he could find
no job; nobody was ready to help him.

He bought food and as he sat down to eat, an old man and two little children came
along and asked him to help them with food as they had not eaten for almost a
week. He looked at them. They were so dirty and skinny that he could even see
their bones coming out. Their eyes had gone into their sockets. With the last bit of
compassion he had, he gave them the food. The old man and the children prayed
for him that God will bless and prosper him and then gave him a very old coin. The
young graduate said to them, “But you need the prayer more than I do”.

With no money, no job, no food, the young graduate went under the bridge to
rest and wait for death. As he was about to sleep, he saw an old newspaper on the
floor. He picked it up, and surprisingly he saw an advertisement for people with
old coins to come to a certain address. He decided to go with the old coin the
old man gave him. On getting to the place, he gave the proprietor the coin. Alas,
the proprietor screamed, brought out a big book and showed the young graduate
a photograph. This same old coin was worth $10,000. The young graduate was
overjoyed as the proprietor gave him a bank draft for $10,000 within an hour.

He collected the Bank Draft, went in search of the old man and the little children.
By the time he got to where he left them eating, they had gone. He inquired from
the owner of the canteen who told him that they even left a note for him. He
quickly opened the note thinking it would lead him to finding them. But alas, the
words in the note read thus: “You gave us your all and we have rewarded you back
with the coin. Signed - God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost”

Wisdom of the Story
It seems that in this life, people who are always willing to give their last have
mastered this secret: uncommon giving attracts uncommon favor. Now the
question is, which of these two is better to be let off more quickly than the other;
the $2 food or the $10,000 bank draft?
See? The LASTS are always less expensive than what they attract.

As you learn this secret today, may God open the gates of heaven for your sake
– Amen.

                                            Living WORD       May    2008              7
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                                                                            Solution Hour (Breakthrough Prayer Meeting) 9am-11am
                                                                            Singles Yolk breaking fellowship
                                                                            (2nd Saturday every month 10:12am

                                                                                                PRAYER TOWER
                                                                                              We want to stand with you in prayers for
                                                                                              your miracles and breakthroughs. Call our
                                                                                              24 hour Prayer Tower on these numbers:

                                                                                              0702 660054, 0772 660055

                                                                              LUNCH HOUR FELLOWSHIP
                                                                            Are you in dare need of a breakthrough in your career,
                                                                            business, academics, marriage, etc…. Come to the
                                                                            Breakthrough Clinic
                                 VOICE OF FREEDOM
                                                                            Venue: JHO, plot 39b Lumumba Avenue, after Mukwasi House
                                 By Pastor Ben                              Nakasero, Kampala
                                 Every Friday, 8 – 8:0pm
                                 on Alpha FM, 0.                         Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:30– 2pm

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                                CHURCH SERVICES, PRAYERS & COUNSELING
                                           FOUNTAIN OF LIGHT MINISTRIES
                         Opposite Bunga Trading Center, Behind S.K Supermarket, Ggaba road, Bunga
                         P Box 5687 Kampala, Tel: 077-660055, 070 66005, Office: 0 5769
                       Email: pastor@fountainoflightministry.org, Website: www.fountainoflightministry.org
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