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									          Your Guide to Baby Massage
            To protect your baby’s delicate skin the baby care products you choose are very important. Developed in conjunction with doctors, midwives
            and pharmacists, Weleda Baby Care products are especially formulated for baby’s delicate skin. They have been dermatologically tested and
            approved for even the most sensitive and eczema-prone skins. Made from 100% natural ingredients, they are free from synthetic colours,
            perfumes and preservatives.

            The beautiful orange Calendula flower (Marigold) grown in Weleda’s biodynamic gardens plays an important role in Weleda’s Baby Care
            products. For centuries this medicinal plant has been treasured for its protective and antiseptic properties. The Calendula flowers are known to
            have great comforting properties, bringing a warming and soothing effect to the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It has proven to be a perfect
            match for a baby’s delicate skin and supports the maintenance and development of healthy skin.

            Baby Massage is a time of pleasure and relaxation and is very
            beneficial for your baby.

            Baby Massage:
            • helps your baby to relax
            • allows him/her to fall asleep faster and sleep longer
            • develops a unique bond between parent and child

            Weleda Calendula Oil is ideal for baby massage: it is 100% natural
            and dermatologically approved for your baby’s sensitive skin.

            Tips for a relaxing massage
            • Take the time to focus completely on your baby, letting go of all potentially   • Get into a comfortable position; make sure your arms and
              distracting thoughts.                                                             shoulders are relaxed.
            • Remove rings, watch and bracelets.                                              • Your hands should be flexible and in complete contact with
            • Make sure the environment is pleasantly warm and cover any parts of               your baby’s skin.
              your baby’s body that you are not massaging to prevent him/her from             • Try to maintain contact with your baby even when reaching
              getting cold.                                                                     for more oil (hand, forearm, etc.).
            • Talk softly and gently to your baby but try not to talk constantly; your baby   • Use long firm strokes and be careful not to tickle your baby.
              also enjoys the peace and calm during the massage.
            • Warm the Calendula Oil in your hands before you start.                          Find just the right moment to massage your baby. It could be
            • Start with gentle strokes, so that your baby becomes accustomed to the          after a nap, half an hour after feeding, but not immediately
              movement of your hands over his/her skin.                                       after the baby has eaten.

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