NAVIANCE Naviance is a program that is designed to by wbc12688


Naviance is a program that is designed to help students
       plan their post-high school endeavors.

 By using it, you can make your college, vocational or
 tech school search much easier and more organized!
Naviance allows you to:
 Store all of your demographic/academic information
 Search for colleges/vocational/tech schools based on the parameters
YOU define
 Stay aware of important deadlines
 Manage your ENTIRE application process, from start to finish, including
letters of recommendations requests, transcripts and FERPA
 Communicate with other CCA students
 Receive important e-mails from the Counseling Department regarding
college visits, application workshops, newsletters, scholarships and
financial aid

And much more!
                             Getting Started
Go to the Naviance website, and click on the Naviance link located on the
Counseling webpage. Your screen should then look like this:
If this is the FIRST TIME you have used Naviance, type your student ID number
in the “New User?” box (if you are a PARENT, skip this slide). When you are
finished, click the “register” button.
If you are a PARENT, register with your student’s ID number with P at the end.
For example, if your student’s number is 123456, you need to use 123456P to
The next screen should look like this (if it does NOT, talk to your counselor):
1. Enter your e-mail
address…and make
SURE it is one that you
actually USE!
2. CONFIRM your e-mail
3. Make up a password,
one that you will
students use their ID.
4. CONFIRM your
1. Read the Privacy
Statement, accept it, and
click the “Complete
Registration” button.
If you registered correctly, the screen you get next should look something like this
(with YOUR name after the “Welcome,” introduction).
That’s it! You have a Naviance account. Students, take some time and explore the
“college search” link. Explore all the links, save your work, and your college
application process will go much more smoothly this Fall!

If you are a PARENT, note that you
will have limited access to your
student’s account, with the
opportunity to review specific key
areas. After you create your
account, search the links and
familiarize yourself with the
numerous features that will help
you better chart your child’s
college search.

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