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					Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE)
        Cimarron Ave. Elementary School

     GATE Coordinator: Christina Smith-Corleone
 Cimarron Ave. Elementary’s GATE Program strives on providing our students with
       a safe, creative, and unique curriculum environment to be different!

Be The Difference
Be the Difference
Even when no one is there to observe , look or listen

Be the difference where ever you walk, drive or roam
Be the difference everywhere including school,
Your job or at home
Be the difference even if you have to stand alone!

Be the difference, live the example that you want to see
Be the difference for yourself, friends and your family
Be the difference, make a huge impact on society!

It all starts with making a decision right now
Telling yourself, I will be the difference in someone’s life
Someway somehow

So, with many others running from responsibility
It’s obvious that making difference must start with me

So, as I realize that my life has purpose and significance
I commit today to being the difference!

“Continue to be, strive to become more and more, the difference that you are looking for.”

                                                                                        By Jerome Vincent Carter
                                                                                                  Inspiration 52

Our program purpose at Cimarron Ave. Elementary School
is aligned with the district. We create rigorous educational
opportunities which allow students to flourish in
stimulating academic and social environments. Our students
learning and talent is our top priority.
At Cimarron Ave. we have
                      Cimarron Ave. Elementary is a
                           Advanced Studies!
Student Outcomes

   Continuous progress based on ability and performance

   Accelerated student performance

   Development of independence and self direction

   Acceleration across disciplines

   Increased use of technology

   Success in making original contributions to a field of study

   College admission
    What Does A G.A.T.E Cluster Here at
     Cimarron Elementary Look Like?
   Learning is tailored to meet students’ individual needs across
    curriculum areas.
    Students may be engaged in cooperative group activities based on
    their learning styles and academic needs.
   There are many opportunities for students to get out of their seats
    and participate in reader workshops and theater.
   In math you may see students involved in rigorous concept tasks
    that have them use critical reasoning skills to solve word problems
    and equations.
   In science students are engaged in hands-on experiments that
    require them to form hypothesis and conduct experiments to draw
   G.A.T.E clusters target differentiation which includes creativity,
    depth and acceleration which achieves higher engagement of
    students and stronger achievement in school.
  What separates us from other schools in
addition to our rigorous curriculum program?
      Our Academies and GATE Portfolios!

At Cimarron, we have day and after school
 academy classes solely for our gifted
 students. Academies are special classes
 outside the typical curriculum where gifted
 students get additional chances to be
 innovative and engage in rigorous hands on
 activities and technology.
Academies at Cimarron
           Mad Science Academy
           During school hours the students in the
           gifted program participate in mad Science
           2-3 times during the school year. “Mad
           Science® is the world’s leading science
           enrichment provider. They deliver unique,
           hands-on science experiences for children
           that are as entertaining as they are
           educational (website:
  ).” Gifted
           students take fascinating field trip classes
           right here at Cimarron! Second graders
           learn about Dinosaurs and Weather. Third
           Graders experience Photosynthesis and
           Matter. Fourth Graders get to dive in to
           Mineral mania Magnets, and Ecosystems.
           Fifth Graders become chemists and get
           involved in Chemistry, Body basics and
                         Academies at Cimarron
                              Drama/Theatrics Academy
                              For students identified gifted in Theater Arts, they
                              meet with the coordinator as well as Arts Prototype
                              drama teacher and guest actors to learn
                              monologues, skits, and oral presentations to perform
                              throughout the school year. While learning acting
                              techniques they also increase their reading fluency
                              while learning about people of their culture.

                                                                      Students in
                                                                      photograph are
                                                                      Muhammad Ali,
                                                                      Betsy Coleman,
Student in photograph is                                              Gregory Hines,
portraying African American                                           Oprah Winfrey, and
pianist Andre Watts.                                                  Barack Obama.
Academies at Cimarron

                 Math Jeopardy Academy
                 This academy takes place after
                 school for an hour, one day a
                 week usually for three to four
                 weeks. Gifted students are able
                 to demonstrate their math skills
                 while engaged in one of
                 America’s TV games.
Reader’s Theater Academy
This academy takes place after
school for an hour, one day a
week usually for three to six
weeks. Gifted students are able
to demonstrate their reading and
acting abilities while they
engage in theater activities.
        Academies at Cimarron

             Renzulli Academy
             This academy takes place after school for an hour, one day a
             week usually for four to six weeks. Students get to safely explore
             the web, word processing and become more computer literate.
             The Renzulli Learning System, an enrichment computer
             program that guides students through learning activities that are
             based on personal profiles that students create. This profile
             assesses students’ strengths, interests and learning styles so that
             they are linked to enrichment activities that fit their needs. The
             Renzulli Enrichment Database features more than 13,000
             carefully screened enrichment activities covering diverse skills
             and topics, organized into 14 engaging types of learning
             activities such as virtual field trips & projects.
       Academies at Cimarron


                  Thinking Blocks Academy
                  This academy takes place after school
                  for an hour, one day a week usually
                  for three to four weeks. Students are
                  able to demonstrate their
                  mathematics and high level thinking
                  abilities on this rigorous yet fun and
                  exciting internet based math
GATE Portfolios
Classroom Teachers facilitate completion of portfolios for each identified gifted
student. Portfolios showcase student learning, assignments, and projects
throughout the year. At the end of the year each student may take his or her
portfolio home for keepsake. There are two forms of the portfolio based on gifted
Form I
Intellectual/ Specific Ability Identified
   All about Me/Inspiration 52
   Reading
   Writing
   Math
   Science
   Social Studies
   Art
   GATE Academies
   Academic/GATE Goals

Form II
Theater Arts Identified
   All about Me/Inspiration 52
   Reading
   Writing
   Art
   GATE Academies
   Academic/GATE Goals
Portfolios cont…

                                             art                         writing
Work Samples are included for the following possible reasons…
   Improvement
   Favorite Assignment
   Work Sample Student is Proud Of
   Interesting Assignment
   Creative Assignment
   Academic Goal- Choose an area that you need to improve in or would
    like do better in. Discuss what your plan is to do better.
   G.A.T.E Goal- Discuss how you would like to demonstrate your gift
    next year. Write about the activities you would you like to do that will
    demonstrate your gift. Are there any G.A.T.E academies you would like
    to participate in?
   Coordinator Contact Information:
          Miss Smith-Corleone
Cimarron Ave Elementary School, Room 10