National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program

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					National Digital Information Infrastructure
and Preservation Program (NDIIPP)

Data-PASS/NDIIPP: A new effort to
harvest our history
A funder view
May 25, 2005
Caroline Arms
Library of Congress
NDIIPP Legislation and Funding
• Created by federal legislation in December 2000
• Instructions from legislators for Library of
  Congress to work with others
• Intent is to support preservation of significant
  “born-digital” content that is at risk
• $ for planning + $ that must be matched
• Meetings of experts, commissioned studies
• Leading to plan, approved December 2002

NDIIPP                May2005                 2
NDIIPP is a portfolio of programs
  • Library‟s actions to be:
           –   Catalytic
           –   Collaborative
           –   Iterative
           –   Strategic
  • Three areas of focus
           – Network of preservation partners
           – Architectural framework for preservation
           – Digital preservation research
  NDIIPP                       May2005                  3
 Network of Preservation Partners
• LC is providing resources and leadership
• Primary outcomes for partnerships:
    –     Identify and preserve significant at-risk content
    –     Leverage resources & experience via collaboration
    –     Promote standards and best practices
    –     Learn how to build and sustain partnerships
• Represented here are two projects from
  initial partnership program
    – Social science data and geospatial data
 NDIIPP                       May2005                  4
Initial NDIIPP Partnership Program
 • Competition
 • 8 awards announced in September 2004
 • Kick-off meeting in January 2005
 • Individual LC staff as liaison to each project
 • Partners collect/preserve content,
   collaborate with LC and each other
 • 3 year term, report to Congress

 NDIIPP                May2005                5
Partnerships Differ
• Vary in nature of partnership
• Vary in content scope
• In addition to those represented here
         – Another consortium collecting geospatial data
         – Dot-com era business records
         – Public television stations (high-definition digital TV)
         – Six universities from south-eastern U.S., institutional
           holdings of materials relating to southern culture
         – Heterogeneous digital content for which partners are
           responsible (includes harvesting state government sites)
         – Government and political content harvested from web

NDIIPP                            May2005                       6
Activity across projects
• Meeting twice a year
• Identify and act on cross-cutting issues
• „Affinity groups‟ formed
         –   Selection and Collection – appraisal & tools
         –   Rights – involvement of U.S. Copyright Office
         –   Technical Architecture
         –   Economic Sustainability
              • Who pays? Economics and incentives

NDIIPP                          May2005                      7
Other areas of NDIIPP portfolio

• More partnership activity
• Architectural framework for preservation
• Digital preservation research

NDIIPP              May2005                  8
Working with state governments
• Three meetings in April and May 2005
    – All 50 states (state libraries, state archives, CIOs)
    – Enthusiastic about opportunity to meet each other
    – Identifying shared needs across states
    – States want to retain responsibility for their own
    – LC encouraged to serve as coach, synthesizer,
      undertake catalytic activities
    – Keep the conversation going

 NDIIPP                     May2005                    9
Working with state governments (2)
 • One catalytic (we hope), coaching activity
 • With Center for Technology in Government
 • Toolkit for assessing digital preservation capability
          – May be used to support the development of partnerships
            among state libraries, archives, and other state agencies
          – Questionnaires and a process for partnerships to use to
            identify important digital preservation projects and to
            determine the capabilities they need to assemble to carry
            them out

 NDIIPP                            May2005                       10
NDIIPP portfolio

• Network of preservation partners
• Architectural framework for preservation
• Digital preservation research

NDIIPP              May2005                  11
Digital Preservation Research
• Joint LC/NSF digital preservation research
  grants program (administered by NSF)
• Agenda shaped by It’s About Time report based
  on workshop
• Major areas of interest:
         – Digital repository models
         – Tools, technologies, and processes
         – Organizational, economic, and policy issues
• 8 awards announced recently

NDIIPP                         May2005                   12
Research grants awarded May 2005
• Topics and content areas include
         – Large-scale data repositories for oceanographic
           study data and MODIS satellite images
         – Video
         – Engineering and design data
         – Infrastructure and lifecycle issues
         – Incentives for data producers to create archive-
           ready data sets

NDIIPP                        May2005                   13
For More Information

• Caroline R. Arms
         – (202) 707-0105

NDIIPP                        May2005            14