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                               ACCELERATED READER GUIDELINES
         Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Accelerated Reader Program. Students
will be eligible to receive monthly incentive rewards by reading books and earning points by answering
questions correctly. Tests may be taken in the classroom or computer lab between 7:45am and 2:45pm
when supervised by a staff member. Students should be able to answer the questions without using the
book. Students are not allowed to take Accelerated Reader tests after school has been dismissed that day.

                                      ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE
        7:45AM– 8:05AM            Students Arrive at School
                   8:10AM         School Day Begins
                   2:50PM         Dismissal of School
          Students who arrive after 8:10 AM should report to the office for a tardy slip. It is important that
students be punctual to school. Please help your child to be on time. Car riders should arrive between
7:45 AM and 8:05 AM. Staff members are not required to report until 7:45 AM; therefore, early arrivals
cannot be properly supervised. Car riders should not arrive prior to 7:45 AM without prior approval of the
principal. Students wanting to eat breakfast should arrive before 7:50 AM. Students who need to come to
school before 7:45 AM should enroll in the Before and After School Care Program, which runs from 6:30
AM until 7:45 AM, and again from 2:50 PM until 6:00 PM. A fee is charged for the Before and After
Care Program.
         Parents should use the main entrance to drop off students in the morning and pick up students in
the afternoon. Please encourage your child to walk in the building in the mornings unless it is
necessary for you to bring something inside the school. Parents walking students in the building
cause unnecessary traffic congestion in the parking lot. Dropping off students or picking up students
in the bus parking lot is NOT allowed. Cars entering the bus parking lot present a dangerous situation.
Only parents who have children in the Before and After School Program may pick up and drop off
students in this parking lot during the hours of 6:00 AM-7:45 AM and 3:15 PM-6:00 PM.
         Car riders will be dismissed at 2:50 PM. When picking up students in the afternoon during
dismissal, please do not park your vehicle and come across the parking lot to pick up your child.
This is VERY dangerous for our children and causes great confusion for staff members who are on
car duty. Please be patient and wait in the line to pick up your child. Cars should line up in double
lines in the school parking lot without blocking the fire department. When both double lines are full in the
parking lot, the next person should start a new line of cars in the church parking lot across the road. Please
be courteous to other parents waiting to pick up their child. In order to make the dismissal of car riders
quicker; parents will pick up students at one of three stops. Students should place an envelope with their
child or children’s names on their visor. Students will be told by P.A. system where to go to be ready for
parents. Parents should pick up car riders by 3:10 PM so staff members will be able to attend after school
         Parents are discouraged from picking up students before 2:50 PM, unless they are sick, have a
medical or dental appointment or other valid reason. A parent/guardian must come in the office and
sign out their child if they are leaving early or not being picked up in the regular car rider line.
Students who leave school early an excessive number of times will be required to show an appointment
card from the dentist or doctor or necessary documentation to be dismissed early. Students will not be
allowed to use the telephone to ask permission to go home with other children. Each child should know
arrangements for getting home before he/she arrives at school. Written instructions from the parent
should be sent to the teacher if arrangements have been changed from the normal daily routine. We
understand that emergencies do occur. When it is necessary to change dismissal procedure for your child,
please call the school office before 2:00 PM so your child can be notified of the dismissal change.
In the interest of our students, we ask all visitors to check in the school office and get a visitor's badge
before going to classrooms or other parts of the building. This is in accordance with Policy 5020 of the
Alexander County Board of Education.

Appropriate student attendance is vitally important for positive academic performance in school.
Consistent attendance has a direct consequence on a child’s attitude towards school, study habits and the
level of success experienced. Please emphasize the importance of good attendance to your child. Your
efforts will be rewarded with better academic performance from your child. The Alexander County
School Board implemented the following attendance policy:
                  A student may be absent no more than 8 times during a semester unless the absence is
         verified by a doctor’s written excuse or excused by the school principal. For every four
         unexcused tardies or four unexcused early dismissals, a consequence will be determined at the
         school level. Cumulative absences in excess of 16 days may constitute a valid reason for
         retention. The extent to which the student has made up the work missed while absent will be
         considered in determining whether the student has made sufficient progress or derived sufficient
         educational benefit from the year’s school experience to justify promotion.
When absences do occur, the parent/guardian should send a note to the child’s teacher the first day the
child returns to school. The note should state the date(s) of the absence, the reason for the absence, and a
parent/guardian signature. If a note is not received by the third day after the student returns to
school, the absences will be coded as unlawful.
Parents wishing to take students on trips having a valid educational relationship to the school curriculum
should obtain prior approval from the school principal. Up to five days in a school year may be
approved for educational leave. Beach trips are not considered educational leave and will not be approved
as excused absences. Requests should be made in writing so that written documentation can be
                                    Medical Documentation for Absences
         Students who are frequently absent from school for medical reasons must have their absences
verified by the physician treating the child. For medical absences, all doctors’ excuses must specify the
number of days and the specific dates the student is to be excused from school for this condition.
                                               Excused Absences
Students absent from school have three days to bring in a written excuse from home. The following are
excusable absences:
a. Illness or injury                        e. Quarantine ordered by board of health
b. Death in the family                      f. Lice
c. Medical or dental appointment            g. Court or administrative proceedings
d. Religious observances                    h. Educational opportunity
                                           Tardies/ Early Dismissals
After four unexcused early dismissals or tardies students will be required to stay in after school detention.
A letter will be sent to parents when a student has accumulated three unexcused tardies or early
dismissals. Once a student has accumulated four or more unexcused tardies or early dismissals during a
semester a letter will be sent home with the assigned date for after school detention. Below are the
consequences for unexcused tardies or early dismissals:
3rd time- warning and explanation of consequences to follow
4th time- after school detention 2:50 PM-4:00 PM
8th time- after school detention 2:50 PM-4:00 PM
10th time- out of district students will be denied continued attendance
12th time- in school detention
Failure to fulfill consequences may result in out of school suspension

                            BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM
        Before and after school care is available at Sugar Loaf School from 6:00AM. until 7:45AM and
from 2:50PM until 6:00PM. The Before and After School Program will be held in the Kindergarten
Building in the first room on the left. Parents will deliver children to the program site for the Before

School Program. The Before School Staff will dismiss the children to breakfast or the regular classrooms
at the appointed time.
          The bus parking lot is open for Before and After School Care Program pick up and drop off
during the hours of 6:00 AM-7:45 AM and 3:15 PM-6:00 PM. Only students in this program can be
picked up or dropped off in this parking lot. This lot is closed to traffic during the school day.
          Ms. Lagenia Daniels is the coordinator for the program and is assisted by Ms. Margaret Childers.
The telephone number for the program is 635-5729. Information about childcare rates can be obtained by
calling the Before and After School Care Program’s number or the school office (632-2192) during
regular school hours.
                                       BUS CONDUCT AND SAFETY
          Riding a school bus in the state of North Carolina is a privilege, not a right. Students who ride
the bus are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner according to the rules and regulations
regarding school bus safety of the state of North Carolina. The Alexander County Board of Education is
committed to proper student behavior on school buses and has adopted a discipline policy that governs
student violations of school bus rules. If bus transportation is important for your child or children, please
read and discuss these rules carefully with them.
          Please encourage your child to follow the bus driver’s instruction and obey all bus safety rules.
Specifically important are the following:
1. Wait at least 15 feet away from road until the bus comes to a complete stop and the driver signals
     before loading the bus.
2. Stay in your assigned seat and wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before standing to exit the
3. Show respect for all students and the bus driver at all times.
4. Stay in your assigned seat and face the front of the bus.
5. Do not sit on top of books or other items in the bus seat.
6. Listen to the bus driver’s direction and remember that riding the school bus is a privilege.
7. Keep all arms, books, etc., inside the bus window.
8. Keep hands, feet, and articles to oneself.
9. If a student needs to ride a different bus home, a note from the student’s parents must be signed by the
     school principal or office personnel. Requests can only be honored if there is space available on the
Inappropriate behavior by students will not be tolerated. Parents should review with their child the
importance of following rules and listening to the driver. The drivers will be using the following
discipline plan:
     1st call down – warning
     2nd call down – consequence from driver (no talking, seat isolation, writing assignment, etc.)
     3rd call down – office referral
     Students will receive the following consequences according to their number of office referrals
for inappropriate behavior:
     1st referral – warning note to parent
     2nd referral – 2 days off bus
     3rd referral - 3 days off bus
     4th referral – 5 days off bus
     5th referral - 5 days off bus; parent conference with administrator
     6th referral - bus suspension for the rest of the year
          These consequences may not be appropriate for all situations. Inappropriate behavior such
as fighting, hitting, using indecent language, and being disrespectful to the bus driver will
automatically result in 3 to 5 days off the bus.

                                        CHARACTER EDUCATION
          The character education traits that will be taught in the classrooms of Sugar Loaf School include
responsibility, respect, courage, kindness, self-discipline, integrity, perseverance, and good judgment.
Each of these traits is directly related to respect and responsibility. They are essential if students are to be
equipped to become productive citizens and life long learners. Sugar Loaf School will recognize students
exhibiting these traits on a daily basis. Remember that children must have good role models if they are to
successfully grasp and incorporate these traits into their lives.
          It is very important for teachers and parents to communicate about how a child is doing in class.
At the beginning of the school day and during dismissal time are not the most productive times to talk
with the teacher. If you need to talk to the teacher, call the school and schedule a conference. Then, the
teacher can totally devote her time to talking with you and listening to your concerns. Individual
conferences will be held after the first grading period. Information about sign up times will be sent closer
to the date of the parent/teacher conferences.
          If you are concerned about a rumor you have heard, or something your child has told you about
school, remain calm until you hear the facts. Ask the teacher or appropriate school official, not your
          Self-control and respect for others are vital parts of the learning process. Proper behavior is
directly related to a positive learning environment. Students are expected to conduct themselves in such
a manner that their actions reflect positively on themselves, their school and their community. Each
member of the Sugar Loaf faculty and Staff will promote an attitude of respect for the self worth of every
child. Each member of the Sugar Loaf staff is committed to maintaining a safe and orderly climate in our
schools and at school activities. Parents are encouraged to discuss behavior expectations with their
children. We ask for your support and encourage every parent to establish a strong line of communication
between the home and the school. Please also take time to review with your child the informational
bulletin, Discipline Policy and Access to Student Records. Reviewing the eight rules under the heading
Alexander County Code of Student Conduct may be beneficial in reducing the incidents of student’s
misconduct during the year.
                                                     DRESS CODE
The dress and personal appearance of students greatly affects their performance and behavior at school.
Parents are requested to dress their children in clothing that adds to a positive learning environment.
Students should be aware that neither caps nor hats should be worn inside the buildings. Shoes are
required by state health law. Students should not wear shoes that have wheels (i.e. Heely’s). Shirts should
cover the midsection and meet the top of the pants. Students may wear sleeveless shirts if material at the
shoulder area is at least two inches wide. Students should not wear t-shirts or other clothing that portrays
a negative image about school (bad attitude, not wanting to do school work.) Students may not wear
t-shirts or jackets advertising products that are detrimental to the welfare of children (i.e. alcohol). Shorts
and skirts should be appropriate length (i.e. long as tip of middle finger with arms hanging down). For the
first infraction students will be allowed to put on another t-shirt/jacket or turn shirt inside out if it will
take care of the problem and the teacher will send a warning note to the parent. On the second infraction
during the school year, a parent will need to take the student home to change or bring more suitable
clothing to school. If the problem continues, the student will be sent home.

                                    EMERGENCY INFORMATION
         Your child will receive an emergency information card, which will provide the school with very
important information. List any adults who will be allowed to pick up your child at school. Please make
the school office aware of any employment and phone number changes that occur during the school
year. It is very important to keep this information up-to-date. The school needs to be able to contact
you in case of an emergency.

                                       END OF GRADE TESTS
The N.C. State Board of Education has determined that students will be given standardized tests in the
following subject areas. Information about test dates will be sent to parents at a time closer to the testing
date.                                                              (tentative dates)
                Math and Reading Pretest           3 grade         September 4,5, and 6, 2007
                Writing                            4th grade       March 4, 2008
                Science                            5th grade       May 23, 2008
                Math and Reading        3rd, 4th, 5th grade        May 27, 28, and 29, 2008

                                                 FIELD TRIPS
Field trips are taken to enhance objectives covered in the N. C. Standard Course of Study. Teachers will
provide parents with detailed information concerning upcoming field trips. Please review all information
for field trips. Parents will need to complete field trip information cards at the first of the year and return
to the child’s teacher. A deposit may be required for some field trips, but may not be refundable if the
student is unable to attend the trip. Parents that accompany their child on field trips are strongly
discouraged from bringing pre-school children and siblings on field trips. Students will be required to
ride the activity bus to all field trips. When returning from the field trip at the end of the school day, a
child will be able to ride back from the field trip with a parent/guardian only after the child has been
signed out on a list provided by the teacher.

                                  GUN/WEAPON FREE SCHOOL ZONE
         Federal and state laws now make it a felony to possess a firearm or powerful explosive in a
school zone. A school zone is any public school building, bus, public school campus, recreational area, or
athletic field in the charge of the principal. Parents and school personnel must communicate to students
the seriousness of violating the gun-free school zone law. In addition, a student can be charged with a
misdemeanor for possession of a knife or any dangerous weapons or object that could cause bodily
injury. Violations of the “dangerous weapons or object law” must be reported to the Alexander County
Sheriff’s Office. Students must be aware that violations of North Carolina and federal law will carry
serious consequences. The administration of Sugar Loaf School remains committed to maintaining a safe
environment for all children who attend this school. Violations of the “dangerous weapons or object law”
will be dealt with in accordance to the Board of Education policy, and the state and federal laws.

                                 HEALTHFUL LIVING NOTIFICATION
All students must take Healthful Living Education in grades Kindergarten trough 9th grade according to
North Carolina (G.S.>115C-81(e)). The nature of Health Education often includes the discussion of
sensitive topics. In these situations, health teachers, school nurses and school counselors are trained for
appropriate and accurate content as well as proper teaching methods. While we encourage all students to
participate, a parent may request that his/her child be excluded from certain health topics due to
religious/personal beliefs by contacting the school principal in writing. These students will be given an
alternate health assignment. Any parent wishing to view educational materials to be used in teaching
Healthful Living lessons may do so upon written request to the principal.

Homework is a very important component of the learning process and should become a regular practice in
the development of study skills. Students are expected to complete homework assignments on time and to
the best of their ability. Late assignments will be accepted only if there is a valid reason for the tardiness.
The total time spent studying and doing homework will influence how much the students will learn. Our
teachers will provide an effective environment here at school for students to assume the responsibility to
do the following.
1. Complete all homework assignments and turn them in on time.
2. Students should ask their teacher(s) questions if they do not understand the homework assignment(s).

3. Complete homework in a neat manner.
4. Attempt to complete homework individually.
We encourage all parents to assist and monitor the homework of their students. Students should be
successful if they follow the above guidelines. Parents will be notified if students continually fail to
complete homework assignments.
If a student is absent from school for one day they should ask their teacher for any missed assignments
upon their return to school. If a student is going to be absent for more than one day, the parent should call
the school for assignments and allow the teacher adequate time to gather all needed assignments and
Late work is due on Wednesday mornings at 8:10am. Students failing to complete late work will be
required to attend study hall on Thursday afternoons until 4PM. Notification forms will be sent to
parents on Wednesday afternoon. Failing to stay for study hall or return the parent notification
form with a parent signature on Thursday morning will cause your child to serve a ½ day detention
on the next school day.

                                                 HONOR ROLL
Students in grades 3-5 who make the A/A-B Honor Roll will be recognized each nine weeks in the
Taylorsville Times. The honor roll will consist of students who make at least a B in all academic subjects
(reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, and health). Grades will not be averaged to
determine eligibility for the honor roll. A list of students from each classroom making the honor roll will
be posted in the hallway bulleting board after each grading period. An honor roll field trip will be planned
after the end of the grading period to reward the student for this achievement. However, if a student
receives an unsatisfactory grade on any area of the report card (conduct, P.E., music, drama, etc.), he/she
will be ineligible to participate on the field trip or any special activities.

                                       INCLEMENT WEATHER
Any closing or cancellation due to inclement weather or hazardous conditions will be announced over
radio and TV. If school has to be cancelled because of hazardous conditions, an announcement will be
made on the following radio stations: WTLK, WACB, WIRC, WHKY, WFMX, WKBC, and WKVS and
the following TV stations: WBTV-3, WSOC-9, WCNC-36, and WXII-12.

                                             LUNCH MENU
        All students are encouraged to eat in the school cafeteria. Parents may pre-pay for students’
meals. This may be done for a week or a month if desired. Checks should be made to the ACSFC or
Alexander County School Food Service for the desired number of pre-paid days.
        Free and reduced lunch and breakfast is available for those who are eligible. Parents are
encouraged to complete an application to determine eligibility. The list for free and reduced meals is kept
confidential. Every child deserves the opportunity for proper nutrition.
Lunch Prices: K-5 - $1.75                Adults – a la carte               Reduced Lunch - $0.40
Breakfast Prices: K-5 $1.00              Adults- a la carte                Reduced Breakfast - $0.30
Extra Milk - $0.40                       Ice Cream-$0.60
                                         Ice Cream Bars $0.75

                                     MEDICATIONS AT SCHOOL
Any medication prescribed or otherwise, shall be brought to the school office upon arrival to school.
PARENT/ GUARDIAN. It is recommended that parents administer any over the counter medicines
needed by their child before the child goes to school in the morning and upon the child’s return home in
the afternoon. A parent/ guardian may come to the school to give any medication they feel is needed by
their child. The parent should send only the amount of medication required for that particular day

whenever possible. All medications must be in their original or pharmacy-labeled containers. A
“Contract for Self-Carried Medication” has been developed and is available for review in the office. The
principal or her designee shall instruct the student regarding school procedures for actual administration
of such medication.
Regarding INHALERS: Only physician prescribed inhalers shall be allowed at school due to the
potential of accidental harm associated with “over the counter” inhalers. The student’s teacher will keep
inhalers in close proximity to the student at the elementary school level. All medications must be in
original or pharmacy-labeled containers. AN EMERGENCY PLAN FOR STUDENTS WHO USE

No student shall transmit to or receive from another student any medication, either prescribed or
otherwise. Any such exchange may be considered a serious offense and may result in suspension as
described under ACBE policy #709, Rule 8. No student shall receive any medication from any school
employee except as administered by the school office and authorized by communication with the
receiving student’s parents/ guardian.
 The term “properly labeled” shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the following
(a) Name, address, and phone number of the pharmacy where purchased
(b) Patient’s name and prescribing physician’s name
(c) Date the prescription was originally filled, or , in case of refill, was refilled
(d) Directions for proper use
(e) Name, strength (when indicated), and quantity of medication dispensed
(f) Name of pharmacist dispensing the prescription
All medication will be kept in a locked cabinet in the Sugar Loaf School Office.
ACBE Policy #709, Rule 8                  ACBE Policy #201
                                             PTO MEETINGS
PTO Meetings will be held at 6:30PM in the school gymnasium on the first Thursday of the month. PTO
meetings are typically held in the months of October, December, March, and May.

                                           REPORT CARDS
The grading period will continue to be nine weeks in length with an interim report sent to parents midway
through the grading period.

Interim Reports Released                 End of Grading Period            Reports Card Released
September 28, 2007                       October 26, 2007                 Parent/Teacher Conferences
December 7, 2007                         January 16, 2008                 January 25, 2008
February 22, 2008                        April 4, 2008                    April 11, 2008
May 2, 2008                              June 6, 2008                     June 13, 2008

         Grading Scale                           Grade Calculation
A   Excellent          93 – 100                  50 % Tests and Projects
B   Good               85 – 92                   25% Quizzes and Graded Classwork/Homework
C   Average            77 – 84                   25% Completion of Homework and Class Participation
D   Below Average      70 – 76
F   Unsatisfactory     Below 70

                              STUDENT ACCOUNTABLILITY STANDARDS
The State of North Carolina has implemented the Gateway Program requiring students to score above
grade level on the End of Grade Tests. If the student does not score above grade level on these
standardized tests, he/she will be given remediation help and a second opportunity to pass the test. If the
student scores below grade level on the retest, he/she will be required to attend summer school (exception
–EC student meeting IEP goals). After attending summer school the student will have an opportunity to
take the test a third time. If a student still scores below grade level, a review committee made up of
administrators and teachers from another school will review schoolwork and other information and
recommend a decision regarding the retention or promotion of that student.

                                 STUDENT SERVICES NOTIFICATION
School counseling services and school health services are provided at each school in Alexander County
for the convenience and benefit of physical and mental health services at the school level for all students.
These services are available to any student as needed; however, students are under no obligation to utilize
these services. If at any point a parent has a question or concern regarding counseling or nurse services
being provided to their child, the parent should contact the school counselor or school nurse to discuss the
situation and determine if continued or additional services are desired.

                                           TELEPHONE CALLS
Students will not be allowed to use the telephone in the office during the school day except to contact a
parent/guardian during an emergency. Students may make necessary phone calls from the classroom
phone after receiving permission from the teacher. Students should not bring electronic devices such as
cell phones, i-pods, pagers, or game boxes to school. These items will be taken away from the student and
returned to the parent on the first offense and taken away permanently on the second offense.
Providing a quality education is our top priority at Sugar Loaf Elementary School. In order to create the
best learning environment and preserve every minute of instructional time it is essential that we limit the
number of interruptions during the day. If you need to talk with your child’s teacher, please leave a
message on her voice mail. The teacher will return your phone call at the next available opportunity.
Please help us to provide the best educational experience for your child by adhering to this request.

                                  NOTICE OF NON DISCRIMINATION
The Alexander County Schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex,
disability, or age in admission to, treatment in, access to, or employment in its education programs and
The following have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies:

Dr. Joey Bullis, Title IX Coordinator                     Steve Absher, Section 504 Coordinator
Alexander County Schools                                  Alexander County Schools
PO Box 128                                                PO Box 128
Taylorsville, NC 28681                                    Taylorsville, NC 28681
828 632-7001                                              828 632-7001