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									 Search Engine Optimization and
Visibility How to Drive Traffic and
        Transactions Online
            May 17, 2007
          Jamie O’Donnell
       Co-founder of SEO-PR
          (415) 643 8947

How press release SEO can help
increase publicity, traffic and sales
                    • Why news search engines
                      matter to PR
                    • Basics of press release
                    • The role of blogs and
                      news sites
                    • Power of press release
                      SEO and online
                       – Southwest Airlines
                       – Windows Secrets
                       – Clicktracks
Why news search engines matter
to PR: Changing news landscape
                                           • Audience that gets news
                                             online jumped from 0%
                                             to 31% of Americans
                                           • Audiences for:
                                                – Local TV news dropped
                                                  from 77% to 54%
                                                – Nightly network news
                                                  dropped from 60% to 28%
                                                – Newspapers dropped from
                                                  58% to 40%
                                                – Radio dropped from 47%
                                                  to 36%

Source: The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, July 30, 2006
Yahoo! News is #1 US news and
media site and Google News is #5
                             • Yahoo! News has larger
                                 market share than The
                                 Weather Channel,
                        or MSNBC
                             •   Google News has larger
                                 market share than New
                                 York Times, USA Today
                                 or BBC News

Source: Hitwise, July 2006
When you conduct a news search,
you’ll often find releases in results

Source: Google News, September 14, 2005
Press releases leading source of
information for knowledge workers

Source: InformationWeek, June 6, 2006
Online research is also top
information source for journalists
                                          • Online research is the
                                            number one source for
                                            journalists to obtain
                                            additional story
                                            information, with 75%
                                            indicating they search the
                                            Internet for previous
                                            stories on their subject
                                          • When looking for
                                            additional information,
                                            contacting a PR
                                            professional is choice of
                                            57% of media polled

Source: Bennett & Company, Aug. 5, 2005
Even The New York Times staff has
undergone SEO training
                                            • Algorithms scan the
                                              “headline and at least the
                                              first hundred words or so
                                              of news articles”
                                            • So, do “keyword research
                                              to determine the two or
                                              three most-searched
                                              words that relate to
                                              (your) subject – and then
                                              include them in the first
                                              few sentences”

Source: The New York Times, April 9, 2006
The Search Engine Public Relation
• Research search terms and optimize your
  news release
• Distribute for optimal search engine, news
  site and blog reach
• Track and measure via standard web site
  analytics provides
both Web and News Search terms
News release optimization tool
A standalone version of Newsforce
will be available this summer,
Effect: Measuring success in
optimizing your press releases

  News ranking             27%
Press mentions                            52%
 Blog mentions            24%
 Search engine                   37%
    Page views          21%
 Click throughs                           50%
     Site traffic                           56%
    Conversion                31%

                0%      10%         20%         30%    40%        50%     60%

Source: MarketingSherpa, Search Marketing Benchmark Survey, August 2006
Southwest Airlines generated over
$2.5 million in airline ticket sales
                                             • Southwest Airlines with
                                               SEO-PR won 2005 Golden
                                               Ruler Award for “You Are
                                               Now Free to Link PR and
                                             • IPR selected our case
                                               study because it provided
                                               “a solid example of using
                                               new media and new
                                               techniques to tie public
                                               relations to sales”

Herb Kelleher went nuts when he
saw “cheap air fares” in his release
So, we optimized for low fares to
Philadelphia ($29 to $99 one-way)

Source: Google News, February 13, 2004
Press release generated $42,000 in
ticket sales, then over $80,000
                                          • Unique tracking links in
                                              press release weren’t
                                              used by The New York
                                              Times, Washington Post,
                                              or other major media
                                          •   Unique landing pages
                                              enabled Southwest
                                              Airlines to track clicks,
                                              sales, revenue and

Source: The Measurement Standard, April 6, 2004
ClickTracks launched ClickTracks 6
web analytics suite on Oct. 5, 2006

Source: Google News, Oct. 5, 2005
A month later, Google re-launched
Urchin as its free Google Analytics

Source: The New York Times, Nov. 6, 2005
We thought searches for click fraud
would continue to spike in 2006

Source: Google Trends, Dec. 27, 2006
We knew Google’s PR agency didn’t
use press release SEO
• Google’s tactics            • Our strategy
  –   1 release per topic       –   19 releases per topic
  –   Mainstream media          –   Search engine media
  –   React to forums           –   Interact with bloggers
  –   Google Alerts             –   Web traffic
  –   Can’t impact rankings     –   Can improve rankings
19 optimized press releases got
6,758 actual page views in 2006




Source: PrimeZone, Dec. 15, 2006
19 releases generated 354 visitors
to ClickTracks’ site for a 5.2% CTR
We also pitched stories and case
studies to journalists and bloggers

Source: Internet Financial News, Nov. 22, 2006
This helped generate 350 stories
about ClickTracks in the past year

Source:, Dec. 27, 2006
Stories generated 15,660 visitors,
44 times more than the releases
917 links to
from blog posts with any authority

Source: Technorati, Dec. 27, 2006
ClickTracks is #3 out of 46,700,000
organic listings for web analytics

Source: Google, May 15, 2007
While others may have panicked,
we beat Google at its own game
• 19 releases got 6,758 actual page views
  – Releases generated 354 visitors to ClickTracks’ site
    for a 5.2% click through rate
• 350 stories about ClickTracks in 2006
  – Stories generated 15,660 visitors to ClickTracks’ site,
    44 times more than releases
• Blogs generated 917 links to ClickTracks’ site
  – ClickTracks has #3 ranking for web analytics
• The digital PR campaign in 2006 drove over 5%
  of the total traffic to the Clicktracks site in 2006
Windows Secrets Newsletter gives
270,000 subscribers essential tips
Editorial director Brian Livingston
found bypass to Vista activation
We mapped 40 influential bloggers
and journalists in this conversation
We invited influential bloggers and
journalists to an online meeting
8 of the targeted bloggers and journalists
  attended the online meeting with Brian
  Livingston, including Chris Pirillo of
  Lockergnome and Gregg Keizer, a reporter
  and blogger for Computerworld
Chris Pirillo posted an approved
preview of the “embargoed” story
Gregg Keizer wrote an initial article
about the story for Computerworld
Frank Hayes wrote a follow-up post
for one of Computerworld’s blogs
15 of the targeted bloggers wrote
about the story over next 6 days
155,681 unique visitors that week,
64,370 more than previous record
3,528 new subscriptions a week,
1,800 more than previous record
Three tips you can use on Monday
to optimize your first press release
                   • Use Google Trends to find
                       two or three terms that
                       relate to your subject
                   •   Include these terms in
                       your headline and first
                       two paragraphs
                   •   Add hyperlinks to help
                       people find interesting,
                       related content

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